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REALIST NEWS - Crypto Dragon's LTC Profit Taking Date

12 888 views | 6 May. 2018

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Gary R

Although the picks you’ve given, for free I’ll stress. I haven’t made any money on and I have not lost any money either. I’m going to purchase the whitedove report to give back for the effort you continue to put into all your videos. Thank you.

Crypto Messenger

Crypto Dragon's wrong - big drop on 6th May my time...

Truth Hunter

I cashed out waiting for the correction then I'll jump back in.

Toltec Sam

What if Litecoin is really supposed to be BCH?

Paul Bryan

Your thoughts on bix's FUD on EOS

Trew Skye

Get out and buy back in? No thanks....too risky.

Stacey D

What’s up with Exodus? I can’t exchange any coins.... EOS is under lockdown. Screwy!


I'll HODL my 300 LTC till end of 2020 after LTC and BTC both finish their HALVING.
Both should be in the $$$ 100,000 +++

Terry Higgins

Every trade, every flip, every "in & out" is TAXABLE. Be wary of trading/gambling. Just hold.


What about cloakcoin?


i'm glad i stayed wake for it last night

Super Abundace

Sell down already started.

Liese Smith

Everyone, the Michelle Whitedove report is AWESOME, it's totally worth the $99. I'm generally rather cheap, and I am saying that—it means something!

zSEVENz WolfPack

Exchange fees really kinda suck. So i think im just going to hodle my LTC for now. Go for the long run instead for me. I dont have many like you do. I only have 1.4 ltc ?

Industrial Illusions

Seriously getting close to a unsubscribe now, shame.

Kevin H

looks like the sell-off is going on now.


I bought the report!

daniel rickerbaker

.Joe, I think the take-down middle of may, will be a pretty good hit. having the big boys , g.s., other banks., other bad guys, will really try to separate us from our money. there will be 2 take downs, before the huge huge ascent to parallel the 2017 7k bit. to 20k. that is where we'll get our 100k bitcoin. there is pretty good unison, on the mid may call from others, 4 I know of counting your Crypto dragon, and bo. actually bo has a pretty good record on the downs. and ups of crypto. and Dave at X22 report shows the amount of bitcoins sold by the Mt. Gox, and says double the amount is to be sold in mid-May, as well...

Michael Cummings

THETA up 20% as I write this !!:!!

Oscar Peddiford

Thanks Joe for the update!

HODL Squad Angelo Rodriguez

We just broke the 200 day moving average and is on its way to $300 where we should see some selling off by those who bought in at the high. It may be a short sell off and there will be big buyers buying that dip. HODL and ride the wave!

Drone Wild

LOL look at LTC now....... LOW lOW LOW

John Knight

Added link below sorry driving ?

Happy Hodler Crypto

"Trader boss" awfully quiet nowadays ?


He got that wrong. It’s a lot of keek. May as well use your 8ball. All those so called physics have got it wrong. Come on. Stop this nonsense.

Andy Bailey

By like July this year we'll be like who gives a flying f*ck about the price action in May. You know like hey we're riding one of the biggest bulls of the cryptos. chill out everyone enjoy the ride of your life. peace man

E. Joseph Louis

That's my number one thought, when to sell? I don't want to ride the cycle down again for another 5 months, when it would've been better to just be completely out of the market that whole time, but it's hard to not want to jump back in.. LOL! I dollar cost averaged in, probably just dollar cost average out...

Jeremy Williams

"He feels good energy about the move" This stuff is great.


im still waiting for Traderboss $1300 from last month

My New Life

Crypto Dragon's wrong - big drop on 6th May my time...

Kevin H

I'm starting think the LTC is not as strong as we think.

Chris Sheffield


William Moriarty

So I’m going Long 19/20th then

bonsai treehouse

screw it, just hodl as always.

Andy Bailey

This guy Joe is an absolute diamond. Himself, Clif High & Bix Weir are genuinely great top banana people. I like the fact that they are genuine and consistent. No bullshit. Just pure enlightenment.

Mike Dennis

Who the hell would even consider advertising on YouTube anymore its allrigged and faked now. There are so many extensions available I never see ads anyway.

Tomas Av.

Your dragon boy is fucking idiot like that clown webbot guy


cant wait for you to sell your litecoins to buy a tesla car.....will be sooooo worth it for you...cars are designed to go from a to b....either you arrive or you dont....i will arrive in a $500 car...and jus chillin BIGTIME on my litecoin that i didnt sell

Casita Park

I seem to remember Clif mentioning a pause in the upward push around that time. It's natural (and desirable!) for the upward progress to take some breathers to digest significant gains. We want to see movement in an upward channel and it's usual for the price to migrate from the top to the lower leg of the channel as it progresses. Could be an opportunity for the closely watching to take a little profit, with appropriate stops/buys to increase their holdings in a buyback situation. For those who might be interested, I recommend following @MagicPoopCannon at TradingView. He's been very good at analyzing turns in the crypto markets. His philosophy of trading is very high grade, imo.

David P

THIS SHIT IS A JOKE.......... BTC is going down again in a correction. LTC to follow.....


See i cant take this serious as an independent pick bc bo polny and marius landman for what thats worth both say the same time frame


I think it was removed while I was watching it!


Trader Jay quoted, LTC going to 20k this year!!! Or did everyone forget that?

Ltc markets reddit

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LTC said Nope!!

443 views | 8 Dec. 2017


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"CoinStar 1337" CoinStar 1337


haha you cracked me up. ltcbtc needs to get it's act together or Felicia will be back! lol


Haha! Nice one

Student Of life

You are funny man. I love the himor. Bye Felicia.???

Artist Group

You sell it, I'll buy it.

Ltc markets reddit

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WallStreetBets Revolution. Future of the stock market and who’s responsible for price manipulation

71 views | 3 Feb. 2021

The Reddit Wallstreetbets

The Reddit Wallstreetbets trader community is losing in the battle against hedge funds. Robinhood continues to restrict stock trading, allowing large players to short Gamestop and other companies. At the same time, the regulator didn’t interfere with these processes, and inside the WallStreetBets they are calling for holding the GME shares, but prepare all those who organized the pump to exit.

The final days of the traders' war are coming only if they don’t buy stocks after they crash. At the same time, the US authorities are reluctant to support the markets with new financial incentives, and the regulator is standing aside and looking for someone to blame.

see also:

Biden America: Equity Growth. Bitcoin Crash. Oil and Gold Prices. Investment - https://youtu.be/cupBtotOzCU

How much money Buffett lost in 2020? What stock Berkshire Hathaway bought and sold in 2020 - https://youtu.be/vsWnJmvmJvo

website: http://coinpost.media

#stockmarket #stocks #investments #S&P500 #money #finance #coinpost

Tags: stock market, us stock market, investing in stocks, market crash, investing in stocks, investing, where to invest, finance, dollar, money, investments, financial crisis, Joe Biden, how to make money, S&P 500, crisis, stock crash, crisis 2021, investing for beginners, investing in stocks, market crash, stock market for beginners, investing for dummies, investment portfolio, investing in stocks, investing where to invest, finance, financial literacy, how to make money, Robinhood, WallStreetBets, GameStop, GME

Coin Post

GME shares plunged to $ 90, but are now being bought back again. Who do you support, funds or WallStreetBets?