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Farmers in the Netherlands are growing more food using less resources | Pioneers for Our Planet

150 510 views | 27 Nov. 2019

This pioneering Dutch

This pioneering Dutch farm has found clever ways to generate higher yields using less space and fewer inputs. They’re growing food that’s more sustainable and economical too. Despite being a small, densely populated country, the Netherlands is one of the world’s biggest vegetable exporters. As our demand for food increases, could this efficient approach help define the farms of the future? Read more about the inspiring pioneers finding creative solutions to climate catastrophe here: https://wef.ch/pioneersforourplanet

About the series: Each week we’ll bring you a new story about the people striving to restore nature and fighting climate change. Part of our award-winning collaboration with @WWF and the team behind the Netflix documentary #OurPlanet. #ShareOurPlanet Want to raise your #VoiceForThePlanet? Life on Earth is under threat, but you can help. People around the world are raising their voice in support of urgent action. Add yours now at www.voicefortheplanet.org.

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The Good Hope Group The Good Hope Group

Baie mooi. Slim mense. ?

A.M. Ela

Holland Got The Best vegetables?????????

Shannon Ollinger

amazing. just amazing.


Ok..... Ok.....Keep Telling..... Alhamdulillah Inshallah By God Allah Subhan Taala Will Guidance Grace and Blessings Alhamdulillah Inshallah STAW.......

Brett Anthony Palmer

Disgusting and an affront to nature

Selesian White

I've never bought the vegetables which are produced in Netherlands. I don't care for plastic tomatoes from Netherlands...

Bill Ng

I still prefer food from outdoor field, not from labs.

Vance H

Save Our Planet

KaareandMaria Kolstad

No direct sun, no human interaction with the life giving plant world, no interaction with the animal world. this is unnatural and I do not want to eat that food, thank you.


meanwhile environmental party's in the netherlands: KILL ALL FARMERS (figuratively speaking)

Madhu Sudhan

this is expensive

Ryan Castaneda

I’m in California, who do I talk too here! I would love to be involved !

Joshua Smith

A lot of this tech will help in growing food where people are whether it is in the cities or in space. Food security for a city breaks down in war when supply lines are cut off but vertical faming and advanced farming techniques can overcome thing. This also means tasty ripe tomatoes can be grown and delivered to the stores and restaurants direct.

Uğurcan GÜLEN

Guys i need some help on wheat planting and production.( i know the process, what i mean is that i have some questions to be answered by professional wheat producers)

Yuhua greenhouse diffuse reflection glass

Although the Netherlands is a small and densely populated country, it has developed into one of the world's largest vegetable exporters through modern agricultural greenhouses.


we absolutely cannot continue to produce food with hydroponics. you have high yields..... cool. oranges grown 100 years ago had as much as 8X the vitamin c as oranges today. hydro does not cut it. look through the comments. "tomatoes taste like water." "flavorless." "no smell" it isnt about pumping some elements in the plant to get it to grow. these nutrient solutions have a couple dozen nutrients at most to feed the plants. they consume well over 100 different nutrients when grown organically in LIVING soil. not dirt, coconut husk, repurposed insulation or some BS synthetic rock. the money is pushing ag in the wrong direction.

another point, clean room greenhouses arent feasible, i dont think, so i imagine heavy pesticide use. shame. proper organic allows the plants to create more complex sugars which arent digestible for a lot of insects. they simply can not eat a healthy plant. if you need pesticides, fungicides, herbicides its because your soil is shit, which makes your plants shit. hydro is shit from the start so you should expect nothing else.

Dani Daniel

This is not organic food!! This is full of chemicals and GMO

The Domestead

Health comes out of nature.
This is completely unnatural.

antoniio caluso

STOP watching YT-videos about veggie growing...NOW! Start YOUR own kitchen garden, instead. Folks have been for 12,000+ years. Yes, far-bigger FOOLS than you. Make a 4' x 4' patch of fertile soil, some seeds, some regular water, some sun, a little care, & soon...POOF, great veggies & herbs. Call it "natural magic", if that motivates you :-) Just...DO IT!

jean-claude schwartz

the world NEEDS to learn from Scandinavia, New Zealand, Japan and of course the Netherlands about everything

Callum Hefferan

imagine how many tulips they could grow

David Samson

What was this video about?

stephane coffin

Maybe eat wise and stop wasting is the key...
Is it about 50% produced goes straight in the bin?

jsanchez sanchez

Genetitical manipulation....poisonous

Henri Cherry

Make it even more ecologically & plant some green between the greenhouses so insects can find food on their journey. Cause its actually crazy, having hektars without access to soil or plants in-between.

Adam Hilyer

Looks amazing!

Diego Michiels

Soon most of the Netherlands will be covered by these massive greenhouses, which may be using less resources, but still huge amounts of synthetic fertilizers (produced by fossil fuels), pesticides and have an enormous carbon footprint. They need artificial light for large parts of the production, heating during the cold months to produce off-season, and the export-driven model has a huge carbon footprint. The only benefit of this? Producing cheap food. The quality may be the same, though the taste of unripe/semi ripe picked tomatoes (necessary evil for this kind of industrial production) is uncomparable to ripe picked. And why produce more food if more than half of it is thrown away or wasted? Food scarcity is a restridibution problem, not a production one. And dumping cheap products abroad outcompetes local production and leads to more poverty, diminished food sovereignity and hunger. Let every region produce most of its own food in a diversified way, for resilience's sake! Consume locally produced, seasonal products coming from organic regenerative agriculture. It is possible to do more good instead of less harm by changing our paradigms in the way we produce and consume food!

Fey Frost

Not as great at it sounds, absolutely 0 sustainability. Netherlands goes through an astronomical amount of imported fertilizers just to maintain this vast vegetable army. Using hydro and aeroponics instead of soil biomass and mychorizael fungi, not composting breaking down and reusing materiel. Just bringing in exact chemical extracts they can measure out with a pipet to their exact needs, you have gone to far down the path of the new and shiny netherlands, and need to return to some of our time tested horticultural practices updated to a modern era.

Sagar Joshi

So nice of this ?
Any job for their ??


The quality of an organic tomato is incomparable: taste and nutriments.

Eugen Scobioala

they are growing more food and sell their shit in our country with a higher price after they kill our agrarian culture. no comment :)




This way grown vegetables have almost no nutrition value I wouldn't put in my mouth, it may damage your gut and have negative effect to you body.


You’re not fooling anyone but perhaps college kids or those who are wet behind the ears. Nothing taste better or is better for your body than homegrown produce straight from God’s own soil.


does anybody know in what episode of our planet I can find this material?


May be, the Dutch produce more food. But a tomato grown in Holland tastes like water.

Daan Coolwijk

I am Dutch myself and what a totally misleading video this is. The Netherlands is one of the top spenders when it comes to artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. I believe Korean natural farming and JADAM is the way to go, only if we would have the space to do so.. too bad the majority of land is occupied because of animal agriculture

Jenny Badger

Use how much quantity of water is not a problem, the problem is to use what kind of quality water to grow the plant.

Juan Ma

Hidroponics is a scam, are not sustainable, it depends on chemichal imports, and it is a fact that the final product has about 10% of the nutrients compared to a product grown in a healthy ground soil. Hydroponics are the b or c plan for líquid fertilizers companies to keep their demand up.

Im Sunny


j evans

California has a huge water shortage problem - I hope our leadership and can adopt this style of farming.

Ana Kamhi

To see them tiling all that land makes me cringe

andrew thomas


Tevin Wright

The world needs to use this strategy and end world hunger

White Knight

Great weed but the veg is tasteless.

papaspeleo The only

Build back better?

tabitha edwards

NWO way of life. Eating chemicals and tasteless food.

John Bauer

We want skynet now!

Pink Paisley

I hope the rest of the world farmers take your lead


I"m really proud of our farmers they r so good and we always have good and cheap food in The Netherlands ! Thanks!


The best tomatoes grow on the East of Antalya (Turkey )in natural ecologically clean conditions. They smell like tomatoes, and taste so good

Athrun Zala

tasteless genertically modified food closer to a plastic hard skin and rotten inside and fruits that don't last long in your fridge.
No more lab produce . . . thank you

Md Yousuf Sk


JoeBob Jenkins

Don't forget folks, global reset. You'll own nothing and you'll love it!

Life on Pig Row


Tim Norris

An alternative would be to reduce World population from present 7.5 billion people by a variant of the Covid-19 virus, for example developable in Wuhan laboratories, that reduces human fertility. That will eventually take the pressure off food-production systems. Otherwise, the problem is that the World population will increase to 10 billion people that is potentially unsustainable and subject to a sudden famine event with a lot of people suffering and starving to death. It would be much better to limit human population growth now in a controlled and humane manner.

Simpoo Sunny

There is no "less resources" form of intensive farming. Less resources in terms of what? Less water, less synthetic fertilizers maybe, more productivity per sq meter. But in order to achieve all of that I see gratuitous use of metal sheds and large structures, plastic gowning beds, plastic irrigation lines, led lights, large air exhaust systems. The energy required for the production of all these materials and the energy requirement to run such operations all of that needs to be calculated in the final "resource" calculations of such operations and compared to conventional land farming.

Ginger Teddy

I started growing my own vegetables during covid-19 pandemic. I don't need to buy fresh vegetables anymore.

Foodways Distribution

And the end products is tasteless, low quality and revolting. Ever tried the disgusting supermarket tomatoes or strawberries? yak

Krishi Seba

Smart agriculture

Christopher Svatora

The Netherlands has 0.4% of the land area of USA, but produce 32% of the amount USA produces (in food).


Why do you want more food?

Croatian Warmaster

How can Netherlands get increased population if they have below replacement level birth rate? ??

louis salmon

Growing lots of shitty food while polluting the environement , yeah , great job ... I'll stick to my garden tomatoes thanks

JoeBob Jenkins

In what universe is putting all those resources into all that infrastructure sustainable? You're spending a buck to earn a nickel.

Resonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void

The best thing about all this is that all these fruits and vegetables are exported to foreign countries and that we, the dutch, have to buy overpriced, inferior food from other countries. Fuck this shit. According to what I've learned in economics fruits and vegetables should be the most affordable thing here in NL yet I can stuff myself with crappy processed foods for over a week compared to what I would've gotten if I had bought fresh produce. Fuck this world.

Chicken Boy

In what world is this "sustainable"?!

Alexandru Kocsis

Smart but the taste ain t that good. Not sure about the product quality either. Anyone has any idea about the nutrients the plants gets from such clean environments?

Ab Debee

Sustainable? They use tons of plastic and import fertilizers from all over the world. What a lie.

Maxim K

The best tomatoes grow on the South of Ukraine in natural ecologically clean conditions. They smell like tomatoes, and taste so good

Bengt Anderson

Gmo is the Only way to feed a growing World population.

Urban Street Fighter

Tasteless hydro shit


And also The Netherlands is such a nice and friendly place. I spent 5 weeks travelling around Europe his summer and the Netherlands was the nicest country to visit. Everything looks good on the roads, buildings and the people look good. Fair play I will definitely be back ?

Netherland currency

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Amazing Facts About Netherlands In Hindi नीदरलैंड आकर्षित करने वाला देश

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Awesome Facts Of

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नीदरलैंड युरोप महाद्वीप का एक प्रमुख देश है. यह उत्तरी-पुर्वी युरोप में स्थित है. इसकी उत्तरी तथा पक्ष्चिमी सीमा पर समुद्र स्थित है, दक्ष्णि में बेल्जियम और पुर्व में जर्मनी है. नीदरलैंड को अक्सर हालैंड भी कह दिया जाता है.

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Chinmaya Sahoo

make a video #odisha

Rohini Walunj

nice video

Dinesh Kumar Khandelwal

सेक्स के लिए सुविधा जरूरी है


Background track or artist name please?


I have an online friend from Netherland, so I really want to know about her country

Jatinder Gautam

Dat is klopt

Basavaraj Gulannavar Shenker Gulannavar

Life age and body are very important in this year yooga nadarland health is a wealth.

sabita subedi


Manali Bhoir

Santorini pe banao

Deep Saha

New Zealand videos

Paras Mehta

very nice video

Shiv nath Yyyp



Sir Netherlands me jane ke lia india se kitna karcha prega...or process kya h...ek vdo banao

lekhnath khanal 33

azerbaijan k bare me vedio baniya

Mohd Abdullah

Hi you have very good content plz chek my content tell me about my work and mistakes

suresh oram


कर्म योग

चूतिये pehle wo background music change kr

Rahul Vishwakarma

Bahi Thoda voice ko increase karo

Donga Yash

Tokyo city

nomadic Jagdish

Great country

Emotion Gaming

your voice is very scary...

Suraj Kumar

Gangtock pe video banie please

Butterfly games

Bhai yaha p kaun se paise istemal hote h

Basavaraj Gulannavar Shenker Gulannavar

Nadarland is a earth god gift for nadarland publics.and there rules are very important for public living life bycicle.very best life of nadarland peoples since bycicle.

irfan ahmad

Copy Kiya h chutya

Sanjib Raee

Nice vdo & voice

azad aj

sab galt haaaaa

Mr.Ranjan Dwivedi

Netherlands bhi bhgwa color psnd krta hai

Arti Soy

1 chiz nhi btaya gaya hai .. ye video m..
sabse jada world famous djs sab yahi country ke hai..
Tiesto, Hardwell , yellow claw .. or bhi bahut jn.. ???

Isaruden Isaruden


News 28 28 International

Hi all hot boys came to my video chat room first membership then call me 9890311558

Nar badhur Chhetri

नेदरलेन्डमे वर्क प्रमिट मिल्तेहे सर काम कि लिय

Anuradha Mukherjee

Such channels should be reported for using misleading clickbaits and using irrelevant elements for thumbnails. Dislike even before I watched it!

baber ali abroo


Sonu Kumawat

reyal mind of amaging story and click cutting of dasteny


Bahar btata hai kuchh are dikhata hai kuchh are

Shoaib Saiyyed

I will be very greatful because I really love your videos PIs make vdo on Capetown Joburg east London Blomfontain Durban Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Brisbane new Jersey new orleans LA San Fransisco Washington Las Vegas Ottawa Wellington Auckland Christchurch Dunedin Paris Budapest hawana Buenes Aires rio Brazilia lima Vancouver glasgow seoul Shanghai Beijing Lhasa Macau Kingston Bridgetown Manila Prague Rome Madrid Milan Lisbon Oslow Munich Berlin Detroit Barcelona Istanbul Tokyo hiroshima nagasaki Osaka Karachi Lahore Peshawar Islamabad Multan Delhi Mumbai Kolkata chennai hyderabad bengaluru kochi Chandigarh Lucknow Amritsar Jalandhar Ludhiana Patiala Moga Rohtak Jaipur Jodhpur Udaipur Ajmer Bikaner Jaisalmer Churu Badmer bhilwara Ghaziabad Kanpur Agra bhopal Gwalior Indore Devas Ratlam Riva Raipur Ranchi Patna Guwahati Sheilong Kohima Aizawl Imphal Agartala bhubaneshwar Cuttack Sambhalpur Vizag salem Trivandrum haassan Pune Solapur Kolhapur nasik Jalgaon Nagpur Amravati Chandrapur Akola Thane New Mumbai Aurangabad Surat Vadodara Rajkot Ahmedabad Anand Bharuch navsari

Chinmaya Sahoo

make a video #venezuela

Asif Ali

Pan chakiyan nhi re pawan chakki hoti h

Ram Yadav


Ismail khan92

Bhaii Netherlands 50eurocent ka Indian rupee kitna hota hai

Mohammad Julhas

Very very beautiful girl everybody girl very very nice and very hot and happy

parmod swami

I hate Muslim

Dora cake

Sex Ke Baremay Q Nahi Kaha

Bapu Bapu


Ranjan Mohanty

Bhai, Netherlands ke Coffeeshop mein drugs bikta hai, coffee nahi. Netherlands mein agar koi coffeeshop jaata hai to gaanja kharidne ya funkne ke liye, coffee peene nahi.

Aur haan, prostitutes ke baare mein bataya par weed ke baare mein kuch nahi bola, aadhe log to uske liye hi jaate hai.

Shubham kumar Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Rubel Shaikh


Netherland currency

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01:30 - Cheap grocery shops in Netherlands

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Chetna Joshi

Heloo sir

Tony Montana

Please use a small microphone or the earphone microphone the audio is very bad

Chetna Joshi

Mai eindhoven mai.rhethi hu

Reece Caruso

Great suggestions! This is such an important topic to be covering right now. I really enjoyed the video!

Abolfazl Saravani

I just stated at TU/e as well ! good points! Are there ways for me to earn money besides the university salary?

Iswarya Lakshmi

Hello ,is education system in Netherlands and other European countries tough? People are saying it's hard to finish the course in 2 years of time .can you give me insights abt the education system in Netherlands??


What other student planning videos do you want to see in the future? The video can be browsed using these TIMESTAMPS:
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01:30 - Cheap grocery shops in Netherlands
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04:10 - Cheap Clothing
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07:20 - Eating outside cheap
11:13 - Weekly market in Netherlands
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? ? CONTACT me: ? ?

Karan sharma

You diligently covered all the necessary points regarding monthly expenses...????Keep it up...