W trading pattern

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282 views | 21 Jan. 2019

We go over how to easily

We go over how to easily identify “w” and “m” patterns for profiting off of stocks in 2019. These patterns are used by day traders and swing traders alike. It is best to profit from these patterns by seeing them before they happen. “W” patterns are double bottoms before coming a “W.” “M” patterns are double tops before coming a “M.” Any questions, comments or suggestions, comment down below!


W trading pattern

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56 907 views | 26 May. 2018

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The GodFather

thx sas...but its not ez difficult to catch i think we need better simple and ez one than this...keep going on

Raghu Chakravarthy

Yo that's Awesome SASAN thanks for sharing......

Cerdas Genius

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ml cooper

Great video thank you

Ron Taylor

I'm a little lose on the buy & sell how do I use that chart on the meta trader 4 when do I set where it will stop up or down I'm watching the M & W shape but how do I make the bet or when on the meta trader 4 mobile. Explain the buy & sell. I'm knew to trade I did do 60 second options several years ago & lost everything I didn't have a complete understanding plus 60 seconds using it mobile there was a delay even though I believed 24options platform cheated. I don't plan on doing 60 seconds options unless there is a easy strategy to use for that.

W trading pattern

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3 breakout entries in iqoption - best trading strategy to follow the trend

2 218 views | 25 Sep. 2020

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The title in this video: 3 breakout entries in iqoption - best trading strategy to follow the trend. Is to explain the best way to trade breakout in iqoption

In this video we talk about the candlestick behaviour. How price action works in iq option. We explain a trading strategy very profitable for iq option. Is very impotant to know how to traze support and resistances levels to get trading opportunities. Iq option is a broker expert in binary options and forex.




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