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Evanescence - My Immortal (Official Music Video)

733 560 025 views | 2 Dec. 2009

Watch the official music

Watch the official music video for "My Immortal" performed by Evanescence

Music video by Evanescence performing My Immortal. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC

#Evanescence #MyImmortal #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo

Aytac Suleymanova

Nece il kecdi usdunden yene ozumu bu mahnini dinlerken tapdim?

leilani avendano

I love you



king of pop

I have tried an endless efforts for a hypothetical lady...

Kawarir Djazair

You can t imagine how much iam alone.
Iam like an orphan without protection.love.security and peace.
I don t know why iam different like this.


El video es malo, con ganas ... ¡la canción es sublime!

Clos Antraxx

Those flashbacks when i was in high school and i did alot of thing in the name of love, thinking it was true...

Betül Karadağ

Love this in 2021 ?

Steven Kirkham

They say time heals all. But it has been 5 years since I saw her face and I am not healed from anything. Don't listen to them younger ppl. Love is a lie, that will destroy you.

F Black

When you want a divorce due to misery and you get the divorce. Then a year later after she is long gone, out of state, everything hits you and realize alot.

Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years

Jay Guzman


Burçin Melike

The piyanist guy looked bored in the end

114 24

Used to listen to this on a social game on facebook when I was a kid, there was a theater option and everyone would pick this song sit in the chairs and watch a blank screen and talk about how good the song was lol

Robert Baskin

I'm going through a divorce and I still love her I still can't sleep at night I was there when she was nothing she was always the one for me this song helps with the tears

ReCkLeSs x MuNt

one of the best vocal talents the world has seen, super under rated too

The Black Pearl

3.05 is the best bit, when those drums and guitars jump in

Ines Olivares

Me encanta ??✨?

Roshan Sada

I simply love this song. Period

Jess Mann

This is the song that I rarely listen to but need to. Reminds me I am a survivor

Jon Thorup

This song is a like a druck Fucking loven it,

Brian Peterson

Powerful music, haven't heard this in a long time... haunting

Terrance Childs

She used a body double those aren't her toes were seen her toes are a damn train wreck


dreckige verhurte stimme

Carolina Dill

Happy Birthday mom! I miss you my immortal.

Pippi Draws

I see alotbof other current comment. Lol we're all in our feelings tonight



Kurt Cobain

plagiarism is copying on the piano of the GARBAGE group
du plagiat, c'est copier sur le piano du groupe GARBAGE

Steven Kirkham

Why is there a bird pecking my screen? I almost have nightmare of this bird.......

David Fearis

This song seems to hit us harder than ever with the Coronavirus going on right now

Tanya Clements

From flower child please all angels serve God



Frederic Reid


miko natad

5049 still here..


amazing song - 2021

Ron Fifer

All I can say is... Wow

Kawarir Djazair

Freeze my mind and heart..to be monster

Elusive :P

this songs title aged very, VERY POORLY

Ronni’s World

No matter how times I heard this song I still cry ??

coffe time

Doar 11 ani...și totuși simt la fel ?

Haniff Md Mahmood the servant

2 Dec 2009. Thank you.

Gishara Samintha

This one never gets old.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light.
Now, I'm bound by the life you left behind........

Jose Alfredo Gomez gavilan

She was pretty?

Elisa Rocha


E Ten Den


Alain Aubry

Je suis si fatiguée d'être ici

Etouffée par mes craintes enfantines

Je donnerais l'ultime souffle provenant de ma poitrine

Pour te donner toutes les choses que mon esprit ne pouvait pas supporter

Et si tu dois partir

Je souhaite que tu partes simplement

Parce que ta présence persiste ici

Et elle ne me laissera pas seule

Il semble que ces blessures ne guériront pas

Cette douleur est simplement trop réelle

Il y a simplement trop de choses que le temps ne peut effacer

Quand tu pleurais, j'ai essuyé toutes tes larmes

Quand tu criais, j'ai combattu toutes tes peurs

J'ai tenu ta main durant toutes ces années

Mais je t'appartiens toujours toute entière

Tu me captivais

Par ton rayonnement

Mais je suis attachée à cette vie que tu as laissée derrière toi

Ton visage, il hante mes rêves qui furent un temps agréables

Ta voix a chassé tout le bon sens que j'avais en moi

J'aimerais marcher au loin

Et m'éloigner de la pluie

Mais je ne peut pas partir sans toi

J'aimerais vivre sans

La peur constante et le doute infini

Mais je ne peux pas vivre sans toi

Masood Ahmad

But if u boo

Harshad K

After all these years, feels strange and sad that in the song someone so young is going through so much...

Adalberto Cabral


King El

Im still listening to My Immortal in 2021
Ill be back in 2031 with the same comment ... see you guys in 10 years ??????

Chris Jacobsen

Sabrina Hart I love you and please I want to tell you everything thank you all are the true beautiful people. So I can have sweet dreams. Lol. HA HA HA. Lol.

Luan Souza

2021 essa música parece que foi feita por anjos, será eterna!

Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years

Amanda Hunter

This song sometimes make me cry

Brittany Andrew

My heart: we'll be okay
Me: let me just cry to this one more time
My heart: ok ill wait..?

Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years...

Tanya Clements

Go to Giovanni Mirradi all angels please take stairway to Heaven for Father Son and Spirit choose life from flower child

Kristine Viloria


Aldair Villa

2021, and still gold.


saddest song ever

Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years

Lisa K. Sivieri



How does this have so many dislikes?


eklig diese frau

Serhio Garsia De Lopes

Красивая и грустная песня. Люди, любите и цените друг друга. Вокал прекрасен.

Mido Hamdallah

Generation Y

Kawarir Djazair

Sorry today iam nervous
Bye be strong


I sit here reading these comments, I'm alone damaged and abandoned but refuse to leave this world not sure why I choose to stay, suffer and torture myself, I've never known love or had my heart broken by the loss of a loved one. I'm not well, fucking sucks....i embrace the darkness and find myself there always alone.


12 años después de que mi mundo por completo se derrumbó y hoy de nuevo la escucho, ya mi alma reparada, recordando a mi amado hijo y hoy, esta noche una lágrima aún se escapó por mi mejilla.....

Scottwayne deckardjr4.11.98

What if I pet it like a cat while your bent over my lapp

Jessie Albright

Kiss no my business is not for everybody to see

Tanya Clements

Go to remember when song

Girshon Trussell

In 2021 this songs still Creeps me out

Johan Ootjers

The good all days!!memories!not the good ones!butt still!!!

Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years

Angie Valdez

Never in a million years did I ever think I would dedicate this song to my husband RIP.??? ? 4 ~ 28 ~ 2020 ?

Fraya Daydream

This song will forever be timeless ????

prigel rafael

love this song since i was junior high school at 2008

Gabriel Groth

Amy Lee’s voice hits different

maria júlia anizio

bora tarcisio do acordeonnn

steve kresevic

Who else is getting goosebumps in 2021?

Lucas Ulquiorra Schiffer

Época de escola sdds ... essa música é pesada hein <3



Black Spooky Cat

Amy has changed so much over these 11 years

juda leon de juda

Padre bendice cada persona de la tierra,perdona nuestros pecados y haznos andar en el camino de la verdad.esta canción me abre el corazón y esto es lo que me sale del alma,de parte de 1 gitano con corazón humilde.

Emmanuel Aguirre Sandoval

Friendly reminder what My Inmortal could have written My Inmortal

Neka Boo

Songs like this are timeless and still hits hard!

Jessie Albright

Kiss no fear

Gül Gül

It has been nine years since my mother died. Seeing her suffering in the hospital every day and not doing anything would have left me completely powerless. When he left, all my faith, joy and trust in people went away. I always cry whenever I listen to this song; because I miss my mother so much. Whatever I say right now is empty. God bless all mothers and children in the world. As a Turk and as a Muslim, my best prayer is that people with beautiful hearts in this universe do not suffer at all. : '( Please be aware of the value of your loved ones while they are alive, because once God takes them, we cannot hug them again.


I used to listen to this song as a teenager and now that I’m an adult, and have gone through so much in life, especially after losing loved ones, it has a totally different meaning to me now. I used to not cry to this song and now I do after experiencing loss/heartache. In shorter terms, this song has aged well and I still love it ?

Edman Vega

Otra de las canciones que alcanzan la perfección. Mis recuerdos en mi mente y, aunque parezca cursi, en mi corazón, te incluyen mi amada, por siempre. Para siempre.

Kawarir Djazair

I need to be..frozen..to forget all theses pains

Kawarir Djazair

I am opening my hands to all the world..but they hurt me

Natanael Silva


Kristina Peric

Nema ti pomoci

Elizabeth Kessler


Kou KibaRanger

Oh hey, shit happens, you know?

Elizabeth de Charles Reeves

Cette chanson est unique et inégalable ; )

Miftakhul Falakh

From indonesia 2021

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Børns - Amerikan Money (Türkçe Çeviri) WinterWidow

974 views | 25 Aug. 2019

sevdiğim bir şarkıyla

sevdiğim bir şarkıyla best shipime bir edit yapayım dedim. Keyifli seyirler ❤


I was there when you fell from the clouds

And landed in the desert

There was a thunder inside of my heart

There was a wonderful pleasure

And like a stallion racing the rain

You rode on the back of my bike

I knew from the song that you sang

You were my lover for life

Oh, there's no time to sleep

Oh, living in a dream

So take me to the paradise

It's in your eyes

Green like american money

You taste just right

Sweet like Tennessee honey

And we can run away

Swimming in the sunlight everyday

Paradise, it's in your eyes

Green like american money

So we took to the Calico road

Running from the weather

There was a highway inside of her eyes

There was a buried treasure

And we got caught in the storm

You started flying a kite

At the end was the key to my heart

You were my lover for life

Oh, there's no time to sleep

Oh, living in a dream

So take me to the paradise

It's in your eyes

Green like american money

You taste just right

Sweet like Tennessee honey

And we can run away

Swimming in the sunlight everyday

Paradise, it's in your eyes

Green like american money

We carved our love in the mountainside

We soaked our hearts in the rain

And I, waited my whole life, for you

So take me to the paradise

It's in your eyes

Green like american money

You taste just right

Sweet like Tennessee honey

And we can run away

Swimming in the sunlight everyday

Paradise, it's in your eyes

Green like american money

#winterwidow #bucky #Natasha

Elif d

Ellerine sağlık, harika olmuş?

Esma Reyyan Gunler

eline sağlık ??


çok güzel????

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ÇEVİRİ YAP PARA KAZAN (İnternetten Para Kazanma 2020)

107 views | 26 Oct. 2020

Ben Onur ,Bu videomuzda

Ben Onur ,Bu videomuzda Çeviri Yaparak Para Kazanmanın Yolunu paylaştım internetten para kazanma internetten yatırımsız nasıl kazanç sağlayabileceğinizi anlattım umarım işinize yaramışdır umarım videoyu beğenmişsinizdir ,güzel ve eğlenceli bir video oldu

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Merhaba Ben Onur , her gün yeni video yüklüyorum. Kanalımda oyun gaming , eğlence , challenge , komedi , şaka , internetten para kazanma , vlog , montaj , tepki ve benzeri bir sürü video paylaşıyorum.

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