Tory burch brody

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Tory Burch Brody/Perry Tote Quick Review

841 views | 13 Feb. 2019

A quick look at my Tory

A quick look at my Tory Burch Brody Tote

Beatrice Thompson

Does this tote and neverfull mm same exact size??please answer .. thanks alot

Beatrice Thompson

I'm wondering if you can use that bag as an everyday bag. It's too huge ..i am only 5/2. so it looks exagurated on me. ?

Beatrice Thompson

Hi faith. How are you??I just got this same exact one in bark ..but I didnt c the description good. I didn't really c d measurements .when I receive mine I left with my eyes wide open .it's a huge bag faith

Tory burch brody

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What's In My Bag? Tory Burch Brody Tote! | Bags4Bubbles

3 874 views | 22 Jan. 2016

Sharing what fits inside

Sharing what fits inside the Tory Burch Brody Tote! ♥ Loving this style and the color of the purse, this is a great satchel purse from Tory Burch that fits a medium amount of items and also can be worn crossbody! I love that it has the handles and also the longer crossbody strap.

I'm a mom of a 5 year old kindergartener and a 4 year old preschooler, so being hands free has definitely been helpful now that my girls are getting older - but still need a hand with their school items! Crossbody bags have definitely grown on me now that we are out of the baby & toddler stage!

** This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own

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I have both the mini pochette and an epi cosmetic case. Cosmetic case is better. I haven't used the mini pochette in months.

Barb Stormo

I really like that bag! It is amazing as your kids grow the less you need to haul around!

Deb Storybags

Very cute. Love your accessories!

Burg Mom

I love your bag! I have been loving smaller size bags lately also. Do you know if the iPhone 6(with a thin case) fits in the LV mini pouchette?

Yurkovich party of 6

Does your EC planner fit? I'm really looking into this bag for my birthday. Thanks!

Sierra Elizabeth

I have a mini pouchette as well and love it. ?? If you're looking for more space I feel like the general YouTube consensus is that the domed cosmetic pouch doesn't fit as much as you want it to because of its domed shape. The toiletry 19 fits more and is on my wish list!

Elle23 L

Damier mini since you use a lot of smaller bags

SoCal Rose

Great video! Love your bag and accessories. Have you ever used the LV 6 ring key holder? What are your thoughts about it?

Ada BrandyWorld

lovely video

Sherrie Money

Love the sizes of what you are carrying!! I only have a few glosses in mine because I carry Advil, nail file and a tide pen.

Brought to You by Krystal

I recently got a larger bag from JustFab that I am not used to. I never realized how much I don't carry around anymore since nearly ditching the diaper bag, expect on trips. haha.

Jessie Madanat

you have so many nice things! How do you afford it with one income?!? LUCKY!

Erin L

Do you use your buxom gloss over a lip stick or just on its own?


What is the name of the small wallet you use?

Raquel Paul

Although I love my mini pochette...I use mine for odds and ends in my bags... I suggest the cosmetic case pm in Damier ebene! I recently got one for Christmas and I love it so much!!!

Joi Violette

Love this Di!! Also...I was at my local Tanger Outlets and we have a Sacs 5th Off store. They had Tory Burch!! Honestly I hadn't heard of that line til you talked about it! Then when I was in Sacs 5th Off I saw ...lots of them. Different styles and colors!! Very nice!!
I just thought it was a nice coincidence since I had just heard you talk about it!
Great purse! I love purses! My husband just shakes his head! ????

Debbie Loes

I carry about the same amount of stuff as you do. Personally, I like the mini pouchette versus the cosmetic pouch...simply due to its versatility and I think it takes up a bit less space. Your TB bag is lovely.


Awesome video sweetie! I love to watch these type of videos!✨?❤️✨

Wendy D

I love that LV wallet. What is the style? Thanks.

Laurie’s Harp & Drum

Since you love the smaller bag I would get it in the other print.


Nice bag and I like all your accessories.


Di I would suggest you consider the Toiletries 19 ? ?

Tory burch brody

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3 402 views | 7 Jan. 2018








Michu Michu

Loved everything! ? I need me a LV wallet ? lol

Kaays Beauty

Yass! I’m glad you’re back! I enjoy them a lot ❤️


I wish you the best up and coming YouTuber?

Griselda Lopez

Im a new subbie. love your videos can you please tell me where did you buy your shirt and necklace. love your purse :)

Alexis Morgan

Gorgeous bag ??

Griselda Lopez

Thank you:)


I LOVE this bag!!! Omg. Need.

Teresa Cabrera

Love it all!!! I wish my mama-purse was that organized! ?????