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Hide and Seek Collab - Out of the Blue & The Pitchforks

2 179 views | 10 May. 2020

Out of the

Out of the Blue:

Elena Puccio, Katherine Waugh, Jenna Clayborn, Mackenzi Simpson, Arlene Arevalo, Devon Dietrich, Taylor Patton, Malavi Ravindran, Tenley Seidel, Gray Airth, Logan Welborn, Izzy Soffer, Phoebe Dijour, Becca Williamson, Julia Wu, Ila Amiri, Rika Salingram, Courtney Dantzler, Sophia Vera, Kat Deliargyris

The Pitchforks:

Michael Acker, Kiran Nagar, Gustavo Andrade, Sam Osheroff, Alex Pierson, Kevin Garofolo, Andrew Zheng, Shams Elbardissy, Allan Khankari, Caleb Chiang, Eli Kline, Jake Cariello, Eric Tay, Tommy McCain, Jonathan Perera, Tommy Shen, Sam Pereles, Elie Farah, Raj Bakshi, Theo Jaffe, Mathew Mammen

This project was coordinated by Elena, Katherine, Gustavo, and Kiran.

The video was edited by Andrew Zheng.

The audio was edited by Michael.

Zizai Cui

Why is the participants number forever 1? Is this fake?

Heather McLaughlin

So beautiful - thank you for this gift. Congratulations, graduates!


Wow - excellent job! Delighted that we could be a small part of this legacy.

Shirley ONeill


Hannah Rogers

just crying

The pitchforks

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The Pitchforks - Afflictions

5 097 views | 20 Aug. 2017

Afflictions, written and

Afflictions, written and performed by The Pitchforks

Recorded and produced by Steffan Pringle at Musicbox Studios, Cardiff

Video recorded by Triggerhappy Creative at the Muni, Pontypridd



Ayato Ghoul


Jade Goldsworthy

Come gig in Swansea again pls :,(

PaperBag YT



Awesome! That's one of the coolest things i've ever heard! Keep it up, guys!

The Sperm That Won


Kool Rock Radio


jaminperro !

Yo vine por lng sht :v

Joey B

Rock n roll!!

The pitchforks

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DESTINY 2 COMMUNITY DRAMA! Bungie Trends On Twitter Over This! (The Pitchforks Are Out!)

106 799 views | 6 Jan. 2021

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Music with permission:

CDK-Once Again


check out Pyro Gaming. He's a good egg.


#Destiny2 #Destiny2news #MesaSean

HUGE LEAKS! NEW SEASONAL LOOT! NEW Dawning Exotic Loot! Exotic Weapon Random Roll Perks! Destiny 2.


Id say make matches in pvp no powered melee no supers only gun game n nades maybe even certain gun loadouts we had it in socom 2 was great.

Spleen Eater

I just wanna be able to use smgs on console without my guy, who has killed literal gods, recoiling 15 feet into the air. No other game I know balances recoil desperately across platforms, and it makes experimentation unfun when a chunk of the games guns are barely usable.

Xavier Enrique Cordero Méndez

Guauu great answer, so let me see, so in your opinion if you are one of the millions of players that love to play crisol Just forget the game and go to COD, then Why bungie put it there in first time, and they add competitive, and osiris trials, and special rewards for those ones. Men I respect your opinion but the World is bigger than your opinion and there is a lot of people that Just to enjoy play destiny Just because we Just to love the pvp, now with estasis it is a terrible experience to play, and you don't even have to mention about change the game, we are Just migrating to other games, but don't think that bungie will give you a kind of reward to said What all ready is happening, they, not you, they should be worried about loose all that players, so in the future don't expect this game stay Alive without the pvp players, they are importante for bungie too...


The 'community' never knows what it wants. They're always complaining about something. It's never going to be perfect. And people are also forgetting they're running the game from their homes. But people behind a keyboard don't care about the big picture they just want to complain.

L.R. Bushido

I myself am a Warframe player but my friend is a destiny player and all I've heard is PVP sucks because it's just a bunch of toxic competitive try-hards that ruin weapons for balance.

At least with Warframe and PVP they straight up change warframes strength the values and duration. Not to mention a completely different set of mods for weapons that can only be accessed in PvP

Link Exe

people asked literally for the current state of destiny!
now these people should be forced to play destiny with sunsetting and peer2peer...
destiny's community is literally idiocracy xD


Subclass element specific playlists?


As a dude who mains dragonfly, I Love it, It's one of the best perks you can roll for ad clearing with regular weapons.

Clit Yeastwood

Oh no they can do separate balancing, example. Shotguns had a damage buff against “minions of the darkness” in D1, the coding exists it’s just laziness at this point. PvP needs to be a separate entity from the main game with its own sandbox, like CoD multiplayer and Warzone, or Abortnite with BR and Save the World mode. I’ve been saying this since 2014 you can’t have a PvP mode in a power fantasy game, it just doesn’t work, especially when that PvP mode is an afterthought to attract CoD players to the game lmao ??‍♀️

Jamie Sansom

Yep! Agree Mr Sean! PVE game! PvP is a side show and not important

Andreas Knopf

Dude, you know that there are differences between PVP and PVE in terms of abilities and such, right?

Wrong Think

The less is more expansion.

Mihail Kelu

Just to be clear Mesa Sean I play destiny 1 the all his cycle the things that kept me playng that game was pvp pve and trust me pvp destiny 1 wasn't perfect have a lot of issues but I keep playing for me destiny 2 it's same but better in some situations again I play this game for 2 things pvp and pve now imagine destiny 2 without pvp how many people will play this game not many let's say bungie remove pvp from the game I'll stop playing simple

Rodrigo Hernandez

Hmmm if they would bring back sparrow racing im sure they would find a way to mess it up


just add a rule that there is no darkness in pvp


Maybe give all crucible players a buff that makes stasis freeze shorter


I agree, Destiny is a PVE game first and foremost and always will be. In order to separate the two they would need two seperate games. All of this hype is just a repeat that happens over and over again, this is nothing new. I've been playing since day one and when the content gets stale I move to a different game. I do however, find myself moving to a different game much quicker these days due to the lack of sufficient end game content and/or stale grindy content to keep me playing daily. I will always come back to Destiny when they release new content as there's no other game like it mechanically and visually, yet.

Babeh Ryy

Only people who want something to complain about come here. But when that stops being a trend, this channel is going to fade out and be as significant as the rest of the channels that jump on stuff like this. Learn your lesson.

Chris FK8

Stasis Hunter “shatterdive” reworked to 10 second timer delay.
-Stasis Titan super percentage rework w/ heavy attack requiring 15% of total super energy and light attack using 10% of total super energy.
-Stasis Warlock rework to include ability to break stasis crystals i.e. using a combination of buttons (such as top tree dawn blade icarus dash) and emitting a pulse wave similar to warlock super light attack.
-Rework Glacier Grenade to require accuracy when freezing targets as well as 25% reduction to damage radius.
-Rework Glacier Grenade to disable 1 shot supers while at 100%-75% health.
-Rework Duskfield grenade, disabling “pull” mechanic when entrapped or in proximity of grenade OR Reduce pull radius from 10m to 5m.

-Incentivize player base by adding curated or pinnacle weapons to various activities such as Vanguard, Gambit, Crucible with distinct perks that are not found elsewhere in the game i.e. revoker, not forgotten, hush, python, loaded question, wendigo.
-Adding nightfall specific weapons/armor with fixed rolls (masterworked) i.e. “Wardens Law”, “Militia’s Birthright”, and “Mindbender’s Ambition”
-Adding and diversifying both weapon and armor mods. i.e. targeting adjuster, backup mag. (Give us some new mods to play with)

Power Level incentive:
-With some players reaching GM nightfall power level requirements and higher, incentivize and reward players that have grinded their power level throughout the course of the season to utilize their artifact bonus up to 10-15 levels. i.e. GM requires 1275 power level with a 1300 power level difficulty. Max power enabled would be 1285-1290.

Quality of life:
-Removing “traction” as a leg mod and providing all players with a tighter turn radius as part of the overall sensitivity settings, OR adjusting sensitivity settings to allow sensitivity AND ADS sensitivity for console specifically.

-Enable hard mode playability with the potential for “curated” weapon rolls such as last wish. INSTEAD, weekly challenges for that specific encounter WILL drop or has a higher likelihood to drop a curated/masterworked version of a particular weapon with the best stat rolls possible to incentivize challenges within the raid.

-If lure mod will be kept in upcoming seasons, incentivize player base by allowing players to pick their rewards for completing hunts OR at least allow lure charges to roll with a specific armor and weapon per wrathborn boss with having a 50/50 chance upon receiving either the weapon or Armor piece associated with that specific wrathborn boss.

-VENDOR REFRESHES. loot pool needs to be updated as well as having the ability to obtain random mods through vendor engrams for new light players and players still hunting specific mods. 1 mod per week for purchase through banshee is not enough considering the sheer amount of mods currently available for use.

-Mod components, allow players to dismantle unused mod components for legendary shards considering components serve no purpose for players with most if not all mods already.

-allow fireteams to utilize lost sectors to grind exotic armor with scaling difficulty for each fire team member added. Decrease drop rate by 2% per fireteam member.

-incentivize trials players to play for top of the card instead farming 3 win resets. Games 1-4 on the card should allow for newer players to feel out trials without being absolutely thrashed on by crack monkeys. Games 5-7 should have the chance to drop the non-adept version of the adept weapon for that weeks weapon after that player has been flawless on the character as well as token incentives with 10 tokens being awarded at game 5, 15 at game 6, 20 at game 7 and then 30 for a flawless run. This would encourage sweatlords to play at the top of the card without using a system that requires same card matchmaking and would allow the more casual or inexperienced player base the ability to get to 3 as well as token farm with the goal to move past game 3-4.


"Hi, I play on my 2014 PS4 and only do PvE stuff, this is why Statis is good in PvP"

Dude you're delusional....

XxwishxX XxEnderxX

I think what they should do with the events dawning they should have snow ❄️ for every map festival event make every map scary and dark so something fun with the events


luke turned everything into sshit period

Turin Turambar

In my opinion and most of my friends PVE its just a way to get better equips for PVP, lets be realistic, in PVE we play against a "machine" its easy, you just need to be prepared, but in PVP you have the unpredictability of another human on the other side, for me PVP its the endgame objective, and PVE just a means to an end.

Sun Dew

How bout stasis only slows guardians so they can actually shoot back

KingJames _0509

Bungie loves $$$$..lets be honest they need to make PvP mainstream and get 1 development team for PvP alone make it competitive and then make Destiny League ... Cause the gun play in Destiny is really good. ...... 2 words Dedicated Servers....Only if they realized thier game last long when everything is dead is because of PVP!!!!!!

tony littrel

I have an idea, hear me out, give everyone set load outs like in halo, everyone can choose what they want from a specific sets of guns and super only cuz let’s face it no one can complain if they have the same weapons and accuracy will truly matter, unless you have cheaters that suck or are only having fun with other cheaters, add a section to PvP with tons of difference cheats available to everyone in said playlist ONLY (everyone loves cheats/difficulty modifiers don’t lie).

Urban Vendetta

People that justify it by saying it’s a pve focused game are the problem. We don’t need or want shitters like you in d2


Nobody that matters CARES ANYMORE! IDIOTS.

EST rome

Turned the video off at “sparrow racing”


Swash buckler is better

.to me


If you can't understand how pvp players feel then you really have no room to talk.

Dan O

The last year of D1 was good all the way around everything you guys know it. I was starting to play again that year so for D2 I was so hyped thinking wow the new game is going to be crazy and since D2 has come out I have not felt the rush of jumping on like D1 I miss alot bungie had a great foundation to build on and just let the building crumble over the past years just sick of pouring money into a game you hope at one point it gets better and you will love it again at this moment I need to walk away from this bad relationship I wish bungie would call my phone just for a day and go over what we gamers love hate and need in the game that we have all come to play for year just so sad to keep hearing excuses about a game I care alot to play weekly with a full time job and wife and 2 kids If I make time for something I want to enjoy and I just dont hope someone at bungie wakes up and proves me wrong but the track record they have I'm just disappointed all the way around....


Sparrow Racing yes! Even better how about bringing back ROCKET RACE from Halo?? That was so much fun!

Khum Dhan

I haven't been playing destiny for very long I have 1k hours but I stopped playing a week after the dlc dropped because there just wasn't much there especially for the amount they charged. It seems they waste a lot of money on non game stuff.

I also never understood why anyone would play pvp in destiny, there's a lot more games that's got better pvp mechanics and no game has no cheaters whatsoever so whoever's thinks they're gonna get zero cheaters are delusional.


I still use top or bottom tree void in pve and middle tree void for PvP, I play warlock

leo castro

PVE players shouldn't make videos discussing PVP issues, they always come up with brilliant solutuons like.... Play another game then lmao

Rev enant

Stasis, Bungie has to make 2 different damage pulls. One for PVP and PVE


They shouldn't have looked at you for SRL, we need it for the dawning ;_;

G Dechi

Hi Mesa Sean your video is quite interesting.Let me just give another point of view.Lets see first what Bungie did: 1.They have deleted /vaulted/ half of the content that we all have paid for.Most of the raids are gone. 2.They are sunsetting weapons , for which we have grinded a lot. Don`t get me wrong i think that the sunsett is good for the game ,because we need to change our loadout from time to time. 3.They have resetted even our Triumph score . Bungie is basically resetting D2 Many players and ofc Mr.Smith state that D2 is PvE oriented game or maybe they want to be so , but this is not entirely true. For New Light players it is probably a lot of fun to "kill aliens" , but for the others i don`t think that PvE at its current state is that much fun. When you say "looter - shooter" you are right , but players need challenges and adequate loot to keep it going and this is not the case.
PvE wise - We get 1 raid per year, which after the 20th run is pointless to do.It would be different If there were difficulties like heroic etc. etc. with better loot like specific mods, armor sets or weapons with different look and/or perks and so on. 2 - 3 strikes per year that give you absolutely nothing. Nightfalls are the the same - nothing / shards and prisms are not quite rewards..../ Yes there is a "grandmaster" NF - same mechanics as the normal one , almost the same rewards at the end /no better quality just quantity/ no point of playing it.I will shorten the post ,because it is already too long. PvE wise - No challenges , lack of adequate loot , too much recycled content , lack of customization /weapons,armors,mods/, lack of ideas and creativity/i am sorry but this season we got 3 armor sets that are aboslutely the same - only the colors are different/.We have events that are 3 years old and nothing changes the same for soooo long .Overall Bungie is not putting much effort to make this game "PvE oriented".
PvE and PvP are tied together.When you are bored of farming items or materials that you don`t need at all you go into PvP for a single game /or mb 3 to get your pinnacle/ ,because it is different every single time. Destiny 2 without PvP is no Destiny.It will be just another game that people will play for 2-3 months and that is it. This "community drama" is because of the lack of content PvE and PvP and of course the half-baked stuff that we get/and we payed for it/.
Stasis is fun in PvE and PvP it just need to be rebalanced a bit.
There is a speculation that some of the subclasses will be removed , which just proves the point that they аrе putting almost 0 effort into this game and everyone can see this.It is easier to remove than to come with something new.
Wont go into further details, because it will be a really really long post.
We are one community and everyone should be satisfied from the game in their own way and this is not the case.
P.S This is just a personal opinion and sorry for the long post.


I would like a pvp that has suppers gernads and melee disabled guns only and I would play it more because its annoying I no that 5min mark gonna get super 5 times in a roe guess what happens at ten min mark hey I get supered 5 times in a roe again makes it kind of repetitive and not fun just my opinion

Jumpjump18 -

Hmmm remove statis maybe?


dragonfly makes warmind cells with the mod bruh

Zachary Foley

About time... lets go!


ummm mask of bakris is balanced different pve and pvp

Stephen Bradberry

Bunge should definitely bring back SRL because like you said all those seasonal events are getting really old

Joseph Soda

Destiny’s pVp is was and always will be garbage. Honestly it’s quit shocking how bad it is.


I don't believe Bungie can't balance pvp and pve separately. They actually balanced mask of bakris separately by it doing no increased damage in pvp.

Ricki Shelton

They already nerfed Stasis for Warlocks specifically because of how it worked in Crucible. They need to at least ATTEMPT two different sandboxes for the subclasses, because I absolutely hate the fact that the stasis nerf made it kinda ass to use against pve enemies.

Phitzwell Thundercock

The pvp problem has had a solution for a very long time, but may require the slightest bit of effort from bungie which kills 99% of ideas. Simply Make an exclusive set of weapons for pvp only. They even have sets of weapons already from shax and saint, why hasnt thjs happened years ago? If the pvp community is crying for balance and fairness that’s the only way to go, but in reality thats not really what bungie wants. They want to continually make you grind for lame old exotics from destiny 1 in the hope that it will keep bored players playing while requiring zero efforts from the devs, it’s that simple and will never change. If you want bungie to even listen to you for feed back, the ONLY way to do it is to be a content creator or streamer that promotes them for free.

phillip ferguson

ya but how many hackers r there?

Famous Jordie

The major problem with stasis in pvp is that it freezes you. It shouldn’t be as aggressive as it is now. Maybe if they were to only slow you down then it would be okay, but to totally immobilize you is not balanced. Also stasis grenades serve dual purposes. Like they shouldn’t freeze you and also explode. One or the other. They should suck you in and freeze you. One or the other.


Bro you take WAY TOO LONG to get to the point............you ramble

Barret Oblivion

I know alot of people say 'people are leaving is a meme' but to tbh, this time they are leaving. My entire raid group have moved onto another game to raid in. My clan that was capped out is dead 1 week after the raid. This time its different, people are leaving and fed up with the Bungie hamster wheel.


Yeah dude sparrow racing was the best in D1 fuck stasis and trials and it's stupid adept weopans stasis will not get ruin in pve what they should do is nerf stasis for pvp and don't nerf stasis on pve


Bungie should worry when the game still has problems but no one talks about them...
Better to be hated them forgotten.


It’s not that people are mad they are removing dragonfly on the smg the point is that they are more focused on “fixing” a perk on a smg that isn’t even game breaking but instead they focus on that than fixing PVP issues, Stasis issues and many more


How about, and listen to me, how about disabling Stasis in PvP? It just has no place in PvP, it is place cancerous, obnoxious, annoying, shitty, and requires no place. Please don't nerf it, just remove it completely from PvP.

Villie Beats

“Destiny is a Pve Game” Says everyone that sucks in PVP, it’s an FPS for a reason. Don’t take out your inability to play pvp by disregarding things that could make it better and potentially allow you to play better in it.


I agree with you 100%.

Ryan Harris

Cuz it’s on a non elemental weapon, there’s no non elemental primary with dragonfly until it was on the cold front

Kieron Farley

Just because they haven’t done separate sandboxes in the past doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The sandbox weapon wise in PvP is ok right now but the stasis is very difficult to counter as a titan you can just blink away form a shatter dive which is basically an aoe of death.

As for the game being a pve game with pvp in that’s valid to an extent but as you have said yourself trail and open banner have always been big for the community and always help I crease viewership on twitch too. The frustration for pvp players is more that we feel abandoned all together, no content has come our way in way to long and with stasis being so op in crucible it makes the game not nowhere near as fun and these 2 things are the main breaking point for a lot of players.

As for a proposal all I can think of is nurf stasis or buff light subclasses (outside too tee dawn) but that then creates powercreep. A separate sandbox (even if it’s just for the subclasses) would be the only other option in my mind But would make it more manageable for bungie as it wouldn’t include all weapons too.

Josey Carlson

Nerf the hunter aspect for shatter dive somehow plz bungie


This isn't about downtime. This is about the state of things. You can't sit there and say "well destiny is a pve game" because no, it has both. On top of that we were PROMISED a " renewed focus" from bungie. We have not got that.

Just because someone prefers the pvp side of the game, they are not playing the game wrong, it just means they have a way they like to play. Isn't that the destiny motto? Play the way you want to play.

Bungie needs to deliver on their promises.

Rodrigo Hernandez

I think i might be wrong but i dont think bungie cares about pvp and not trying to make fun at pvp but honest i think bungies vision for this game is more pve focused

Jose Fernandez

Its not mainly pve game. All the points you made in this video have been basically defending the current issues that exist in the game and telling the player community to bug off


dragonfly is the only reason why i use my scout rifle haha


Disable stasis in pvp.... Leave it in PVE where unbalanced garbage belongs.


I dont like the lack of loot and content but I like the content that is there and stasis is a nice addition just need alot more of everything. Im basically happiest ive been in D2 ever but definitely want more of the dungeons, empire hunts, legend lost sectors. Would like zero hour whisper style missions back and want dedicated unique loot pools for those activities. No reskins or old weapons but cool unique themed weapons. Pit of heresey for example would be cool if it had hive style weapons that we could replay it for. Same thing for others. Also give us a yes or no on matchmaking. I like to solo most things and wouldnt hurt to have the option up to the player instead of it being there or not.


The pve part of this game gets really fucking boring when there is nothing to do but grind titles that’s the main reason I play pvp so when they take away most of the pve content and pvp is made a lot worse there is no point of playing the game anymore


I say just turn off supers and abilities for crucible make it about gunplay so ppl can show off their godrolls. Replace grenade with a standard frag style that all 3 character have.

Jaye Kirby

Well constructed argument but to say D2 is a Pve game is ignorant and just wrong. I've played destiny since the start and whilst, yes the is a larger pve community, PvP is what has carried this game through to year 7 across both games. Try removing PvP. Watch the game die very quickly after that. To ignore and discard almost 40% of the population is just bad for the game and creates an even bigger divide in the player base. Your statement "This is a PvE game" only encourages that divide.

Dr Jaysin

Bro just play warzone and post it, D2 goes through way too many dry spells

jeff towns

pvp problems? go play another game if you like that only it's meta is stupid too :D

like why even make videos, other people make better videos, they same the same junk as you only better. why do anything at all if you aren't gonna do a good job?

GUARDIAN ChristianGaming

#madeittotheend Wrong they changed hardlights ricochet damage in pvp and left it alone in pve so individual balances is possible. I miss the early days of d2 where you could grind for ornaments, we need different ways to grind for ornaments, emblems pinnacle weapons they promised, and ritual weapons, Mesa I am a pve/pvp hybrid I am a raider, aspirations to be a trials player and the sandbox is broken with stasis it is a huge problem, bungie has always had pvp modes in the game and this is not a pve only game, when there is nothing in pve for me I go to pvp and let me tell you I would be playing this game only few hours a day if it didnt have pvp. It's a huge frustration, The disabled stasis in pvp I would support in trials, and a different pvp playlist I would support if they disabled it in pvp in general. The moral needs to be addressed. The loot needs to be addressed, the maps need to be addressed bungie promised they would be renewing there focus on pvp all we get is silence despite how you feel this is not just a pve game sorry. I love your content I respect you as a fellow content creator but I will 100% disagree with you on facts instead of using my feelings to justify things sorry its facts pvp has been with bungie games for a while anthem is a pve game borderlands is a pve game destiny is not a pve game. Where is my powerful weapons in pve where is the loot the grind, that bungie promised that would fall as a result of sun setting. My problem with bungie is they do not respect there players time at all I could be wrong but actions speak louder then words. I love this game and I hate the state of d2 right now. I have clocked nearly 4000 hours on this game and counting. I am not just a complainer I like all facets of this game and stasis is absolutely broken in pvp fun in pve broken in pve and I am going to be honest I play on my bubble titan for endgame pve I dont have a solid build yet for stasis in pve but it's coming so look forward to your next vid.
Sorry for the many edits I just had more things to say once I started thinking


They can separate since they change dps values between pvp and pve

Sam Sage

I like the idea of two separate crucible options.
Option 1: Vanguard Crucible--light based only
Option 2: Outlaw Crucible--any sub class


When I realized that destiny wasnt competitive I moved on valorant

King Cringy taco dwarf slamon

i like dragon fly on it just bc it can make warmind cells

Smokey TheBeast

Don't let them fool you it is very possible to balance weapons separately they already do it to some extent when it comes to damage-dealing perks being different between PVE and PVP

Jonathon Shirley

Love the weekly bad takes with Mesa.

Marcel Jackson

The play other games argument. I feel as if people don’t truly understand the staple of Destiny. And I feel they don’t think we play other games. Mine as well say, “let this game die and move on”. That’s not how games get better. You stay cause you like the game. You voice your opinions with the community to stride for new and exciting changes for said game. Abandoning it cause it’s not going your way seems shallow, and I’d rather see a game I love grow than just up and leave.

Naes Nagero

One thing to note about "they can't change a weapon solely for pvp" is that I believe they did in fact do that to shotguns in D1 during either the challenge of the elders or the age of triumph updates.

Depending on how similar the architecture for the game is to D1, it may be more of a wish to be consistent throughout all game modes instead of being technically infeasible.


You actually suck bungie off so much

James B

I don't understand the love for pvp in destiny 2. It's garbage in all honesty. Their are SO MANY better pvp games out their. Games that take real skill.


Have a stasis pvp mode and normal crucible

Takemura Hanzo

I agree with you 100%


get rid of luke smith

Autism Cat

Bungie needs to change real time like for example setting patches on gear apart between pve and pvp


Stasis warlock in PVP is shit so don't worry about it.

Cosmic K13

As a PVP player, you saying to just play a different game for PVP would be like me telling the PvE community to just play Borderlands. Not only does it sidestep the problem, but it introduces a level of malice. I cane for the loot, stayed for the PVP and weird interactions, and am leaving because we are losing, or have lost both. What I mean by " we have no loot" is more so that bungee is not making very much interesting loot, along with sunsetting all of the previous loot worth sweating over. Stasis, while frustrating to fight, is salt in the wound. Not to disrespect, but the type of players that share your perspective, may also lack the information to help in this conundrum.

Monique Viverette McKay

Been a Destiny player since D1 Year 1. Heavy PVP until coldheart after that PVP is no longer about skill it's more like mayhem. PVE is the same content I mean the same.... I've officially vaulted D2 and went back to FFXIV

Nathan Galler

You want pvp play Pubg


I don't remember who said this but someone was saying that Stasis should be outlawed or banned from pvp by the Vanguard. Like to me that could work. Vanguard disagrees with us guardians using the darkness as a weapon in pvp harming others and therefore it's deemed "Outlawed" or "Banned".


The best part about all the omg fatebringer bro's, is that they are remembering the yr1 version that was an OP elemental primary. In yr 2 it was sunset, just like now, to balance the sandbox. Execution might have been better there. Anyway, HC's took a nerf after that and by the time it came back around in yr3 there were much better options and it was a trophy weapon.

Brian Fenton

If it was possible bungie should let u create a character for pvp with it's own loot ect

Anonymous Legion

Reading through all these comments, I’m seeing that people aren’t mostly bitching stasis, they are bitching about a lot of other things, much BL hate in general, that I just simply don’t agree with most of of. The game feels stale, there is no content, it’s too easy, that kind of thing. In my opinion, that’s salt being poured by nostalgic people who let it ruin the present for them, and the future. There are some legitimate complaints of course, but those are not some of them. Beyond light has a lot of things to partake in, secrets and things that expose extensive lore. “But I don’t read the lore” that’s on you, it’s a big part of what destiny is, and was, and will be always until it’s gone. “The game is too easy and stale” They added some solo legend and master lost sectors for 6 new exotic pieces of equipment that add new types of involvement to the characters depths. And they have 1300 nf at a contest modifier for one of the most prestigious titles in the game. They also are going to add more exotics to the sectors next season and new pursuit weapons for the hardest nf and also some more for crucible and gambit also. The issue with rehashed weapons is a bit of a complex one I have to agree with, but hopefully these new features will be newer innovations. The raid weapons featured several new perks that were really cool, and at the very least one of them is revolutionary at changing the Meta of the game. The pvp guys complaining about the state of pvp and stasis in pvp, this is the only part that is legitimate to me. And against your opinion Sean, crucible came out with the first of this game, and had many of the d1 quests involved, and they have always kept it changing the Meta since the beginning of destiny’s life. Evolving the guardian and his abilities to keep it competitive and fair. Stasis removes one of the main staples of the game, advanced movement and semi flight, long enough for the ttk value in this sandbox to murder you 5 times over. And made stasis damn near impossible to dodge. I know you say you blink it off, and sometimes I get off with icarus dash, but take it to trials. Those guys don’t miss their grenades and there is no running from dusk and the ground shark turns corners so sharp and chases quickly, your ass is grass lol. Literally the only way to counter it effectively is to play it as well. And it’s demeaning to the games identity. And aside from stasis, there has been so many subtractions in modes and maps and not anything of value added back, and no new equipment, it’s not a good look and the pvp side feels very abandoned. They need a game mode where comp plays without stasis or need to mitigate the freeze time and shatter damage on guardians by like 50 or 66 %. Dive and slide shatter need to be consuming a skill cool down and less damage, and all 3 supers need less length, damage and radius, the behemoth needs less damage resistance. It’s really ruined the other 3 classes ability to be played, you are literally throwing the match if you don’t use stasis if the enemy is also using it.


yah, people can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the PVP and PVE needs to stay Connected to let you bring weapons and abilites over.


The problem with the current PVP crowd is that a lot of them expect Bungie to sacrifice PVE updates and content in lieu of PVP content and balancing, despite the fact that PVP is maybe 18% of the current game...

Gary White

Take status out of pvp

DoD Tickles

The point to this video was.........