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Pawn Stars: 1934 Rickenbacker "Frying Pan" Steel Lap Guitar (Season 4) | History

1 442 496 views | 30 Jan. 2018

A seller brings an old

A seller brings an old lap steel guitar into the store and Rick tries to bargain him down to a price he won't fret over in this clip from "Honor Thy Father". #PawnStars #RickHarrisonSubscribe for more from Pawn Stars:


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Pawn Stars

Season 4

Episode 18

Honor Thy Father

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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James Darrell

Hahaha....the shot of the security guard!!! Music did definitely NOT soothe the savage beast

Jake Fucking Sucks

the dude that came in said he buys vintage guitars, then said its worth around 2-2500 ... he shouldve made his way over there instead of getting robbed ??


Have they ever bought anything on their own without an “expert” ?


@4:05 chum looking at him like “ plz don’t make me do paperwork lol

David Nuzzi

Pete Townsend threw the guitar and I caught it myself


A new rick bass or guitar will probably cost you like 2 grand

Silver Slingblade

Sounds like the guy did his homework.

Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere

Bad buy Rick, how does it feel to loose all that money in one deal???

No One

Lol u got to be joking me. This thing costs 2,500. There are some modern guitars that cost that much. It should cost way more!

John AJ Sumulong

Plan to sell my Nokia 3210

Kenneth Chambers

IMHO a pawn shop owner is on the same level as a drug dealer. They make a lot of money profiting off the misery and misfortune of others.

Joseph Appleton

Sell or cash ? or not ? win win

Michael Suessmith

Sounded like sponge bob music

Imli Jamir

2:33 ???
Security: ?white people

Eddie Mautone

Can you believe what is going on with this rediculous crap no guitar and or mandolin etc is worth what there asking I play guitar many years. I love it but not this non sense there commiing with


just put it on reverb for god's sake

Matt McBrayer

“I’m hoping to get $2600, but I’m willing to take $1500.”
Get ready to be lowballed into taking $850 buddy

Phet Tumbling

It was a LOSE-WIN. ?%

Tyler Vancho

“Pete Townshend probably smashed 50 a them......a week” that statement couldn’t be more true


1500 is a fair number


Ricks nuts were itching!!!!


how old were you, when the spongebob theme came from this type of guitar:'D

Patrick Thomsen Mantzouridis

No one knows Lemmy??

Today In Idiocracy

I love how everyone wants the max of what the experts say it’s like why would I buy it again where’s the incentive for the shop to buy it people are just way to stupid to understand that

Polo Popolo

Chumlee’s humor grew stale quickly.

Deezee Saivate

It's really cool


1500 actually seems fair


I’m pretty sure you use that guitar with a bottle


Lap steel guitar from 1936
Here lets plug it into a line 6 spider

Chris S



Cashman Drummer

Jesus loves you!!!!!

Jeremy Nothing

Chum: "You could cook an egg on it?"
Rick: *Car engine fails to start*

1tired citizen

"A great buy for the shop" means that Ricky is planning on making a whole lot of money on the deal.
He'll probably make double or triple what he paid the guy.

Louis Marin Renaud

Actually the first electric guitar ever


you just know that guy took it to Jesse's shop first to sell it and he didn't want it, but hey I'll get you on the Pawn Stars TV show. lol

Jacob Raagaard

oh no.....

Neil You Bastard!!

The first electric guitar the frying pan came out in 1932....the Beatles also played Epiphone


I have a line 6?

The One Above All

Jesse can't play slide. He can barely play guitar. Ive had students who've only been play a couple months who can play circles around him.


I wouldn't have negotiated...it sells for 5-7 grand back then.


You say 1500 rick sigh ill give you 300

Samuel Claessens

0:20 Rick lauching is NOT good.... Listen to it!


You can make guitars out of many metallic boxes, like cigar boxes and cookie tins, etc.

juan serrano

Who the F is Mr brown ? Lol

Justin M Dean

I always figured the "experts" called in were experts. This dude talked about a lot of irrelevant Rickenbacker sh!t and did not seem to know that the frying pans are THE first electric guitars—which is kind of the important thing. These people are idiots.

aaron stelmach

2:34 chum hit the nail on the head


Don't worry I have an amp right here on the floor

Norman White

A classic instrument played through a Line 6. That's a sin.

Jordan Mayer

Didn't even mention lemmy. Dislike

Antonio Aglugub

Wow, Jessie is Handsome Tuned. Expect that Guitar Expert on my Philippine Narra Wood Guitar Sell.

Chad Huber

Anyone else think this sounded like the beginning of Spongebob?

Greg Hannon

How did chum stay so enormously fat on all that meth

Still Bill

If memory serves me correctly, this is in fact the worlds first commercially produced electric guitar.


1934 but it can be hooked up to an amp? What?


Rick’s smoker’s laugh is endearing and infectious. But I worry about him and his lungs.


face at 0:49 lmao

Juraj Bessières

pause at 4:06

ökx tån

it's not serious .. it's practically theft.
a historic piece sold off in a pawn shop .. what a pity !

Van Damage

Ricks just a dorky lil dbag that would have never of owned a pawn shop if it weren't for the tough brass of an old man he had.

john basedow

“ the best I can do is blah blah”
“ ricks laugh sounds like a blah blah”
“The show should be called let me call a blah blah”
You guys are all idiots

The Script Writer

That fat bald dude is corruption with a smile.

Elliott Fairbairn

Lol 2500, he could get 500,000

Lazer Lord

Just asking, (and yes, I know this show is completely scripted), why would people not take the stuff they want to sell to the shops of all rick’s “buddy’s” or sell them to someone themselves? Just curious if there’s any advantages at all taking it to a pawn shop and getting less money.

robmartins .robmartins

i would have thought it would be worth 10sof thousands . im surprised.

John Smith

Ok, someone fill me in. What is everybody tripping out about the Line 6 amp. I've never used one, so what is the deal. Is it crap? I mean they just used it to test the guitar. Not put on a concert.


It sounds like a spongebob type of instrument

Oliver C

Freddie Benson really let himself go after iCarly

Jake Tollgaard

I would of gone to Jesse's shop and sold it.

snoop dogg dank kush

Rickenbacker Santa Ana THE BEST. Santa Ana makes the best guitars. And I’m not just saying that because I live there.

Humble Trekker

It’s cash money... is there another sort of money you could get paid. What’s the alternative chocolate buttons?

Otaku Of the Hyuga Clan

The line 6 was just sad, that lap steel deserved so much better

Howard R

That bar itself, a "flatty" is worth $100.00........


Not made by Fender or Les Paul its the real electrical guitar made in 1934




Rickenbacker basses are going for 2 grand or more for a new one, I would be asking for a lot more

Joshua Johnson

Chumlee is low key trippin tho

El Muyu

Is this what sponge bob songs were made with?

SteelersGoingFor 7

Favorite part of the whole show. Chum, I feel like I'm trippin.


he should have sold it to the guitar guy.


1,500 bucks not a PENNY more.


i feel like im under the sea " SPONGE BOB"

D 27

Any more than $2 dls don't make any scence

Clay Chandler

You annoys me about this show is it everything is coolthat's really cool blah blah blah it just gets on my nerve to keep hearing that on every episode


Sounds like the music in SpongeBob

jj a

Trippin on dat meth,???

el orejano

le robaron la guita al gordito, es una reliquia el sartén..

David Geiger

It's a fair deal for both but I did detect a little poker face on Rickbone's face


Prices on this is really low..

David Larson

Pulls out a line 6 lol

King G

Hey chum , you mean you weren't trippen already ???

juan monge

Why doesn’t the guy walk away and go to that Cowtown guy next week? He can probably hook him up with a real buyer.

Nathan Tetreault

mr brown and i got along famously


He later sold it for $3300 :O

Sam Lovatt

Why did I instantly think of Spongebob when he started playing

Tyler Smith

Everyone hits on Rick and says that he scams people but I know that it doesn't because he even tells people when their stuff is worth more than what they're asking people are just ignorant why would you sell something for the same price you bought it for if you're trying to make money

KFarsad hockey

Y. A. Tuttle threw a pass, Mr. Brown and I caught it famously!

CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern

This was the 1st electric guitar ever built

The_ltz_guy Master

This is why I don’t Give people stuff


Man, all these sellers are really good actors! Idk if its really scripted or not lol


1500 i would ask for 3k or more

Steel prices chart

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steel prices charts

26 views | 21 Apr. 2015

steel price chart

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Steel prices chart

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The History of Steel & the Roots of Progress

3 052 views | 10 Oct. 2019

Metallic iron was once

Metallic iron was once the stuff of myth, known only in the form of meteorites. Today, in the hardened form of steel, iron is everywhere. What is this metal that is so indispensable to the modern world? Why is it so hard to make? And how did it go from mythical to mundane? This talk explores the challenges of ironmaking and the solutions humanity has found over the centuries, including the famous Bessemer process that was a watershed of the Industrial Revolution.

Talk by Jason Crawford given at the first SF progress studies meetup, Sep 4, 2019. After the main portion of the talk, he gives brief thoughts on “progress studies”.

This content is also available as a blog post: https://rootsofprogress.org/iron-from-mythical-to-mundane

Mike T.

is this lecture available in the text form?

Archie Hung

This is great, great stuff. You should totally start a podcast. Just this development of iron could be multiple episodes. Even monthly episodes would be great because fans could have the time to promote it around.

Sean Saulsbury

Excellent, Jason. Cheers to your new ventures, you really knocked this talk out of the park. I’m sorry no one asked you about plastic! Love the overview and historical perspective and philosophical, human-progress approach. Surely there is at the very least a career in public speaking and book writing on these subjects and themes.

Post-Lean Institute

This is good.

Louis Le Marquand

If you wanted one metric to measure progress, then look at the fundamental - what do all other measurements of progress rely on, for example what makes progress in infant mortality rates possible - the identification of new scientific knowledge followed by the development of new technologies which incorporate that knowledge into a practical function which will be valued by some. I would argue that fundamentally the thing to measure is individual freedom - the freedom to think and act for oneself in the pursuit of life-serving values. The more we have freedom - freedom from force and coercion - the more scientific research, engineering, technological development and entrepreneurship we have. Just compare the more regulated sectors of industry with the least and compare the rates of innovation and progress. But as an Objectivist I am bias.

Trish OLeary

Informative! Especially for an old English major like myself.

Bla Bla

Given the replication crisis in social psychology and other sciences is healthy to have a dose of skepticism towards science.

Michael Mignogna