One world currency

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One World Currency same as Keynes at Bretton Woods, Fed Jerome Powell Speed to Market CBDC, Japan

18 702 views | 20 Oct. 2020

Brian Books, of the OCC

Brian Books, of the OCC has us "imagine" one global token to transact.

Fed's Powell: More important for U.S. to get digital currency right than be first. In any development of a cross-border digital currency, it is more important for the United States “to get it right than be first,” U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said on Monday.

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Thank you so much for watching.


Honestly we are all SPECULATING. Even the most avid of XRP believers must leave room for the possibility that they are wrong

Dakota Shipley

Thank you, ERI. Hopefully we will hear more on this "Global Stablecoin" thing going on. hmmm... Japan is so beautiful. Thank you!


?? Brooks is a XRP maximalist ????


@Eri: What is so difficult with the implementing of CBDCs?

Henri de Proms

1 global interoperable stable coin = XRP !!


You’re on some Darren Moore Jr shit.



Rob Nowlin

Yes, one global token, a digitized RMB/Yuan the next world's reserve currency.

Fo' Sho' it's PeteR O'

Eri you’re in the olympics??!

Donald Duck

$589 XRP will truly be life-changing in the next few years.....

Gennadi Bokov

More "cyberattacks"= BULLISH FOR XRP, BABY


This Bancor idea is the reason I believe it will be illegal to hold xrp. How else could they prevent it from immediately becoming the global currency?

Ronney McCarthy

Ok, maybe I'm slow but Ripple/XRP eliminates friction and frees up currency sitting idle. XRP is a single token that will provide liquidity on both sides that will allow you to cash out to the local currency, without exchange fees as Brian mentioned. Brian also mentioned a killer app, a stable coin is not a killer app unless you are talking about a decentralized stablecoin like Dai.
RippleNet is a killer app. Brian never said a bridge currency is not needed he described a bridge currency in my opinion.


Xrp will be ?

Rashim BWealthy

Of course. A global bridge. XRP

Channing Smithson

Always well done. When Brian talks it makes me think he’s talking to the XRP/XLM community.

Spartac Gurghis

Enjoy your life, coz it is too short!


Eri, thank you for the amazing work you bring to our XRP community, facts, knowledge, and appreciations!

Spartacus 1

If you look at the image on the coin it's the same as steller lumens coin. Funny how that works.

Sticky Kitty

Hey Eri!

Hope you are well! ? ? ?

Alex Ross

Call me crazy, but he's describing xrp to a tee? It's exact and repeatedly stated primary use case? Am I missing something?

Benny Ricko

Hi crypto Eri...i got the solution to the offline question..you sign up to xrp, and get something like a choice for your account of an xrp "offline loan limit". Maybe 1--3000$, 4000-10000$ and so on. Who knows how xrp would work out those details, but it would be with you when offline and would take from that offline mini loan, which when back online would be taken out of actual xrp for the amount spent on mini loan. If it was more than the xrp you have, xrp just puts you on some automatic pay back plan....anyway thats my idea.

Jon Dow

I'm seeing less and less a use case for XRP. I never thought I would say that but I think it's time to start deversifying ...and quick. Regulations (or lack of regulations) killed XRP.

Lot's of this and that

INFINITY = number of Shitcoins that can be invented.

Michael Murray

Tim Draper said that blockchain will create a future World without boarders and a World without the bullies running everything! Hence Bitcoin! Ripple say’s impossible because the bullies(banks/regulators)will shut it down! I believe Brain Brooks was saying in a perfect World, one currency is the perfect solution. But we definitely don’t live in a perfect World! That’s the problem with having one global currency! How do you get everyone to agree on it? Ripple wants a level playing field yet their solution allows every Nation to remain sovereign!

dude smart

One Global Currency equals Satan

The Dutch Pancake

I don't know how to think about a global stable coin. I live in Europe, so I use the Euro. The Euro has it's problems with inflation rates in different country's. Lot's of disagreement on that, all politics.
Therefore I can't image a global stable coin. A system with a bridge currency sounds much more easy to implement.


??Thank You ERI !!???

Nick Herbert

At first glance I want to agree with King Soloman, but the phrasing Brian used doesn't make much sense for either a global CBDC or a bridge asset... "Cash it out for your/my local currency without the need to change it"... What?! The very act of "cashing out" IS changing the value representation (CBDC/XRP to local currency). Either option doesn't make much sense. Everything Brian said before that could be applied to either CBDC or a bridge asset. Additionally, what he said after equally applies to both options. It's definitely confusing.

The only draw I see for the G20 for example to go this route is if the US willing to forego their stronghold on the global reserve and become a member of this pool within a CBDC, while the other G20 nation's go along to possibly increase their standing by being associated. Still runs into the problem of being tied down to a pool of nations rather than a decentralized, neutral asset. It's better than just 1 nation being the reserve, but not the best possible option IMO.

DogeToshi BakaMoto


Alice Incognito

I hold XRP and 0xMR


Big fan of Lynette Zang . happy customer.


Thank you for sharing! I love those japanese gardens. I had an akita and she was magical.. my baby bear... my nikita (looked like a panda).

Tom Kuster



Good Job crypto Eri! your shovel has a good nose lol.

Steve Crypto

Thank you Eri! A double dose of you is always a treat!

XRP Liquidity

China has a few big criminals at the top but the US has hundreds of them and they all want their share!


Libra is Bancor. ?

freeman free

is qfs system better than crypto?

Blitz 62

XLM is the global stable coin.. Why do people keep thinking XRP and XLM are going head to head? They both will be good investments just have to hold at least thats what I think. XRP: Also known as Ripple, XRP is a global payments network built on blockchain that is marketed at international banks. XRP itself is the native currency organizations can use to represent flat currency, cryptocurrency, commodities, or any other unit of value. Ripple is one of the oldest examples of open payment protocols using blockchain, but there is a laundry list of companies with different APIs, platforms and distributed payments networks. Stellar is filling in the missing piece banking the unbanked. Also find it interesting that people have been saying Ethereum can be referred to as the backbone of the NEW Internet. And Bancor might actually be Libra..? It's a basket of ERC-20 tokens. IDK there's too much stuff going on lol regardless interesting times lie ahead.


Buy Theta Ethereum and Bitcoin ?

Linda Copping

Seems like there is some feet dragging in the 'powers that be' gang and thus the confusion and stalling. And I think that is coming from the US and FED as they stand the most to lose, but, I have seen videos of President Trump saying there must be a level playing field, and is in agreement with the rest, the problem seems to be the FED and whatever elites are behind them.

Tru eno

It seems that there is a lot of people trying to discourage the notion that XRP will moon. Looks like the prediction that most people will sell off at $10 might have some substance to it. But, just remember what happened with bitcoin.... Be strong, hodl long

Alan Dunstan

Without knowing the full potential of what certain Assets are capable of, I'm of no help with what Brian Brooks said. Great video Eri ??

Silver LTC

Keynesian economics blows.

Austrian economics is the Way forward.

Jason bcn

They have all done. They can start any given time. Smoke screen. 2021 it will all be confirmed... we are there all .... justrequire official confirmation

Darwin Lim

i'm guessing there's not going to be one global currency. maybe a couple one for b2b one for p2p etc? and from how it's going goverments are like going... who's gonna be the central governing body of the Central stable coin? its gonna take a long while for all countries specially the superpowers to agree on one governing body. i'm sure their not gonna just trust on the blockchain technology.

kwadwo osei

The whole world is a stage...


It isn't perplexing at all unless you believe everything they say. Do we really think that we have not been working on a cbdc for the US? Really? We are going to let go of the global reserve status while idly standing by watching China and asia? Was Ripple not 3.5 years ago on the feds faster payment task force? Were they not then on the shaping commitee? The US has been on this for 4 years at a minimum. Now, for those liberals who want the US to fail in the name of "inclusivity", it is easy to accept what one hears if it supports their beliefs and agenda.


It's okay, the government and the Fed will control the "animal spirits". Until they can't..

Crash & Edy

The Feds are intentionally stalling because they have everything to lose. The reserve status is taken away, not given away. Of souse they want to study and analyze and assess risk as long as possible to keep the reserve status. And for God’s sake don’t let anyone know that banks as we know them are obsolete. They are tools to manipulate and control and keep people indebted as much as possible and they will continue to do it as long as society lets them.

william whitmore

I think maybe a Veggie Burger, Some might call that a Fake Burger.

Darwin Lim

Inside scoop! Fake burger is veggie burger! :) beef that grows on trees or plants. :P

Ryan Patterson

The big question is at what price would this "stable coin" be pegged at? Could this be XRP and if not, are we screwed?


Stellar Lumens is going to be the global stable coin.


Thanks Eri!!!

Rita NZ

Love Lynette Zang, She is awesome, I saw her video Saturday too :)

R Satrio

Give us time pointer per topic on this video please


A global currency, other than a basket, despite remaining in the present form for some time, makes sense. The problem is the willingness of different jurisdictions to accept the idea, and that potentially ONE, singular coin, whichever it might be. I watched the IMF discussion yesterday, and despite all the positive that came out from it, on the US side, with Powell saying what he did, I must say that I felt a strong disconnect between the other participants and Powell. Everybody was saying things about crossborder, digitalization, etc with a smile on their faces, with a positive body language, as to indicate "yes, let's do this, this is needed, we tested it and it works", but Powell didn't budge. His presentation was stiff, cold and very off putting. (Kristalina was the most excited, towards the end). Anyway, let's talk XRP. XRP will never be where people predict it will be, at least price wise (589, 2300, 10000+) AS LONG AS RIPPLE EXECS HOLD BILLIONS OF IT. Do you think that ANY country or jurisdiction will intentionally allow ONE, TWO people to become trillionaires? Larsen has 5.1 billion XRP, or somewhere around there, 1000$ per XRP will make him a trillionaire. Let's be serious, nobody will allow that. Stellar on the other hand (which resembles the logo from the 88 Economist, as a fun fact) was build as a non profit from the start. Nobody, individually holds, billions of it. The organization hold some for development, investing, etc. For that reason, as of now, in my mind XLM has a better chance at becoming this global stable coin, if that decision will be made. Sorry for the long rant.


Everyone is avoiding the news that MoneyGram stock has nearly doubled...all NOT based on ODL. USA-Filipino corridor via PayMaya and Visa Direct.


Why not a world chain and nation state forks ? equity based money !

Tim Christensen

I suspect there will first be a national CBDC because countries, especially those bully nations with lots of fire power, won't be so keen to give up sovereignty so quickly. Following that, at some point in the not so distant future, the national CBDC's will likely fail and be replaced by a global CBDC. I am guessing national CBDC's will be something of a stepping stone while more powerful central banks try in vain to retain relevance. But that's just my two cents.

Zach Roros

Hi Eri, greetings from NJ, USA. I listened to Brian Brooks and couldn’t help thinking, why couldn’t XRP act as this frictionlist stablecoin? What crypto could do a better job delivering real-time performance and settlements between multiple CBDC than XRP? Curious question since I’ve read in the past that XRP could be used as a stablecoin too. Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks Zach

Crypto Prince

It's already planned. Remember the diagram in my research. All cryptocurrencies, Fiats, corporations, financial systems, commodities, derivatives... Etc will be flowing through the Interledger Protocol with XRPL as the core motor. r3 will digitize derivatives market of 650T$ with International Swaps and Derivatives Association, and in the diagram r3 will flow through the XRPL and also you remember the SBI diagram distributing the XRP domains between r3 and Ripple.

JC York

Seems like no matter what it is, we may not be able to hold or trade it.

James At the water cooler

Have followed Zang for a while but she’s a little bit of a fanatic

Redwing Productions

I was looking forwards to an Xrp video not an xrp competitor ?

dwain dibly

Great again Eri x

Rusty Raven

Regarding the woman speaking on Bancor: The key point why a global stable coin is not possible: Her last seven words, “Of course you’ve got to govern it.”

Var 415

Yes the FBI did issue warrants for a Russian government hack group yesterday

fiat is king

If its a sablecoin, and he's talking about xrp or xlm, stable at what price?? I have a feeling us holders will be shocked.



dejon williams

it sounded like and still does sound like XRP to me. Xrp can do exactly what brian said

FM. Alexander.

HEX is outperforming BTC ☕??️


Though it may have sounded like a global stablecoin, I don’t think that’s what he meant. In a world where you have yen and Dollar, you have exchange rates ie fluctuation. The token is a transfer of value and converted to local currency but that currency vis a vis the other currency is not stable. The interpretation of 1 currency means that all countries economic (eventually tax) systems are aligned as prices and value (and inequalities) become transparent. This would trigger other consequences like migration pressure and unrest.

But maybe, that’s what he meant.

usb usb

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Carol Ann

There is! XRP


Sounds like Banks is talking about XRP...

Just Charlie

The fed is a joke, powell is nothing more than a puppet! Dont listen to what they say, watch what they do, the us is definitely not behind in this cbdc. If you think they are, your a bigger fool than Powell is



Tomas Nunez

It sounded like xrp to me since david shwartz has spoken about the removal of friction similarly to what brian brooks said.

frank Mo

Eri thank you so much for all your hard work. As a single dad with two kids do you think XRP could make it to $50 by next year? It would truly Be a life-changing opportunity for me and my kids. Thanks Eri Much love From NY????




So, they have been working on this for a couple decades as Jerome Powell once said, but they aren't ready? They don't have it figured out?

I just can not believe that.



Don Fran

Great job as usual miss , thank you for your hard work and expertise.


Lynette Zang is just Charlie Ward dressed as a woman.


Hi Eri, The currency that I think Brian Brooks is talking about. In his example he’s mentioning frictionless transactions between the dollar this crypto currency that is recognized on both sides of the border, and the yuan.

This is one of the main benefits that Xlm has. It was improved upon to allow up to 6 instantaneous frictionless transactions between currencies to get the best rate.

I have been watching Brian, and I think him and his former company Coinbase are in agreement on this. Hence the 4 pct payoff in XLM on the Coinbase credit card.

Dee Daniels

What is going on ? I'm so confused that sound like XRP? I can't believe that is keep happening. Now it's getting very confusing to me. ?

kennedy O James

Eri, do you think western Union CEO was stupid for calling xrp a stable coin? Pls do loads of research yo find out for yourself whatxl xrp is! Maybe then you will understand why David Schwartz implies that the price of xrp is not expected to move incrementally.


I m paying attention!

white glove

Gold loses 2 percent every year... new gold is mined plus as the price rises more gold is mined. Bitcoin is the opposite. Own Bitcoin...

Terry Oswalt

They've had and been planning digital currency for a long time, they just have to do it in steps or the masses won't accept it...

J. C. Hicks

Brian Brooks is preparing people for the IMF / BIS upcoming announcement of a new reserve system that has three components . The token, the rails, the agnostic value. The token has to be something which is pristine collateral, and not easily manipulated (BTC, XRP??) The rails (Acceptable KYC) and not country dependent. I'm more bullish on XRP than ever even if it's not the token, it will be used to transfer it.

shani yani

Your analysis is very understanding, the key thing about bitcoin is that I don’t see what’s going to stop it from doing what it has been doing for most of its life and that’s appreciating , note that the price of the cryptocurrency has been consolidating for the past three years. Bearish is the right time to JUMP into any asset, If you are investing in any crypto's you have to dedicate your time and follow the uptrend with a modify and accumulative phrase. You can earn through TA just like Larks said earlier, but you need a profession and a mentor for this aspect of earning through technical analysis (TA). I have channel my success to jonas ben he has been a great significant torture in the crypto space, and i was guided through his expert experience on difficulties which i succeeded in achieving my goals. you can subscribe to his signals on whatsapp and telegram (+1(573)2273324)or to subscribe.

Steve Fixes Pain

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my many years is it doesn’t matter how long someone’s been doing a job or what qualifications they supposedly have there is only a very small percentage of people in every profession that really know their stuff. If you want to find out how an action is going to impact the market my advice is listen to Greg Mannarino’s take on it. He called the weekends 80, trillion derivatives transfer/ change over a non-event that would have no impact and as usual he was correct.

Nerdi_ Brilliant Idea


Randy L

I always liked a good egg sandwich. Ham and egg tops the chart.


Brian Brooks knows the difference between a store of value and utility.

Timothy Cooper

Superficially, Brooks appears to be describing precisely how the cross-border XRP payment and settlement technology works. He specifically references to trillions of tied up banking funds, vostro/nostro accounts. I seriously doubt he'd be advocating for a global coin at this point. Not yet at least. Perhaps in 20 years. I think that statement was all about XRP. Let's hope. It certainly makes practical sense.

One world currency

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Bitcoin: The One World Currency

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Charles Wright

Bitcoin is centralized in Asia ... where there is a SHADOW there is danger. The shadow is Satoshi & could be CIA or deep state, very same people who run the federal reserve. XRP CONTROL BY THE ELITES WILL RULE. Listen ,we all are millions of mousses caught in a maze trying to get out of the box. who created the system. Have you ever watch the Matrix ??? Either way Bitcoin & XRP or any other Crypto. WE LOOSE....you have a little more freedom if you are smarter than others in the game but you are still trapped inside the system = " THE BOX"


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TMI, this is by far one of the (if not "THE") most important videos you have ever created. Everyone needs to take this seriously for their future, IMO.


17:40 sounds like german MG during WW2 to me.

lydia yuna

if no one is willing to buy a cup of coffee with bitcoin, it is not a currency and it never will. It might become one of the asset class - just like stocks, bonds, gold, crude and their financial derivatives, or goes to 0 if people start getting tired of these unrealistic hypes.

John J. Crypto

I have said this before and wiill say this again...Buy and Hodl BTC and ETH going forward. Do your research. That is so critical.


Bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin is like gold in many ways, except that it doesn't shine and you can't touch it. The thing is though paper money is basically a digital asset as well if you really anyalize it.

John Wilock

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Professor Senn

I'm gonna sell all my bitcoin so I can buy more bitcoin!

Jack Arthur

BTC to the future.


With bitcoin each owner becomes his /her own decentralized Reserve bank worldwide.....no need for central reserve banks anymore....they will be obsolete and control-less!!

Paul Hallelujah

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Jax Crypto

If its being all bought up then what are people trading on the exchanges

Armando Guerrero

Am of the opinion that mining cryptocurrency is the best way to earn bitcoin, Gwen Emily is my guide to success.


Love videos like this, u put into perspective very well! Loading up every week on the top 3 !

Professor Senn

?Money makes the world go round?

pete richards

If you put all that institutional news in a row it does seem like something massive is coming for bitcoin....I'm all hopiumed up...need a cold shower!

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Never will happen it’s to slow and expensive


Liked it!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

Matt Bil

I like the way you talk. Great info

Onur Yılmaz

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Craig Perry

Great video, I will be sending this video to a few mates who are dithering!

Donald Duck

$589 XRP will truly be life-changing in the next few years....

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Jo Na

Theres an IG account pretending to be you. They messaged me and asked if I was into cryptocurrency. .. found it funny.

ShimShimmy Ya

When btc and eth get integrated with wbtc its game over

Jerry Koch

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What i hear as I change video to 2x...

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Venezuelan currency is not pesetas, it s bolívares. And government's wallets are scam. Who's gonna send remittances using those wallets, paying such as high fees and being exposed to a communist government?.. But I understand the point in terms of visibility.

Suzanne Nedomlel

Or the governments etc but all the bitcoin and don’t sell it, therefore control it and it doesn’t become a threat.. maybe

Se Perdeg

6 TPS is not enough...

Silina Freeman

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ONE coin to rule them all..

Crip Craps in Slacks

Definitely saving this video!


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Damn!!! This video made me subscribe and turn on notifications.....I like this video because he stuck to just the facts jack!

Nova Forster

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Sgt. Crypto

The Pentagon did a war game with bitcoin & Gen Z. When NYC meetup?

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TMI:”the smaller people” are too preoccupied with survival mode.

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side note: you sound like a simpsons voice. The "hi im troy mcclure, you may remember me from such films as" guy

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Store of value and global currency have very different requirements and bitcoin has nothing on there many faster cheaper settling digital assets out there. No way it'll ever be the global currency while it relies on proof of work for so many reasons. IMO.

Cris Cristian

your the best ! big up!

Tommy Jonny

Beware of this guy. He is blind to what’s happening on eg. Ethereum and thus implicitly advicing you to invest suboptimally. There’s a physical limit to Bitcoin which he never speaks about.

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Crowbar Wizard

I never noticed that your Windows is set to German. That really confused me for a second :)

ET Gaming

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Just remember, we cant all just buy in and all be rich. Thats not how it works. Bitcoin doesnt create any wealth. Every dollar you earn from it is a dollar someone lost. Just dont forget that.

josep lumberton

Bitcoin is the future, investing in it now would be the wisest thing to do.

DougMarr BusinessVideos

Great information. Holding on to my fraction of a Bitcoin and adding to it. Thanks for the info.


Bitcoin, NOT shitcoins.

Anita Ortega

With your education and insight, I get it. ❤️

Xrp Gladiator

Good luck guys.

Steve Zagata

Great info, just one note on Venezuela, much of the blame for their failing economy is the result of harsh sanctions and regime change policies of the U.S.

Jeff Shaw

What do you think about buying GBTC?


I still cant wrap my head around the current price of BTC when all this big money is buying up all the supply. I understand over the counter, but there is just not enough!! #pressurecooker

Chandra Singh

Its not going to be BTC. Not technologically developed. Another coin will be.

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Thanks TMI! This will be shared. ☀️✨?

G. Beeton

Dear youtuber, no normal person will watch this video, especially with the Radio like intro you're doing, good moorning vietnaaaaaaam was long time ago.

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Bitcoin to the moon

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interesting title TMI.. sadly it may take the world to burn to achieve that one world currency

Kevin Brink

so.........do you think Greyscale has all their BTC on one Trezor? And who gets to make the transactions? Where do they store this Trezor? Or do you think they have it on a bunch of different Trezors stored in different places? hmmmmmm

Darren Siebrits

Bitcoin will never be the world currency. It's way too slow and expensive. There are much better cryptos out there.

XRP Watts

It will be xrp not btc.

Ass Fuck

BTC is not near scalable enough to be one world currency.

Michael Adams

Great video to share with my family that wouldn’t listen @. $2000BTC

Graf von Rix

China controls 70% of btc mining. Btc mining is becoming more centralised as small players cannot make enough profit and get pushed out. No way will countries in europe and USA accept btc as a reserve currency when China controls it. Its a huge national security risk.

Crowbar Wizard

Shared the video with my friends. They wouldn't believe me. Let's see if that video changes their mind. No matter if it does or not, thanks a lot man. Great work and I appreciate all the knowledge I got from your videos.


Everyone knows that bitcoin can handle ALL of the world’s transactions, smh

Mike H.

Every time TMI rants, I can’t help but want to FOMO in. Thx u so much for ur time.

One world currency

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Why Will Bitcoin NEVER Become a World Currency

1 659 views | 29 Aug. 2018

Bitcoin a world currency?

Bitcoin a world currency? Following the Gresham's Law, this can never happen. Watch this video to find out why. There is also a contest at the end of this video.


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Pola Mati

well you actually talk even more crypto than Andres, which is good, but am surprised a bit with this referenced video.
A) 0 inflation for Bitcoin = increase in value. AGREED
B) at the same time it could be a killer for bitcoin. People want to store safely (assuming store of value) and bitcoin with centralisation of mining pools becomes less and less safe.............
my feel is that bitcoin will collapse soon. Too many early investors are controlling this animal and mining pools doing the same on top of it.
In result it will not be safe ENOUGH to store the value as gold is today.
What are your thoughts on this ? You seem to be up to date on this topic a lot.

#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires by Paul Chan

Very interesting Gresham Law, but growth of economy depends on growth of liquidity. Maybe why Bitcoin cannot be world currency. Thanks Rafael. #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires

Mikołaj Tomaszewski

interesting perspective.. however I am just thinking if too high prices of BTC will not have an adverse effect on bitcoin pretty soon and will discourage "average Kowalski" or "Mr.Smith" from investing in it (because they will be afraid to but at so high prices?)


Do you think it is a good decision to exchange all bytes for blackbytes? From what I have read blackbytes are better version of bytes and are much cheaper. Luckily they are still less known than bytes, but in the future people would use something that is better and that's blackbyte. Do you think in the future blackbytes will be more expensive than bytes?