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Listia unboxing iPod

11 329 views | 17 Jul. 2011

Hey want one of these or a

Hey want one of these or a laptop, xbox, ps3, and more then signup for listia hit my referral link down below plus you get 100 credits how sweet is that http://www.listia.com/signup/461854

Listia xnk

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372 views | 29 Sep. 2016

It's no secret, Listia is

It's no secret, Listia is in trouble. And it all started with the "Credit Buyback Program". We have received a lot of messages asking us to talk about what exactly is causing the problem and what can be done about it. We try to answer those questions here...

Dereck Perkins

Do you suggest we spend our credits now, or try to wait it out with the hopes it will go back down?


I have been blocked from posting on the Listia FB page for posting your videos!
They can't handle the truth!

Tech Josh

This is frustrating. I built up a good chunk of credits, stopped using the site for a while and came back to all of my credits being worthless.

Listia xnk

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514 views | 27 Oct. 2017

I have done a few videos

I have done a few videos on Listia in the past, (I've traded on Listia for years) and in the last few weeks I have been getting requests to follow up on my thoughts on Listia and whether or not it's worth it to use Listia anymore. So I'll tackle those questions here today...


This happens with pins also. As far as China, the pins are made in China and the pins that are limited edition go out the back door. More than the 300 that is supposed to be the run of the pin turns into .....who knows how many. Listia sounds like it would have been fun. Really a shame.


You mentioned that Listia failed to control the currency issue and i agree with you that they didn't do a very good job with it in the past but i don't agree with you that they are not doing anything about it. You posted this video 3 months ago and I know for a fact that they implemented a cap on the exchange rate at 27,500 credits to $1 and that has been in place for a while. So I do believe that they are trying to fix the issue. Have you done any reading up on what they have been doing lately? They are officially changing their credit system with a real crypto currency and the conversion will happen 28 Feb. I see a lot of potential with this new system as they claim that with the new currency being a real crypto, it can be bought and sold on an exchange so liquidation will be much easier, supposedly. Also, being that it truly is a crypto currency now, i am assuming it will also be subject to crazy price fluctuations. I am of course hoping this will drive the value of xnk ultra high like bitcoin but there is also the possibility that it will crash. Either way, it appears that they are working hard to push this and will try to market this new currency to be a peer to peer currency that can be used on other platforms as well such as craigslist. Will see how it works out but i am highly invested in it for now. If you decide to read up about it, let me know what you think.

noella c

Most of the older members I knew are gone. There was this apparel seller, she had pages of stuff up for sale, hundreds of fans. Gone after the big inflation. I haven't listed there for over 6 months. Went back out of curiosity, too many items gone unsold, no watchers, no bids. Really sad, the site used to be fun.


What do you think about Listia's new announcement to switch from credits to a cryptocurrency called ink? Check out their blog... https://blog.listia.com/ You think it will be the final nail in the Listia coffin? Will it finally get the site back on the right track?

SSie Green

It's been about 2 years since you made this video - care to make a final post or an update here to see if anything changed? Someone introduced me to Listia today. Never heard of it prior to today, I sell on Mercari and Posh. I enjoyed your videos about Listia, as there really isn't much out there about this place...


LOL beautiful cat

Raymond Robbins

LOL Awesome cat.

Jason Jammin

Hey they change back to the point system.You can also get your money via amazon gift cards.Can you give it another review.They getting rid of the crypto.

Michael Leon


Esquirrou Petit Ossau-Iraty

I just block the Asian vendors, I'm 100% aware of how scam artists work.