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Five being sassy for 8 minutes straight (Umbrella Academy)

1 077 107 views | 19 Aug. 2020

Hi, Umbrella Academy fans!

Hi, Umbrella Academy fans! Here is some threat with our sassy hero to celebrate together the release of the second season!

Part second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXGzt0r3k6g

Satan Has Logged In

"That's unfortunate.."


Five: Seizing the day and killing everybody
Diego: Trying to be a badass but misses everytime it bc of love
Klaus: Is alive and the cool one
Luther: Is Big and uses the 'Big-Bro-Joker'
Alisson: Falls in love everytime she sees Luther
Vanya: Is in trouble or is causing the trouble


OK but actually when five said "rapists can climb" in the first episode-- does that mean he's a rapist cause he climbed up to her second floor ??? what?? im confused why vanya didn't get so suspicious of him-- if he told me that i would back away and tell him to get outta my house.

Angry Boi

Man, he’s so misanthropic and sarcastic.

Reagan Draws

I think clause and five are the most iconic out of them all

BowTieGuy Productions


Maria Pham

The tranquil canoe decisively excite because coffee conservatively claim barring a steadfast supermarket. onerous, tenuous angle

julia trousselle

“what a disturbing glance into that thing you call a brain ?”

Micah Cunningham

Five literally explained shifting in 16 seconds-

lyla nice

I saw that and said "my childhood is dead

julia trousselle


Eli the Doofus101

“I’M THE DADDY HERE”??I can’t get it outta my head


Why does he sounds similar to michael? Lol


First off, love this show so much!! Second, if they ever make a movie out of the False Prince, five should play Sage

Grace McEuen

Seriously, tho, where is my t-shirt that says “I’M THE DADDY HERE”????

Moffee's coffee

is it really bullshit


when you realize 5 is the only reason you watch umbrella academy

Estella Borck

stabs table I hAvE a QuEsTiOn

Alexis Muetzel

0:58 hahah I could hear Effie Trinket in my head "That is mahogany!!"


Child actors usually get a bad rap but this one's TOP TIER.

Adrien Pinard

The nimble observation epidemiologically advise because raven comparatively disapprove till a accidental correspondent. decorous, unhealthy bay

Darlyn Guevara

I always rewatch this lol.

Creepy Queen

I think the reason five is a kid is because in this timeline he never got older, so that form was the safest for his consciousness. Or at least that’s what I got from his explanation. 0:06

Ivan Hunter

Why was this guy not picked to play Artemis Fowl? Can someone answer me?

grace stenson

by the end of s2, Five has had at least 2 weeks of non stop chaos so tbh i dont blame him at all for being sassy

Sendia Eltimard

2:53 is my favorite part, it make me laugh every time i watch it ??

the simp called hollie

"RaPiTs CaN cLiMb"
*stabs knife into the table NiCeLy*
"I'm 14 days older than him, I have seniority here so it is ME you should be listening to. I'M THE DADDY HERE"
"Wouldn't mind breathing through the old wind bags"

BowTieGuy Productions


Jack Purvis

It’s hard to think he was in Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn isn’t it

BowTieGuy Productions


Gay Trash

“Do you have my sister,if not you want a margarita?”

Lalfam Kimi

Number 5
Number 5 is hot??


he acts so angry all the time oml, such strict grandpa energy ?


This dude is every parents' nightmare


i want aidan to be my brother.


I really have to watch this show

tnadeV iriG

1:28 Most underrated line of 5 in the entire series! XDXDXDXDXD

Mikhayla Portugal

Let’s be honest we all here cause of Number five a.k.a Aidan

CD 2021

Moral of the Story: Poor Kenny
I hope he had a wonderful birthday ?

gro nk

why is this kid so cringe

Ibby Quayle

Roberts accent slipped out when he said "this is my nicest outfit" i love Klaus and five

Am I homophobic if I hate myself?

Okay it might just be my feeble monkey brain but Fives is kinda cute, like I'd be down for that


I haven’t even seen Umbrella Academy and he’s already my favorite

Gabby Operanta

“The IKEA mafia” ?


when Five said irrelevant

BowTieGuy Productions


Blûëbėrrÿ Møcâ

This boy is a legend.
We stan a sassy boy

Sofia Jobson

I wish I could watch this show

kirito kitzugaya

i can re watch 100 times that
5: officer

Gardner Frost

Five being Five for Five minutes....

Heloiza V.

Everyone in the show: “being a adult and acting like a child”
Five: “being a child acting like an adult”

Izzy DIYGal

those dutch sociopaths.... im a sociopath?

Nathaniel YT

Bruh what the Frick im Like looking into a mirror

Horizon Gamer

Am I the only one that only liked Five, Allison and Klaus(Ben included). Like I HATED Vanya for the whole show likr how is she a likeable caracter? Just saying

Weeb Named Ashlyn

He's 58 in the show and he's trapped in a 13 yrs olds body haha

donna boyce

robert and aidan carry the whole show. i'm not even wrong tho-

Sendia Eltimard

Me, every time I see Aidan in these live on IG I have to review the scenes when he was 5, because is two different person for me??


i cant wait for new seaseon

Le AnimeBoi

This feel like DeadPool child

Wrathful Cucumber

Bro how is a literal child so good at acting

Holly Casserly

i don't watch the show but this is still gold

manna _xo

ima be honest in season 1 i thought Five was kinda annoying, but damn i loved him in Season 2. Like in season 1 it annoyed me that he was such a know-it-all, but in S2 i started understanding him better and he's just great honestly. Klaus and Five are my fav!

Fin mccauley

0:14 idk why they aren’t as smart as five, also that makes complete sense to me

julia trousselle

i’m the daddy here LMFAOOO

Atomic Testing

I forgot about the ikea mafia

Young child !

Did nobody else notice claus has a electric guitar

Solomon Jones

I'd ask what your up to klaus but then it occurred to me, I don't care.

Something I would say to my friends

sanja jovanovic


Zoe Villafuerte Chavez

gives me Levi Ackerman vibes.

Well-groomed Lizard

Him and Klaus are the best part of this show especially their conversations together

Helene K

Five has been iconic since the beginning <3

Kurtnolen Pamplona

What we wanted: More Klaus and 5

What we got: An unwanted Vanya loves story


“?? ??? ????? ????“

Sky Killer

I don’t know why he reminds me of house with the sass


did five just say y'all

BowTieGuy Productions




Lonnie NYC

I'm so in love with FIVE... Is that weird?!

Lamia Zlogonje

I love Number 5... I dislike everyone else in the story except for Ben, Pogo, and the parents.

ItsLemon Xxinnit

Wen he said there swedish i melted

Phoebe Bates

"I'd ask what you're doing klaus, but then it occurred to me, i don't care." -5

bella k

somebody give him a hug

Tiny Hu

Never seen a 17 year old being the height of 5 foot 6 :/


He's basically Michael Reeves but on radioactive crack.

Dominic Coppard

The kid want’s coffee

Omair Khan

4:06 his name is Elliott!!!!

your friendly neighbour

"I'm the daddy here"
(ok relax brain I'm 21)

Minx 72

I used to know him as Nicky from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn but seeing him as Five. . . I'm obsessed

Ayoub Bouhouch

this show inspired to drink black coffe eventhought i tottaly hate it

Lara Lloyd

It's super cute how five is a protective in his own weird way with Vanya "rapeist can climb too"


Why is this so hilarious


This is why he is my favorite character ?

Ali SixNine

I just love his facial expressions

Jamie Delancy



Amaia Gibson

Five and Klaus own the show!


Five only has 8 minutes of screentime?

Khriz Ava Margaret Paras

I don't know if everyone kidda knew this but Five looks like he played young Tom riddle in Harry Potter

Estella Borck

Five: Well it would if you were smarter
Me: yeah dumbass lol

Aaron Alkor

Just appeared in recommended. Love it

Cuppa Joe

4:50 Why do I find this scene so hilarious? Probably just the absolute smug face he has while calling out.

Maniac netflix quotes

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Monica The Perfectionist

2 158 631 views | 11 Dec. 2017

Ugur Derin

Wonderful compilation! Let's add this as well:
"Why didn't you make a copy and keep it in a fireproof box and keep it at least a hundred yards away from the original."
Monica says that to Phoebe when Phoebe tells her that the fire has destroyed the cookie recipe.

The one with Phoebe's Cookies (S07 E03)

christian gallo

this guy's are all so crazy. is Monica an intj like chandler or an entj? guess an entj

Lyka Campos

?? ??????

Samreen Fatima

Ohh God I am so Monica ???

Alondra Planas

Lol monica is a VIRGO

Pankaj Borkar

Only Monica is the best among all three.

Alessia Catino

Why do I love her OCD?

Poonam Gite

I just love her...she is amazing...I am mon..
I know??

Suhani Kothari

U forgot her pile of files of options of job application

Anna Alestra

It bad that she change so much

Luana Barbosa

3:59 that's definitely OCD

Amina Osman


Mehbuba Maya

o my god yay??

Karana Ferreira

I need the sheet tag to be on the bottom too

Friday Weekend

Pray for your family, friends, neighbors.....
But don't forget to pray for our enemies as well.
*Matthew 5:44-46
As we pray for our enemies, we can pray that God will work in their lives because of this offense to bring about His purposes.
Jesus taught us to pray, "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). It is always right to ask that God's will be done in any situation.
Amen Amen Amen

Srishti Patle

2:00 I feel so sorry for her

Mary Jeen

Even though monica had ocd. She is so sweet and nice to her friends. I had a friend who had ocd. She got so mad that I sneezed on my hand and not a handkerchief . I always had to be careful about the smallest things. And she would be so mad. She never apologized. I mean i would love to have a friend like monica. She’s caring sweet and a good friend even though she has ocd..

Hang Nguyen

Why do i feel like i’m also like Monica? A perfectionist..

Chelsea Jones

I used to think Monica was a ridiculous , I liked her character but , she could be annoying. Then I got my first apartment and I realized I was Monica

Aleyna Türüt

Check out Friends products??

Shahnaz Ek


Владимир Круглов

What a tragedy! This hot sexy woman being that unattractive and annoying as a personality, practically crazy... Makes one pity Chandler's fate. In fact the more I watch Friends the less comedic it seems. There's so much dark stuff right in front of one's face it's amazing.

Samiksha Mahadik

Monica the only one who will survive Corona


1:32 im weezing, monica.exe stopped working

Ankita Subedi

Monica must be a virgo

Vath Griffith

1:42 ????


Monica is absolutely my favorite. She is hot and I like her perfectionism ??

Mansi Sharma

Monica will never get COVID- 19

Santosh Kumar

Monica would make perfect wife and mother!!...Rachel ... hmm.. you know!!... Phoebe would be the cutest goofy lady!! She will be an entertaining partner!!

Smriti S

"WHERE WOULD ALL THE RIBBONS GO?" ?????? love Monica so much


While watching the episodes, I was thinking Chandler is lucky guy finally he end up marrying Monica , but now I started feel pity for him ?

ok ok

I’m actually with her on this one 3:04

Ishani Guhathakurta

Monica Geller and Sheldon cooper is the only crossover that wipe Corona away .

Judith Ansley

I am monica lmso

Sqs New

Monica's SO ME!!?


Is she just perfectionist? Or also with OCD?

Leticia Peterson

LOVE MONICA!!! She's amazing ?❤???


As an ocd myself i relate her A LOT

Yusur Kassem

I've been thinking about what the eleven categories of towels are and I think they are these:
1- everyday use (shower/bath)
2- fancy
3- guest
4- fancy guest
5- extra/backup
6- travel
7- kitchen towel
8- face towel
9- Hair towel
10- Hand towel
11- Extra large towel (bath sheet)

Nandini Raj

I am so much like Monica....I always wash my hands before touching books,piano,........!!!!I want everything to be organized!!!!


Sheldon and Monica would had made a great couple.

Gogo Shagara


Shrawasti Mishra

Chandlurrrr! ?

monica michell

My name is Monica and I'm also a perfectionist. ☺

The Kodex


"And 6 others..."

"There we are."

Reva K

Well I actually remember Mon when I don't like any packets being opened inverted.. I like them opened from the direction in which the name starts.. So yes I have a little Mon in me too..

Agnieszka G.

My mom was the same. It was hard to live with her, because she didn't accepted any other way, than her way. She was driving me crazy with her constant telling me what and haw to do exactly and then she was checking out if all was done correctly so she could feel at peace. But I never was at peace because I felt she is so problematic and selfish with telling me what to do for her comforts.

Ayush Gupta

Also the cups

Cosmin Andrei Matei

Covid19 Vs Monica Geller and Sheldon Cooper
This will be interesting


I'm her , she's me. We are one. I am mighty annoying and I'm ok. ??

Debarati Sarkar

Monica is just like a mom... Oh sweet aunty :-)

Snehal Kherdekar

Such people in real life are soooo annoying! Lol

Mikhail Sporyshev

So many qualified diagnosticians in the comments, if i get sick i post it under this video...

LiLing B

2:56 the writers missed a valuable opportunity for one of Monica’s famous “I knows” ?

Komal Mittal

If there were more Monicas out there.. corona virus wouldn't stand a chance

An Pan

that moment when you realize you are monica

Yuvaraj Basu

Female, dumber and a not asexual sheldon


I grew up to relate to her

rommelito deguzman

Well Monica is an angel

Pradeep Singh

3:01 those biceps

Pelle Gustafsson

2:17 episode?

Luvina Noronha

Monica is the prettiest of all?

Chethan Kumar

Vacuuming the vacuum cleaner.. she's adorable ❤️

The Roasting Stalker

By perfectionist you mean crazy control freak?

Jayaraman Anand

Can I get a bestfriend like Monica someday?

Syed Ghulam Murtaza

The reason she is under rated because its a comedy show. The most important thing is to be funny than just a character, I believe courtney's comic timing was little bit less than rest. She still had some nice moments specially with chandler.


I LOVE MONICA, kinda relatable <3

Santosh Kumar

Which episode is 3:59 to 4:19 ?.. Being a core fan of Monica and FRIENDS, surprisingly can't remember that!!

Mr Katt

Monica Geller And Danny Tanner If Had A Crossover

Rajalakshmi Muthu Veerappan

when Rachel licked the pictures... OHHH GAWD! I luv it...

Be Kind

Oh my god im monicas milder version. I was about to categorize things ?

Sukhmani Sharma

i relate to monica so much!!! i am so like her...wowww


you push the caps until you hear tha click ????

Jyothi Jayaprakash

Monica like Sheldon Cooper in big bang theory


She’s a Virgo

Harikrishnan Chandramohan

Classic example how personalities determines hotness. When it comes to flawless features Courtney>Aniston>Angelina>Emma Watson but yet Emma>Jolie>Aniston>Courtney in terms of hotness and stage presence. Technically Emma wasn't lucky to get movies like Angelina and a high profile boyfriend. Otherwise she is way ahead of Angelina. She is at the level of Diana Spencer.

Tinsel Nettie

Why did you leave the T.V switch in chandler and Joey's apartment ?


OMG!! I'm Monica!

Jessica Xie

I am feeling strong Virgo energy


I LOVE Monica!! I usually don't like sophisticated people but she is one exception. I love her personality, she's so professional always and but cares so much about everyone. ❤️❤️

Anurag kumar gupta

And 6 others!!!!

Sravan sadanandan


Chamali Kodikara

She is like a kinder and nicer version of Sheldon cooper also more relatable.

Azie Azie

I wish i have the enjoyment she had while cleaning coz i complained evrytime i do the housechores...


Imagine if Monica wasn'tplayed by Courteney Cox? I mean she almost because she was supposed to play Rachel

Ismail Shaikh

You wanna push the caps until you hear them click! ?

Dale Cortez

I love Monica! Also, I think that Sheldon Cooper would also love her.


If it's not a right angle
It's a wrong angle

saif khan

If you have to kill one friend's cast, i would definitely kill monica. She is a b#****,


Monica is adorable


Sheldon would be proud of her??

Khushi Shah

I'm Monica, I wash the toilet 17 times a day. Even if people are on it.

Shweta Maurya

1:42 the best part????


imagine she meets amy santiago

Shivanshu Pande

Ocd is a prison of mind believe me

Tiger Ankitt Garg

???? She is just so adorable...

Mae Wobniar

I never understood why everyone's favorite was Rachel, first time I watched Friends I immediately loved Monica ♥️ and then Phoebe.

Nature Love

I love how Chandler knows everything about her, lol its so funny to ??

FaRrA Nasution

"Why is everything different" but like that's so me.

Maniac netflix quotes

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Maniac Scene- Sometimes people leave and we don't know why

24 168 views | 26 Sep. 2018

Annie takes the C pill and

Annie takes the C pill and meets her sister again

Erick Loresal


Deepak Kodwani

I come back to this clip from time to time when I need a good cry.

Piercings †

You know I cried


I lost my brother too... I have to tell him goodbye but when and how.

Genevieve Paras

This scene fucked me up. ??


I lost my twin brother a few years ago, & this gets me, he knew all my stories too.


It was hard getting through the first lengthy introductory episodes, but once the plot picked up this turned in to a remarkable series. I really enjoyed it (I understand how important the character backgrounds were for the series, but it's also a little unusual for a series).


fucks me up every time

M. Ahsan

This scene never fails to make me cry no matter how many times I re-watch the series.

John Smith

I don’t want to say that :((((

Emily Morgan

i lost one of my best friends to suicide about three years ago (i was fourteen, he was fifteen) and i didn’t even know he was struggling again. this scene is such a comfort to me but i bawled my eyes out and i normally don’t cry during movies or tv shows. it’s just so beautiful, was honestly like he’d come to say goodbye to me

Olivia Gajadhar

I bawled my eyes out when I watched this episode...

And I'm bawling my eyes out now.

Kevin K

Really amazing acting from everyone in this series, but especially Emma Stone.

vince gredo

When I watched this scene I couldn't help but think about when I lost my dog over the summer. I'd had him between the age of 8-21 and in all that time, whenever things were going bad, I'd take one look at him and be filled with a renewed sense of joy. Just enough motivation to go on. Now that he passed I too wondered how I'm supposed to do this. But when i watch this scene I imagine him saying that he's tired too, he wants to go. As hard as it is, I have to let him go or I'll always be trapped in a loop of suffering.

Margaret Vogel

This line was triggering for something in me because as soon as she said it I burst out crying. And I'm not a movie crier.

Blue M. Hart

I hardly ever cry at shows but this scene had me sobbing. I haven't suffered such a personal loss, thank god, but I started thinking about my own sister and how I would feel in Annie's position, and it completely broke my heart. This scene made the whole show worth it for me (which is not to disparage it, I really enjoyed this series). Thank you for uploading!

Justin Casar

Who the fuck is cutting onions in the next room. Holy shit stop that shit!!!

Heather A

this line. so important. thanks for saving this clip. <3

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Such a great and emotional scene. I think everyone who has lost someone they truly love can relate to this scene. I also love this show. ❤️

Hannah and Cailin Loesch

? So beautiful

shawn killian

Watched this scene and it has been engraved in my brain ever since. It’s one of the biggest catch 22’s of life. The writers loved on this scene, these actresses loved on this scene. It’s perfect.

Emily Grey

This scene will always make me tear up.


This is one of few times I cried hard watching TV. I had a friend that died 16 years ago from today. I just wish I could have the strength to let her go... I wish I could get a moment like this

Deepak Kodwani

I keep revisiting this video when I need a good cry.

Patrick Mcmeel

I cried ike a baby. My dead ex girlfriend came back from the grave and spoke to me through this scene. It was beautiful. Someday I'll see her again and we will laugh and hug.