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Paypal Stock VS Square Stock : Which is a Better Buy?

1 937 views | 30 Aug. 2019

Paypal Stock VS Square

Paypal Stock VS Square Stock : Which is Better Buy

Should you buy Pay Pal Stock or Square Stock? Which Stock is the better buy. In this video i will do a Paypal stock analysis and a Square Stock Analysis.

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Tech Unboxing Videos

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Manny

Investing with Jason

Nice explanation for both Square and PayPal. I think both companies will do well into the future.


Go Square
Just got their pre-paid Visa card
when u sell stocks the money goes automatically into your account


Square is too volatility especially their PE and EPS are not good.
Currently market have many uncertainties especially during trade war tension.

Paypal is better for long hold. Also never invest a stock just because you like their products, always check their finance reports and compared similar industries.

Sam Sam

Got Both.. both went down although PayPal wins.. should have bought 2012..

Both will have Market share.
Paypal more know trusted and for Big Businesses personal shopping.. little shops Square

AJ's Green Topics

I really like the square. I do have a pay pal account to use on my YouTube link. Great video.

The Cash Compass

I didn't realize that Square owned Cash App. I definitely think Cash App has been more of a household name now and most people transact through Cash App than Venmo (at least from my experience). This was an awesome video, thanks for breaking this down. Subscribed :)

K OITSILE'S legacy

You are so wise

Mike Nathanson

Fintech is an interesting space. Closest thing I have is a little visa in my portfolio.

Tre McKee

Hey Manny! Thanks for the vid! I've been doing some research on these two stocks as well and would like to come to a clear conclusion about which way to go. Doesn't seem like prices will stay up this high for much longer, so it might be a good chance to get in!
Just a little feedback from one creator to another, I noticed the auto-switching on the light in the background makes your cuts look a bit more harsh than they would be if it didn't switch colors so much. Also seems like it might be throwing off the white balance on your camera occasionally too!

Market Scraper

Great analysis! Square looks like it could be a good buy at these levels before the upcoming earnings. Especially since PayPal just popped after earnings today.

Merasol Ralston Channel

Very informative thank u for sharing

NoSaltBP: Living A Flavorful Life Removing Salt.

Coming through to show support. Full watch and view!

LorGer Tv

I don't know what is PayPal for, but you explained very well and I learned something new. Thanks, keep uploading and enjoy

Chevy The Great


Gallion Adventures

I’ve never heard of square. You are the first I ever heard talk about it. I’ve been using PayPal for a very long time now. Thanks for sharing

The Helpful Entrepreneur

Interesting points made on both PayPal and Square! Thanks! ???

Nash Theo

I didn't know Square owned that many businesses

Chevy The Great

This for black culture ✊?✊?✊?✊?

RicoSuave IPOs

Great video Many.

Sarwono Channel



Friend I love your vibe. New friend

Sky Investor777

Pypl anytime... good luck.

Talk -කතාව

150 suscribe its me come my channle suscribe help me giys nice vdieo

Justin Taylor - Money Mindset

Solid breakdown and great channel bro!

Investing And Trading - Adventures and Us

As the sector becomes more in demand i wonder what paypal will do to keep more of it's market share


Paypal seems a bit overvalued right now but would def buy on a pull back

new facts

Hii friend
Nice video ??????

Ryan Giffin

I didn’t know Venmo was PayPal. Interesting!

Atong Tarungon TV

Hellow there idol new friend here still watching from philippines mission Accomplished here see you around idol ???

Investing With Joseph Graf

Nice video man! I think both are great companies but I think I like Paypal a little better at the moment personally. Keep up the great content.

Crystal Evans

I haven't heard of square stock and other few of the other ones you mentioned. I hardly use them but I can see why they are so helpful. Great video


How about shopify??

Manny -The Average Investor



hey I just bought SQ too :) I agree with you, when I buy a growth stock, well, I'm looking for potential which SQ has more of.

Bobby Gogios

Hi Manny! Just subbed :D Looking forward to watch more videos. Keep it up buddy :)

Dolce Dollie

How much does a square reader cost?and the paypal reader?

Chevy The Great

This for the algorithm

Eunice Life

I'm using xoom and I like their services! Big thumbs up


im intereting about it keep it up broo

Square cash paypal

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Ruben Nieves

Awesome books buddy yeah I bought a copy of Hulk 180 without the Marvel value stamp but I was such a deal I had to get it definitely going to try to get another copy but with the Marvel stamp and almost at 10,000 subs congratulations

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Know theyself that's key ,i do my best tnx sir for you guide, we all make mistakes and learn keep forward.
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Tradepaper Dad

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Nice job Chris on all the books you just got, especially the beautiful Hulk 182, another copy of Hulk 180 and those nice Miles Morales issue 1 books. You keep finding great deals year after year and you do inspire me to find some deals as well.

Grea8 Hall

Nice haul Chris, I was very happy to hear that you got your car! Its really tuff without one, I know. I am looking to sell some of my books to get a Giant sized X-Men 1 or a Hulk 181. Never give up on your dreams, I find it much easier to acheive them, a bit at a time, tather than all at once.


"Set the images all in your mind, then believe in them, and know they can't be stopped." Bruce Lee.

Sequential Geek

Great that you got to do more DJ work, but I ddin't know smoking was ok in bars in FL -as a 'constantly quitting' smoker (still I have only had one cig thus far today! blah blah blah), I wish cigs could only be bought online, or in Mexico / Canada. Aaaaany wayz, man, thanks for sharing yer dope haul :^D Peace FYI, great words o achievement wisdom.

Walt Cali

I agree with using the comics wiser. I am and will be selling some of my books to help with down payment on a house.

Square cash paypal

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Why Paypal and Square are Buys!

459 views | 4 Feb. 2021

Thoughts on paypal and

Thoughts on paypal and square?

George Alley

Yes I sold a 227 put expiring today last week and it exploded since. Now I wish I had the shares lol

Michael Malize

Patience is boring.. money is good

Arsalan Arshad

Waiting for red day

Matthew Kimball

I like SQ business better cash app > venmo but if you look at fundamentals i think pypl is a clear winner i made good money off of sq and actually lost my shares selling a covered call. PYPL is still growing and they're net income is amazing. also they are implementing the installment payments like affirm does and they had 700 million gross transactions last 3 months it's only going to go up. waiting for a dip.