Just keep going

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Just Keep Going - Wallis Bird

6 050 views | 26 Apr. 2013

Music & Lyrics by Wallis

Music & Lyrics by Wallis Bird.

From the album, Spoons.

Please support the artist :)


Anderson Gonçalves

Great song!

Klara McDonnell

One of favs :)

Just keep going

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Quando Rondo "Just Keep Going" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

978 428 views | 14 Jan. 2020

Atlanta rapper Quando

Atlanta rapper Quando Rondo recently stopped by Genius to perform his heartfelt hit, “Just Keep Going,” which has racked up nearly 4 million YouTube views to date. It is produced by Beezo & MP 808 and appears on his 2020 album, 'QPAC.'

Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/quando-rondo-performs-just-keep-going-live-at-genius

Read all the lyrics to "Just Keep Going" on Genius: https://genius.com/Quando-rondo-just-keep-going-lyrics

Watch the official music video for "Just Keep Going": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe9EKmBM6XA

Subscribe to Genius: http://bit.ly/2cNV6nz

Genius on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Genius

Genius on Instagram: http://instagram.com/genius

Genius on Facebook: https://facebook.com/Geniusdotcom


#QuandoRondo #JustKeepGoing #OpenMic

Ali5000 Gamer

Rip King von ?

Cj Helms


Kai Prince

Nah quando bodied

Southern Sinnaz

That was awesome and cool

Isaiah Escamilla

Quando rondo still a b!tch


can some one tell me the nameof thos headphones

Giulio Iaquinta

Y’all realize there is autotune in the mic lmao


quando underrated


RIP in advanced cuz this man started a war


When both Quando and Von did open mic and now Von dead cuz of quando

Dom !

LLKV? we not from 63rd

Koop Ϟ



i really just wanna know where he copped them jordan sweats at tho
lol fire song!


Fuck Quando Rondo we smokin on that Tooka pack


Why he underrated on open mic wtf ?.
He's talented ??

Jordan De Jong



U a dead man walking ur head marked and in the scope

Zehon Frmdavill

Who’s here after king von’s death ?

Jared Martin

He was always underrated but now niggas hate him even tho he didn’t even kill Von


Rip rondo

Little Naro

Just cause u lose a fight with hands doesnt mean u and your homie kill someone.


Dammn 110 lbs soak and wet. No wonder he need to strap up..
Yo..this track is garbage b

damon brown

he really a killa ?

Torrell Blue jr

He’s a great rapper very talented


If I heard the original before I heard this one, I would’ve never liked the song, this did it justice frfr

Ced Dud

U turn yo back on savannah ga ,you still akid.

Stev Tv

Rip king von


Did your team kill KING VON????


Bruh killed Von


Bounty on yo head bitch

Latrell Lowe

Jackboy and him sound similar

Christopher McDaniel

U the reason folks nem dead 11:6?

Lil Glizzey

bro really dont need auto tune??

lil mike

Don’t let von fans come here??‍♂️

Darien 47


Jonathon Reed

Quando going to jail ??

daisy stewart

built in auto tune

Xufso Sig

Rip von man. Fuck this goof for takin von from us. Quando a Trash ass rapper

Jesus Christ

Count ya days boy

m l

Von start this shit & down



DaReal Jayyskrr

Fuck quando rondo

Clay Bryant

he bout to die

Daniel James

fuck quando

Andrew Cooper

He so hard but so underrated ???

Felice Chamuleau

hope quando won’t get smoked by von’s gang

Tiffany Jemmott

I Love Dah Nigga So Fucking Muchh ?? .

Mihailo Janevski

Rip Von ???



Farlao Duarte



Who here on new years eve

lil mike

Don’t let von fans come here??‍♂️

Paper Soldier


King Kp

Rondo better watch out they got 100k on em

Jayvon Golden

Sound juss like da song


Fuck you

mike oxlong

RIP King Von

Rob S

the most underated.

CJ King

Y’all funny ? ain’t nobody touching Quando lol

Asian Boi

Quando you a bitxh





Osvaldo Clemente


Pratiprabha Barma


out of this world

say what you want about dude.. but this guy can sing

bruhapsian man



Murder sings good

Adela Maravilla

Rip king Von


so underrated



Tuomo Vimpeli

yall acting like he aint dead

Bruh Beuhh

Smoking that quandao pack


fuck this kid

Keon Johnson

Bruh it’s better like this ???

lil clix

Fuck Qaundo

sonar bug


Jayvon Golden



4ktk ??

Jahmar Lindo

Does he have any other songs like this one

G r i m a c e

Auto tune.. ok..

Thomas Henrique

o brabo

Jonas Moutawakil

Lil durk gonna take you bro no?

Farlao Duarte

King von


Can't rock with him like i used to after von gone ??

vexa lacrae

Quando just wants to know what they dont ??

poggerstoop 637

pov: your here after he died. ?

Bxnkroll _d

Quando rondo goated bruh ???

PAPA channce


Tomas Loureiro

Fuck u


Fck you bitch! OTF forever ❤️?

Rueben Tsosie

Welcome to o block ????

Daniel James

rip king von?

ALI Azhar

Here before he under 6 feettttt


Fuck von?

Hamish Henare

Here before the RIP Quando

ANUBIS Official


Therealkaylab Bethea

He cute asf

kidmods 5790

You killed von

turtle neck

Smokin that quando pack real soon

Duda 202

This dude a singer or a rapper he do good at both just saying

Just keep going

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KEEP GOING - Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Most Eye Opening Speeches)

1 392 944 views | 19 Mar. 2019

Keep going. Every day you

Keep going. Every day you don't give up you are one step closer than you were yesterday. People are counting on you. Don't quit now! One of the most inspiring Motivational Videos Ever!

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Logan Taylor

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78Dn_sH6BvdhbbHj2RXmzw

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YBNormal2016

Website: http://www.ybnormal.org/

Eric Thomas






Mat Wilson

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5KIGBVmpvYanoWhHyJwYpg

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Snapchat: @matywilson

Eddie Pinero

YouTube: youtube.com/c/yourworldwithin

Instagram: @your_world_within

Instagram: @eddiepinero2

Website: http://www.Yourworldwithin.com

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Gary Vaynerchuk



Freddy Fri

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Position Music - Apparition

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Keep Showing Up - Fearless Motivation

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Amazing Authors like Brendan Burchard, David Goggins, James Clear, Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, Nick Winter, Tara Westover, Mel Robbins, Steven Pressfield, Charles Duhigg, Elizabeth Gilbert, David Allen, Billy Alsbooks, Walter Bond, Kevin Kruse, and Zac Bissonnette.

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Elihandro Bodden

These speeches hit harder when you can relate and is currently experiencing what is said

William Brenn

Perfectly said.

Casper the

Tap in with me people! Let's love ourself and stop worrying what others think.. in return self respect is seen and by those who matter. And you will then have them see you how you want by controlling and regulating the self!

Hin Franco

I highly recommend listening to this while at the gym ?


Segment starting @ 2:36 is incredible

Azmobley !!

I’m done watching these videos in my bed saying imma do it later. Imma start now and not stop who’s with me

Siam Pasarly: Motivational Speaker

Keeping going, Yes I start from village now I am national wide recognize

Abhisek Kishor

Reminds me of the months on the bed and years of recuperating and ALL the time WORKING HARD and clawing.. with no support at all.. all by my self ALONE.. NOW IT'S MY TIME.. time to put an Indian motivator on the world map!!

Juan Hernandez

Just keep going and just be yourself

Tyra Resilient

Phoenix Rising from The Ashes, skydiving march 30th 18000feet, it is an external manifestation of what I've endured over the last 38yrs fear of the unknown and Pain beyond words... I will Overcome and anything that is not for me will be burned by ashes... It Is My Time....??

Kevin Webster

If you have to forevermore then keep going. If you have to make abbreviations for 1m videos. KEEP GOING. If you are old and can't make it KEEP GOING EVEN IF. KEEP GOING.

srij dby

whats that background music at the start?

Andres Paez

You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?
I came from poverty. I had to learn a new culture and a new language. I have torn my ACL's twice, on both my legs. I have a degenerative eye disease. I have failed college intro classes multiple times. I have flunked out of college before. I have felt the sting of life - over, over, and over. The thought of suicide has crossed paths with me multiple times. My name is Andres Paez, and I am well acquainted with failure. Yet, every failure - every seemingly final defeat endured - led me to my path. Let it be known that I will become known world-wide for my Electromechanical Engineering. I will build a business that the world will recognize, and one day I shall return to South America. I will destroy the chains, cycles, and mentalities that have kept these beautiful countries out of modernism. I no longer ask what I can have. Now, I take what is rightfully mine. You out there, scrolling through the comments, do not give up. You need to fight, cry, sweat, and bleed. You need to get angry. Show all those who said you could not do it, that you can and will. Do not prove others wrong, they do not deserve your attention and energy. Prove yourself right, and fully commit.

Allison's Ted Talk

I learned that you really don't have to be the smartest person in school in order to make it into college and get a degree. You just have to show up and try your best. Yes you will fail but you never give up and eventually you will get to where you're meant to be...the number rule is to show up..not about how smart,funny, strong,weak, whatever just show up and never give up


My Inner Beast is waking up just listening to him...His message has POWER.???????????

Vas Middleton

Literally changed my life

blaise baguma

No one is a millionaire in my family, no one is a millionaire among my friends.
I just need to be the one who will become something big and open their ways and eyes that everything is possible and I'm not weak, I'm the goat ?!

L Tyler


Hizkia Permata

Three words Don't Give Up
You will be a legend in 5 years

High Spirit Fitness

Motivation was a huge part of my transformation ?

Cris I.V.Y

I was 100lbs heavier was ...2018-2020 I ate but I busted my ass rain or shine this was my second time mark my words the world will hear me ⛹?‍♂️ go to my channel hear my message I am a music artist

Jae Awesome


cameron Porter

I keep going everyday.

tiktok wurbaz

This helped me a lot thanks

Au Am

Winners never give up!!!!!!!!!

Rob Woitowich

Wow. This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen seen and heard. When you feel so defeated you can't look in the mirror at yourself there is only one way to go. I will keep showing up every day. No more feelings of failure. I'm 58 bankrupt working 6days a week just to pay the bills. My best part of my day is my gym time. I really need hope.thank you for making these videos I watched every day now for 2 weeks and they really helped me get out of myself.


The blood shows me I'm alive
The tears shows my progress
The sweat shows me I'm working

Alli TV

Here in 2020 pandemic ?I needed this.

Ellavate Yourself Tarot W/ D Kennedy

They said my name

jonny turner

Might not seem like much to some people but 2 year ago I was diagnosed with a tumour I was in a dead end office job and literally hit the definition of rock bottom in every sense of the word but I can honestly say today I am finally happy I am a fully qualified HGV driver and although I’m not a millionaire I’m happy and that’s worth so much ????

Shali Carbello


janice olegario

Kept going on until succeed thru God's greatness...

brod noel

ganda ng message GOD BLESS

chillin like a chinchilla

Your life is determined by the choices you make, everything else is just an excuse.

Vyxen Rayne

Don't beg for people to like you, get up and go achieve your goals loudly, do it with pride. When you shock the hell out of every one else who said you can't, that is gold baby ?, for them it's like a bad car crash it shocks them but they can't look away, don't sit in that box for everyone else, instead shove that box up their ass.?☮️☯️??


Every time I start working out..... the first day I feel like I can do this all day but the next day I feel like I can’t do it and I keep telling myself I will keep going but I don’t....... I do this every single month it’s like a little cycle that keep happening

Vegan Rican1

Gotta say this the best video of its type, maybe there's another one but for me this one hits home, this video is helping me in my dark times, thank you.

Diego Vega

This one...

Michael navarro

My family give me huges No one else will no life matters


Do something today that your future self will thank you for. - @rocminds

Joseph Lovell

My favorite moment starts at 9:00. He said it!

Xtreme J

I'm all in now. And even if I win I might still lose.

The Truth

Wtf who was that first speaker? I dont want to make anyone my foot stool regardless of whether they are my enermy or not. Imma leave them in the past but vengeance does not lead to happiness.

Shali Carbello


Andrew Simons

Needed that, thank you

DIY Solar Homestead

Awesome video

Christopher Hogbring


Po-Ting Chao

Start to sacrificing leisure ! Not Leasure.

Brian Casey

What is the song in this modern millionaire ad pleeeeasssseee I need to know!!!!?????????????


Who else listening bcz of diddy ?

Cheat 8706

When someone tells me i better do something i tell them I dont have to better anything but myself.

Leora Mendoza

1 like = 50 push-ups


F. E. A. R



Mark Jimenez

This is my gym playlist I stopped listening to music, this makes me go harder down 35 lbs, not stopping now !?


Thank for sharing the best motivation video for me. Keep going!!


i make music and i told my family and they laughed at me

ll RM ll

It's so easy to say but to actually do it is crushing, I want help but I reject because I'm scared and I'm scared bc I'm lost and I don't know why I'm lost. I have it better than other people but I'm still lost and scared to do anything but smile... Just had to let that out

Isaac Prosper

Its stupid when they say keep going for other peoe

Mario and Michelle Santiago

Anyone know the music at the end?

Audra Wintheiser

I can't quit
I can't stop
My mom is counting on me
Keep moving

Hustlin' He-Man

Tᖇᑌ ᗪᗩT ᗷᖇOTᕼEᖇ.. TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ ᗪOᑭE

James Edwards

Changed my whole outlook on life . PUSH THROUGH PAIN! NEVER QUIT !

One Percent Rule - Improving 1% Everyday

keep going to show those same people that you will succeed!:)

Bethany Selvage

Does anyone know who the first person speaking is? He sounds like my brother that passed in 2016



Wol Acuil

Lol who watch these videos and hopes to get better

Parazone Tv

The hardest path is the easy way out

Hellen Abise

Sometimes one needs to hear this! Great motivation

MzBtown Hester

I really enjoyed

Bhavin Barbhaya

When Gary says tht evry mistake tht happens in his company it's his fault then the audience suddenly woooowing him wtf I mean wtf are they wooowing out for stupid people

Natas The

I'm 37, with a history of failure and poor choices. Prison, violence, all of it. I hurt my back a few years ago and sometimes can't walk. Recently my girl and I (her, really, since I can't work) bought 5 acres of land. I'm in a small cabin now, trying to finish insulation and interior walls. It's cold today, which is hurting my back and leg. I was under the covers, trying to stay warm, feeling depressed and useless, like I'm less than a man because I can't do the things that need done when the cold hits me like this. We have poor heating, so there's no escaping it.

Clicked on this after a search because I know I need to find something inside that will get me up and moving regardless of how much it hurts.

Fed dogs, fed our chickens, cleaned up a work area so I can finish insulation and walls. I'm getting there. Never stop moving forward.

Thank you for having a video up that would hit me the right way when I needed it.

Arrogant Knats BCN

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”


At the gym listening to this

Sharky General

This is how I won a fortnite cup (not the world cup):')

Nicole Cortes

Picking myself up and forcing myself to keep going is all I know...I wouldn’t want it any other way. When we learn from our darkest days, we don’t make the same mistakes, we grow spiritually, and WE BUILD OUR STRENGTHS. THAT’S WHAT EVOLVES OUR SOULS❤️?

Aman Kumar

Can anyone share me the link of initial 1 and half minutes background music..it is too good

Jason Silverstein

Keep going because what is the alternative? Rolling over and quitting when it gets hard isn't a great option. Think about all the people who would love to see you fail, that can be a great motivator!


My mother expired in my hands last month at our residence ....... She had Cancer & other health issues which was in the curable state but she probably got an attack while we were taking her to the Doctor in the car.................... I had a very complicated emotional relationship with her......... ...... She was not happy with my ways, my views & everything................ .. & it has been very difficult for me to acheive my dreams due to all emotional issues with my parents.................I have lost so many years around 10yrs & above right from my twenties................ but I never wanted to quit ............. even when everyone advised me to quit................. I did not want to quit because I know that I am capable which they don't believe........... I wanted to prove it to my mother that I am not wrong, I wanted to remove the false self - image that my parents have about me, I wanted to show her that I made my life successful........................ but now as she is not there........... ....... I am still chasing my goal with very little possibility remaining......... .As per the University rules there is no way for my situation practically unless they make some changes in the rules itself ......... of course I have put up a request ............& if that happens........... I still have other difficult issues...................... but I am sometimes loosing meaning with my goal as to Why am I chasing this dream when the main person to whom I wanted to present my life to, the one with whom I want to share my feelings is not there to see all this.................... Of course I wanted to serve humanity through my dream that reason still remains.................. but Mama is not there to show her that I did it.................... & she would never believe in my dreams........... the only way was to prove it to her was by achieving it................. ... Also I wanted to do so many things for her............ I had dreams that once I start working I will buy this & that for her..................... & also prove my worth in the house.

Opportunity To Start

You just have to keep moving, keep showing up and never let the environment tell you how bad you are! ?


I'm crawling y'all

Jake From State Farm

Im high and was hating on myself and i know i can donit

cye bets

Positive mind will keep on motivated ?

Nicole Cortes


Laura Fragoso

Who’s the speaker at :) 22:30

Travis Zimmerle

The way to eliminate fear is to shut off the doubting mind and fear won’t exist

Matan Kelab

i love it

Jordan Anders

I'm a foster kid. I'm someone that's come from a lifetime of abuse and belittling. My father told me I was too dumb to even get admitted to a college, that my best chance was the military. I have no problems with the military but that's not my path. Now, I'm a Senior. I have a lot of obstacles, but now I'm in the top of my class. I have a full ride. Take that, "Dad".

Purple Porkdawg

This is me when I tell myself to “just be happy” when Times get tough.

Walid Ahmed

This is life changer

brett baxter

Who’s the person at 25 mins if someone could tell me please

Ashley J

I showed this to my dog and he became a stallion

Abdinasir Ali

I like the british part motivation talks . Due to that I speak British English

Dave Ryan

i needed this. my depression has been getting harder to work through lately in isolation. i feel like quitting all the time. im losing focus. i need to get through this patch in my life. i need to keep working everyday. i need to stay alive. im going to do this

Don Hernandez

GOODMORNING ! Now go get it ??

jhonathan sanchez

I I’m almost 300 pounds and I’m the 8th grade and I want lose weight so I can help out people just like me and I’m going to see my results after Christmas wish me luck and I will never give up not again

DrezZy _Fx

I'm trying to get this forex thing right ???


This video only target spot ppl... Not other 99% population...

sk.jani Pasha

thank you so much.....

The Tattooed Ronin

Love this motivational channel.