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I discovered a new kickoff that works against grand champs... (speed-flip)

2 133 927 views | 12 Oct. 2019

I discovered a new

I discovered a new kickoff in rocket league that works against grand champs where you can score a free goals on them without even letting them to touch the ball. WARNING: VERY HARD hopefully this video can help you understand how to it! Let me know what you think of the video or any questions you have in the comment section below.

Training Pack Code: A503-264C-A7EB-D282

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?My Rocket League Coaching Profile?


▼ Follow Me:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amustycow

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Car Colors and Settings: https://youtu.be/BKZsP3jBGP8

Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

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Tashi Rau

"You need 3000 hours"
No you don't
I have exactly 24 hours played now, yes it is not easy, but definitely not hard. Took me about an hour to do it consistently.
Maybe because around 12 hours i spent learning to freestyle so i have some feeling for the movements and mechanics.
And yes, it is worth learning even if it would take you 2 days to do it

Jack Willis

wonderful, I have to be 3k hours... literally I NEED THIS FOR 1s I am so close to GC, literally just hit c3, only 1.2k hours... rip me...


Dude, 3000 gours is a little much, i have 80 hours and i can do it consistently

Dagomyre _

Pffff 3000 hours in the game bruh I be here in plat 1 div 4 doing faster flips not speed flips but close and I’m practicing but I still am doing faster flips than normal

Daydream Believer


Mals Gaelik

You can jump(:


Me in gold 3 learning this in less than and hr lol

Jackey Jian

Me who doesn't go for kickoffs and fakes the save: pRo


5:49 saving it for myself

Squid Gaming

me with 2999 hours: Am i still not ready

Burrito gang

My dumbass in gold 2 years ago thought I could do this ?

Naib Sidhu

Who is here in 2021

Finn Sullivan

I’ve been playing rocket league since a little before COVID but then I didn’t even know that ranks were a thing I played like 5 games then I completely forgot about the game until around December 5 2020 but then I didn’t really play that much but since about December 15 2020 I’ve been playing a lot know it January 22 2021 and I’m silver almost gold but I only actually have like 21 hours but musty said you would need like 3000 hours to hit the speed flip consistently perfect but I hit it about 45% of the time with only 21 hours.

E5Reaper 0311

Not me being gold three and learning this?

Njad Messi11

Q) why didn’t he use this in the next pro tournament


I’m good abs suck at kick offs so I’m gonna try this and see if it works


dog water


Br vai deixar um gostei ->

Githendra Perera

im plat and i can do the speed flip consistently :)

Legacy -J-

I have a round 50 hours and can do this?

Jons37 _

If you want to do this got to 5:49 to 6:25

Manuel Martinez

Yes I think I finally got it, letssssss gooopoo

Rasan Sherzad

No I’m not the most Hard one in the entire world

Rocket Master

Musty flip

Harry Wood

Everyone in gold and plat just boosting straight into the ball and then flipping into it
Me, doing a front flip kickoff and about to attempt the speed flip


started yesterday and i can touch the ball 1/20 in this training pack
i have 1k hours and YES it's really difficult

Rasan Sherzad

Actually be the Grandchamp one


training pack code: A503-264C-A7EB-D282


I can do that kick off and I am plat


Oct 12 is my birth day :)

FTX Renify


Ana Coelho

im silver and i can doe det kickof

Kilian Lechner

i tried it in 5 per cent game speed with a mod. and still couldnt do it a single time. tried rewatching the training pack section of the video in slow motion. stil nothing. its way way harder than a lot of you might think

sW3At b0Lt

Musty: you need at least 3000 hours to do the speed flip
Me in silver: do you challenge me


Gsfhdhghajgn mustyyyyyy

KB Gaming

I was like Mertzy made this and i was laughing so much

and u wasted a 15 seconds of your time reading this

Milan Klimuntowski

Musty: you need at least 3000 hours to do this
Me with 30 hours: yeah, yeah, yeah just get to the tutorial


He said 3000 hours me having around 50 hours:

Cory Collins

Huge fan send me a friend request plz my name in rocket league is drpy

EF Games

When I was gold I could already do it that got me to plat 3


Bruh i have like 300h try this thing took me 2 hours to get the use of it now im can say im not the best at it but not the worst. Im like70% good at it


Coming back after a year and realize that if musty didn't make this popular we would be still noobs

Samer Elmasri

The controller in the video is a ps4 but you use a Xbox controller

Daydream Believer

I am good andnI can do speed flips

Raymond Brisendine


Dark Matter-Chan

I learned it in 10 minutes

Ibrahim Haque 5



this will take me years to master


what boost u use?

Jad Sawalha

The name should be; kick musty off,lol


Dude I learned how to do this by myself (without realizing what it was) and did it. I am in silver with around 80-100 hours and I can do it consistently

Yasir M

How do u do it?

diego esparza

Misty I have 4 days in rocket and I'm plat 2 and already doing speed flip so you don't need to have 3k hours to do it @amustycow


I know how to do it! # Champ to GC


When I discovered dinosaur flicks they called themselves the musty bones.

Jeff Schmidt

Me: Less than 1k hours.
Also Me: Ez

TheManTheMythTheLegend ThePowerFull

4:53 I thought he was going to put the firmly grasp it meme


Does musty know that keyboard and mouse players exist?

FaZe NaRudo

Like no cap is it weird that ima gold and it took half a day?

Caruso Merido

How much is pathetic reading all these kids claiming they do it after even have their first pollution

Matthew Lannoye

I watched this video a second time today(I watched it when it came out) can't do it, can't even do a normal good kickoff, I have 400 hours and I'm a plat 1


It’s been 2 years now and no sign of that kickoff


Where do you put the training pack code in Rocket League


I have 120 hours and plat and can do it

CJ Crawford

watching on jan 24th 4:27am


Took me my first try but it's easy to mess up I'm plat aswell

Rares Hogas

I am a gold 2 and i can Fast flip (STILL not Fast kickoff)
Took 3 Days of practice and i am building up consistency


I can do this with like 100 hrs but not fully consistent



Jerome Powell

If ur in 2021 like this comment


Others - I'll lose my mind if I see this in gold or plat
My opponents in Silver 3 - let me introduce myself

Dino Okanovic

I have 30 h in game and i can do the speedflip
(P.S im a gold 3 in 2s)

Tristan Garson

i remember when this blew up

David Mijolović


Marcel Nowak

Dude 3k hours? I have 300 and im doing it in plats heh

Jackie Early

What are ur controller settings

Hamza Omar Bin Al Khattab Barakat

here in 2021-

Valerio Tosetti

Does it work on ssls tho?

Unejs Qazimi

Im gold 2 and i now how to speed flip

Kian Potato

Fuck u now every person I play against does the speed kickoff

Kareem Rose

Skip to 5:50 to get to the meat & potatoes

Antonio Bennett

Need 3000 hours me champ 2 in 2v2 with 800 hours does it consistently after 30 mins

Daan Creyghton

5:00 the kickoff himself


Musty flip


im on keyboard and mouse ;-;


People say its super hard, just takes practice, everyone above silver can do this imo

Joseph Guevara

I mastered speed flipping on keyboard in 1 hour because I watch a totural on what keys to do

AlexTheProGamer_08 Andersson


Elon TheMuskTurtle

Me watching this as a bronze

bilal hussain

come on how hard can it be

Kepz Shenzx



when you have 500 hours and can do it

Alonzo luiz Gabayeron

Bruh imagine if musty kept this a secret and never shared his kick off...

8 Shadow

Bruh I learnt it in 2days

Miguel Mendoza

We all know linkuru found it
But popularize by musty


Ive learned how to do a speed flip in 2 days and im only in gold


After 2 days of practice, still cant hit. This almost feels like a near-impossible troll pack lol


Me trying to speed flip with keyboard and mouse in silver and losing my rank and I am like ok i am out of here


i used this kickoff when f2p was out (yes im a f2p player) and i thought i was the first to do this

Tom Jupe

The speed flip kickoff is like using gun in rock paper scissors

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Panda Kiki Gets a Stomachache & Crying | Eat by Yourself | Good Habits | BabyBus Cartoon

4 947 670 views | 6 Oct. 2017

BabyBus - Nursery Rhymes

BabyBus - Nursery Rhymes ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYye8D5fFMUPf9nSfgd4bA?sub_confirmation=1

Panda Kiki Gets a Stomachache & Crying | Eat by Yourself | Good Habits | BabyBus Cartoon


At BabyBus, our goal is to make learning a fun experience for kids aged 2 - 5 by creating classic nursery rhymes, kids songs and stories with 2D & 3D animations. Children get to learn good habits, safety knowledge, letters, colors, numbers and more by singing and dancing with our characters! Enjoy watching our videos!

BabyBus helps children to:

★ Think Independently

★ Build Self-Confidence

★ Respect Others

★ Explore the World


Contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.babybus.com

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Super Mario Odyssey - Full Game Walkthrough

20 692 922 views | 31 Jul. 2019

This video shows a

This video shows a complete walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch.

Shirly Lopez



I am like traveling ? with you

Karen Margison

What is the largest Broodal called?

yeetington hamington

The snobbish narcissus temporarily balance because shears positionally order barring a little lizard. selective, scarce chess

Jess s

I love super Mario odyssey! My brother goes to my friends house just to play it on their Nintendo switch!????????????????????????

Лёша Антоннав


Ma. Teresa Lita

2:52:33 eww should be rated 13+

Karen Margison

That was so cool! Cappy merged with and became Mario's signature red cap.

The Genker Kast d' casta

Along with 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and its 2010 sequel, this is the best Mario game ever made.

estrada vermelha

Galera se increva no canal tdm n muito top!!!!!

Meus Vídeos

Mãos sujas

Rawad Jawad

سيد ماريو انا هلا عم بحضره وعم تبعثوا منيح يا سيد ماريو انت امير انت ملك الكواكب يا ملك ملك ملك ملك ملك انت ملك يا ماريو انا اسمي جواد انا اسمي جواد وهلا انا عم تبعك اخي واختي يلا انا هلا بدي هلا امي عم تتحمم انا هلا بدي تابعك منيح منيح ما بعثت لك لايكات كثير 500 مليون مليون لايك مليون لايك

Juan David Patiño Curtidor


Fatima Jawad

I love ❤️ this game a lot

Karina Loor mora


Uyug Justina

Mario is very cool , i like mario

Adroid Gamer


Dagner Juan Chávez Claros


fika nuryahati

Mario is such a simp.

Fried bacon 2


Sylvana Nobels

Kvn(bc dbcbgfbbf. CBC c

Jordan Hill

Look at the thumb nail that’s me when I get my Nintendo

Leah Parker

fat rabbit lady: (disrespects pet). mario: (takes way better care of it then she does)

Roberta Kotani

Super Mario


Hey guys go See this 2 différent Mario :
Must be Seen ? have fun, and take care

꧁Jocelyn Castro꧁

Peach looks like she doesn't give 2fucks about Mario.
Pauline is the baby girl he needs to be talkin' to.


i cried when my mom actually sold this game to other peoples ?

Geisla Araujo

Por que não é o filme é não é im português

Experiment Fantasy

How did you recorded it?

Ivelin Ivanov

Mom said one more video before going to bed...

Satnam Singh

Very nice game play

Amalia Maria


Traffic Cone

“What do you mean I have a test? It’s Saturday!”


0:00 title screen and intros
2:08 world 1: cap kingdom
Region 1: ????
4:26 inside top hat tower
Cap transform:

dave p

I have the game but I do not know to record

hussain asif

i finish the game in 2 days

Mad Weegee


I know that it's a video game with fictional characters, but the ending legit made me mad. Saving Peach from being forced to marry Bowser, and the other hundred times Mario saved her, and she tries to abandon him on the moon.

Javed Ansari

How r download.I don't no English.u r speek hindi

Janine DiPietro

Intro: Getting hit by bowsers hat and getting to Cap Kingdom
Cap: Meeting Cappy
Cascade: Finding the first power moon and the Odyessy
Sand: Fighting 2 bosses to get more power moons to get to the next kingdom
Choice Kingdom 1: Lake and Wooden
Lake: Fixing the stairs
Wooden: Fighting 2 bosses to save the flowers and get more power moons to get to the next kingdom
Unexpected Kingdoms 1: Cloud and Lost
Cloud: Fighting bowser but getting thrown to the lost kingdom after the battle
Lost: Saving Cappy from the bird and fixing the Odyessy
Metro (City): Saving the juice and getting the band back together
Choice Kingdom 2: Snow and Seaside
Snow: Breaking the barriers and racing to try and get more power moons to get to the next kingdom
Seaside: Saving the water and hitting the boss 4 times. Then putting water on the bosses head 3 times
Luncheon: Fighting the bird 2 times to get more power moons to get to the next kingdom
Unexpected Kingdom 2: Ruined
Ruined: Fighting the dragon to get the multi moon to fix the Odyessy like when we had to find 10 power moons to fix the Odyessy in the Lost Kingdom
Bowsers: Fighting the brood ale and then fighting their robot form to get the multi moon to chase bowser in the
Moon: Fighting Bowser again and defeating him. No joke this time

Secret Kingdoms: Dark and Darker
Dark: Doing all the past broodal fights to get the multi moon
Darker: Doing hard challenges and get the “THANK YOU” message and getting the multi moon
Mushroom (After Moon): Getting power moons from Toadette by doing quests
Final Goal always: Getting all 999 power moons
Ending: Getting out of bowsers body and jumping off bowser to get on the Odyessy before Peach flys away with it
Main Things in the game: Power Moons, Cappy and the Odyessy
Power in game: Capturing with Cappy

Trailers: At least 2 trailers

Raiden Holt

Mario: Opens his mouth
Me: O_o

Byleth Eisner

wtf is with all these retarded comments lol


Looks awesome!

Αλέξης Αραμπατζής

Top 3 nintendo switch games:super mario odyssey, super mario kart and super mario aces

Leah Parker

and my dad

tdxcitsBana pfrfy r oAlsalhi

اول مرة اعرف انو الباوزر غني ??????

Gena Jude

0:53 Mario!!
1:03:55 MARIO!!!!

Levco Ion

Here here jikop Mario

TrucAnh Do

Amazing playing❣️

Sean Peters

Steady waiting for a kirby game like this maybe a little more rpg ish a little bit of superstar saga mixed with galaxy
kirby dreams and nightmares

Ryan B’s Videos

0:00 Beginning
1:47 Cap Kingdom
8:06 Cascade Kingdom
17:32 Sand Kingdom
37:17 Lake Kingdom
44:52 Wooded Kingdom
1:01:10 Cloud Kingdom
1:04:24 Lost Kingdom
1:12:31 Metro Kingdom
1:35:32 Snow Kingdom
1:49:47 Seaside Kingdom
2:01:45 Luncheon Kingdom
2:22:02 Ruined Kingdom
2:26:28 Bowser’s Kingdom
2:45:32 Moon Kingdom
3:00:19 End
Also, don’t think I watched this entire video.

Marcos Silveira

I love that game i love very

Charlene Quibod

Why Are you Goin' To Fight Bowser To The Next Kingdom Goin' to Meet Pauline???

Yasir Saleem


eugen sarampoi

Zacbcb gbnn vb

Shusank Ghimire

Mairo is a fool?????????

Raiden Holt

Like: Mario
Comment: Luigi

Davide Soliani - Landscapes and a Hassy

The beauty, the elegance, the love

Magderin martinez

Very good ;3

NaomiElicia Reciproco


Nadia Farooq

Nice I am one of your biggest fans

Pro at Stuff

I just did this for a song I remembered was good

raymond Orosco

Metástasis esto

Juan David Patiño Curtidor

super mario odyssey

Vivien-Reigh Paul

2:18:13 thats one scary bird

Ryan B’s Videos

Mario starts dancing to “Jump Up, Super Star!” at the EXACT, and I mean EXACT, halfway point of the video.



Vivien-Reigh Paul

I'm watching this like a movie that's how much I love Mario

Flynn Tanner

Long video

Lok Wong

R d x ut was an assistant for

Lisha Sablan


Julesa Agbor

Who is here in 2021

Adroid Gamer


V piben



I love that game I wish I have that game

Kryptic Spartan HowdyTheCat

That thumbnail my Guy

Mister Morne Van der Berg

thanks for this upload I can't afford a Switch now, so I guess this is the closet I will get to the game atm

Rafael Queiros

Mãos sujas

Roby Moraes

Hi Mario I am in love with your game but some people say that it is bad for me it is just good because I am 6 years old

Rafael Queiros

Alarmes de sinal

TheStuffy's AndGamings

I want to see you on my PS4 before

Dee Anggra

this vidio make me ecxited

Leah Parker

my mom and me and brother grew up on mario

Muskan Gupta

Mario Vs Pokemon emerald

Charlene Quibod

I'm On Lake Kingdom In My Next Adventure Opinion

Munir M

I already completed the game

Jayden Ngo



Bowser: this is your end

Mario: sike

Virna Torres

Megusta Broder sigeasi broder

Dylan Jagger Catameo

1:59:16 big brain so smart

Maddie Trujilpo

This is a good vid I have a Nintendo


I Have Nintendo Switch

Marcko Molina


Mare Cervantes

Me gustan tus bideos

gladys marilu mauricio vargas



ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ류아영이시아 이시형 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Magderin martinez


Brianna Mcmahan

Not me using this video to cheat because I am struggling ??

Ana María Fuentes

Hola soy Leonardo tengo 7 años, me gustaria saber como juegas ese juego como lo haces que sea gratis

Coleman Finley