Merck emails

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168 151 views | 9 Dec. 2020

Adding size to my

Adding size to my physique in this back and biceps workout and finally back on the bulk to build lean muscle after being out with covid for a couple weeks. It's good to be back so hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

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warm up

• jump rope [10 minutes]


• chest supported dumbbell rear belt row [8 sets x 8 reps]

• barbell bent over row [4 sets x 10 reps]

• one arm dumbbell row [4 sets x 10 reps]

• lat pull down [4 sets x 10 reps]

• straight arm lat pull down [4 sets x 12 reps]

• ez-bar curl [4 sets x 10 reps]

• dumbbell hammer curl [4 sets x 10 reps (5 and 5 alternating)]


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Noah Ross

Do you work out your wrists or do they get worked by doing other exercises?


What do you think of doing dumbbell rows instead of Barbell rows ? I’m working with what I have ?


Where did you get those pants? Looks comfortable.

Munira Mohammedsaleh

How much your height

Luis Palacios

Anyone know what brand of jump rope that is?


Mr. satan is you.

Reginald Thompson

Glad to hear / see that you're doing better, bro. I'm looking forward to more informative, motivational workout videos. Take care, and be safe.

Davinder Kumar lagah

Muscle gain best saplimant

NBA Apeboy

Strong as heck ?

Edward Panganiban

glad you back brodie! time to clock in now g!

Javier Olivo

get an alignment after the swap of the new wheels

Charbel TV



where is he that he doesn't have to wear a mask?

Raviraj Kamble

Nice video bro

francisco de assis



I respect you

Ismael Hernandez

Bro you motivated me

Jeffrey Payne

I love how consistent your content remains. No gimmicks, not a whole bunch of unneeded talking just work work and more work. Salute Brodie, keep it coming.

Erik DiNardo

you need to not try so hard to enjoy the fun when it comes then u will enjoy it more when u lower the bar! my fav chanel

sabihullah MZ

rear delt 8 sets??!?why?

Auto Ride Tipper

Loved the into of the rain... idk but that was dope lowkey ??

Anton Ign

quick strange question how tall are you?

Amiral Budila

Is back


No funny shit. Your name is “Just Merk” but if you flip the beginning letters it’s

“Must Jerk”

Mr. White

My man gettin husky. Good stuff man, you thickened up during your bulk.

Darius J

Glad you back bro and healthy need your videos man they are aways helpful and inspirational

Tùshãl thãkúr


Shivani Prajapati


Mark Mineses

Glad you back in short time. Back to full throttle, great video!

Nickan Mirabi

The craziest thing is that he still looks so aesthetic despite being that big. HOW?

Afterglow Beats

Appreciate your interest in my beats bro. Loving the content you make fr

Marlon Tang How

What camera do you use

Alessandro Borsellino

you'd think he learned something from covid but he still wears his mask like that 1:54! you gotta stay safe man

Samuel Osano

Please stay home if you

jose melendez


Moshope Oyeyemi

@JustMerk Hey man happy ur healthy again fr. Keep the grind up?. BUT FRRR THO can I get the name of the all white shoes ur rocking in this vid and almost all ya workouts...they are too clean and I can’t see a logo etc.

If anyone else knows pls tag me or reply cuz I’ve been looking for days. Thanks ??

Ralfh Michael Cleofas

I love the jugger pants

Albeiro Hernandez

Let’s gooooo

Luciano 19

He natural?

Oliver Sebastian

keep pushing merk!!!

Denzel Diorr

How can you do 2 a days & cardio, and still bulk up?

Angel Lobos

Thank you for sharing this routine



Mason Berg

What belt do you use when you are doing back workouts

Nathaniel Buckhalter

Yo what kind of jump rope are you using bro?

Jerome khan

wish you would upload 3 times a week or so


The red gt500 in the back though?

martin svensson

No stress my humble friend! We waiting on u brooo! Keep pushing maaan, biggest inspiration for us man!!

Yoannah's Tarot

New subbi here... Im loving all of your videos sooo much amazing info and knowledge you have.. Love your energy .and glad your all better! ? ? ????

getting moneyzz

am I the only girl that watches him...

Erik Ramos

What workin out gotta do w your jeep

B o b b y S i n g h

Bhi Hindi main bhi bnaya kr

hussem laziz steve

2:44 he wanted to shake his hand he just give him the keys


What camera do you use to film? The quality is very good

Jelmer Brinkhuis

GOD DAMNIT the gyms are closed again in my country. FUCK

Thyagu R

Muscular Steph Curry


Sorry for the wait on this one. Tested positive with Covid and couldn’t do much for a couple weeks. Anyway, blessed to have my health back and blessed to be able to continue my prep for next year’s bodybuilding men’s physique show.
I’ll be in the comments over the next few days so hit me with what you want to see next As always, thanks for watching✌?

Reps with Jay


Mukesh Kumar

Big fan from India

Rhys Beloe

Aye anyone know what shoes they are?

Hec B

How tall are u ?

Yisshak Baharu

Ma unique✌? and you know main you are for me my inspiration

Jessica Williams

yes it was a great workout I loved it

ربي يشفيها في اسرع وقت حراث



Justmerks gym videos just bang differently man, need you to post more!!

Tegan Nathania

I can appreciate the time and effort that was put into this video.


kept checking your channel for a new vid, your content is unmatched

Neshto 007

It's lit ?

Jackson harper kaleb

Why did Merk have to be the guy who hangs over the rack doing one arm dumbell rows...smh

Adrian C.

What gym no masks

The GyM Glizzy

Making the AK proud

Albeiro Hernandez

He’s back

Jerry Brown

Hello. It is good to see you young man. Pray that all is well with you. Continue doing what you do. I appreciate you for staying the course. Just Merk

Mmafan35 0

I popped the biggest zit today

[email protected] bone

Anybody know what kind jeep that is a year

Kevin Silva 209

So no body gunna talk about the cars in the tired shop


For the straight arm lat pull down do you have to be on your knees?

Ishara Sadaruwan

Your the best keep it up bro. Stay safe

Diego Lemus

Your outro is goated brother

Mike T

i’m i the only one who does back and triceps on the same day?

Jamie Lynn

?So I can get ?strong and buff❕@JustMerk

Ice Man

So was just one Bicep variation enough for this workout ? How many sets ? Thank u

Devil 5oh

That carbon fiber track pack gt500 in the back holy shit

Sammy Cuaderno

Your a beast man. Keep up the good work

nord kristal

Full amazing


Boy definitely got big, keep up the work ??‍♂️

Emmanuel Balajadia

That's a cool necklace Merk


Good video ???

Braden Hammond

Merk, I'm trying to lean bulk for the first time and I wanted to know how much of a calories surplus you're in per day. Love the videos.

Jamie Lynn

?I would like to get toned like u❕
I would like a one on one training session with U❕@JustMerk

KingDin TV

How tall are you Just Merk?

Joshua Otero

Hey hope you feeling better, wanted to ask why do you separate cardio from the muscle workout you day?

Bailey Unterwagner

I swear your videos are so high quality. Really appreciate that as a viewer ??

Dan’s Healthy lifestyle

Great workout man but what do I know

EronRichmond 2x

Austin McBroom ass dude??

Aang A.


S ri

Please do more videos regularly! Keep up the wicked videos

A.G.E Fitness

Good motivation before I hit the home gym. ???? Subscribe to my channel y'all lol

David Lert

Bro y’all don’t wear masks?

Mark Molnar

hello the situation is that i don't know english and you can solve it to have a Hungarian subtitle in the video would help you a lot!

Merck emails

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Source: Justice Dept. probe to examine Trump Jr. emails

23 426 views | 11 Jul. 2017

Justice Department Special

Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigators plan to examine the meeting and email exchanges disclosed by Donald Trump Jr. as part of the broader Russian-meddling investigation, according to a US official briefed on the matter.

Alex Gordon

fake news


Yea CNN keep repeating the same thing over and over again and you can train your hard core audience to believe it like trained dogs ruff ruff

Jake L

People with a mind do not believe ur biased bs u try and spread. GIVE UP!

Freddy Travale


Darth Soldier



CNN caught lying again, Lawsuits to follow against there Commentators


Anonymous sources???

Abby Hoffman

CNN got news for you theres a lot of Russian ladies in NYC. Ever heard of Brighton Beach morons. Kind of hard not to meet them.


They can probe all they want. If Drumpf and his campaign didn't do anything wrong, nothing will be uncovered. Like having a sober person blow into a breathalyzer: If there was no drinking, the breathalyzer will show .00% But if he threw a couple back and got behind the wheel, watch out.

Serenity Now

Another big nothing burger. How about Podesta,s 35 million from the Russians? Bill get 500k for a stupid speech. Obama spending millions meddling in Israel's election? Why hypocritical Democrats are the nastiest filthiest people and must be eliminated once and for all. Than they wonder why they keep losing elections. Total disgusting assholes.

David Winters

ha ha waste more time and money. Trump Jr released the emails, the face to face meeting with the lawyer turned out to be about adoption laws. ha ha Fake News fails again.

Logically Brainwashed

This "network" is a joke. Anyone that admits they work at cnn is mentally retarded.

WIll Gitterdone

Fuck YouTube and cnn

d Coleman

They will all be in jail and the Trumpers will still be saying "Fake News"...any day now, just keep holding that vision. ANY DAY NOW they are going down.

Amy Langera



another nothing burger served by cnn, communist news network... #CNNBlackmail
how low will cnn go? check out project veritas

Lord Luke Lightbringer





Fake news network


Why so much focus on Trump's idiotic son? Surely the focus should be on Kushner- they are shielding him...
The dopey son's not in the government and so is the fall guy...

Jack Sprat

Seems all this nonsense is just something for these guys to sit on their asses and investigate. 1 of the 2 that were running got elected. Wasn't like some frigging nobody got elected. Don't see the point in all of this bullshit now.sick of hearing about emails.

Julia Rivera

Dumb as Trump supporters "get over it 'Clinton she is not in the White House . Fake news "I don't think so "The only fake news is Donald Trump and his team. What a shame ...

Paul Crump

woah CNN stop inciting violence against president Trump.

AmericaGreat Perse

Say when investigation produces results. Dont make things up CNN

lib ural


Петр Рябинин Peter Ryabinin

Thank you, CNN! You're reali helping with highn raiting for Vladimir Putin! Bravo!!!

Scott Rance

Now if only they could get ahold of hillary's.And the DNC server because The DNC still has to hand that over to Mueller and they've refused to do so thus far which should tell you all kinds of things that are probably in there.


accept it Trump apologists accept it

Kris Sweeney

Every single American that has the right to vote and believes in democracy needs to vote and to help those that cannot reach the ballot or are being prevented from voting, regardless of political affiliation to cast their vote - ONLY THEN can they call themselves patriotic Americans.

Anyone regardless of party or social standing that supports Gerry Mandering, Voter Suppression or that some people are a drain and better off dead cannot call themselves democratic not patriotic.

I wonder how many of these unique people with a view of the world that could only be described as 'unhinged' are the same person with dodgy hair and a skin tone that an oompa loompa would look at and think 'damn, he's overdone it a bit'.

If you paid attention you would realize that a minority have lied and schemed behind the scenes to gain control of the country using techniques like gerry mandering and voter suppression.

Trump is doing his very best to discredit anyone and any media outlet that doesn't fawn all over him.

Protesters are being arrested and it seems where possible given a criminal record to remove them from the voter pool. https://www.aclu.org/other/voting-criminal-record-executive-summary

Inclusionist policies enacted by prior administrations are overturned.

Protections for the citizens are overturned in favor of big corporate and finance.

Gee, doesn't sound like a democracy or the land of the free and home of the brave anymore.

Yanis Gerard

research ring tribal doll cop last location.

Mad Patriot

How sad the FBI know nothing about it but if I blow a fart they would be at my door how pathetic


like Nelly once said "it's getting hot in here!"

Michelle Stepp


Partner with Christ

Only idiots listen to these LOSERS.


cnn is gross!! eww!


We are fake news.

Count_ Cloud

Don't always believe the news


Fake fake fake, fake fake fake, fake your news yeah! Fake your new yeah! Fake fake. Fake fake! ???????


This story was already proven as fake, I bet it takes a month for a retraction. So sad, but hilarious

Brian Deckard

"We the people" need to do a long overdue anal probe of CNN.

Person McPerson

Don Jr: OHH Treason! I LOVE IT!

Don Sr: He's a quality man!

American people: Robert Mueller, we await you and your team of 16+ lawyers to save the democracy.



Haha anyone see the video of an old guy who punches a (supposedly CNN) reporter trying to intrude on his private property? It was funny

Daniel Read

Fuck your fake news CNN


"I LOVE IT" -Donnie Jr.

Scott Wardle

OMG I love it when CNN believes it has a smoking gun. So let's get this straight CNN: some Russian snake oil lawyer lady wanted to sell some fake Clinton dirt and Jr. bites. Is this the best that CNN and the fake media can do? Oh how the mighty media has fallen.

Michael Lorenz

These two are complete idiots Jr just gave up the whole email chain for all to see a nothing burger - CNN makeup news and these two bias inept no minds are so full of crap

Patriot Containers

FAKE NEWS FUCKERS AT CNN ARE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH but dong lemons has jizz in the mouth

Neil R

Noooothhhhhhhiiiiinnnnngbuuuuurger! Fake news

jrg mty

where are the 33.000 emails from the evil wench server.

Maria 28

CNN = Scumbags

Brett Hobbs

Of course the investigation has to grow broader. They haven't found anything yet, so they have to keep digging.

fahim kabir

Why did they check his finances last year ??


Is Trump going to be angry with Kushner for effectively dragging JR into this situation when he amended his report?

Triet Phan

Lolk at all the Trumptards banging their head against the wall every time CNN does a story that exposes Trump and his administration as liars. Its like a bunch of retards punching themselves about the head and face when they get mad. No one is listening to you and you can't help your loser President get out of the shit he put himself in. But the rest of us are really enjoying watching you retards punish yourselves.

Edwin Zakrzewski Jr

Fuck CNN.
What about Lynch Hillary and the criminal Democrats. The only collusion and traitors are the Democrats.

Icy Grillz

nothing like wasting tax money

catherine michael


Judith Miller

All of the pinheads who parrot the phrase "fake news" every time they hear something they don't like---just like their revered infant-in-chief---and never offering a clue as to what the "real news" is supposed to be---are only succeeding in demonstrating that you don't need a functioning brain to support Trump. The fact that virtually every word that leaves Trump's mouth is a demonstrable lie just adds to the pathetic irony of their "fake news" mantra.


Trump's Russian trolls lie on their security clearance paperwork, then they get caught and want a do over. And it's all good with Conservatives.

Bugsy Siegel

fuck washington and the futile dept.. they r all traitors..
please president trump, hang everybody

Bill Turner

Jail for him too, I guess!!!      LOCK HIM UP


Trump's fortress walls are starting to crumble.

John Dice

Yes, they will look at them...and find nothing. Can you people please stop regurgitating this FAKE news story and actually investigate something that may have actually occurred? Is that too much to ask?


hey CNN, will you blackmail me if i call you a bunch of spineless pussies?

baron hyatt

people don't even look at this me come on the cable nonsense Network they will I so why would anybody even look at it I just looked at it to post this rhetoric

SKLN Pearce

fake news

Cody Legend

Who dislikes before watching

Bill Crowder

What source? Just another back-page retraction next week. #FAKENEWS.

The Hahn


Gary Hicks

Socialist democrats , thinking free Americans want there shit thinking in our minds, F. off you crap socialist democrats..................


Lock him up... Lock him up...

Regan Mangun


Logically Brainwashed

Not surprisingly the cowardly filth at "cnn" has decided to remove top comments from showing up at the top of the comment section. They must've gotten the idea from the young turds.

OneEye Monster


j c

CNN journo terrorists !!!!

Scott Mccarty

what makes you think that anyone believes anything you put forth. weather it is true or false. probably another contrived or misrepresented bunch of crap. why not report on the clinton crime or obama lawlessness.

Filipe FBC


Art person

This is hilarious! Donald Trump Jr. put those emails out there so that there was complete transparency to the american people and CNN along with many other MSM want to make it seem like there is much more going on. #FakeNews #MAGA

ZoZo Jones

I can't wait for all the news stations to shut down

Rick wun


Marcos Juarez

Crooked Donald and his son are the embarrassment of the United States of America. That is why Donald Trump is the vanilla copies of Kwame Kilpatrick and Ray Nagin. InfoWars, Breitbart, The Blaze, and Fox News Channel are the REAL fake news. It's time for Congress to impeach Trump.

Wesley Russell

Donald Trump is the epitome of contradiction. SAD!!! lmfao.

Matthew Guerra

CNN colluded with Donna Brazile to interfere with the U.S. election.

Olympics Gold Medalist Night King

sources? really omg
CNN fake news at it's lowest point
shame on you




Fake News

Skyler Schaffer

ahahahahaha, still getting ratings with Russia eh?


As always CNN is fake news

J Briggs

Hey it fucking damn funny that you can come up with Trump Jr e-mails and his Trump Sr tweets but you can't come up with one of Clinton e-mails.
How about you fucking fucktard start looking in to her e-mails you botches


lol where are the trump trolls now ?

Anyonomus a

CNN is ISIS and Fake News. CNN is to be ashamed of themselves. They're going to be gone within a year or less.

Russian Bot

Don lemon is such a bitch and he's not even in this video

Will Smith

CNN is getting played. A fruitless legal meeting with his son, who 1. was not a member of the campaign and 2. Is not a member of the administration, pales in comparison to the crimes the HRC campaign committed whether that be defrauding the Sanders campaign, their pay for play schemes or massive instances of collusion that have all been documented as a matter of public record. The WH leaked the emails to NYT to cause a stir for this, again, nothing burger. Trump's intention is to entice the media into vastly overplaying their hand in deranged hysterical outrage over the travesty they are now refering to Don Jrs legal meeting. This is all to have the media and establishment back themselves into the corner where after this story falls in on itself, they won't have a choice but to recognize the glaring DNC corruption. The media ignored it but they wont for long...Trump found out at the G20 from Ukraine's leadership (who are themselves hysterical in how sorry they are wanting to mend the now hurt relations) that the HRC campaign colluded on Ukrainian soil with the Ukrainian government officials on government ground, where they used the countries intel agencies to dig up Russian oppo research on Trump. That's end of story their folks. It isnt more stark in outright collusion than that folks.

Be Happy

grasping at straws.

Patricia Jackson

Another Nothing Burger. When will you report actual collusion, interference and crimes of HRC and BHO?

Yep Ubetcha

It's true that all news sources today have a spin however this is true of ALL MEDIA sources today. When it comes to TRUMP and his supporters one thing that must be considered which is as old as emotions - THE TRUTH HURTS. The natural reaction for most is to retaliate, this is a reflex.

Jacob Wilson

Source: CNN is garbage

Future Isscary

What a pain it must be to be a Trumpster troll, the truth just keeps coming out. Must be hard to delude yourself but the Liar-in-chief and his band of deplorables did indeed meet with and collude with the Russians. Especially hard to call this fake news when Junior admitted it. SAD and WRONG

Sean Irvine

fake news × 2!


This comment section is a minefield, turn back now before it's too late...

Merck emails

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2008 Innovation Summit - Mervyn Turner, Merck

99 views | 10 Jun. 2014

Over 25 years of

Over 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals drug discovery, research and development, licensing and business development, emerging markets, strategy development and implementation. Recognized for deep industry perspective and insights, vision, communications skill, ability to lead, and to implement change. Widely traveled with deep global connections within pharmaceuticals sector, biotech, and venture capital. Guided approach to identification of emerging business opportunities in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. A sought after mentor, noted for people skills and personal development of subordinates.