Stocks to buy while the market is down

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Buying Stocks and Shares When the Stock Market is Closed | Stocks and Shares for Beginners.

3 570 views | 27 May. 2020

In this video, I try to

In this video, I try to explain what happens when you buy stocks and shares whilst the stock market is closed. I am disregarding 'after hours trading' in this video. For example when your purchase stocks during the weekend or after the market has closed.

Many people do purchase stocks and shares whilst the stock exchange is closed (including me) however the price you thought you were buying at may change! I hope my simple chicken example has helped.

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If you are new to my channel, I am Dunc and I am a Stocks and Shares Investor. I started out investing several years ago and have worked hard to understand the world of stocks and shares! You just need to work hard to reap the rewards. I post videos of me investing and I hope by sharing these videos you can learn from me.


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I am not a qualified Financial Advisor. I do what works for me. This video is produced for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as financial advice. Always carry out your own due diligence before making any investments or purchases. Remember that investments can drop as well as go up. You may lose everything invested.

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Thank you. I kept searching for this answer for 2 days. In short, if u want the price u saw, buy when the stock market is open or u may end up paying a much higher price.


you helped me so much. I was close to buying into some of these stocks after hours literally thinking "oh it says $6 a share, I'll buy it now and ill have it for $6 a share and when it opens in the morning itll be worth more!" Not realizing that it was just putting in a bid at that price instead of actually buying the stock.

Michelle Hill

Super helpful and straight to the point, thank you!

Scottwolf Wolfman

Hya Duncan, I've watched various videos on YouTube about stocks & shares and you are by far the best I've seen. I'm very new to all this and I've been practicing on the trading 212 for the last 2 months, I've so far made a profit of £52 unfortunately for now its not real money but I need to learn and you've been a fantastic help! Oh can I just ask.. the humming on the start of your videos.. is that the sound your wallet makes when you open it? ? keep up the good work buddy ?

Nate Rogers

Your analogy of the chickens was spot on, gave me a xhuckle as well. Good. Content, thumbs up from me.


vid starts at 1:30

John UK Harvey

Hi quick question i have a little bit of money in my 3x tesla stock but the market is closed on there but on the normal tesla the price is going up what happens to the 3x when the market opens

Machi Onuorah

Just started watching your videos and I am greatly inspired. I'm a uni student and have only started investing as of yesterday on Vanguard. What the best way to utilise my money as uni students whos money is quite restricted. Thank you!

andrew stewart

i thought he just blatantly said fuck you

Free Assassin420

Hit you with the 900

Emma Serr

Question; you mentioned that if they don’t want to sell it because the demand is more. So what happens to the money you just tried to buy the stock? Does it get refunded or do you loss it.

Sheldon Smith

If i go through with etoro and buy a share while the market is closed. Will it take say the 50 dollars i put in and give less of a share or take more money from the order put in? Given the stock has risen over the weekend.


Should they let people buy stocks as its computerised via internet. Why wait and why don’t they leave it open 24/7? Ian sure they are losing money.

Dale Ward

Great Video, Needed This!

SAF Ent.

PERFECTLY explained! Thank you, great video

Stocks to buy while the market is down

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How to Invest During This Stock Market All-Time High | Phil Town

83 335 views | 7 Feb. 2020

What goes up... must come

What goes up... must come down. The same is true of the stock market. When it falls, it may not come all the way back down, but you can be sure it will fall again. Today I’m going to tell you how to invest during this all-time high stock market. http://bit.ly/rule1-300k-giveaway

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can you time the stock market, value investing, find stocks on sale, how to invest money,

Mike Dickson

I just started you free course last night I experienced when Mcdonalds went to 150 a stock . I'm that man in my 49 with not much for retirement

Hugo Settergren

How do I know if the Stock market value per Capita in my country is overpriced? Is there a simple formula for calculating that? Thank for making great videos! :) Greetings from Europe!

Shrawan Regmi

Did we miss the train? Or are the current prices still good? Did we hit the bottom in March?

Anthony Pent

Dollar cost avg and when the sum gets to large for comfort, take some profits and hedge with some puts!

Invierte en bolsa, y sé libre

I really enjoy your videos, they have lots of useful information in there. Salute from Mexico.


Warren Buffet is cited in this video but he disagrees with this sentiment and so did jack bogle. Even Ray Dalio who is very bearish on the current market disagrees with the idea of ever getting into cash. Don't time the market, it's stupid. Even if every stock you have drops in value by 70% tomorrow, it will come back up in 5 - 10 years to where it is now and you can buy the dip with your additional capital you make along the way while everyone else shys away from the market. Never sell long term investments unless the company is literally going bankrupt. That said, if you're 65 already and don't have 10 years to wait for everything to come back up then sure fuck it, sell everything when the market dips below the 20 period monthly sma in a big way.

Neil Lodi

He’s right at 6:18

jaren Garnett

Why not find sectors that are clearly undervalued?


Thanks bruva ??☺

George H

This is the BEST INVESTMENT advice I've seen to date in this seemingly never-ending bull market. Thank you Phil.

Jordan Lush

great videos

Tyler Scott

1.78% interest rate in a Wealthfront account is where all my cash reserves are parked. Anyone have any better ideas out there? I’ve been loving Wealthfront. Slick UI and super easy to move money around between accounts. Awesome to see the accrued interest monthly.

Jimmy Duke

Great content Phil! I’m the DIY type and am interested in choosing stocks and stock funds for myself!


Phil, what you say makws sense. However, what I am missing in all videos is credibility and transparency. Could you do a video on which stocks you invested in and how that impacted your net worth? Or at least, lessons learned from not so successful investments?

Tony Bao

Good advices, thank you, Phil


Phil, big fan of your podcast here but I have to disagree with you on this.
2008-2009 GFC, the fed did not bail out the market until the crash happened. Today, before the market even began to crash, the fed has preemptively began quantitative easing (aka Permanent Open Market Operations) using "insurance" as an excuse. And their balance sheet has been exploding much faster than the post 2009 GFC.
The fed continues to delay the popping of the bubble by alternating between the use of debt monetization and policy rate cutting. This insanity may continue through for a couple more years before it pops. Therefore, I feel that it is too early to be in cash today since we are at a higher risk of inflation rather than deflation.

But if we do get a socialist in November, the faster this bubble will pop.


Wow. I like this video very well. I am fucked up now because I bought in high price. This strategy I would love to follow next time


You can't time the market! If you invest with 10-15 years time horizon, it is more important to start! You never know when the crash comes. It went up 11 years, and it can go up another 11 years. So I should wait with my money? That's the worst advice ever!

Marc Duchamp

Hmmmmm......Timing the market, you always lose. BTW you didn’t mention what the Fed is doing to make the market do the breakdance. People can’t hold on to their cash, they spend them

Pepijn G

A lot of good information in this video, but timing the market is very difficult. Research shows that time in the market beats timing the market. Keep some cash on the side to buy when there’s a sale, but implement dollar cost average. Who knows… maybe with all this QE the markets will continue to rise for 5 more years.

mΛth x jΛzz

Looks like just another dude who thinks to much. Do your analysis.. we have had a strong buy signal recently.

Talentless Golfer

What an Oracle ? ?
I am saving and hoping to buy my first shares in a sale this year

Seth Jones

I don't have a watchlist, because I don't know enough to tell if a company is great, and I wouldn't know what a good price to buy it would be. I do have $130,000 in cash, though, and a few questions .... Would buying a market index be a good strategy after a crash? Sounds reasonable, since it will go back up when the recession ends. I'm also wondering if it might be a good idea to move my 401k into the stable value bond fund option, and then back into stocks once a crash occurs? Right now I'm invested 57% in stock funds, and 43% in bond funds. Any thoughts?

W W 34

Today has been a great day to hold SLV and it’s been a grrrreat month for GLD?


Weve been at all time highs for years though. You would have missed out on huge returns if you sold just last year. The idea of timing the market is easy to say, not easy to do.


You should be buying stocks every two weeks on payday if you’re young.

Sidhanth Prabhu Desai


All Weather Lifestyle

Very informative information. Keep up the good work. I am going to subscribe to tour channel. You have inspired me to attempt to create content that brings value to people like you do.


completely disagree, there are always deals. facebook, carnival cruise, uber, lyft, revolve etc


Which companies are you all excited about? Leave your comments below

th tan

Nah. This will go on a few more years. Spx to 4000! Cycles work. You’ll have to wait a few more years.

Anyway, this video is about how to invest in a rising market. But you keep talking about preparation for down turn. You should tell viewers where to invest today. Buy amazon Apple and techs.


In theory what you're saying sounds good, but the truth is it's very hard to time the market. Just look at December 2018 the market crashed 20%, people panicked and sold and then the market went up 30% in 2019 with a lot of volatility. Asset allocation is the way to go and in times like this where the market is clearly overdue for a correction, you can change your risk profile to take some chips off the table. Harry Brown's Permanent Portfolio and Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio along with ETF asset allocation models would all be something to Google for those with an interest. Good luck to all...


All talk

Stop Drop and Roll

yes all good , but when do i knot when the cycle is almost over and is time to sell? otherwise you sell and prices will keep going up for more few years

Peter Harris

Depends a lot on where you are in your investing timeframe. If you have a big growth pot, enough to live of for say 10 yrs then maybe sacrificing some gains now might offset a 'near future' 50% drop. however if its income you rely on right now, then this is a hard sell.


Thanks Phil

Abdulla AbdulRahim



Hi checkout this video to know basics about stock market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teUO8IwkxBE

Christian M.

The market goes up that much because the mutuals funds. 85% is made of it. People just automaticaly put in.

angelo senlob

bravo, come sempre.

Jeremy Spear

Sorry Phil, but you've been saying this for many years. The market can crash 90% and the discount wouldn't have been worth sitting on the sidelines from 2013-2020. The old saying "time in the market beats timing the market" holds true, even if you time it perfectly.

Check this out for a visualization: https://imgur.com/gallery/BlK4jzM

Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

Do you have your watchlist of companies prepared for the inevitable market decline? Leave a comment below with your answer!

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Blink Owl

Since May 2018 Phil has been saying this. Market has grown at least 25% since then and nobody knows when the crash will come.


Murdo Meek

this aged well. s+p500 lost 10% in 4 days!

Chris Seth

Amazing video! It just takes patience and perseverance to value the true nature of BITCOIN. Prices rocket up inconceivably bitcoin on its way to $15,000. If said thing is to happen, it will be very unwise for you not to know how to increase your BTC instead of just holding it. I got this tips from Mrs Catherine. She is always one step ahead of other traders and crypto Youtubers, she fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My earnings has increased drastically from $5000 to $50,000 in just 5days... I have full confidence in her trading abilities. You all can reach out to him email: [email protected]gmail.com WhatsApp: +12566733482

The learning Mindset

Do not listen this guy he is stupid do not time the market invest now

Keshia Bean

Thank you Phil!!!


That's great advice, however, you never know when it's going down. In the meantime you could still be making money using dividend reinvesting, and dollar-cost averaging. The bull market still could go 2-3 years bullish and missing out on great companies. It is true that during this time is hard to choose but still, researching there is still opportunity..

Beatriz Suarez

Should I sell all my stocks and wait for market to crash ???

Adrian Bräysy

I'm not a millionaire investor, but I have made some great profit by just sticking to the idea of buying good companies I believe in regardless of whether we're in a bull or bear market. Only difference is that when the market is going down, I buy MORE stocks.

Steve Paratore

Glad I am finally catching up on my watch later vids. Amazing how fast and far the US markets have dropped. I'm buying good companies on sale while keeping cash reserves for the long haul. Be safe out there everyone.

Jeremy Spear

I started investing 3 months ago despite the "sit in cash" advice I've heard. I'm up over 10% now, and I think the learning experience alone has been worth it. A crash could even happen this year and I'd still come out better than sitting around and waiting, because I have an exit plan and a plan for re-investing at the bottom.


And one a half month after this....well


fast forward a year and now it's 40x PE ratio


I believe in the true value and potential of every company that I put my money in. 5G, AI and electric driving are all technology breakthrough in 3-5 years. There is going to be a boom not recession.

Jason L. Petersen

I suspected the bull market was about to end so I made sure to have 60% of my portfolio in corporate and high yield bond funds (that are not very volatile). When the market started dropping like a rock, I started aggressively buying growth equity ETFs. I also placed an order for funds that are in my dividend ETF portfolio as well. My equity funds have been getting slaughtered, but my bond funds have barely moved. I also have a brokerage portfolio in cash waiting for certain individual stocks to go "on sale."


the market was NOT as strong in 2007 as it is now, just look at the slope on NDX. This guy is full of $&!#

Sriram Ganesan

So basically we must invest in the Money market for marginal returns and keep it accessible for when the market falls?

mark kessler

Your strategy of sitting in cash until you find a good company on sale I think is/going to pay off huge. I pulled out back in April of 2019, it was hard, but I believe in your strategy, anyway, I pulled back into cash and now this recent correction has shown a light on some good companies that got discounted very quickly and very "HUGELY" (LOL), so I tiptoed back in. Looking forward to big things to come!

Roman One

Thank you!!!! I have about 60% in cash, 30% in stocks, 10% in options, waiting for a big drop.

Matt McD

Is it possible that the democratization of investing(online brokerages with free commissions, 401k employer matches, mutual/index funds, access to global markets for average investors) has allowed for an influx of capital into the stock market that has increased the normal valuations?

Emmanuel Finance

He called it!

Eirik Belisarius

History doesn't repeat itself, it rhymes. There are a development in technology that can explain why there haven't been a crash. If you sit and wait with all your money in the bank you'll miss the profit. You invest some, you keep some safe in the bank. I waited for a long time. That was a mistake. Now i'm up 60 percent in a month with what i've invested (10 percent of my money).

Billy Breakaho

Man, sure wish I would've seen this video 3 weeks ago...

Zane Hutchison

When Warren Buffett started investing Benjamin Graham told him to wait for the Dow to drop below 300 (think that was the right number), but he didn't listen. To Graham's surprise the market continued to go on well past 300 disproving his theory. Warren Buffett is now the most successful investor in the world. Don't try and time the market.

sketchart photo

sounds like people might start profit taking.....dangerous in this market! wish i had a crystal ball!!!

Than Aung

I just watched this video on 29/03/2020. With the benefit of a hindsight .... your video is an amazing piece of advice to many investors. Thank you I enjoyed your video.

Sophie: C

Momma of two ✌??? learning so much! Thank you Phil .. on the road to success with all these knowledge you’re giving us! Thank you & sending lots of Love to you and your family! You’re making a difference ??????

Hannah Monroe

A successful bitcoin trader will always put two things above all else: Risk management and picking entries with good reward/risk ratio. You can be a amateur trader who only gets maybe like 30-40% of their calls right (probably even fewer), but if the trades you're getting right are 5:1 reward to risk or higher, and you're only risking up to 1% of your account on each trade..and with the right strategy from a well-founded crypto expert, you're going to make money. I say this out of experience because just 2 months ago I started trading my bitcoins with the strategy offered by Steven Dunn..he's a top-notch crypto expert based in New York. He made me realize that trading daily with his strategy is even more profitable than just hodling. I've been on a constant income flow these past months simply by trading with his strategy and my portfolio currently stands at 19 BTC. Most people will probably say it's too good to be true, but they forget it only takes hard work, consistency, and the right guidance to achieve success in this field. I'll always give accolades to Mr. Dunn for putting me on the right path and those who need his help can reach out to him easily on Telegram (@stevendunn471) or whatsapp +15162001939 for better understanding.

Nick Bultman

But interest rates and unemployment are all time lows, technologies are enabling exponential improvement, etc. so why are we assuming today’s cycles are just like the past cycles? Guaranteed there are a ton of investors waiting for a crash that won’t happen. Invest in companies for the long term and don’t try to time the market

Michael Lorusso

Lol when he says "I am not so good at math" at 2:30, I am dying lol. I hope your good at math!

Ken F.

Phil did not mention that if the market crashes, you may not have access to your Money Market account. That is what happened to me in 2009. Read the fine print in your MM account prospectus. Vanguard's fine print = “Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund may impose a fee upon the sale of your shares or may temporarily suspend your ability to sell shares if the fund's liquidity falls below required minimums because of market conditions or other factors.”


My experience is the market works opposite of the herd That’s how the herd gets caught. The herd thinks Chump will protect the market so they all jump in. You can keep your interest for a year. I’m on the side. This is definitely worth watching.

Colton Williams

What’s the point in a money market account? A savings account has about the same return, is there any difference ?

W W 34

I say keep buying every week and buy extra on dip days. I sold my investments last November out of fear and boy WHAT REGRET ?

The All-Rounder

Your investing tips are very appropriate for developed countries, but not for developing countries. Your strategy is based on future growth expectations, but in my country, we have no idea where the economy will be 6 months from now, let alone 10 years. I can't buy a stock with the intention of holding it for 10 years. So I don't use discounted cash flows. I just use the company's current equity as a measure of intrinsic value. If the price dives below the equity, it is a good time to buy. OR ... If the price drops to a 12-month low, that would be a good time to buy. Then sell the stock when it rises above the equity OR reaches its 12-month average price.

Vlastimir Beršnak

Who knows, the market might actually change its mind and bless all these analysts with a recession. been proving them wrong for the past 10 years. it is high time we stopped singing about an imminent recession and just focus on growing our finances. If I listened to a lot of recession rumors when I wanted to start investing in the markets, my portfolio would not be over the $1.5m asset value it is at now.


Found this video 6 weeks and 10000
Dow points too late.

Alexandr Padalka


Stanley fujiwara

I have 40% of my portfolio in TSLA, 30% in AAPL, 20% in AMZN and 10% in NASDAQ.. From March I've been able to make $370,000 from an investment of $180,000. While I'm a huge fan of stock picking, I have made a few rather modest investments in individual companies because I use a financial advisor/broker who handles my portfolio. I'll never stop buying TSLA stocks

Truth Defender

"not great at math..." said the succesful gentleman :)

Remy M

Welp. Good thing I held out but he didn’t hold out did he

Luke Jenkins

The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex or Cryptocurrency though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I've seen so much difference My encounter with Lawrance Trade actually changed my life and for that I will keep telling about his good work. Email ? ➡️[email protected]gmail.com

Gregory Holbrook

I considered a lot before getting a professional trader with better experience invest for me. I got lucky to find Mr Leon Marceli who not only execute trades and generates colossal profits but handles risk management as well

John Rodriquez

Phil, even with these huge drops in the market.....your formula with a 50% discount and looking for a 15% return is still extremely high. Suggestions?

David Hidalgo

Consider this video aging very well one month later, after the market tumbled 10,000 points...


I don’t want a recession, just a market spanking.

Phin Al

With the devaluation of the dollar and the spike in inflation due to Fed infusion, will stocks be closer to bargain now? Q2 earnings should create something interesting in the Market, too.


This is called timing the market. All academic research and empirical analysis shows this is a mistake for 9/10 investors


He actually has a crystal ball

Alles Sinnlos

Thank's! But If one is already retired and he needs the monthly check, it's hard to sell and wait in cash!

Sachin Dandgaval

Excellent informative video bulls-eye on March 2020 market fall

A Window

Hi I'm only a kid but one of the boys in my math class made a convincing short speech about why we should invest at our age. Now I really want to, but... should I?


And it happened just a few weeks after Phil made this video

Yong Ks

Every single thing you said is gold. Thank you sooooo much for all your great videos. God bless you.

Fett Mund

Logical advice. I’m sitting on 100k ready for the inevitable correction. Yes, I might lose out on gains for a year or two, but at this point in my life I am personally more relaxed having the cash and waiting for a sale price. There isn’t 100% correct answer to investing. You have to know what you are comfortable risking, how long you have before you’ll need to start using the funds and a good understanding of your exposure tolerance %, among other things. I would say if your exposure stresses you out, sell off in the green, hold the cash and wait for the sure fire sale. You may miss out on some gains, but you will also miss out on a heck of a lot of daily stress worrying about a recession, instead you’ll look forward to it. Just the way I see it.

Blink Owl

Unbelievable! You have been saying this for many years! Can you give us a run down of how much you have lost from at least 2017 that you've been waiting for the crash. This is market timing that your are preaching and have been proven to be wrong over and over again.

Real Truth

I bought an oil and gas stock near the recent lows .. ARX.TO .. pays 8% ... NanoOne near it's lows Battery Play .. And then the best thing to do is start finding some shorts that are not propped up by the Fed money pumping machine i'm in 9 so far ... stay away from MAGA :) .. The problem we have today is that we are in recession already. This may just be the first recession where the overall market does not decline but individual stocks outside the reported indices tank. FED FED FED has never been more active in history.


Weve been at all time highs for years though. You would have missed out on huge returns if you sold just last year. The idea of timing the market is a logical fallacy.

Stocks to buy while the market is down

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What to Do During a Stock Market Drop | Phil Town

135 845 views | 6 Jul. 2017

Stock market trends create

Stock market trends create fluctuations in the economy. The market can go from an emotional state of excitement with an overheated market environment to the exact opposite just like that. In this video, I'm going to give you some tips on what you can do if there is a stock market drop. http://bit.ly/2tITbKk

Click the link above to download my free Investing for Beginners guide and learn how to invest your money so that you're ready if there's a stock market crash.


Learn more:

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Blog: http://bit.ly/1YdqVXI

Podcast: http://bit.ly/1KYuWb4

Tahir Munir

How long do we have to be patient thats the big question .how many years .

Narasimmamurthy R

FOMO is haunting Indian markets
Fear of missing out
The earnings are weak and market are not sufficiently down
yet there is no palpable fear
Is it sign of impatience ?!

Mellow Hello

Put 4,000 into the oil industry when the virus hit. currently up 120% for a gain of 5k

Audrick Cayabyab

hey, Phil! Thanks for the teaching the little guy on how to invest like the best investors in the world do. I know its a process, I'm practicing.

Martin Hébert

This video is all about timing the market, wich is the worst advice. Best advice is to buy wonderfull company at a fair price. What is a wonderfull company? Its a company that has low debt, high margins of profits, competitve product/service. What is a fair price? Getting 8%/year for the price u pay. Wich means earnings+growth. In exemple, a PE ratio 16,67 will earn u 6% and a long term growth of 2% will theoricly make the stock price growing by 2% in order to maintain a PE ratio of 16,67.

Ciprian Stanciu

how this sounds in late 2019:)

michael sumner


Kira Black

Load up the truck one way trip

Cristofer Jimenez

Stock market crash gang where yall at.


If we are talking about long-term passive investing, isn't the average point is ok to enter?

Alpha Omega

Takes money to make money

James Bowen

So wait until good companies drop to 50% of book value? Not likely to happen.


Time in the market beats timing the market, Peter Lynch

Jumping Jax

0:08 me running to invest money after binge-watching Phil's videos

Zulrasham Rahmat

Nice video during this COVID-19 scenario


I'm probably going to miss out since I won't have a lot of cash before it crashes, that's unless it holds up for a few more years which is highly unlikely.


Sounds good in theory but he's been saying this since 2015 and missed out on 50% gains, whereas a buy and hold investor would be up that amount. Could go up and down from here, I'm not clever enough to try and time the market, maybe Phil is..

Monkey Brain

Sell...the tax man comes!

Samantha Sanchez

being patient is hard because I want to get my money compounding right away

Dale Brett

The problem is you can not time the market! I think the best way to tell if the market is near to a crash, is when every guy on wall street will buy anything at any prices, when the big financial managers start to quits there jobs that is a big red flag. Because they will refused to buy Those companies at high multiples then you know set aside and wait and this can happen for 1-3years before it crashes! I think the S&P will Have a strong Pullback soon.

G. Moore

Coca-cola. Buffett counting on people's sugar addiction. I know i cant stop eating sugar. I dont drink soda though. Buy low, sell high..or in real life...sell when seems high and buy when seems low. The be prepared part with what u want to buy n sell is key. This vid says 2 yrs ago ..so nice call, but 2019 did have some nice returns.....that were wiped out in the recent crash. I have an internal battle going on...the trader in me vs the long term investor. I think i can merge the 2 and maybe boost returns. One great thing ab this current environment is that I waste less time wagering on sports and more time looking at stocks and ETFs and studying investing. Wagering on NFL is much harder than investing. Probabilities of making a decent return w gambling is well, not that good.

Nilesh Jain



Phil what is your short list for when/if the market crashes?

The Fireprint

«wait”.. I dunno I’d rather call it filling up the tank. Putting $4k every month in an account makes me ready for the drop..
waiting is boring..
Don’t wait... make..

Leo Lin

This is the best education I ever got. Great job

T Wilde

Thanks Phil -- you answered the questions I needed and answer to, which was about "having cash." Thanks!

Sheik Ayube

How would you determine a stock price to it's value

Play Girls

lol, those fake gurus and best selling authors :)
short cut from this video:
1) buy low in 4 steps
2) sell high

its bullshit and worthless video!


Everyone keeps going on about how we're due a crash but we are living in unprecented times. The financial system almost collapsed and it has been brought back to life by printing money. No one has any idea how things are going to go.

doug cane

This is a dangerous strategy because it assumes the markets will come back - - remember the Japanese markets never recovered to their previous highs. This is because of the emerging markets in Asia - we cannot compete with them in the long run due to their massive population and cheap labour. The only thing we have left if financial manipulation - but this cannot work in the long as it didn't for the British Empire. The only realistic option is to somehow integrate with Asia - precisely the opposite to what Trump is doing. Trump's strategy is about 40 years too late regarding China.

Ryan D

What do I do if Joe Biden is elected?

Mike Parry

Holding cash. January added. 30% profits. Waiting on sale Being patient


How To Invest In A Bear Market
•3 Jan 2019
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I'm not even playing for real I'm doing it through a fake app for fun but I'll definitely try this out because I make panic moves when I see that graph go down lol

Bohu Bohan

Just like a crocodile ?. Go in position and wait. But when a chicken passes, you must eat it! The croko is the oldest and most successful animal

Dave Merton

Thanks Phil, this video has been very sobering for me. I recently got back into buying stocks in early 2018. I wouldn't consider myself a day trader, more like a week/month trader. If I had learned to be a little more patient and a little more "waitful" I would be much better off right now. This is the best advice on stocks I have heard in a lonnnggg time. The last person to say it was Robert Kiosake. But that was so long ago for me that I kind of forgot. Thanks for the wake up call, I want a wash tub!

Andrew King

Great video!

Star Galactic Federation

I have a question for you, Should I back out if the shares go down a lot ?, for example if I bought Tesla shares at 400 each and a week later, it goes down as $50 and stays there for awhile and then two month later it goes back up to $2000 per share after I paid $400 per share, So would I still be able to make money if I don't back out ?.

Bryan Windham

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Billy Reed Music

Great advice, Phil. I enjoy your books. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Hsiang An Wang

One of the best advise. It’s really hard and painful to see the price drop, holding it is hard enough, buying it is even worse feeling because of all the rumors, news, and fear. I was thinking about buying one company with price lower than the value but I didn’t. It’s back to $200 a share from $173 in a week. Painful. Lesson learnt.


Hey Phil,
Awesome video! I’ve recently come across your channel and I’m really enjoying learning about investing.

Quick question: have you done a video on how we should research companies before a crash? What should we look for, what should we compare the data to, how do we know if the company will improve again, etc?

Thank you!

Vaquero Constantly

Probably will be a hyperinflation, real estate and stock market at an all time high, everything will be super hot then ? sudden drop.

Uncle Rafael

It depends if I am day trading or investing. Thanks a lot. Great advice!

Mister Chubbz

Say a recession hits tomorrow and I have 7k cash could I make a huge massive profit off it

Zeeshan Nasir

Really good

Daniel Martinez

I am very impatient but with your help I can do it

Diafara Drame

Getting ready for the crash

dando l

I’m looking to load up


Thanks for the video. I am watching this repetitively to develop the correct mindset.

Satish Kumar

Hey Phil can you list ALL the books you have in the next vidi of yours?


Really hard, like watching poxn without mastxxxxxing


What If you buy 25% while its down and it starts going back up. When do you start dumping more in if you do???

Yi Wei Zhang

too bad the average person isn't disciplined enough for this method. this timing the market approach won't work for 95% of the population


I think he misunderstood what Mr.Munger meant when he said you make money when you wait .

Nicolas Queijo

Are you still waiting, Phil? The market has appreciated ~22% since this video's upload date. Anyway, what I got out of the video is you're trying to say we should time the market? Isn't that essentially impossible?

Dario Reyes

Phil you have the best YouTube channel for investment, really appreciate all your videos.

Kendall Kramer

This is really bad advice. Timing the market will generally reduce your returns compared to a buy and hold strategy.

Harald Peter

How do you calculate, if a company is on sale? When is it a good deal? Is there a video about that? How do I calculate the value?

Billy Johnson

I know you probably won’t answer but what have you averaged over the last 20 years?


Im all in now!


Good info thank you

Shawn Sapp

its so hard to do I get inpatient and end up buying

GeorgeJ K

wish i watched this before corona virus scare, when i was up 15%

uhhbubba ShrimpinAintEasy

I'm buying in the dips durring this corona mess have only been investing for a month now luckily i have no clue what I'm doing yet so I'm taken notes lol great video makes since

Commando Master

Timing the market beats time in the market.

Kevin Bradshaw

New at this and yeah every time I buy it drops again and its crazy on the mentality. Have only sold the minimal stocks( less loss) but holding on to the higher stocks that I have invested more. At 50% loss now but still holding.

Sebastian Bowen

Hey phil, love the channel man! great stuff. My question is, what would you do if you'd found a great company on sale, in the current bull market right now? Is it a good idea to wait until a crash when maybe its on sale even more? or bite the bullet? Thanks man

Citizenship Kingdom of God

Thank you.

Derrick Turner

Thank you for this video. Wish I watched this before I started.


Can I buy total US market ETFs during a crash? I am not confident in my stock picking abilities.


Thank you for your videos

An Old Man Named dave

Phil, I’m 65, and on SS Disability. I’m most likely in my last decade, or so, of life (family heart history, and bad habits making most likely).. I don’t have Time, to be patient. I have only a small amount in 401k,, available.. I don’t know much about the Stock Market,, so I’m wondering what my best options are.. Truthfully,, I’m concerned about the possibility of a ‘Dollar Crash’. What would you do,, in My shoes?


Aahhh so much insider trader likely going on 3/2020! Stock market crash in full effect


All that matters is buying the best company❤️.. up or down has no meaning to stock market for an investor

Gerry Shafer



Patience is the key in the stock market. It will align you to the path of success and wealth, and will provide happiness and comfort.

John Dyer

Dollar Cost Average will greatly help to balance out risk and reward in any market if you stay focused.


average people do not have the knowledge to invest in shares themselves my fund went though the last crash and recovered within 12 months and then powered away because they sold for me and then bought back in at cheap prices, earning an average of 16% no work from me no worries,

Rj Rawlings

easy for me! good video man!

RRalphy Miller

It much harder to wait when you have a smaller bucket.

Steven Fink

You said to buy when a company is half the price that it’s worth. How do you know what a company is worth?


When it crashes Im throwing a party.

MF Walensa

I have no experience is doing this "sticking with the market until its time to sell and then buying when it's low".... This pandemic may take all I have. I am retired and have no income besides a small pension which is also in the stocks. If I take my money out, I will have to pay taxes on it too soon.

Master Chief

Being Patient is probably one of the hardest things!

Akram Hemaidan

I like what you said about the 25% strategy on buying of the drops. My question is how many different companies should do it best into when it crashes? What’s a good average?

David Smith

When it crashes, buy more and hold. When it climbs, buy more and hold. When it's at its peak, buy more and hold. Ignore the noise. Buy more and hold.

J. See

How this sounds in 2020 Q1

whis key

When poor people sell their stocks, rich people buy them all up. That's why rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor made poor decision which made them poorer. That's the way of life. The poor can't blame the rich for being rich cause the rich had a "Rich" man mindset while the poor gave in to fear for having a "poor" man mindset.

Nicky Yap

I likes to buy some sticks during a bull run but l found the stocks were way too overvalued. When a sharp fall came to below 30 %, l started to buy and sold them if there were any rebound. If the stocks kept falling to about 50%, I added more. So far l yet to lose any money with this stragegy. To be Frank, you need cash and holding power to win during a bear run... In fact when l chased some stocks during a bull run, l lost some of my money. It was because l was late into buying up the shares before they ran up..After this, l don't mind to start buying during a bear run. It may look too early before the next bull run but l am so happy to own some good stocks which l dare not buy during the bull run.. When the bull returned, none of my stocks failed to win. All gave me fantastic gains. So what are you waiting for? Don't worry about how low you stocks may fall. It is better to own them before you miss a good bargain that may not come again.

Fresh Air Today

Is it smart to wait years for a crash if your portfolio is all dividend stocks 4-7% yields?

Cycling Noob

hard!! lol.. but i will need to try .. I got killed in GFC.. I wished I had a thimble , let a lone a wash tub. =)

Van Lu

It is nearly the end of 2019 and the murmurs of economic instability from these past years are turning into noises now. I hope the market drops and drops hard and that everyone who has been patient will be blessed soon. :)))


I got burned to a crisp not buying a great company recently. I had do delete the chart so that I never have to see it agin & be reminded of my mistake.

Prasanna K

we are at bear market. Play safe.

Richard Krug

Dude, Phil, there is no crash in sight. You are so wrong. This market is built on solid economic growth. You should learn Elliott Wave Theory.

Tino Pertamana

Phil, since this video was published ( Jul 2017) - S&P has gone up 22pct ( Oct 18) - how long are we going to wait for the next crash?


Why the f wealthsimple didn't advertise BEFORE Covid

John W

Best advice video you made so far!

Erik N

Thank you ?