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Solana Core Concepts (Community Video)

332 views | 9 Feb. 2021


Solana is bad ass

Ваня Афанасьев


Lars Frölich

crazy fast hand xD

Demir Karaca

very nice, this is the best project I have ever seen in years.

David Choi

Your blockchain is super fast and transactions are also very cheap. Do you have a mechanism for preventing spam? Either as an attack vector or just to reduce wasted blocks.


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Chef Solana In Her Kitchen ??‍?

46 376 views | 23 Dec. 2020

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Cielo Manansala

hello pretty girlie solana! naunahan ko christopher paanorin ka, pag narinig to ni christopher bidang bida kna naman sa.tv:) big girl na you know how to count and bake :)

jakikay Castillo

Merry Christmas po God bless

Ashley Tv

Pa shout-out po ako ate

Marianne Torio

24 hrs pink challenge

Kate 03

Someday solana when cook everyone

Cathlyn and Maiko


Lezel Tabanao

Goodjob solana ??

Kedric Diaz

Sobrang cute po ni pretty girly???????????

Carmelita Rueda

??? ice cream po ??

Althea Mae vlog

Hello Po ?☺️

Unicorn Gaming

Wow galing nman ni ate solana

Lian Perez


Cielo Peña

Wow good job solana imagine getting a heart from you

Kim Briget Buenaventura

Shout out pls

Angel Bonafe

Advance marry Christmas po luvs my family and all

Jovie Caliwag

Waiting for new vlog?

Aries Anibo

Ang cute girl na yan

Quennie Cordenete

Merry christmass

Irinaivan Corral

Galing naman ni solana?????

Mikyla P TV

Pa shout out po

Grace Yambao

Good job, our pretty girly Choleng! ?

Princess megan Manuel

Cute ni Solana ??

among Use

First po! ?

G fam

Ang cute naman ng bambini na yan ? big girl na talaga ❤️

Eunice nadine Florogo

Imagine getting heart from my idol ??

jillian Calano

Itatry ko po to bukas kasi Christmas na po

Sarah Jane Fortuno

Merry Christmas po????

Daddy Jan
Mommy Monique
Kuya Ilai
Kuya Niccolo


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Phoebe Kate Calip

Ang cute cute ni Solana ♥️♥️ stay safe po :)

nestofel saguid


Quennie Cordenete

Shout out pls pls ako ang big fan nyo

Precious Maica lonosa okamoto

Merry christmas po and happy new year

Markss dbejsbzhev



solana is so cute?

Michael Bautista

Merry Christmas po

mark soria



Dati doktora ngayon chef cute ni bambini Mommy goriow merry Christmas po and a happy new year solanaaaa cute cute mo baka next teaxher namn haha stay safe po

Audrei Adelantar

Luv u bebe solana?

Zhakira Mae Mariquit


Thess Bandibad

Sow cute sulana

Candice feliciano

Hi po pa shout out po plsssss

Maureen Andres

Advance Merry Christmas po #thegoriows, Hi Solana ang cute naman ni chef Solana...?❤️?

Zarrah Mae Guarino


CassCutievlogs youtube family

Merry chrismas ??? good job solana????

Brusko Funs


Yuri Michaella ECARO

Hi po

Dee Rubio

Galing naman ni Solana! That looks yummy too!??

Joseph Aramburo

Galinama Solana. Gomawa?

Mariel Abayan

Merry christmas the goriows family

Mary kristen Garcia

tagalog challenge for 24hours

Janna yra Fernandez

Salana is a good girl and adorable

Chia Ang

Solana is so cute and pretty?❤️?

Sabela Christine R. Unabia

san nyo po na-bili ung baking utensils ni Solana ☺☺

Janete Cerenado

Wow ano yan po


Hi po

Mary Sasha Abijah Salazar

Wow good girl Solana

Aliah Krishaine Cabrigas

Ang galing ni Chef Solana so oretty bambini,and keep safe our fam ate monique!???

Nemerlito Omet


Junirose Paguirigan

Why so cute bambini? ??

Buboy Cornel

ate bat Hindi na kayo nag vlog

Evean Nillos

aserffccfdx aer6

chamm vinz

Heart po???

Baby g Delarosa

Hi po na miss ko po kayo ni solana ?

Chloemae Tebangin


Cassie Borinaga

Awww So cuteeww

justin luis mariano

I think pag laki ni solana magiging chef to.

jobie carmelita s. oboza. jobie carmelita s. oboza.

Waw marunong na mag luto si sulana

Niza Marquez

Hi!! cutie❤️?

마르티네즈its keisha

Solana said teleybateyk

jessa gabriel


Just Crisky Main


nestofel saguid


Noel Uriarte

Merry Christmas

Vilma Macandili



Imagine getting a heart from ate Monique

Aebrielle Maniacup Vergara

Hi solana ?

Precious Maica lonosa okamoto

PA shout out po

Itsallysondeleon sexy

pa shout out na po sa nextvlog matagal kona po kayong sinusubaybayan??

Mohanie Matalam

Salana iss good girl??

Marry ann Ann

merry xmas and advanced #thegoriows family?????hi solana darling ?

Candice feliciano

Hi po

Zeina Cendra Santos

❤️❤️❤️ good job Solana

Russele Ann Espinoza

Your cute solana

Katrina Carreon


ejhay villaflor


ria may Reyes

merrychristmas the goriows family???

Filipinas Madriaga

Advance merry Christmas po mommy monique more blessings tp come po nandito po kami lagi to support you ❤️



Mayeth Ramirez


마르티네즈its keisha

You so cute Solana and mommy monique

Veronica Quiñones

Super cute tlaga pretty girly super yummy yan bambini

Daniela Adah

Hi mommy moquie I love you po


You're soooo cute, Solana ❤️


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The Antidote #1 - Why Solana is a Truly Scalable Blockchain w/ Anatoly Yakovenko

1 319 views | 5 Jan. 2021

Anatoly Yakovenko is the

Anatoly Yakovenko is the founder of Solana, a long time engineer at Qualcomm he was able to build his team with several of his colleagues when the company was bought. They built the Solana blockchain from scratch and are now the fastest and cheapest blockchain in existence. The exciting part? It's only the beginning.

Sustainable Hokioi

With quantum teleportation possible, I think Solana has a real possibility to innovate the new technology in many ways and we might see Blockchain 2.0 security in many other fields. https://www.designboom.com/technology/nasa-long-distance-quantum-teleportation-12-22-2020/#:~:text=quantum%20teleportation%20is%20a%20'disembodied,inextricably%20linked%20to%20each%20other.

Eric Autie

Great video - Great Team - Great Project. Thanks !