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New DeFi Token Launching on Ethereum W/ Nasdaq Investor?!

13 201 views | 3 Feb. 2021

xSigma is the first

xSigma is the first Decentralized Finance DeFi protocol to launch a new DeFi ETH token with liquidity mining stablecoin DEX on the Ethereum blockchain! Let's review SIG!

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xSigma stablecoin DEX w/ liquidity mining - https://bit.ly/3te1ART

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Learn how to use Metamask w/ DeFi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe4whcn-s88

xSigma finance are launching their own decentralized finance DeFi protocol on the Ethereum blockchain their parent company xSigma are backed by ZK international a publicly traded Nasdaq company. Is the crypto space too crowded or will xSigma and their stablecoin decentralized exchange DEX along with incentivized liquidity pools become the hot new DeFi crypto token to liquidity mine and possibly even HODL?


VoskCoin Telegram group VoskCoingram - http://voskco.in/telegram

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xSigma SIG Telegram group - http://voskco.in/QlMh

xSigma SIG Discord server invite - http://voskco.in/pHTe

ZK International's Subsidiary, xSigma Corporation, Launches its Blockchain DeFi Protocol - http://voskco.in/ujyi

xSigma blockchain development company - http://voskco.in/3f5w

⏰ Timestamps ⏰

0:00 New DeFi Protocol

1:07 10 Seconds of Tails

1:27 Buy Bitcoin Mining Rigs with Compass Today

1:50 ZK International, not a small company

2:36 It's about xSigma

3:29 About xSigma

3:52 Their Team

4:41 Alex Lebed former 1inch developer

5:02 1inch

5:35 Back to xSigma

6:02 Interview with Ben Berry coming soon

6:16 xSigma and their Stablecoin DEX

6:38 You've got to know how to use Metamask

7:24 Twice the Rewards, Twice the Fun

8:36 xSigma Whitepaper and Reduced Fees

9:20 Token Utility

11:35 Tokenomics

13:15 SIG buyback burn

14:01 In Summary

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Wolves of ByBit

Hey Vosk! Really love your channel. I've been following you for a long time with my original youtube account but this is my new account on which I run a Trading Channel. I'm a big fan of yours because you just keep it real and honest. That's also what I'm trying to go for with my content.
It would really make me happy if you would take a look at my channel and give me your opinion.
There aren't enough honest people that keep their feet on the ground in this youtube niche.

george leloudis

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Bradley Kang

"Gas is just so painful lately" I was zoning out for a minute and that's all I heard :p

Nicholas Hei End Gems Hei

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WW3Revelation6 and13

What is, and how to be a liquidity provider?

Michael Martinez



Talking about DeFi i suggest to you all for buying Yield APP (YLD) token, the price is still cheap...

James Hill

I heard you say you don’t leave your mining profits in NiceHash why is that?

Ateş Ateş

Why review cryptocurrencies if FBC14 algorithm wins everyone?

Matt Wilcox

I have logged 2000+ hours on Pitfall

Sushi Oji

I think the melding of old school fiance and Crypto and their institutions will be great for our future.

Anita Williams

Thnaks a lot admin To BLACKWEBFUNDS on telegram I just received the 3btc in my wallet so fantastic

There's a snake in my boot

Bao Finance y'all, thank me later.


Ah finally I get a first!

Drew McVey

200k is so close! Get it!

Political Alien

I have seen projects vote themselves into the ground.
Be cautious.


Awesome. What do you get for using your referral link?

Crypto Wave

It looks like Curve Finance



Arslan Raja


Phyllis Pham

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My TwoCents

Once again a very interesting video Thanks for the info two Thumbs up.

İsimsiz Kahraman

is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of FBC14 algorithm?

Peace Milton

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Geo WA

That’s what i like to see with ETH. Usage. It should provide stability and growth.

Ernesto Bermudez

Nice to hear about this


Dlp duck is blowing up! I saw you were interested... Give it a cover!!


32 ETH ??

The Jungle Book

its cool to see your page grow from so many years ago. good job!


I think this could be huge not to mention having 1st mover advantage! I'm in like Flyn! Thank you Vosk!

Sibusiso Xulu

I need advice, If I have 2 bitcoins at 30 000 USD each and the value grows to 36 000 USD. If I want to take the profits but not loosing my bitcoins - do I sell all the 2 bitcoins or do I sell bitcoins to the value of 6000 USD?

Joey Ferguson

Seems sketchy to me, especially with the resume of the team

Iliana Emmanuel

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Block Panther

Misleading. From My understanding of the press release, Nasdaq has nothing to do with this. XSigma is a subsidiary of the NASDAQ LISTED Chinese company ZK International.

No thanks. I have no interest In having my crypto dealings being sucked into China's giant data vacuum.


If you could help clarify something for me I would appreciate it! Is this about being a miner for this new coin or will this be able to be purchased on the crypto exchange? If I purchase on the crypto exchange in the first week of release will I get double what I am paying for? What would I search on the crypto exchange to find these coins and invest? DeFi? xSigma? What will it be listed under and when is the release date?? Thanks so much for your help!!

jason hynds

Love the videos best channel for crypto related information helped me out alot big fan keep it up :)

pan dimmick

Vosk tribe!


Did I get this right? They are backed by a steel pipe making company out of China?


Can’t wait to get rich lmao

Iso Confused

xsigma seems like they want a huge rush, the white paper doesn't suggest to me that it is a good long term investment, compared to anything else..if anything I feel if I where to miss the early phase then better to look at another opportunity.. just seems they are pushing for a mad rush.

Burberry Barlow

Actually I thought this was a scam until I got paid by @hackerjung7 on telegram I got paid of 1btc Succesful

Thank God

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tommy audio

i found "SiGMAcoin" is that the same one? doesn't look like it but it's hard to tell

Aris Caprice

Once again I am mesmerized by the dog.???‍??

Matz Production

FBC14 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all

Christian Collins

These days if you're not spending to Recover, then stop Spending ?

Lava Git

Is there a video about tokens? I'm lost as to how tokens work on the Ethereum blockchain, and how they are tied to your wallet.

Lina Leloudis

One of the greatest YouTube channels!keep doing such a great work!

King Of PY

Why watch cryptocurrency price forecasts and waste your time if there is an FBC14 algorithm?


FBC14 algorithm is the best cryptocurrency investment in my life

Joe G

Where would u beable to buy this nas coin?

george leloudis

BEST #1 !!!!!! Vosk has the best content on youtube period......... Everyone smash that LIKE button do you believe it turns BLUE when you DO try it now everyone !!!!


Nice video! What about FBC14 algorithm review?


Great content Voskoin

Steve Picchi

Just not feeling it with xSigma. They are trying to capitalize on their NASDAQ listing affiliation. And use other people’s money to finance their dex with a centralized company behind it! No thanks!

Lens Media Worldwide

How much do I have to pay for your linzhi Phoenix?

Keven Causby

Any way to get an invite to the discord group? The web page's button is invalid at the moment. My user is KevenOnTheMic#6456 if anyone could help with that

Cristiano Souza

Hello guys. Where and how I can participate as an early rewards


Please also put content on Odysee/LBRY, I am gonna keep asking at least once a month until you do, its not much harder than clicking a button you don't need to upload twice.

Jose Garcia

Vosk you up late lol

Elias Onstad

who are you?! Coin bureau?
same style? 0:00 (background and atmosphere).

Anita Williams

Thnaks a lot admin To BLACKWEBFUNDS on telegram I just received the 3btc in my wallet so fantastic


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Bahadır Atalar

Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about FBC14 algorithm

Istvan Majoros

Hi mate!
Love your videos learning a lot from them. I'm absolutely new to cryptocurrency and still just researching all the valuable information I can find..
Just wondering if you have ever tested or reviewed the new asicline firstline miner? Or the powerbox?
Here is the link: https://asicline.com/products/

Many thanks!
Keep it up and all the best!


First I want it buying for sure

Tanner Sutherlin

I think because Bitcoin has all the hype and attention that no other coin can ever supersede it.

Shelby Voll

Joined wait list


Hey voski which website can i get graphic cards i need a legit website am fearing buying on Amazon or alibaba cause there are scammers out there please help

dominic mcfeeters

I seen this last night and signed up for the wait list

Burberry Barlow

Actually I thought this was a scam until I got paid by @hackerjung7 on telegram I got paid of 1btc Succesful

The Avengers 34

I saw the video and i am interested in the xSigma coin. How will I obtain the coin? By buying it off of an exchange like Coinbase? Or will i have to buy stable coins like dai?

Arda kılıç

FBC14 algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this


Why are you watching this!? Read about the FBC14 algorithm!

The Analyst

Let's check them out!! #PERP #JULD #SFP ??????
Edited: Thank me later. ?


Good looking out

Ninja Ghost

Ninja was here ???????

Oliver Fujimori

Wait a second... a "DeFi" backed by former workers of centralized tech and backed by NASDAQ? Doesn't that looks like a bit strange? Future token issuance controlled by xSigma? Hum hum... "AT FIRST, total supply will be low"... hum... Smells like wallstreet game trying to put their feet in blockchain with their bad habits.

They are setting a lot of control for a descentralized project. It's not the main idea of the blockchain.
What is the point of buyout 'n' burn if there's a statement "AT FIRST, total supply will be low".

Smells really strange. Like Wallstreet sharks trying to put their game inside blockchain.

I will stick with Celsius Network as DeFi and Loopring layer 2 as DEX. 100% transparency. No Wallstreet involved.
Fu** Wallstreet. Scumbags

ALİ Yazıcı

Why do an analysis if there is FBC14 algorithm? They offer passive income from BTC’s


How is this any different or better than Monero

Conrad Baker

1st one in. 1st one to like, lol.. great time to be in crypto! Eth to the moon and let everything follow!

Osman 你好

Why worry about cryptocurrency quotes if there is FBC14 algorithm?

Nasdaq coin

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AMACOIN interview with Nasdaq

832 views | 20 Nov. 2019


- Backed by


- Backed by EBCF-a social entreprise to protect and preserve the ecosystem of the Amazon rain forest

- Committed to protect the Planet's biodiversity

- Developed an economically sustainable model

- Helps local communities protect their environment

- Generates profits from agriculture, carbon offsetting and scientific research

- Payment token based on the ethereum blockchain

- Immediate liquidity in your wallet

- Completely decentralized

- Build on Waves platform

- Easy to use, no experience needed

Naveed Shaikh


Nnaemeka Christian

Nice coin

jamal bilal

great project

Alam Shaikh

Veri nice

pankaj suthar

great project

Дима Прохоров


Lam Nguyễn


Yunus Maaşoğlu

nice project

Tam To




Crypto promote




Kɪɴg᭄Pᴀʀᴠᴇᴊ࿐ 24

nice project

said boufetous

good and nice project.

Jungkook Officcal

thnak ad


Nice channel. You deserve more subs! Go and take a look at SMZeus . c o m!!! It will help you promote your videos!!

bilal toshiba


Rj Laes


Rakib Mia

nice project

Maman Rohman

Nice airdrop aproject guys i hope this is good airdrop bounty

hidaia alassouli

Very interesting and promising
project that I believe has a lot of merit to its work. Looking forward to
following the project

Md Masud


sebastian gomez

great proyect good potential

Earning Way

Nice project

kalpesh sarang

Nice video


good project

Noah Crypto-Hunter

Nice Program

bilal benharkat

awesome prokect with nice idea.

Sonar Bangla


Heeseung Yu


nhoxinh banhbao

Great project!

I love islam


Nguyen Thanh

Good luck

Bilal Xiomi

Great project

VijayaDurga Inturi


Сергей Тищенко

good projekt

Nasdaq coin

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150 views | 24 Jan. 2021

Dodgecoin made the NASDAQ

Dodgecoin made the NASDAQ top 25 list within the top six coins!!


Calvin Daniels

Nice list! Get you a bag of BAL and thank me later!!

Like it is