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Your first 3 RF LENSES | CANON EOS R

42 140 views | 24 Jul. 2020

With all the new talk

With all the new talk about the EOS R5/R6, there's alot more people joining the EOS R system. Here's three Lenses that should be near the top of your list when looking at the new RF Lenses. Although the EF lenses work great with the adaptor, you unleash the full potential of your EOS R bodies with the RF lenses. Take a look!

First lens: https://amzn.to/34tS8NZ -

Refurbished version - https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/refurbished-rf-24-105mm-f4-l-is-usm-lens

Second lens: https://amzn.to/2OPF52C -

refurbished - https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/refurbished-rf-35mm-f-18-macro-is-stm-lens

Third lens: https://amzn.to/30JvMGP ON SALE!!

Gear Used:

Main Camera - https://amzn.to/2WazIQr

Secondary Camera - https://amzn.to/3eYHT7W

Main Lens - RF 24-105mm - https://amzn.to/34tS8NZ

Mic - https://amzn.to/2U4iilN


My favorite:

Camera - https://amzn.to/2WazIQr

BEST LENS EVER - https://amzn.to/2U2aeCc

best deal Lens - https://amzn.to/3d13HjU

tripod - https://amzn.to/3d09FRN

Microphone - https://amzn.to/2U4iilN

Pro on camera mic - https://amzn.to/38S64Sy

Gimbal - https://amzn.to/39R3oG3

Drone - https://amzn.to/3aX40dI

35mm RF lens - https://amzn.to/2WcAg8w

Powerbank - https://amzn.to/39QUFUp

portable hard drive - https://amzn.to/38OmbR5

backpack - https://amzn.to/2WfzqaT

Camera strap - https://amzn.to/33iOiHe

GoPro - https://amzn.to/2w4K6OZ

GoPro Clamp - https://amzn.to/3cWlSa5

SD Card - https://amzn.to/2ywzObo

Wireless Go - https://amzn.to/3780lZQ

Filter Step Up rings - https://amzn.to/2TvLT88

Tim Godfrey

Just bought the EOS R with 24-105mm F/4 L kit from the recent refurb sale. Very excited as I have been waiting to pull the trigger for over half a year :-). I am upgrading from a T3i kit that came with the 18-55 and 55-250mm lenses. I loved the T3i and basically learned photography on it with great results! Those two lenses pretty much covered 90% plus of what I like to shoot. But now I am trying to figure out the most affordable way to get that 300-400 mm reach on my EOS R. I am leaning toward the EF adapter with a EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is Ii Usm lens as it seems very affordable with good results. But, if there was a 400mm lens that was also affordable, I might go for that. Anyone have any suggestions? I keep thinking they will come out with a RF 70-300, but no word yet.

Dirty Shoes Adventures

I'm seriously looking for a new lens for my EOS R but my budget is nowhere near what I really want. I was leaning towards the 35mm you have on this video but I just saw the RF85mm F2 Macro IS STM on Canon's site. What's your thoughts on this lens? As good or better than the 35mm? I'm wanting something for portraits and macro. I have a 24-240 f4 and really like it but I feel like I could do better as far as lenses go. Any advice would be nice :-)


You stacked 70-200mm Horizontally.

Lyrarakis Lambros

Hey Tony . Nice video as always . What about the upcoming 85mm rf macro lens canon will release in October ? I think this would be also a nice option . :)

Mull deluxe

Nice video! Thanks :) I'm definitely going to be getting the 35 for my R5. Also, here's some production feedback you didn't ask for: Set the composition up and then fold the screen away. Or don't look at it/other stuff in the background. It's kind of like talking to someone while looking at one of their ears: They're eventually going to get annoyed/ask what you're looking at :)

Anthony Martin

Be careful with the R6. It overheats in every 4k mode. You are better off with the R5 as it has two 4k modes with no overheating.

T. Frank

Great video Tony! My first RF lens was the 35mm F/1.8 and I just ordered a refurbished 24-105 mm F4 from Canon a few days ago. Can't wait for it to arrive?

Mike Banks

I’m curious your thoughts on the RF 15-35mm f2.8 since it wasn’t mentioned. Is it just too pricey?

Adil Alsuhaim

I have a EF70-200 f/2.8 IS II, Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC for my EF-mount camera. Moving to RF camera, I probably want to get the 85mm f/1.2

JailBreak Overlander

started with the eos r then the r6 now the r5 and these lenses are solid choices JMO subbed.

Tan Yee Gim

50 f1.2 , 24-105 f4 , 85 f1.2 for me for my RF system, because i focus in portraits photography


My first rf lens was the 35mm can’t go wrong with that one , got the 85mm f1.2 after. The 85mm f1.2 is a beast


hey, good video! My first lens was the 15-35mm and second the 70-200. Im very happy with it. Sometimes i miss the 50mm option, but not so much to spend more money:))


Great video. Own the RF 24-105 and love it. Will also add the 70-200 and 35 soon.

Eric James

RF 24-105 f4 is not good in low or night light. I've been using it for over a year now. Not happy. Getting ready to sell and get a RF24-70 f2.8. If someone can change my opinion please share some links to night footage. Cheers!

Ali Dogan

great video mate

William Maxey

Just picked up my Refurbished 24-105L from Canon Direct for $728.00 + shipping. So far I'm loving it and hoping that the IQ is as good or better than the Sigma 24-105 Art that I have been using. I used to have the EF 70-200 f/4.0 IS but for the type of traveling we do found the EF 70-300L f/4-5.6 to be more useful.

Of The Way Ministries

LOL! That biker! I absolutely love the 24-105. The more I use it, the more I love it, and the more indispensable it becomes. The quality and range almost makes other ranges obsolete if you know how to use them and aren't in need of specific specs. I can carry my 35mm, and the 24-105 in my smaller camera bag for trips and whatnot. Great recommendation of lenses brother; and thank you for all of your help throughout the year.

Your Story Studios

Really clear and helpful suggestions! I'm interested in moving over to RF cameras but it is good to know my 70-200 EF lens will work just fine with an adapter.

Eugenia Loli

For filmmaking (meaning, narratives) with a non-crop R camera, you need these:
1. 24-70 f/2.8 IS (main lens)
2. 70-200 f/2.8 IS
3. A fast 35 or 50 prime for low light and "normal" shots
4. An ultra-wide at around 17mm.
That's all. This covers anything you'd ever need for your short films or features.



First First

Canon Lenses too heavy ...thats not mirrorless looks like should be!
go sony mirrorless buy light lenses 
expensive and heavy lenses not automatically good lenses
look Tamron cheap and small.....and ...... better than sony lenses

Eric Rusch

Glad to hear your endorsement of the 24-105, I preordered the R5 kit and was wavering between spending the extra $1500 on the 24-70 or not for the 2.8 (I might get one later along with the 70-200)

Pavel Shkleinik

'Gear Used' is missing ND filters and step rings. I've recently spent couple hours trying to find some, but manufactures say nothing about the compatibility...

Life's Beautiful

Good job, Tony, although I’m a fan of the 50 1.2L and 85 1.2L. Love the 24-105L as you do and 35 1.8 macro. RF is the way to go. I’m keeping my EOS R and RP for now. Love them both and would like to get to know them better before jumping to the R6

adhy satya

3:00 go to the main topic


Is the 24-105 f4 good enough for low light situation or would you consider getting the 24-70 f2.8 or 28-70 f2 to upgrade from that lens in the future?


My first 3 RF lenses are not even made yet :(
No little 50mm, no 135mm, no 20mm, no 300F4(Macro), no pancakes, no F4 UWA, no 70-200F4.

Niaz Mahmood

Hi, I use a Canon 7Dii with sigma art 18-35mm f/1.8 lens which I love the most. I would like to upgrade my camera body to R6 and sell 7DII. But I would like to keep my Sigma Art lens. I would like to know your feedback about using this lens with EOS R adapter for both photography and videography. Thanks

Shervin Shares - Wellness Technology

what about 28-70 f2.0 ?


Rf 70-200 2.8 is my first professional glass i bought for my EOS-R.

Super Case din Romania

EOS R is over the EOS R6 !


The 50mm RF 1.2 is my baby

Jonathan Lopez

Awesome video i'm about to move over to the R system as well. Question: Does using the ring adapter increase the effective focal ranges of the EF lenses? So if i'm using the EF 16-35mm f4 lens and use the adapter on an R camera body will that 16-35mm now be different?

Christian Lawrence

Great video and great lens. 15-35 also a stunning lens. Can I ask what filters you use. Looking to move away from 100mm set and go magnetic or at least something lighter. Some seem to have vignetting issues at the wider end if filter same size as lens. Thanks ?

Aivars Meijers

I got eos-R with 24-105 f4 as well and love it. What do you think about 15-35 and could that replace 35mm prime in your set?
I have original 16-25 f2.8 and like the focal range, but mot sure yet about the upgrade, because the photo is just pricey hobby for me :)

Christian Ortaliz

I cant wait for a "pancake" RF lens ha... own an RP, hope still a part of your "R family" lol


Pfft... Canon fanboy! SONY4LYF!

Little Britian

I am buying the eos rp canon.
I shoot video & photography which 2 lens do u reccomend for youtube/photography/videos, lightweight & travel friendly.
Rf 35mm for photos
Rf nifty fifty or 85mm for videos?
For day & night use thanks you

Nikolay Klimchuk

Super pricy

Ivan Stewart

I am not a pro tog,. But an enthusiast. I started with the 24-105 F4L. And yes, this is my favourite. My next lens was the 35mm Macro... So i'm with you up until this point. But given the focal range of my 1st lens, I am bypassing the 70-200mm and opting for the 100-500mm L (I'll be getting shot of my beloved 70-200 F2.8L EF). I will be buying me one this coming weekend. Yes it's slightly more expensive, but given the ability of the Canon R mount mirrorless system to easily accommodate higher ISO values, I get more reach for my buck (500mm Vs 200mm) on my full frame. And that can only be good. We agree on one thing though... The R mount glass is fantastic. There is so much potential with it. Rumoured that the glass is designed to resolve with a future 90Mp sensor... We already benefit from the quality.

Anamaria StudioArt

Hello ! Thanks to your review, I decided to order my first lens for my Eos R Canon. I subscribe to your channel to keep up to date with the following videos. I also have a Youtube channel ........ please subscribe !!!


You just need one lens, the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2. More not needed!

Hugo D. Ramirez

Great video... I love macro lenses... Here's my dilema got the eos r as a gift my wife paid 1500.. I do mainly photography but I'm getting interested in video... Should I get the R6 with the kit lens and the 15 to 35 or keep the R and get the 13 to 35 and 70 to 200 ??? first world problems

Purple Panda Productions

Love the videos! Keep up the great work!

Elise Maree

Great video!
Im new to Canon and recently picked up an RP with the basic adaptor and a cheap EF 50mm 1.8 until I could decide on an RF lens! I shoot mostly landscapes but want to get into some family photography! Do you think the 24-105 f4 would be the best option if I don't want to break the budget? My obvious concerns.. low light and bokeh but you mentioned these aren't an issue? Technically, I could afford the 35mm on top too. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Rafael Ludwig

Great video! You are so right, firmware updates for lenses! The whole R system is forward thinking. My Island lens would be the 24-70mm.

Jiajian Hou

What I will get: 85mm1.2, 50mm 1.2, and 70-200mm 2.8. I absolutely hate wide angle lenses.

Kameren Butler

this was very helpful!! I am trying to buy a EOS R right now and I am definitely going to get the kit lens first
then the 35mm!

Noli Șerban

I have the 24-105 f4, 35mm f1,8 and I want to buy the 85mm f2 macro instead the 70-200 f2,8, because 70-200 is too much expansive. This kit is enough for the moment. With 35 and 85 I can cover the 50mm and 135mm for video with crop

Dee Bea

My first 2 RF lenses are the 28-70 f2 , and the 85 1.2 DS :) got both on really good sales in anticipation of the R5 months ago :) I am planning to sell a few EF lenses before making any more purchases, I may try to keep using EF until the 14-28 f2, and I am curious to see how people rate the 70-135 f2 compared to the 70-200 and decide down the road :)

Eric Gauthier

Nice suggestion...???


I sold my RF 24-105, lacks nice enough bokeh, slow AF, not a fan of the zoom range and sharpness isn't what I expected from an L series lens, picked up the RF 15-35, 28-70 and 70-200.

Christopher Albone

Can't believe I have only found your channel today. BUT, I think your channel is great - subbed. I got the EOS R in early 2020 and have been playing with it all year (and am still learning). I too love the F4 24-105 lens but am looking to get some more this year.

Staecy Escobar

I'm looking to buy the eos r as my first camera ever. I see you recommend the USM vs the STM. Is there a reason? I'm just trying to figure which lens is best for me.

Mike Smale

Great video, thanks for sharing! Sold me on the 24-105 when I pick up my R6 next month.... don’t worry, the 70-200 is also on my list too. Thanks again!

Alan Priest

My first 3 RF lenses... 24-105mm, 35mm and Samyang RF mount 14mm MF

André Silva

Hey Tony, great video. I picked up an EOS R very recently and for the first time ever I picked it up with the 24-105 and I am absolutely blown away by it. It is SO SHARP, and focuses so well, i'm having so much fun with it. Also, the IS is unbelievable, even today I got a 105mm shot at 0,4'' and it was SHARP.
I have always carried arround my 16-35 as my main for everything but I'm in love with the 24-105 at the moment. Can't wait to pick some other RF lenses in the future, i'm personally waiting for a 70-200 f4


Good video as usual T. I have the RF 35MM 1.8. I'm going to look into the 24-105 RF after this video. Stay safe man. PEACE from ATL ✊???

David Kirk

Great video again Tony. Still considering the upgrade to the EOS R5 in the next year, Happy enough with the "kit" RF 24-105 f/4L. Using the EF 16-35mm f/2.8 and the EF 100-400 via adapters. After catching some of your previous videos I think I'm leaning more to the RF 15-35mm for seascapes (that little bit wider will be handy for capturing views of the St Monans Zig Zag Pier and some other locations on the East Neuk of Fife). I did have some other questions and the folk over on Canon Live Chat - https://www.canon.co.uk/canonlive/live-chat/?utm_campaign=livechat&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=bigpicture
are still really helpful, taking advantage of the free Test Drive Promo in the UK. Though I see CPS USA also has an evaluation loan system too.


Amazing review, i was thinking to upgrade to R range and now im more comfident knowing the differences between R and EF. Thanks for uploading.
I also found out that Canon has a live chat service and people are really helpful there so in case somenone has more questions on the upcoming R lenses you can also text them directly and ask.


Jake Tandy

Was gonna get the rf adaptor with the the filter but thanks for the heads up!


Great video, this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for as an R owner. The 24-105 is so good that I'm struggling to motivate myself to get any of the other great lenses. Both the 35 and 70-200 are top of my list. Hey I love your b-roll footage especially the low light stuff


but if u already have the 24-105 lens, isn't having the 35mm a bit duplicative?

Levs Ragasa

Wow I already got the 2, 24-105 and 35 rf..really leaning on getting the 85 1.4 RF Samyang (hope you can grab one and review it would be very helpful) then get the 70-200 after I made enough savings..Thanks for the tips a always..Keep em coming ??

Gerardo Rodriguez

How far can you go with the ISO with the Eos R? I've seen some videos say 6400 but the people in the comments sometimes disagree.

Eric Leszkowicz

I am actually going with this lineup but adding the 85 f2 as well. The 35 mm should work well and being able to make it a 50mm with the 1.6 crop is a win-win.

ThinkVlog_ 4Life

I'm so close to buying the Canon eos R, 800.00 dollars more and I'll buy it... So I should be able to get it by Feb :)


I agree with the 24-105. I have every RF lens from the 15-35 to new 800 (and all in between) and the 24-105 is my everyday go to Lens. Its on my camera more than any other. But I disagree on the 35. its noisy, its NOT a Macro, it is a 1:2, its macro in name only, 1:1 is true macro, so so just ok lens. I do own it, but it is shelf ware, hardly touched. I would say, outside of the kit 24-105. I would suggest a 15-35 as the next one. Its amazing how many times you will find yourself grabbing the 15-35. I would suggest the 100-500 as the 3rd one. the 70-200 is a portrait and medium zoom lens that is a very specific type of lens, when they come out with a 70-200/4 maybe, but for now the 100-500 gives you more than double the zoom range for the same cost, and since your "first three" lenses you aren't going to be professional at this point, the 3 I suggested will give you from 15-500 in zoom range, those 3 and you can do anything.


wow i was thinking about buying the sony a7iii - but wwatching your video makes me think about the canon r a lot :)

Owen Hall

I got the 24 to 105 rf and rp and i absolutely love it!

Lunar Strike

My eos rp came with a 24-240 zoom lens ? got it for 500 all together can’t complain


Im goin for the EOS R6... will ibis still work if I use an adapted sigma 24-70 f2.8 on it?

Collin Redden

I’m from St. Louis too, cool! Thanks for the video!

Nichole Thao

I have the kit lense as well and thinking of grabbing the affordable prime lenses next but I can't decide? What would you recommend?

35 f1.8 & 85mm f2
35 f1.8 & 50mm 1.8
50mm 1.8 & 85mm f2 (would it be too similar?)

Or all three or one of these and save for the 70-200


for talking head videos in a small indoor room, would the 24mm-105mm L lens be suitable or would be the 35mm be better?

Ramón Peñuelas

Nice video, what your opinion on the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM?

Glenn Wilson

I do a lot of landscape, so I love the RF 15-35. It's not for everybody, but it's been great for me. 100% agree with the 24-105 and the 70-200.

Anthony Martin

There adapter is not that big and several RF lenses are big and bulky. Put the 28-70 f/2 on and you will see what i mean. It would be a mistake to buy a 70-200 if you never use that focal range, so i think it is a mistake to recommend that as a starting lens. The 35 is a great deal and so is the refurb 24-105 f/4 on sale. I would go really slow on that 70-200 unless i knew for a fact i would be using it a lot. For example, some folks may find they enjoy wildlife, so the 1-500 RF would be way better and it costs the same. If someone sprung for that sweet looking 70-200 f/2.8 RF, they may be cash depleted for what they really want, that 1-500 RF. That person would be hurt by your blanket recommendation. The fact is, it really depends and it depends more as the price goes up!

Ryuzaki GG

I was thinking of getting the 85mm 1.4 for my Canon R, any reasons as to why I shouldn't? I can't quite afford the RF 85 1.2 and do not think the 85mm F2 is a good compromise.

Panhandle Gear Demos

Thanks for this video! Let me ask you this. I have a canon ef 24-70 f/2.8 L 1st version - I’m have weird issues with it jittering when shooting video. I really want to replace it and was hoping the rf 24-105 f/4 was better at focusing specifically for video. Or I also thought about getting the ef 24-70 f/2.8 L II


tegis photography

Hi Tony, for still photography only, I had been using 24, 35 & 135mm primes (with my Sony system) largely for my interest in portraits and events. But I at times found it very cumbersome to change lenses. Meanwhile decided to get back to Canon system (planning to get an R6) So thought will pick up a 24-70 f2.8 (would blindly go for 24-105 but not sure of subject separation and low light flexibility 2.8 gives). But now been seeing a lot of 28-70 f2 reviews. So would you suggest 35+(70-200) combination or 28-70 f2 to start off say if we look at a budget of $3000. Or would you encourage me to dare a 35 + (24-105)? Thanks.

Betty Swallocks

I bought an R as a retirement gift, c/w the 24-10 f4 kit lens, which seemed a no-brainer. My first FF digital camera. It’s a really nice camera to use and the lens is extremely versatile. It’s the one I use most of the time. Add an extension tube, and it’s a reasonable ‘macro’ performer. I later bought the 70-200 f2.8 and later again the 15-35 f2.8, both of which produce some stunning results, even in my hands. The 70-200 has very close native focus, but add an extension tube and the ‘macro’ results are really good. I’m now waiting for the “unique” macro lens that Canon promised when the R was launched, for true macro. It’s a little disappointing that the 2 x teleconverter does not work with the 70-200, but perhaps there will be another solution eventually. The only other lens that I would like would be a native RF wide-angle zero distortion lens from Laowa, rather than their current 12mm offering, which has been adapted from an older lens.


My first 3 RF Lenses: 28-70mm F2, 70-200 F2.8, 85mm F1.2.

Timeless Creations

So I put the RF 15-35, 28-70, and 70-200 in my cart and went to purchase them.. with tax and shipping it was almost $10,000

Peter Ebel

#1 2.8 70-200
#2 2.8 70-200
#3 2.8 70-200

And yes, the kit lens 4.0 28-105

Never forget all the other great RF glass!

Jon Fairhurst

A nice 2-lens setup at a lower cost keeps the 35mm lens and uses the 100/2.8L IS II macro for the telephoto range. You get f/2.8, IS, and a super clean image with virtually no distortion. It’s great for portraits and you get the added advantage of macro for those ring shots. It’s also black, so it’s stealthier than the 70-200. (I’ve shot with the EF 70-200/2.8 L IS on the street, and it felt like a big, heavy neon sign. The smaller size of the RF is a big deal.)

Alternatively, for video or landscapes, use the 16-35/2.8, rather than the 35 prime. For video, it solves the tight space problem. Could get the group shot at a wedding. But it doesn’t solve the low light problem.

Anyway, the three recommendations are good and can be adjusted for need and budget.

Gian Luca Fulgoni

Great Video. I’m completly agree. I have the first two lens and I will buy the 70-200 with the moltiplicator X2 adapter.


For my R6, I have the same 3 as you recommended. Totally agree on the list. Nest purchase is Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM


So my first 3 RF lenses(while I wait for my backordered EF/RF adapter) is the 24-240, 35mm 1.8 and Samyang 14mm 2.8 manual focus.

Im trying to make photography a second career being unemployed for 6 months. I purchased an RP simply to launch me into RF lenses. I'll invest in a better body soon.


As an amateur shooting for approximately 6 months, I initially jumped in with both feet into the RF system.
Learning how to shoot on the Eos R and RF 50 1.2 was really great.. IQ and bokeh is truly spectacular.
My second lens arrived last week the RF 28-70 F2 - looking forward to testing that out in the coming days. No regrets with choosing Canon and RF glass.

Honest Fred

Appreciate a youtuber still giving out info on EOS R

Where can i buy eos

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EOS Buy ?, EOS on 40$ ?

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EOS = jjangkkae coin, trash coin


What do you think about eos like 15 day?


EOS ====>scam

Where can i buy eos

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Canon EOS R vs EOS R6 Stills Photo Comparison

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Canon EOS R vs EOS R6 for

Canon EOS R vs EOS R6 for Photography Comparison

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Gear I use:

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►Rode VideoMic Pro http://amzn.to/1R50AGJ

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The Michigan Show

You said R5 at 6:36....misspoke or did you throw in the R5?


Thanks to everyone for checking out the video I was feeling a little sick when filming it so I apologize for that!
If you want to download all the original unedited photos for your selves you can here: https://mega.nz/folder/rA5RWD4J#bUXU1upkMts8wL6SvrSxRQ


Bro 5d mark iv and canon r6 and EOS R and Sony a7iii which one is best for wedding photography and long term use


ممكن توفر لنا ترجمة للعربي ؟


This is really useful. You and the guys over at Chanon Live Chat have made up my mind: https://www.canon.co.uk/canonlive/live-chat/?utm_campaign=livechat&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=bigpicture

Suresh sure

To me Eos R looks sharp compared to R6

Ashston Kristoff

Dude it definitely will be less grain on the r6 as you have larger pixels, high megapixel cameras often are more grainier than a small megapixel cameras just remember that ??

jeremy pinder

well i want a good camera that's full frame one that takes great pictures and video. i was told to buy this camera so i want to know a lot about this camera. i want to buy the tamron 24-70 and the tamron 35-150. you said it's only good for taking pictures and not for shooting video. well please tell me a good full frame camera please so i can check it out.


It looks as though the R was being zoomed in a little bit more than the R6 during the comparisons. Am I wrong?


I keep seeing you "here the r6 is much sharper" but it just isn't true ... at higher ISOs you see more noise manifested in the image but the image is still shaper on the R it's just noisy ... so when you do what you actually said and take these photos in a studio environment, or any environment where you are actually controlling the light so you don't have to blast the ISO up the images coming out of the original R are significantly sharper. I understand the R has an AA filter but it isn't the same as the AA filter we would see for instance in the mk3. I have both of these cameras and several sony bodies and there are many instances, again with the lighting correct, that I prefer the images coming out of the R and it almost fools me looking at them side by side with even an A7RIII

Chalad Puntprai

thank you for this comparison


Thanks for the video, this really helped me to be more confident in my decision to order the R6 with the lower megapixels.

Merry Christmas

But the R6 does have an aa filter...

Bill Beverly

It would be interesting to compare the Canon 1DX iii to the EOS R6 since they have the same sensor. Is the image quality the same? Obviously with the 1DX you are paying for build quality and weather proofing, but is the image better in the 1DX??

John Moon

You're using the cheapest L lens on the R versus the RF lens on the R6. Your comparison is very misleading.

Sotthea Phoeurng

Once both cameras zoom in, eos r seem to be bigger or more zoom in than eos r6. Is it because of the 10 megapixels different?

Mike Mena

AWESOME COMPARISON. People are probably really looking at the r6 for upgrade too! I know I’m looking at the R6 closely. Please do some 1080 video tests too! PLEEEASE. If there is a big improvement in 1080, I’ll will buy immediately! But no one has tested r6 1080 that I’ve seen


Please make a video comparison with these two cameras!!! Cinematic

Mayank Nimbalkar

For Wedding, Fashion, Travel and Events photography I should buy Canon Eos R or R6 ?

L Zuo

If you just look at the full pictures, R looks a lot sharper than R6 at low ISOs. At high ISOs, R6 looks sharper. You should ignore his detailed comparisons, as those are not fair comparisons -- he magnified R pictures more, so they look less sharp than they truly are. He is favoring R6 in those detailed comparisons! Knowingly or unknowingly. He is also giving R6 the RF lens and R the EF lens. If you read the reviews, you would know the RF lenses are sharper than the EF lenses. So he is favoring R6 again! Knowingly or unknowingly. Examine the pictures yourself, don't just trust the words from others.

Michael Siino

Thumbs down for this one, as much as I appreciate the comparison there is a notable difference in the size of the R6 photos and if they were enlarged I do not feel there would be the same sharpness you are seeing. Just my opinion but I do think you are trying to make the R6 look better than it truly is.


5d mark iv and r6 and EOS R and Sony a7iii rp which one is best for wedding photography and long term use

Tony Capo

Great video been waiting for a comparison like this, glad to see the R6 doing so well

Marco Borghini

Scale eos r photo to 20mpx and you will have the same noise of r6. Bye

Kasra Afzali

Thank you for the comparison. Very helpful!
Regarding sharpness and noise performance, the pictures need to be scaled similarly to be able to make that comparison (and I know LR automatically zoom to 100% on both images, but I’m just saying...)

Canon R has 50% more pixels than R6. That’s more both information and a higher signal to noise ratio. At the pixel level, R may appear to have more noise, but it also has much more information. If you compress those 30mp to 20mp it most probably has on par, if not better, noise handling.


I’ve watched countless videos for both these cameras recently and I have never even been so close to being so sure which camera I’d rather have. Thank you so much for doing the photo comparison because 98% of videos for these cameras for some reason are only or mostly about video and I really appreciate a photo comparison!! That R6 is just amazing in low light which is my thing and to know now about the 30% drop in resolution because of the anti aliasing i feel as long as I can get the money together it’s a no brainer!!!!!!! Thanks!!!


I am so confused!!! all the way up to 3200 iso Eos R was clearly sharper to my eyes. you guys should really look again! normally all your money making shots are at lower iso. you don't go around shooting at 12k or 25k iso and make prints!!! R6 better technology, but its image quality at low iso, does not distroy Eos R.


Great comparison. Are you able to do a comparison of image quality/ for stills of the R6 and R5. And would you be able to photograph more than one subject; an actual live subject would be nice - model/ animal.

Clyde Laya

2 card slot and af tracking is a better choice since they are almost similar


Thank you ? A Dynamic Range Comparison would have been great too

Nhat Le

More megapixel means more details. No anti-alias - sharper. So maybe shooting at like f8 scene with more details is better test.

Paul Goodwin

THANK YOU very much for this review. You took away any doubts that I had in giving up megapixels (EOS RP) in order to have a better video camera. I wasn't doubting the video of the R6 but I questioned going to only 20mp for stills. You cleared that problem away completely. Looking forward to being an R6 owner. Thanks again!

mark rigg

You need to fix your video mate because the R6 does have an AA filter! Dont leave that critical mistake up for viewing.


Think you deleted the first comments. It was about zooming in the pictures. You zoomed the R pictures more than the R6 pictures therefor not a good side by side comparising. Intention is good but execution not so good. Thanks anyway.

Jonny Hill

Hey man! Love the vid and you def slowed down a bit which I feel makes it easier to digest when listening! Loving my R6 so far, definitely see improvements over my R.

DualSport_ Rider

Thanks for the video. Small critique, change your aperture to something more narrow. Having the product in front of you out of focus is distracting and feels a bit odd. Save the shallow DOF for isolated product shots or headshots without a product.

vic placido

Trading my r for the R6 tomorrow and I’m now more excited.

Austen Mathieson

Different lenses used. RF glass is much better.


Should be made clear - the EOS R can indeed do 8 fps, but not with AF tracking. It can only do up to 5 fps with AF tracking. The R6 can do 12 fps with AF tracking. That's an even more significant difference.

Miljan Lakic

Hello, R6 DOES have AA filter, it's just isn't as super quality one like on 1dxiii...

fotosdabahia gm

Tbones, ótimo trabalho, interferi em algumas respostas ao pessoal para falar de uma nova propriedade das R5 e R6 que uniformiza os ruídos e tornam as fotos em alto ISO muito mais aproveitáveis, além da diferença do filtro AA acredito que esta diferença contribua bastante na qualidade das fotos com os ISO acima de 3200.


just got my R6, what no ones mentioning in comments is the reduction in viewfinder lag. which is huge for me, i didnt like how the R and RP felt sorta sluggish.


If you resize the R files to R6 resolution ... R wins ...


One is more cropped in, cmon now


Should try increasing the DoF on your camera used to record your videos. It's distracting to have the cameras out of focus the entire time. Otherwise great video.


Only wedding photography best camara eosr or r6

Sotthea Phoeurng

What ? Canon EOS rp $2,600?


Make R6 vs R dynamic range comparisson...2-3-4-5 stops exposure recovery :)


When are you getting the EOS R5 in to compare it to this?

Chad Balonick

I'm finally making the leap into full frame mirrorless. My 90d will be taking a backseat to the r6 that I've ordered. I also ordered my first RF lens (70-200 2.8). Absolutely fantastic comparison video. I love your channel.


Thank you for doing a video about the stills abilities of the new canons. All anybody keeps talking about is the video capabilities. As a stills shooter, I appreciate this greatly.


Thx for this video! I would be interested in an R5 versus R6 comparison. Also an R to R5 comparison.


Amazing comparison video. Pointed out the key differences perfectly, now im more confident to make a choice between the two !
Although in case someone has more questions to ask you can also visit Canon’s live chat and ask people from Canon directly . https://www.canon.co.uk/canonlive/live-chat/?utm_campaign=livechat&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=bigpicture


00:27 R6*

Michael Atherton

I have an R6. High ISO is stunning. Last night, for fun, I took a photo at ISO 25600 of a street sign using the EF 100-400 4-5.6 Mark II at 400mm 1/20 th second hand held. Even well cropped the image is completely usable. The IBIS must be complementing the EF lens even though it is supposed to assist more wth RF lenses.

James Blake

In order to see the true difference in noise between the two sensors, both images need to be viewed at the same size.
The R6 images were a good bit smaller than the R, you need to enlarge the R6 photos so they match the R, and the difference in ISO will not be as noticeable.

Donald Schultz

This is definitely the comparison video that I was looking for. I’m looking to move into mirrorless soon and I think the R6 is the right move.

JerSeattle 07

LOL triggering my dust freak out leaving lens off

Ranjit KR

R6 has build in heating feature and eos r with no heating feature ..there is not much of a difference ,buy eos r and invest in professional rf lenses.

John D

The R6 most certainly does have an anti-aliasing filter

Alpha and Omega


Paul Taylor

This is a bizarre conclusion. Because the R6 has better high ISO noise handling it's a far superior camera for stills? I don't believe this is a correct conclusion.

Jorda n

I wish you’d talk about skin tones


0:08 There is no comparison. R6 destroys the R.

Ben Wurst

R6 does indeed have a low pass filter in front of the sensor...

Rakesh Balhara

its better to compare raw files, all we conclude is that R was doing less noise reduction in default mode compare to R6

Ilchyshyn Art

you're zoomed in more on the r than the r6. Of course it will look sharper when its further away on zoom.

Timo Timoson

According to this test, I see clearly the EOS R as the winner. I am photographer for over 45 years, including more than 20 years professionally.

Ryan B

The R6 does have an AA filter. It’s just not as sophisticated as the one in the 1DX3. There is a difference.

Ryan B

R6 has noise reduction baked into the raws. Unfortunately.

AKlaas van Dalen

And the EOS 6D, also 20 MP and no antialiasing filter. Still good enough??

castiel vargasTV

To me the ar looks better so the r6 is not really an upgrade in picture quality


Real world in the field comparison shots would be better then \sun \glasses and old camera. \nice comparison video however.

emptyandsee photos

You're Misspelling EOS r as RP & r5

Pat Bollin

Super comparison! Thanks. I really wish I could see the difference in a few more images though. Especially a head shot.

Dosam _

I would be interested to see how the R6 does with long exposure Photography. Will there be noise will it overheat?


Nice comparison for iso performance, the r6 clearly a good step forward.

Would be interesting to see the same scene but shot over and underexposed to see how both sensors compare with highlight and shadow recovery ?

Deyan Georgiev

Any chance you upload the raw files, please? I’m really torn if I should get r6 or 2nd eos r.

David Mitchell

You said R5 instead of R and few times. Not a big deal, just fyi. Great video. Thanks!


Every time he said the R6 was sharper I thought the R was sharper.

Ranjit Koothuparambil

Not much of a difference, lower price on eos r wins

Steven Smith

What??????!!!!!!! The AA filter robs 30% of the sharpness from the EOS R? I find that hard to swallow. I have seen tests of the 5DS and the 5DSR and the differences in image resolution were very minor, almost negligible, and certainly not 30%. ...or am I comparing apples to oranges? I'd like to see a test that proves your statement or at least a reference. But the R6 is better for low light and if you do weddings, two card slots is a must.

Levsky 18

Of course canon eos R ?

Aryn Nakaoka

$2499 - $1799 = $700 right?

Kenneth Lui

Nice comparison. I believe both R5 and R6 have an anti-aliasing filter, but an improved version. Did you resize the image of the R to the same size as the R6 for the comparison. I am not expert. I think resizing is needed for accurate comparison.

Michael Thomas

The newer camera is producing marginally sharper, cleaner pictures (at normal ISO numbers); than the older camera. The EOS R is the better value for money unit, it's only real disadvantage is the single SD card slot, which cannot be changed.


Ridiculous bias in his voice tone. Objectively, the R was sharper at lower ISO settings. The R6 at higher and that is obvious, similar to the original 6D that was also only a 20MP. That aside, the R6 offers a lot of upgrades. Is it worth it? You decide.

Dominik Meier

I want the R6... but what should I do with my eos R?

Brandon Charles Productions

The R6 is amazing in low light. Thanks for the comparisons. Check out my recent eos R video if you get a chance.

Ahmed Hindawi

IBIS and Animal Eye AF are big factors for me to choose the R6 over the R.

Ann Van Breemen

As an R user I was interested in the comparison. You have convinced me it's worth upgrading. However you do need to check your facts a little more. The R6 does have an AA filter.

Gary Doncaster

Great little comparison, I spoke to the Canon Live Chat the other day and ordered an R6, can't wait to receive it. If anyone else needs advice I would highly recommend https://www.canon.co.uk/canonlive/live-chat/?utm_campaign=livechat&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=bigpicture


I want that R7

murali kumar

Get your numbers right !

Manal obidallah

I received a Canon 5d iv camera last week, but a lot of people said I sell the camera and buy a better Canon R. Is it worth selling the 5d iv and taking the R, I hope you will answer me very confused?


At ISOs below 6400, I think both R and R6 look so close together that there is no difference. I could not tell a difference without pixel peeping.

Стас Грищук

unfortunately R6 for video in travel and reportage sucks ( canon will not solve overhiting (((

Salvatore Celoro

hello congratulations for the video. can you make an image comparison between Canon R6 and Canon 5D Mark IV? currently have the same price and I am undecided on which to buy ... I specify that I am the owner of several EF lenses


I loved the lighted plant in the background. Can you share the link to buy?

Weezy G.

I recently switch to the EOSR and got 2 already, dont know if I want the hassle of sellung them and grt the R6, the old R still pretty good tho.