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Building Josh Smith's New Pedalboard – Dan's Vlog: That Pedal Show

114 848 views | 26 Mar. 2019

Welcome to That Pedal

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Life too short for long YouTube videos? See the ’Interesting bits and go-to sections’ timings below.

Hello! I've been building boards again – this time a new mega pedalboard for the amazing Josh Smith. We had two days to put the entire rig together before Josh hit the road on his UK tour with it so everything had to be right the first time. Some awesome clips of Josh tearing it up plus a great insight into how these sorts of pro touring rigs go together. Cheers!


Gear in this episode…

• Schmidt Array SA-525 Pedalboard


• Evidence Audio Screw In Solderless patch cable

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2Os696R

Australia: https://bit.ly/2HGPgou

• Xotic XW-1 Wah

UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2HPjF3k

Australia: http://bit.ly/2Ub2vn7

USA: https://imp.i114863.net/qdr5y

• Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner Mini

Australia: http://bit.ly/2mR1s8c

• Lovepedal Believe Octave

Not currently in production

• Vemuram Myriad Fuzz

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2TVWA6e

• Lovepedal Tchula


• Kingtone Duellist


• Vemuram Tube Screamer

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2HSifVD

• Lovepedal EchoPlexi

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2CEc30a

Australia: https://bit.ly/2UWBZLx

• Origin Effects Revival Drive

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2utMA56

Australia: https://bit.ly/2FxaJgf

• Strymon Volante

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2RLteq3

USA: https://imp.i114863.net/rdjkR

Australia: https://bit.ly/2HPTWaO

• Eventide H9

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2TAptQi

Australia: https://bit.ly/2CBO2qw

USA: https://imp.i114863.net/5JO2L

• Line6 HX Stomp

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2HEzLgR

USA: https://imp.i114863.net/1AEnd

• Morningstar MC6 MKII MIDI Controller


TC Electronic Flashback Mini

UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/2TE6FzW

USA: https://imp.i114863.net/ZW0n1

• TheGigRig G2


• TheGigRig Modular Power Supply


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- Interesting bits and go-to sections…

- Intro and pedal selection: 0:00

- Schmidt Array board and layout: 3:45

- Bottom layer update / two outputs? 6:00

- Batteries? 7:30

- Bottom layer wired up: 9:30

- Top section update: 10:10

- Evidence Audio SiS assembly: 14:30

- Tidy with cable ties: 18:15

- Power test: 19:30

- Audio test: 20:19

- Finished board ready for programming: 28:50

- Vemuram Myriad Fuzz: 32:00

- Strymon Volante: 36:40

- Line 6 HX Stomp: 38:54

- Morningstar MIDI control: 40:26

- Revival Drive: 40:48

- EchoPlexi: 42:57

- Tube Screamers: 43:55

- After 2 weeks on the road: 47:33

- Josh plays us out: 51:27

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Markus Ekendahl

Dan, a technical question, could not the G2 do the job of the Morningstar? Other than that, reeeaaally love the show, been following you guys for years now (actually been a G2 owner since 2013 or 14, early batch... time flies).

Anthony DeFabees

The amount of knowledge between these 2 is pretty remarkable.
Also, anyone know what type of Tele that is?

Wouter B

Hi there, first of all; superb playing!’
I was wondering if Josh’s delay/ reverb is in front or in the fx loop of the amps..?thanks!

Tim Satterwhite

Man, that cat can f*ckin' rock.

Scott Bartel

I know that this is a little dated now... So I hope Dan is still reading comments. But how did you power the HX Stomp? It has a huge power requirement and none of the iso boxes I've seen on the GigRig site can provide that much power. How'd you do it?

Max Jacobs

How does the Generator power the HX Stomp?



M King

what's the mod on the H9?

Brickman Studios

Would this board size still fit as a carry on like josh's previous board?

Gürkan Yeniçeri

Awesome show.

Ryan Spencer Lauderdale

2 Generators?? Never would have thought of that...

Buzz Crumhunger

I must say, I've never tried taking two small amps and plug them into a stereo effects rig with one amp on either side of a comfy chair. Great place to sit and play and hear yourself!

Mike Fenton

Any chance of getting Jesse Davey from KingTone on the show?

Jose Hasbeenwannabe

Anyone willing to venture a guess at total value of this pedalboard...just curious?!


I love these pedal board builds and it doesn’t get more epic than josh smith who’s so passionate about the sounds on his board not to mention the killer playing!

Alex Price

Hey Dan - are you doing any modifications to these pedals so that when the board is powered on, everything in the loops are on and engaged? Or does every time Josh plugs in the board he has to go through and turn each pedal on?

Meenzer Gunsenum

LMAO. 50:41 Dude, are you kidding.

Andrew Whitfield

Josh seems like a really nice guy. Must have been a blast hanging out. Amazing guitarist/musician. Well done Dan - once again an incredible board build.

Elder Larrel

I wish I had someone like you that could build my board for me.


I saw the rig rundown with Josh from 5 months ago. He doesn't use this board anymore...


Dan, with the monorails do you still test them after building them? Or do you know and trust them enough to the point it's not necessary? I've been using other solderless cables and getting sick and tired of trying to trace cable issues that arise out of nowhere at the worst times.

Cody Carrig

Do you have a preference in Midi cables?

G walker

usually dont love board build shows. except when you are building Josh Smiths board. Then I really really really love them. cheers

dan abnormal

I agree with you Dan. That little digital TC flashback pedal does sound frigging mighty!

Damian Griffiths

-Dude, do you mind if I crash the night?

*Sure thing Bud.

-Oh I forgot to mention it's not just me, it's the band, the drummers girlfriend, the bassists cat, our manager and he just got paid in Lamas so there are seven of those. Two of us are vegan, another is lactose intolerant, all but one of us only eat organic, the girlfriend is tee total, the rest of us really like a drink. One more thing.. its a 5 day residency, plus a night either side.........


the 10k pedalboard. go for it

Evan Miller

Great video Dan. Just ordered my G2 today. Should be here early next week. Question on the Schmidt Array board....is there room underneath the front deck for a power supply. The website says 2.5 inches which would fit m Walrus Phoenix. Thanks for all you do.

Yosef Eliani Music Channel

Big Kids Toy's are the Best!

Mongi Nouira

After choosing the type of cable and the type of batteries, Josh Smith is now choosing the composition of air inside the room so that the sound wave is as perfect as he wants it to be. Of course there is a switch to change the oxygen percentage.


So many pedals for a blues artist! Haha


Not saying this to sound mean, that Line 6 when it is run through the house PA it makes the guitar tone sound like a AM radio, something about going through the PA compresses the tone.

Prateek Poddar

hears Josh Smith being a sweet humble guy: alright
hears Josh Smith's playing: ALRIGHT
sees Josh Smith's shirt at the end of the video: A L R I G H T

David Dalziel

Saw Josh in Edinburgh he was spectacular. I won't see a better guitarist this year... Unless Robin Trower tours again.! ? ?

David Morisset

The Tones are Awesome.


This Video is Ruling!!! I love when Dan sez "Soooo Loud!!!" Anytime you guys hang with Josh great things happen and he is the coolest for sharing so much and like all of us, for being so jazzed about the guitar and music!! Cheers guys!!

Jason Caputo

Love watching two consummate professionals with a love of music excited about sonic possibilities. And that Myriad Fuzz... oh my gooodness!


Josh clearly needs 2 H9’s
He’s downgrading what is all state of the art stuff with the line 6..

Tom Smith

I noticed you used a standalone Generator for the HX Stomp, is this due to the amount of other pedals on the board, one Generator wouldn't be enough? Or does it not play nice with others?

David Downs

Is everything in front of the amps?

Van Sheen

19:52 that second "YES" is the moment we all wait for when we rebuild our big pedalboards.

Caleb Fetter

End of vid: "ah, yeah, what the *quack*".


Nice playing!

The Unknown Guitar Player

How much does this thing weigh?

M King

Best TPS yet!

Luis Hernandez

Nice but I didn’t see a boost ?
The sound dropped a bit with that fuzz

Phawin Phanudom

What's the relay used to mod the battery box? 9Volts 4PDT?

Jamie Clarke

48:05 Look. At. That. Tee-Shirt.


Mauricio Perez

Hi, what‘s powering the H9? Evenflo? Thx

Cyrus Fontaine

Yeesh, what a player! And what a board! This is an education on many levels!


41:50 What the actual

Jason Phelps

I learned one thing in this video. Because I already knew Josh was great and already knew Dan was great. But had NO IDEA THE PURPLE PLEXI SOUNDED THIS GOOD.... <3 <3

Jim W

Think it's time boys. HX stomp is showing up on a lot of boards now.

William Campbell

Stunning studio performance by Josh (using this board) over on Scott Devine's channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJKzcIlaeXc

Aaron Ashear

Gawd dayum. I’ve never seen a board this cool. It sure as hell has the right dude behind the wheel.


Awesome video! Josh is an amalgamation of Robben Ford and Joe Bonamassa, only better! Just watch Dan's face when Josh tears into one of his licks.

Elliot Burack

Josh is finally getting some good exposure. Monster guitar player.

The only player I fear playing with is Josh Smith.
- Joe Bonamassa



Malcolm M

Yep a rather large bank loan to afford a board like that I am sure...

Andy Solomon

Did you shoot this in 60fps? Looks weird! Awesome video BTW - My board doesn't look so complex now! :-)


How are you reducing noise with all the drive pedals going on ? Especially with strat / single coils ..... ?

John Guerrero

Informative and awesome!

Burnzy 378

God i love this channel so much. Its made me sell my me-80 and get back into boards! Wondering if anyone can help? I really want a quartermaster but confused how they work. I run; tuner > Bd2w > Jay Ran> OCD > Russian big muff> keeley caverns v2. (Ill probably add a compressor soon) i run this into a single channel blues junior tweed. I never stack the od’s so love the idea of flip flopping them. I just have no idea if its worth it as i dont have many modulation pedals, but i am all about the cleanest signal possible. How would i rig these up with a quartermaster? Love the show!!!

Jeff Spencer

Wow. The lick at 22:28 makes my teeth itch!

Andy Solomon

And where do those stand-offs come from? :-)

Tom Dembinski

Awesome. Great playing, tone shaping and conversation. Learned a ton and had about as much fun watching Josh and Dan have fun. Thank you both.


So let's see if I get this straight... You left that pedal shed due to neighbors complaints on noise. Now you're back in that pedal shed (correct me if I'm wrong), it's 10 minutes past midnight and you're playing out loud? Yeah man, rock on!!!

Trevor McCue

It looks so different. Like driving through your old neighborhood from when you were a kid.

Larry Lambert

Great video! You guys have introduced me to so many of my now favorite musicians. Now I just wish they would play some shows in the US! Looking at you Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Chris Buck, Joey Landreth, Matt Schofield.....

Hot Rats

Dan, what amps are you using? Great episode!


Hail kings of tone and Masters of Fretboards.Our lady of electrical manipulation.Two masters of their crafts. Blown away, humbled and Inspired.

Krister Kjørholt

whats that little vox looking head in the workshop?


Love this insight, Dan! Josh is awesome! Always learn a lot from That Pedal Show. Also, I like that your watch is using 24 hour clock. :) It's a much better format!

Eric Portillo

build one for guy fieri, not sure if he plays just wana hear him say "killer!"

Joel Cheong

could anyone let me know what song is this phrase from? @42:09

Francois Dominique

Best board ever Dan, unreal sounds and balanced pedal choices, great work

Isaac Lopez

On 13s man 13s


That board has to be the price of a small house!! I’m so jealous?

John Fritzen jr.

Brilliant player

Matt Kozink

I’ve got to know where Josh got the “King of Rock and Roll...” t-shirt he’s wearing at the end of the video.

Gos wo

Great to watch. Do you know if this tuner, Turbo, would work as a buffer?


This dude is absolutely filthy. Insane. Great build. ??

Juan Martin Reborati

I never expected someone so nice and humble to be so good.


What about mixing digital and analog as analog guys? The hx stomp in the chain steals some dynamics isnt‘t?

Mountain High

That's one tidy board Dan. I'm impressed. Josh I dig your music. I first heard you with Raphael, found out who you were, and then heard the rest. As long as you're playing I'll keep listening.

christopher Luke


Gary Salgado


Jamie Clarke

I keep coming back to this. Such an immense board.


If you want to power the HX Stomp does it have to have its own generator, or was that just because he has a lot of other digital stuff too? If that’s your only high current pedal, can you power that and other pedals with one generator? I think the Stomp uses 1 amp.

Stefan Hauk

Would love to see you guys do a HX Effects or HX Stomp video!

Jan Brenner

OH MY GOD - in any way!





The BOSS FX box for the Ring Mod as you would want something that can stop howl round usable with a tube screamer and a Phaser.

dog poop

Anyone know how to purchase Vemuram in Canada?

Rob Nicholson

I am intrigued by the scissors Dan speedily stripped the cable with. Are these special electricians scissors or just sharp kitchen ones and Dan is as skilled on scissors as he is a great player and pro pedal board designer? ?

Lindsay Stirton

Hey Dan, I notice you use square anchor thingies to secure the power supply cables. What are these, and where can they be acquired? Lindsay

Mister Gato

Why is Josh still using that battery distributor thing? Surely your battery sim would work


Maaaaaan that board is ridiculous. It's a work of artistic engineering all on its own. Got to get me one of the Volantes, what a cool delay.

Mauricio Perez

Where do you get those little velcro squares to keep the cables together underneath the top deck? how are they called?

Birdwood Guitars Show

That moment at 38:20 when Dan looks at the camera when he kicks in the tchula is perfect:)

Waiting for an Alibi

What happened to the Vertex battery box?

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