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Tattoo Girls | NEW SERIES

326 018 views | 22 Dec. 2016

Get a sneak peek at TLC's

Get a sneak peek at TLC's new show TATTOO GIRLS, following Springfield, Missouri's all-female tattoo shop, Ink Ink. Premieres January 24th at 10/9c on TLC.

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Zoe Brown

How can I watch the full series of this in the uk?


Sorry 2:02 not punk :( do you research :) he is a damn Hipster more like it..


Why is the TLC app not available in england

Derin Timorci

WHERE'S LIZ ??????


Springfield is literally a college town. This is completely false.

Mindy Kennon

just watching 2nd episode ...not a fan of this show. will not be watching anymore.

Jamie Keathley

I live in Springfield and these girls at this shop DO NOT represent Springfield, MO.... I can't tell you how many times I have been told BY INK INK that "I can't just come up with something, you need to give me a picture". They TRACE, what the hell, THEY DON'T TATTOO..... I have tattoos by them that I AM EMBARRASSED BY.


Oklahoma still claims Pitt. I dig female artists but this isn't even on the radar as on of the better all females shops

1000 subs with no vids?

Liz and the owner are the best tattoo artists there btw

phantom collector



where is liz

Patricia Mari Maclang

you have simpsons too

Jared Zane

I live in west Springfield and every one I know hates these people. None of these women went to highschool here, so all that bull they spit out is a bunch of lies to build up drama. probably not the smartest decision to insult the city you film/work in

Ink Inc.

You could always watch Ink Inc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb80QCRqGXI A fun parody of terrible shows just like this!

Addi's Story

I lived in Springfield ?



Mary Brann

HEY I LIVE IN MISSOURI SPRING FIELD. Alright thanks I just wanted too stop by and say that

Joseph Prust

This whole show is a lie. I got a tattoo from them before they had a show and it was terrible. For one the crew wasn't even there when I got a tattoo. They said they have been friends for a long time but the owner and the blonde are the only two who have been there. The other girls were added because of TLC and they got rid of the rest. I don't know how desperate TLC is for a show, but why pick a place that only has a 3 star rating. There are many shops way better than this and honestly most of the tattoos that come out of Ink Ink are trash. And if they don't like the town so much then move cause no one really cares if the business stays.

Mac B

Ive watched every episode so far. NO WAY id get a Tattoo from any of those chicks except maybe Liz. Some absolute Shit Tattoos! BTW, That Nikki is a Scandalous BEEEAAATCH! She Cute though.

Jade Duh

Shop owner needs a better team or group of friends?


Yeah this show is garbage


i heard if a female has a tattoo that it means she likes anal sex, is that true?


By the way they treated Liz I would said that they love to have fun in their work and that the clients actually enjoy their bitchiness.

Ali Linneman

OMG I live in Maryville Missouri and i have to get my first tattoo here

Kat Louise

this makes me miss LA INK!

Dance God

These women have to make stuff up about springfield to make up for the fact that they just aren't that interesting. That'd be like Pawn Stars opening up with a long monologue about how corrupt Vegas is. It's fiction. Downtown springfield is a college town and the areas around it are just suburbs and smaller towns.

I mean I live in Ozark down the road; most of the people there are religious, but it's not Amish haha. These women need to humble themselves and realize they're on a Miami Ink ripoff that's gonna get cancelled after the first season.

Zachary Parrish

I’m late to the party. But they suck.


I just can't believe the poor quality work on this show , its about drama how I miss the old Miami ink where everything was about the tattoo and meaning behind it , first episode I couldn't even finish it , did a wolf and left hair on to make it more realistic WTF. Liz cook she's a bad ass tattoo artist I guess I'll watch the show just for her ? she's to big for that shop

Jonathan Kelly

People travel from all over to get a tattoo from a shop that probably has a collective 10 years of experience? I saw some of this last night. That tiger tattoo on that poor guys back was pathetic & amateurish at best. The rest is just drama drama drama.

lilli rose

"The only all female tattoo shop in the Midwest" do your research, ladies because there are two all female shops in my town alone


This is whack.

Mel Diaz

That's a little sexiest to have only women at least have a guy do the front desk

Addisyn Loka

You are rude my mom goes to college and not go back off

Alli Olson

Liz should have her own shop. She is honestly the only mature, and talented one. Not that I could do any better than the other girls. I just think Liz has more experience and is more talented




Looks good, grl pwr!!!!

Discontinued Channel

I only watch this show for Liz honestly and I KNOW I’m not the only one .

Amanda Anderson

fuck i was hopping it wasn't Springfield mo

Eve Ruble

What the crap I'm in high school and I know no one that is pregnant or has kids yeah Springfield is a religious town but everything else these women said is not truth so my advice is say good things about the town you're from.

MTP The Snoop

I'm confused people are saying that their tattoos are bad and other people are saying that their tattoos are good, so can people who have experience getting a tattoo tell me if their tattoo shop makes good tattoos or bad tattoos


what a bunch of fatties. Unbelievable.

Amanda Lakey

I am from springfield and no one around here supports these women. They incorrectly represented springtime and offended everyone around springfield. It's all about looks they cant even do a good tattoo.

Rania boughatane

999th like


That cringy "indepented" stand

Lynzy Benson

Jackalope tattoo in Mn is an all female tattoo shop. Girl is just spouting made up facts.

silent killer

Kelseys so adorable

Lizbeth Salander

i saw how they treated liz! i didn't like it, besides Liz portafolio was way better !


No, boo. They go to you guys because they know there’s a chance they’ll be on TV


I feel like one of the major lessons you learn in MIDDLE SCHOOL is not to talk trash about people around you because it will come back to bite you in the butt, but I guess none of these girls are as smart as middle schoolers, and their art is certainly 8th grade level as well! I am shocked that anyone would be stupid enough to let them permanently ink them, these girls can't tattoo to save their lives.


dude i was born in Springfield and it's NOT like that at ALL.

Baraah Sarhan

I think you should have named your shop tattoo girls

Moonpie 21

Damn these folks going in..... grabs popcorn and a coke while scrolling threw the comments

Ella Back

I live in Springfield MO... :)

Andrea Andrea

90% is to see them having fun 10% is to complain that Liz isn't there! Everyone goes for Liz

A.L. H.

I just can't handle the fake pink curly clip-ins.

Tyra Lee

I want one but got to wait till I'm 18

Tudor Miller

I love Liz. I'd want her to tattoo my body. How much does she charge per hour ? She said she'd tattooed in London. ??


Nothing like promoting completely sexist, utterly misandrist hiring practices, TLC ... what twatty shit this channel has become! The Learning Channel, where one learns to be a douche.


was this a real show??? wtf how long did this air??


Wow there sure is a lot of dislike below, I like Liz and thats it, now I see why I got bad vibes from everyone else

Taylour S

“It’s where Brad Pitt is from” Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma..not Missouri


Mmmm nope...


I’m from Springfield :)

trunks g

lame show..! They tattoo like way back in 2005. Shitty show. We miss kat von d...But you guys wanna show us this shit so...sucks..

mike maguire

They actually think Brad Pitt would get a tattoo from this ridiculous place lololol


Country boyyyy I love youuuu



Jonathan Davis

I am from California and lived in Springfield for 8 years and I love the people here.. I consider it my hometown... These lousy girls do not represent Springfield at all, it's an insult to Missouri, they're all just Kat von dee wanna be bitches!!!


when is the new season coming? I LOVED this show

Matthew Welsh

Springfield is very closed minded and religious? Springfield does not sound like my type of town

Jamie Keathley

Plus, the tattoos the girls at INK INK have aren't even all from INK INK. They have gone to transformation tattoo and art gallery BECAUSE INK INK SUCKS.


I live in springfield and this is bull shit. It might be the bible belt but not every girl has a child after they graduate. These girls need to be told where and what springfield really is! Cancel this freaking show!

Morgan Crowder

As someone from Springfield, Missouri, these women definitely misrepresented a very rad little town. People that go to college are "nerds?" Who the hell talks like that? No one thinks that, these women obviously have not made a single effort to get to know the community of people around them whatsoever.


These girls need to learn to shut their mouths and look around some. What they say about Springfield isn't how Springfield is.


Kelsey Rogers - If you like it, or don't like it, learn to love it! Because Springfield, Missouri! The Ozarks! Are the Best. Going. Today. And you bad-mouthing a city of 200,000 plus on National TV isn't gonna help attract future business...

Austin Bryan

Being a resident of Springfield this is a pretty piss poor description of Springfield. A city with a 170,000 population making it the 3rd most populated city in Missouri isn't a "small town". Also we aren't very close minded and religious. I think the most complicated part is the meth. At least they didn't mention that...


When liz came in.. Everything change

Jane Doe

The only person who had sanity and actual art skills was Liz. She was the most professional and she was so talented, I'm sad that the rest of the girls hated her

Cates Cathey

Brad Pitt is from Shawnee oklahoma


seen this hot mess last night  .gross bunch of fatties .real hard to watch .don't waste your time .


Kind of sounds like a waste of talent being in such a small closed off town....


liz runs this shit

Navy Porpoises

Sounds like a crap town in mo. Yuk

GrubHub Guy

None of these women can do a good tattoo. They're all terrible.

Jesus Christ

Nikki looks like a fat Katy Perry.

Elle Lovell

"And then you have us... the girls who want stay at home mums to burn at the stake". LOL jk about that really..... but uh while these outside the box ladies paint on their faces and necks like CGI creatures...... Stop the world as assess now, surely this is the end. I know many a woman who would have been better having a kid in or straight out of high school, even if the daddy wasn't around by the way.


I need to watch this ??

Tammy coates

I'll be watching!

professional beauty

i love ink ink tattoo all girls i like ur work so much

Diana’s Journey

I live in kcmo


Someone get brad pitt in here to get tattooed XD


Springfield is nothing like what they say

Ink ink

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FREE EPISODE: Welcome Home Kat (S1, E1) | LA Ink

24 978 views | 2 Oct. 2020

S1 E1: "Welcome Home Kat"

S1 E1: "Welcome Home Kat" (08/07/2007)

Kat looks for her dream team as construction on her shop gets underway.

Stream More Episodes of LA Ink:


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Kaylin Snyder

I miss this Kat?? I grew up adoring her


It’s sad how far she fell. She was so big and well known. And now I haven’t heard much from her. The last I knew was the drama between her and Jeffree Star

Reptile Metal Jen

I just love Corey lol I like his voice lol

Havilah VanDyke

4th comment boissss!


I loved her show ,bring her back! That tattoo was beautiful!

Evelyn Juarez

I like this , cant wait to see more

ashley flores



She was so much cooler when she drank

Daisy Castillon-Kennedy

Watching while waiting for the rest to comment.

Desiree Wyatt

Uggg totally misunderstood. ... I thought since it said 4 months ago that this was recent stuff whatever lame


I used to watch this all the time

Daisy Castillon Kennedy

Those who are jobless like me is always early in comment ?


My Face when I saw a full episode of LA INK on my subscription feed ?

Olivia Williams

I loved this show as a kid, but watching now and hearing her say shit like "rock it out" and "that's raaaad" cracks me up


Kat is the worst artist out of the bunch.

Sharose h

She was sooo much more likable back than now shes just fn annoying

Jillian W

Oh my gosh. That actor was on like, every tv show in the early 2000's. It's like he never aged. He always played a high school kid. I'd like to see what he looks like now. Lol.

Davy Mag

Kat got fired by Ami because she turns down tattoos but every clip I’ve watched of Miami ink is Ami turning down tattoos

Grammy Bear

? Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA ?.

Richard ASMR

I love Kat and I def enjoyed the Punk rock/hardcore music scene of the early to late 2000's and I worked in a tattoo shop as a piercer back then! Man oh man, we should have enjoyed what we had when we had it!


"This flowers represents truth."

Kill me.

Davy Mag

Isn’t the actor guy a cult leader now?

Aleli Mata


Chele Linda

So Pixie made her tongue like that?

Sam G.

What happened to pixie? What’s the drama between them I need tea ?


she thinks vaccines cause autism n shit...she’s dumb n a dangerous parent

McKenzie Gillespie

Suupppper low-rise jeans ? LMAO

Adriana Marquez

I’ve always hated her pants lol

Kenya Jackson

So far I’m loving the first episode


I loved watching this show when I was 16 years old?



Todd Bertram

2 mins of tattooing out of a 44 min show isn't a tattoo show, it is all just ego stroking.

Melissa hester

I love kat von dee

Ruthy P

Wowwwww!! I remember this episode! Makes me feel old af. ❤️


I've had a crush on her for so long.

Ryan Tripp

The skull wasn't very legible


It's funny how mid 2000s everyone looks

Haven Marie



SOOOO sick of people calling dumb, simple things that any reasonably confident and capable person would consider fundamental “empowering”

Bryce Hearon

When there gonna be more episodes of this show plus more Miami ink and LA ink

Sanic The hedgehog

Coreys line work is really bad unless this is a stylistic choice with him

Meadow Galloping

Lmfao the LA skyline changed SO MUCH in 10 years that tattoo is stupid af.

Ink ink

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'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

6 772 302 views | 14 Jun. 2017

In this week's

In this week's elimination tattoo, each shop is being judged on their fundamentals. The artists must leave no room for errors as they’re challenging with creating texture, depth, and contrast by tattooing illustrative black work, but is one team cheating their way to the top?

#ParamountNetwork #InkMaster

Subscribe to Ink Master: https://bit.ly/2UnXF24Y







I really appreciate that the vast majority of comments are laughing at the people who were upset that they didn't think of the genius idea to use the mag themselves. Heck yeh.


Others: tHeY'RE ChEATing!!!
Judges: "It's smart", "It is lines", "This is a game, and if you are smarter than your opponent, oh well."
Then the best one, "I'm pretty sure these guys AREN'T GOING HOME."

LIKE They are all butt hurt still, even after the judges were like "Nah Old Town was smarter than y'all" Lol, grow up.

Nintendo's Queen


James Aldos

The challenge was just lines. Not just lines with a single needle

Zoe Logan

Using the mag was pretty smart and to everyone wondering no, they did not get docked for it the judges actually liked the tactic.

Velmasparks May all

As long as it’s a line it’s lining

Lilah Switalski

Imagine trying to enjoy your amazing tattoo by these artists and then you have to get roasted by some people on something that WON’T come off

ByDinx YT

0:24 you no striked? WoW

Kakek Legend

Gian and DJ are brilliant

Ryan Tiemann

The rules only said to use lines. They never said to use specific tools.

M&S Wooden Creations

That is pure ingenuity on his part!!! Y’all just hating that he thought of it and y’all didn’t!!!


The challenge was “lines” not “lining”. He outsmarted everyone

Ares Walker

"It's cheating" is the excuse used by those who didn't think out of the box but when they saw it works they whished they did too


The stupidest part was that the other shops thought that by nominating Old Town for elimination through the jury of peers that they would get rid of them when the judges clearly thought it was within the rules and a solid tattoo.


Magnum creates Lines.

Mei li Li


Blake Fisher

Who was eliminated?

Gabbs Ortiz

It's cheating because it looks good. If he were to have fucked up once it would have looked 5x as bad. Risk vs Reward.


Lol dang who skipped class on comprehension, different needles are part of tattooing. No cheating bitter bettys ?

Tylr Bk

It’s like they never heard the saying “work smarter not harder”.


If it's cheating, why was the tool available to use? Weird how that works

Aileen Loughran

I have a question I’m a young artist (not tattoo) but a lot of my art are real photos of real things but I trace and put them in my cartoon lined style, I keep getting dms saying stuff like “you should stop tracing others art” when most of the time I trace my own photos or get them off of Pinterest which on Pinterest it is quite hard to find the original artist so it leads me with this some sort of guilt to put my symbol on it and call it my own but idk is it wrong because in my mind I’m only tracing small details of the art and putting my own art style on it?
Is it wrong to do this?

Lindsay Nicole

? for the rib piece


U know why we clicked on this vid ??

Justina George

Imagine Daniel Silva pulling single lines and absolutely crushing it

Angus Duke

The judges said to only use lines, not to only use a single needle. Always listen to the instructions closely.


lol "he cheated by using a mag" um are there any rules other then only lines? no? alrighty then, does it make him less skilled? no? i dont think so, but it just means he's smarter and is more efficient, instead of crying why dont you adapt to his intelligence and do smart things if you can lol


Unless they say, no mag... it ain't cheating

Waylon Elliott

No rules no cheating

Ciara Gaffney

Her little “woohoo” after he told her it looked great made me smile really big.
Absolutely adorable.

Pélé Sync

The thumbnail one is absolutely beautiful

XxConstant AnxietyxX

They didn't say you could only use one needle ?

This is Lily

It’s not cheating because he could’ve made the same pattern with a normal needle


This is my favorite challenge because I’m just not a fan of anything other than line work

Lizzie Jordan

I mean he did tattoo lines so what’s the big deal. He just got creative.

PaRvIz Official


Addison Durrence

The rules didn't say anything about mags being off limits. Do what you gotta do to win and that means pulling EVERY trick in the book


I mean, if they didn't say "you can't use a mag" then it's not cheating. He had a brain, the rest of you didn't

citrus meat

he didn't cheat everyone else is just stupid lmao

Amanda_p_ d

He didn't cheat lol

Mik Mak

So how was using a mag cheating? It’s called someone considered the rules properly and that wasn’t against them ??‍♀️

karina ashmon

Oh they big mad that he thought of it


For using the mag that’s just smart asf haha


They're so mad about that guy just using his head and working smarter.


Is still line work so they didnt cheat. You guys were dumb enough to not think OH HEY THIS MACHINE HAS FIVE SMALL NEEDLES, LET ME USE IT FOR MICRO LINE DETAILS

John Larsen

They all got really good tattoos, i think the girls was the easiest but very good looking

Mahaliah Angel

Bro using a mag is genius. Work smarter not harder.

James Cobbilou

Full video !

mïdô øñè

Not cool or he is so smart then any of you??

Ali Mcneely

I dont see why using a mag is bad, work smarter not harder its like when i got in trouble and had to write sentences I'd tape 5 pencils together


how is that cheating he's just being smart ???

I’m Dumb

The judges even said he didn’t cheat soooo everyone was mad they didn’t think of it first ?

Natálie Zdražilová

A- using mag is no cheating, B u can shade using lines, would that be cheating??

Orion Oram-Jones

The whole point of being on Ink Master is to SHOW you are the best. He had brains, using a Mag to pull lines is a perfect way of showing creativity, smarts, and adaptation to a challenge. No one, except the artists who are mad they didn’t think of it, thinks he cheated. Work smarter not harder and still comes out with a bomb ass tattoo

Alexus Giamona

I don't think he cheated. They just said to do lines... He did lines hah. Work smarter not harder

Annie Pillows

Wonder why they chose that thumbnail ?


Axel Avalos

Hard smarter not harder

J Greenseed

Whenever people get played, they cry cheat. That's a sore loser

Tron Tron

How is it cheating if there is literally no rule saying you can’t do it? These people should check the definition of cheating again

Adit Maulana


Steve Smith BTS Love Yourself

Is no one going to talk about how she had the smallest piece of hair on one said of her head? ????

Pélé Sync

Did they say only lines without a mag? No. They just said LINES ONLY.

David Hovik

That Deer was dope!

Anan R.

Who won?

Jonathon M

At the end of the day, I’d rather have the guys at OTI pulling 5 lines at the same time with a mag on my skin than the majority of the remaining competitors attempting to match 5 lines individually. It’s just so smart that I’m shocked more of them didn’t think of it.


People upset that he thought of it before they did, he’s smart and skillful

Don’t say he cheated, pay attention to his skill

Fiona C

Oh shut up, he is thinking smarter and yall jealous you're not creative like him. It's not cheating

Bella K

If using that tool is allowed then it isn’t cheating or weak. It’s not his fault that they didn’t think to use it.

sammy luvi

Does anyone know if they ever had a cutesy design challenge or something close to it?


Bruh the challenge is to "make depth without shading" and Peck never really said "testing lines" its "testing illustrative linework". The people getting mad are just mad because they got outsmarted. Interpret the challenge.

Z ø

That sure was a nice set of tattos

Abby Kerr

That outro noise is horrendous

go away or im gonna MEOW

anyone got a link to the judging of this challenge? cant find it

Sebee Duran-Lopez

Hes not a cheater, hes smart. The saying going "el burro trabaja doble" which means the dumbass works twice, and that guy was no dumbass


Nice tats!!

its dakota

you can tell none of them are good artists
if they were they admit theyd been outsmarted


The tattoo at 04:01 is sooo beautiful! I am jealous...

Se7eN Cureton Reviews

Boobs = click

Cyro Dame

Lmao they just didn’t think of it first so they mad


It's as the big dude said in later seasons, there is a reason DJ is a coach. As he said himself art flows through him. DJ is an artist through and through. All these challenges that look like they are nuts, well this is why, it forces you to look at art as it should be. If you can only draw, or you can only paint, well you suck.


this how many people that are watching but dont have a single tatoo....yes i did like my own comment

Michelle Maloy

Question for tattoo artists: would a canvas using the topical numbing cream that is used for say when someone’s getting facial laser work, would that work on a canvas getting a tattoo to reduce the pain when receiving a tattoo?


DJ didnt cheat. The challenge was 'LINES only' not 'LINERS only'. What he did was GENIUS

Loony Hype

DJ Tambe actually thought about the possibility of him not getting the lines straight. I mean, which one is better?- doing things slow and crooked or fast and even? His method is a win-win! It’s cool to nail hard methods, but knowing easier stuff can give you a huge boost! It’s like mental math
Plus, the client would definitely be more satisfied with the result. It’s an actual person’s body. Even if they signed a contract of some sort, I’m sure sensible tattoo artists would think of customer satisfaction.

King Carlos451

He is just a fucking genius

Super Saiyan Salamence

Even with a mag you still gotta make sure the lines are straight and each stroke is evenly spaced. Just a time saver, it’s not cheating.

Rosalind F

Lmao they’re just upset they’re too far in to use a mag too ?


I see boob in the preview, I click the video


if it was cheating then he would have been disqualified but he wAsNt


He did NOT cheat. He made sure he didn't accidentally shade w the mag, WHILE he was shading w mag lines. That's smart, not cheating.


I mean, it wasn’t stated that mags weren’t allowed so technically, it isn’t cheating

Princess MilkyWay

I know it’s a competition and they are being judged but I don’t see why the judges can’t give feed back when they go in to see the tattoos. If you know it’s horrible and they are on the wrong track say something...it’s permanent but that would be unfair to everyone ig

John Smith

We all know why this video got over 6.4 million views

-Berri Buns-

Everyone in the comments is talking about the mags and I don’t even know what that is

Tavisha M

whats a mag?


challenge wasn't to only use lining needles, it was to create a tattoo that only had lines. he didn't cheat, he just had a smart idea.

Apple Sauce

I remember this episode, he got complemented for thinking of using a mag xD the others are just salty they didnt think of it

Anna Scott

I love how Old Town Ink got sent down for Elimination by their peers and the judges were just like:

“These guys aren’t going home”

The looks on their faces were priceless

Mystery Magic234

For the dude that used the mag needle...work smarter not harder, those other artists are just salty

Mrs Smith

Cheating? Hell no it isn't. He saved time and stayed within the guide of lines only. They did not specifically say that they had to be done by certain needles nor did they mention what they could or couldn't use.