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How to transfer gift cards money to your bank account - Money Maker off gift cards!

168 208 views | 17 Jun. 2019


Apps, credit card and sites mentioned,

Dosh app - https://link.dosh.cash/XIAOZ4


Chase Freedom - Earn $200 cash back with any participating Chase Freedom credit card.


1. Robinhood 1 free stock for opening up an account - https://join.robinhood.com/milenaw5

2. Webull 1 free stock for opening up an account and 1 free stock for deposit $100 or more into the account - https://act.webull.com/i/WPHR1iUOaQHv/lrj/

→ As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Gears used in this video

Freefly Movi - https://amzn.to/3ccep6v

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Iphone XS - https://amzn.to/2PqM7va

Galaxy S8 - https://amzn.to/3863vMi

Joby 3K - https://amzn.to/2wQHOTH

Litra Torch 2.0 - https://amzn.to/2Voq2Bq

Ulanzi - https://amzn.to/37WuIkE

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod - https://amzn.to/3a5fNWP

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I’m going to try this!


Does this work on online gift cards like wayfair


Out of date...Venmo won’t allow!! Please update your

Mark Rorney

Does these card Work internationally

Tion Whitfield

So you are able to transfer to your bank account?

Manuel Díaz Bernasconi

Does this work if my Paypal account is not from the US? I have one of this Visa gift cards that I bought on Amazon but my Paypal account is not from the US

Vernita hamblin

Chase site down

Danny Hauger

skip 11 minutes - good grief!!! 11:10

Darren toews

The visa/ MasterCard is basically the same as cash so what’s the advantage?


Thanks but no thanks asain guy..As a black man i will now give the people a better way..
step#1 buy a money order with the card..
Step#2 cash it in your name
You welcome..


I dro by koger, today.

Damion Reynolds

So how you add the Amazon


Can i use My Vanilla prepaid Visa card to send money to my mobile wallet or bank account???


this guy looks like an asian elon musk

MrSavage Andy

New parents in training. As of today could you approve this method still works ? Or it got taken down. I almost got scammed so I have ebay gift cards and I want to transfer money to bank.


Can you do paypal

Sherry Xing

I tried using both visa and MasterCard neither worked


8:33 This is when he actually shows you how to do it :)

Mao Work Shen

Does NOT work! CANNOT pay using the MasterCard Debit Prepaid Giftcard by MetaBank just now.

Were u able to do this recently?

rob camp

What us the max amount before you have to report to IRS???

Nick Caldera

So I have $200 in gift cards that I just applied to Venmo. Can I transfer that balance to my personal debit card which is also set up with Venmo?


my prepaid card does not work with venmo??

Bryan Ringstrand

I'm sure this worked at some point, but Venmo would have closed this loophole eventually.

Paul Ramos

My friend is this still going to work? is there a fee if I I add gift card and transfer to my bank account I'm thinking of paying my rent this method ? and earn rewards by purchasing those Gift cards .Thank you!

gameing with Jay family

Can you transfer Xbox card to a bank account using Venmo?

Joe Joe

I have a question can you use this on cash app or venom



Maricela Saucedo

Bro just get to the point

Patrisia Batalla

It's not working! 2021


Tried this with a MasterCard, registered a zip code and everything but it doesn't seem to work, does this process still work for you currently? maybe i have the wrong cards

m Johnson

Thanks, you have a beautiful family and I know your channel will BLOW up!

Tyeisha Perkins

i wish there was debit card that you can use to for turning gift into cash

satish shanthakumar

This guy is twisting thing around. Yes you can convert prepaid gift card to cash via Venmo, but it’s only cards that can be reloaded with cash or transferred to another card.

Lawrence Brown II

It worked for me. Thanks!

Kiyoung Paik

Thanks for posting this info! Venmo asks for the zip code on the gift card, what should I enter here?

Sunny Dee

Quick story BIG WIN!

I paid $389.98 for two visa gift cards and made $120 in less than 5 minutes

Here’s the rest of it if you feel like reading:

A large store had a coupon for $60 off for every $250 or more purchase. This was only for veterans on Veterans Day. I didn’t know about it until I was already in line to buy gift cards for my (twin) nephews birthday. The cashier had the flyers at his stand and I asked if I could use them and he said yes. The cards could be purchased in any amount from $100 - $500. I went ahead and put $250 on each card plus paid the extra $4.99 activation fee.

In total, I paid $389.98 and made $120 in less than 5 minutes($509.98 -$120). I didn’t want to get greedy so I left it at that and then decided to just pull out $200 from my bank account and give them cold hard cash instead.

Sac Car Scene

Venmo will not accept the cards due to the Zip Codes, so I went on to the Vanilla Visa Card site and registered a zip code and Venmo still won't accept it? Anyone else have this issue?

Yang Xiang

venmo kept on giving me "transaction declined". This does NOT work. Can you please confirm it is no longer working?


Hi, Any advice on how to cash out two $500 American Express gift cards into cash for deposit into my bank account? Thanks.


would there be a reason why not just connect credit card to venmo to skip all these steps?


Nobody has any idea what the crap you are talking about. You went from registering a card, to how to make money on your chase freedom credit card, to how to move money to a venmo to your bank account with no explanation on how the breakdown happens on the chase freedom card. Need to be more clear

argie Rodriguez

I have a few cards with really low balances that I wanted consolidate but most places have a limit. Any ideas?

Yung John

what is your IG

Mustapha Ejjayah

i'm from Germany. And i want to buy American Express® eGift Card

do I need a American phone number to buy and to activate?

James Osakpolor

Which website did you buy the gift card from please i need to buy some.

That Arkiasai Guy

This is a great video I subbed

Madeline Gonzalez

My MasterCard prepaid card isn’t working. I was able to add the card to my payments but when I try to send the funds, it gives me an error saying the transaction was declined and to try again later. I’m not sending more than the balance on the card so I don’t understand


Starts at 8:36

Firme O


Julie Lewis

shit aint working for me i type the number in and then it basically refreshes and does nothing


I thought the gift cards purchase does not count for points and cash back per Kroger and Chase, yes? No?

Tyeisha Perkins

So that mean has make to account if I want send to myself

Crisjohn hilario

Hi may i ask how much steam card do i need to use to activate my friend merchant bank account?i've already spend 150 dollar on it.

Tenzack YOGI



Venmo is asking for a zip code for the card and it’s not working

Darren Miles

Yeah don’t listen to him guys, it doesn’t work. Might have worked at the time he did the video, but doesn’t work now.


11:00 is where the actual information is where people come for, more people should thumbs down this video because 13 minutes for a 3 minute video is ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

Joker's Entertainment

My account is saying that I can not use this card and to try another card. I did everything you did

b g

I tried using the same visa and MasterCard you have and neither worked. Venmo kept saying declined...


Can I add money to a Amex gift card?

Tom Jewell

Thanks for sharing. I'm waiting for Venmo to verify my bank. I chose the manual method.

Kevin M

Venmo doesn't work anymore. Only PayPal if you send yourself an invoice.

Cnd Brn79

Do have to pay taxes on your earnings?...lmao?


Thanks I tried the PayPal method I done this before but never from a gift card thanks for sharing ??

Adam Bergens

I tried it with a Visa gift card. Registered ahead of time, and Venmo says "transaction declined" when I try to send money with it. Could it be because it is a Visa? Does this only work with a Mastercard Gift Card?


hellow sir j have a gift card posible transfer to my atm bank acount??? how


You kna who that was?? John Wayne!

Red szn

So does a master card prepaid card work? Because I know they won’t let you send money with a vanilla visa prepaid.

Kenneth Mines

Trying to use this but we hit a snag and it will not transfer money. I like the video.


Your video answered my questions. Thanks bro.

Bailey Chiu

A lot of companies like Dosh, Rakuten, etc have restrictions on the cash back you can earn. Make sure you read the fine print because a lot of them say "not valid on gift card purchases"

loger bilson

Does not work tell me if I did anything wrong MasterCard debit gift card says cards can’t be added

Edrian Joy Tuazon


I Really Do It

This sounds like borderline money laundering ! JK ?

Mike Desmond

Thanks, lots of empty space on that top shelf you'd be nuts not to take advantage of it

Bryce Kuhn

13 minutes for this simple video is the most Asian thing i've ever seen


Have you had problems with Venmo limiting the number of gift/debit cards you can add? Thanks!

Ninja Shark

Apple gift card? ?

steve murphy

can this use for international money transfer??

Venmo canada

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Best Way to Receive Money From Other Countries to India | Transfer Money to Bank in India

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Best Way and Easy Method

Best Way and Easy Method to Receive Money or Transfer Money from Any country to India on Any users Bank Account in India, Transfer Money to India From Other Countries, even you can send/receive Money from or to Foreign Money to Your Bank Account, PAYPAL is the Best and Easy Method, It's not free money transfer method to India

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Raaz Thakur

Bhai ager india ka koi bhi bank account no de to keya wo paise hame receive hoga

John Ambrose

Is GST number Mandatory for opening PayPal Account ????

Mohit Singh Rathore

Please send your number bro

Shailesh pundage

5 se 10 lakh Jada paisa mangana hai to kuch enquiry hoti hai kya..

Jugraj Singh

Sir mere sister ka india mein punjab and sind bank ka account hai woh uk citizen hain money send krte hain saath mein hi credit ho jate hain indian account mein but this time friday kiye aj sunday hogya aye ni .... kya reason ho skta hai???? Holidays ki vjh se ho skta hai??

Anil Soreng

Nice video


Sir. Mera PayPal account kese verify hoga

Govind Singh

Bhai charges amount kis amount se kat te hai

Harsh Kataria

Nice video, can you tell me one thing, how much bank charge? If PayPal charge 7-9% than how much percentage does bank cuts,

Rajendar Shakya

Tum bank ka name hie malum nahi yeee pesa key dolge bolna bii nahi a raha tu me to pyla tum totel 10 bank hai jo bade hai

Vip Taresh

Yes meri gf h Indonesia me use magana h

Ashutosh Mishra

Mera friend ek videshi hai mujhe business krne ke liy help karna chahta hai
Paisa kaise manga sakta hu

Amod Lakra

Kitna amount tak transfer kr skte h.?

Atomy International Business


Eze Felix

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Manish Kumar

Mera money hold ho gya h?


Hlw humko apse help chaiye plz contact us


Aap hi manga denge sir mai aapko uska charge de dunga jitna boliyega utna

Suman Chetry

How to recive USA frm money to bank of borda

Subhash Sharma

Bhai AGR India se kuwiat Paisa kese mangaye pls reply me Bhai

Mohit Singh Rathore

To aage jaha se paisa aa raha hai to vo kese send krenge

Dharmendra kumar

Limit kya milti hai

Muneer Pasha

Aaj be ye PayPal badiya he ..I mean in 2020 August..iske alava any other options latest.. please share kigiye bro.

Prithvi Trikha


Sonu Kumar

Sir I want to receive money from Brazil.... I used to receive money from western union and ria... But the agent says that they will not be able to give money because the sender is not Indian.... .can I received money from my foreigner friend through pay pal?

Sikandar Pardhi

Sir America se paise mangvaye to hame paisa bharana padta hai ya nahi

Dharmveer D.a

bro india se portgal kase mngwaye

Ankit Akki

meri gf se magane hai 1 lac

MarŤîn Garrïxx r

Bhaiya woh toh sab theek h but jb m india me hu or meri usA se aayega but wh currency kese change hogi mean 1$ = 74.96. Suppose mujhe bhje 1000rs toh woh kese change hogi bss itna btaa do?

Bipin kumar


M yasmin

Sir London se kese mangay

Bittu Chaudhary

igp account k bare me kuch bta skte h. sir aap

Ekta Rana

Sir actually mere frnd h unhone mujhe 35.000 gbp bheje h..but unhone mujhse sirf mera account number puchha h...aur paise bhej bhi diye h


Usme paypal ka option nahi hai aur russian language hai

Anand Roy


Siddhi Rauniyar

How to recieve money to Nepal from foreign country


Kya British pound ko rupees me convert kar dega paypal

Rohit Chauhan

Bro I want talk to you

shushant singh

Sir mujhe 3million us doller mangna hai..pls btaeye kaise

Lalit kumar

Is se to achhaa hai havala kar dete hai

b kumar

I'm interested give your contact number

राजकुमार पोसवाल

मैं म्यांमार घूमना चाहता हूं पर वहा के पैसे कैसे प्राप्त करू?
आप मुझे बताओ ।


paypal hold money don't go for paypal

professional punter

Mangane ka tarika to malum h bhai...
Par mangaye kisse wo bhi bata do???

Niraj Xetri

Bhai... Mera dost France ka hai.. . So agar usne mujhe France ke 1000 euro mere account main bejta hai.. Toh kya paise 1000 rs hoga ya.. Jyada hoga.? ?plz bhai...

Nirajan Adhikari

Is this available from Thailand to India?


goggle pay Mai other countrie ka money kitne din Mai transfer hoga account Mai?

vikas sevta

my fone no 6202427125

Anjali Jain

Can we take money direct on my paytm account!??

Arpit Pandey

Paypal has the worst service,
It is full of frauds. If somebody open a dispute against the transaction your money will be held for months.

Sundeep Mehton

Friend se kitne paise mangwa sakte he maximum ?

vikas sevta

i want to talk to you

Nilofar Shaikh

Ap sahi tarike se nahi bata rahe ho

vipin kaundal

5 min ki video ko 16 min ka bna dia.

Rinka Yadav

Sir landan se kaise mangaye

Abu Abid Al faizi

Bhaii mujhe ek salutation batao ke Kya koi india se gulf countries ke account per paisa kaise bheje aur india se paisa bhej ne ki limit kitni hoti

Joga Singh

Hlo sir kya foreign se paisa receive karne par India me apke bank account me ane ke bad kya convertible charge lagta hai kya

Jason Carson

I was referred to herickcard on telegram
He’s a very trustworthy and reliable man
Thanks to herickcard on telegram ....

Shailesh pundage

20000 dollars manga sahkte hai kya

Atulya Bharat

Swift Bank wire transfer legal hai ya illegal??
Foreign Trading platform k USD money ko "swift bank wire transfer" option k through withdrawal kr k SBI bank account me add kr skte hai Kya?? Illegal to nhi hai na??

Love guru

Can we transfer from Bangladesh

Ankit Negi

Bhaiyya koi btao please ye iban no. Hota kya hai international money transfer krne me India me mai kese pta krun

Ana Khan

Kya america se muslim k account m pese ni askte


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Uzma Ali

Thank you soooooo much sir

Winpow Technology

Sir mera foriene se paisa aana hai. ..to brokrage ka paisa ana hai abhi kitna tds katega kuch sokution dijiye

Ankur Tomar

Sir pay pal se f c r a ke through bhi paise mangwa sakte hai kiya

Ajay saini

Bhai cheque payment kaise receive kre

Manoj Kori

Best information

Neilabonlu Aonok

Transfer from others country did the activist charge any money to convert the currency.please help.i can't understand hindi

unique india

Abe chutiye ek bar kar ke dikha deta ... Bewakoof

Rimmi Ana

Wire transfer se managaya hai. Usme bhut time lag raha hai. 5 din ho gya aaya ni.

Amit Amit

Ase faltu k bakwas Marr RHA hai

Pramod Shukla

Bhai agar bank account na ho wallet me nhi ho payenga


Bhai jisse Hamen Paisa Manga na usko Ham bhejenge Kya

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ashu tosh


Arunjith T

It will work on Maldives?
Wanted to send money to india from Maldives

raja silent raja

Plx help me sir g mera money america se mangana h to kaha kaha kitna charge lagega


Sir mere qiwi wallet me paise atke pade hai something 14000 to wo russian fedration mang raha hai to kaise nikale

Dharmendra Gill

Isme kuch fraud toh nhi hai ki kabhi koi farzi website bhi ho is name ki

akshay kumar saini

Bhai video banao to full information diya karo.. if you do not have time then please dont waste viewers time...

vineet chaturvedi

Sir, does anyone charge when we transfer money to bank account?

babbumaan fans

Burma se kaise magwaye

Mahaveer Sanglikar

Thank you for making this video.

abhishek singing zone

Sir m apna coin sell KR rah hu or USA ka ek Banda use Lena chahta h or m chahta hu paise mere account m aaye to mujhe KY karna hoga plz help me sir

дгци томдг

Paypal se mene paise khaiye hai isliye unka prachar kar rha hu batherfod tutitya hand mara


bhai individual account se paise recieve bhi kr skte hain kya?

Sushil thapa

Bro how to send money from south korea to india. And i have only sbi ka account . Please reply.

anjesh kumar yadav

Paypal se kitna paisa manga sakte hai

arjun singh

Bhai,, agar ,,,usd ,,, London se sidha india sbi account mei transfer ho to kya, bank mei ja kar currency change karwani phdti hai ?? ,,,,to kya charges dene phdte hai ??,,, ,,limit cash ki kitni hoti hai jyada se jyada,,,,income tex ka bhi koi chakar hota hai kya ???tell me ? Big Bro, ,,, am waiting for you reply

Tarun Verma

Agar foreign sa apna pasa bhejna ho or apka koi bank account na ho foreign ma ap ko wahan apki check diya to usa money ma kasa transfer kara to india

Indian Public Reaction


Aisi Taisi Democracy

केनरा बैंक???

Ajmaeel Khan

Collme 7014767559

Mohit kumar

Kya hum direct Ifsc account number deker nhi manga sakte sidh bank mei

Venmo canada

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Venmo Canada

297 views | 29 Nov. 2015