Rhymes with could

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Akkad Bakkad Bambe bo | अक्कड़ बक्कड़ बम्बे बो | 3D Hindi Rhymes by Jingle Toons

51 515 358 views | 1 Jan. 2020

Jingle Toons Presenting

Jingle Toons Presenting Akkad Bakkad 3D ANIMATION KIDS RHYME.

Watch the new Interesting 3D animated Hindi Song "अक्कड़ बक्कड़ बम्बे बो" Cartoons for Kids. Hindi Rhymes & Kahaniya for Babies, Toddlers, Children, and Kids. Moral Stories from Jingle Toons.

Jingle Toons Hindi cartoon is very famous in children for the popular rhymes. Watch the interesting animated rhymes (like machali jal ki rani, aloo kachallo ...) very popular among the children. Children playing hide & seek, chor - police is fun with these simple, meaningful interesting and funny characters which are the latest and best in the class. These rhymes contain amazing, cute small characters. These type rhymes are very simple, rock and entertaining, passed through generations which you can watch for free on YouTube Jingle Toons Channel, The very easy, real and best examples to teach your children thru cartooning in Hindi and Urdu Language. You can say its bedtime nursery stories with morality. Subscribe Jingle Toons TV, the leading Kids Entertainment channel of India. Like, share, and comment below!

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Modelling & Texturing: Team Lead.Kashif Shaikh, Ashish Sapkal, Manoj Dheple, Rohit Tayade, Rohan Misal, Yogesh Bhojane.

Rigging: Kashif Shaikh, Ashish Sapkal, Manoj Dheple, Rohit Tayade, Rohan Misal, Yogesh Bhojane.

Lighting: Kashif Shaikh.

Special thanks to Sandeep Vanarse,

Animation: Team Lead & Sr. Animator. Jayesh Pardeshi, Shubham Sonone & Utkarsh Gaikwad.

Rendering: Kashif Shaikh & Ashish Sapkal

Composition & Editing: Sr. Comp. Sandeep Vanarse & Priyanka Kawade.

Technical Support: Lakhan Bhujbal & Dinesh More.

Music Director and Singer: Adwait Patwardhan.

Rhythm: Ajay Atre.

Chorus: Rashmi Patwardhan, Madhura Gadre.

Mixed by Ajay Atre at Pancham Studios Pune.

Concept & Direction: Sandeep Pathak.




Rhymes with could

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Can You Say Hi Song | VoVing Coloring Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

72 176 434 views | 14 May. 2019

Can You Say Hi Song

Can You Say Hi Song Song | VoVing Coloring Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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Can you say “Hi”?

Can you say “my”?

Can you say “friend”?

Can you say “Hi my friend”?

Hi my friend, Hi my friend

I’m so you glad you’re here, and I’m here for you.

Can you say “I”?

Can you say “love”?

Can you say “you”?

Can you say “I love you”?

I love you, I love you

I’m so glad you do, and I love you too.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VovingR

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vovingcoloringclub/

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Rhymes with could

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Busta Rhymes - We Could Take It Outside Ft. Flip Mode Squad

752 110 views | 19 Dec. 2010

Awesome song Of the album

Awesome song Of the album of Busta Rhymes '' When Disaster Strikes'' 1997


[Verse 1:]

I'm a natural born killa that's born to rise

Flipmode is the squad so it's no surprise

Niggas want to advertise about how we get down

You fuck around leave your body in the lost and found

How you like me now?

We got the industry on lock

The world is on shock

I'm a take a piece of the rock

Yo, you feel it in the heart when we took you to the park

Midnight after dark, I'm the raider of the lost ark (ark echo's)

Now na na na na na na, nana nah

Super size, super size, right before your eyes

I bring in treats like giant sweet potato pies

Wise, sword shift and I spit on flies

Killing all the tips from studio spies

Head to bed, beddie bye, beddie bye

Don't ask why, we'll take your ass to paradise

Flipmode's the squad don't rest, don't try

Peace to my people in the friendly sky

Peace to my outer space ties

I'm in leather like the ladies

Bigger than crack in the 80's (80's echo's)

Drive the buggy I Mercedes

Blow up like C-4

Got so much to live for

Can't play the game no more

Pick up the cain no more

Brothers ain't the same no more

Try to sweat me, what am I aiming for

Get yourself caught up

Faggot ass tore up

In the worst way, the only way you can stop me

is cock your glock and shot me

Drop me, pop me, make sure you that you got me

Cause anytime I live I'm comin back to find you poppy


What y'all niggas wanna do?

Yo we can take it outside

Ya'll niggas want something?

Yo we can take it outside

What y'all niggas wanna do?

Yo we can take it outside

Ya'll niggas want something?

Yo we can take it outside

[Verse 2:]

Push up in the hot rod, alley cats a rah rah

All my flipmode in the backseats with chrome nods

Hear to bust mine

Nigga frat child let his brain fry

Pretty boy sliced up philly contact from his red eye

You failed to realize when you macks me you drop the plastic

Run up in your crib, now you heat me from the mattress

My crew expanded, QB is where we landed

Yellow strip you crossed it

Now I'm forcing you to drink this champotion

Show me were loaded

The desert eagle hear it cockin'

Lovin my doggie

While we shinin' continue flossin

Steppin on toes I crush the whole shoe

Pronto like Cru till I'm Triumphant like Wu

The shit you talkin crazy like niggas turnin in their hand guns

I be burnin mc's like betty grandson

Smokin grey poupon boy

Two lines, I chew rhymes and make niggas fall like they was futons

All day outsiders, this squad be flipmode

We get a dick rode a whole shitload


[Verse Three:]

We the official g-u-rilla to lead militias

Stack peelin, americana

Spit sentences like one of missy wanna's

Reminisce the promise

Bring drama like Nicaragua

Fatigues march, army leaders, they count crooked drug dollars

And sip fresh squeezed milk from the titties of llamas

Leave cities in carnage

Prettiest farmers that pour whisky at harvest and hold 16 guananas

Maintain, maintain, maintain

I pray like Gussalini Zion fists

Try on this, you can't see me like vagina lips

Smugglin diamond chips, bubblin anonymous

The dominant will resource and count script crews and world wars

(world wars echo's)

Yo, you better practice what you preach, I got 7 MC's

And 10 g's, I'll show each

Never interfere and shit, souvenirs for your ears and shit

Clear poetry like William Shakespeare and shit

Word is bond checkin me out

Hey what you talkin about

You lost and walkin about

Niggas got beef they want to say and start talkin it out

Hey, oh my god, y'all nigga be buggin me out

Wish they could lay me down and have the police start chalkin me out

Now I zoom in on you and my niggas start stalkin you out

Chuck down that bullshit that you be callin about

This one's for my people and my niggas up North

The ruler shit dynasty but Flipmode finally come fourth

Exports and imports hittin you with flavors of all sorts

My squad comin through, chop off your ear

[Chorus 2X]

anais tv argel fuentes

2019? Chile?

Marcos Paulo


manuel antonio cantillana muñoz

Lo mejor de escuchar cassete en la escuela

Adam Gordon

Babysham’s verse tho ?? ?


JEEEEEEEESUS......What a beat,...Hippa to the hoppa

DAWN & Y` i Sea

Ma Luciya Beya. on "male tone". Phillis Dyler Mode -aeni`


R.I.P Hip Hop 2000.....

Leonard Olds

Supersize! Supersize..right b4 your eyes I be bringing treats like giant sweet potato pies....if all hip hop were like this I'd be a bigger fan 4 sure

Pato Pascua

Lord have mercy el gran mestro de la flipmode, temazooooo !!

Jackie Lombardi

Lord Have Mercy is legit one of the best rappers to ever exist

James Jeanbaptiste

Still a Masterpiece 2019

Theo Burden

I love most his songs..been since leaders of the new school..

Jon Foreman

Drown violaters in buckets of piss water ?

Practical Fitness

Flipmode Squad..... Flipmodes the greatest!

Camilo A Lopez Quirama

June 2019 still ???


What a great blast from the past ???



Master Jedi

The God lessons

Trent Yates

My pop had this album. And the first song that hit me, was rhymes galore. After that i had no choice but to listen to this album again. Dope joint.

Michael Riddim

"Cant see me like Vagina lips" Lord Have Mercy had those slick lines lol

Paulina Bezubik

If someone need something simply try dayo.best/mtm-guide-858
Its cool for everyone in 2020!

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

Roger Mitchell


Big el aka fat daddy Channel

This song goes out to anyone

Fon Brunstead

2019 reppin' motherfuckaaaaaaaas


I made a video "The Best Female Rapper of all Time | Prove Me Wrong | Lyrics " she needs to be recognized as one of the illest who ever done it. Rah Digga has everything, a very balanced and well rounded Style with all tricks up them sleves. I can maybe recall a dozen Rappers who have crafted the art of rhyming on that level <3

Tayfun Y

2021 still ???????

Red Aquarian

Can't truly appreciate this unless you have a bomb audio house or car system! Neva gets old!!!


From the tities of llamas..its on now?


neverending helta skeltah misma pista o sample

Batuzay El destajador

Que saben de la vieja escuela .criado en lo.vajo de chile escuchando lo real de hip hop


This track is a perfect storm... Dope beat, dope rhymes, just perfect. Everyone was trying to outdo each other. This is what you call a timeless classic.

Léo Turbide

top 10 hip hop tracks


The Smoothest, Hardest, Beatdown Joint!!! ???

Black Machine

Anyone in 2019?


Masterpiece...this beat gives me goosebumps everytime

Luis Castillo

The best time of the h2

grace segirinya

Am still lookin for the video for this truck.I love the way Rah Digga did her thing.

The /\nunnaki

This beat is like "the windmills of your mind" get it? :)

yavoy colombia COLOMBIA

waw que tema


On lock


The Ol days.. ?????

Cristian Sánchez

Temazo wnnn?para los ke no saben wn?????



Bicampeón de América

Pudahuel Sur Old School , Rapero de la cuna hasta la Tumba ... ( 1981 - Actualidad )

Soul Infected OFFICIAL

man,mcs used to have there own flow and wordplay...i miss the uniqness..

juan pablo gajardo jeria

some one else listen this in 2019?


Gives me goosebumps ?

Riley and Roman Show

This pumped me up back in the day

Cora Huenten

2020 en el parlante madafacass??


Still one of the most epic beats of hip hop history

Temp 411

2020 and still at it?

Big el aka fat daddy Channel

This song goes out to everyone even nick cannon

Julio herrera

Respet.... ONE1

William Sullivan


rusia 2018

Perú ??

Maxie Pattie

ACO... YO! ......we could take this out side

Y'z The1

I may be above 40 now.. older .. but you young fuckers have no idea how blessed my era was .. lol.
This shit is legandary.

wesley hamor

This shit still bangs even in 2019

Gemini2300 June

Sweet potato ? pies ?

Local 8

tema de temas


this track is 23-24 yeahrs old and i love it! one of my fav songs!!!!!

L Macka

Another classic from the Flipmode library !

Leandro Souza

Rah Digga killed it

Ramón Álvarez

La base tiene un rollo muy parecido al Neverending de Heltah Skeltah

Keith Smith

Triumphan" like WUUU!



Keith Smith

Rock Marci was crazy underrated

Alexis Aedo

Great bastards the real rap, congratulations!!! My respet.

Smoock Cenepa Hip Hop

00:41 cual es el nombre de ese raper , se parece a la bubaseta

Kyle Titterton

Props from Scotland. This tune is legendary.


187 dislikes...¿ tssss

Diego Alexander Parra Acevedo

Me trae buenos recuerdos de mi infancia

D Mensah

After hearing this I went and arrested a police officer


2020 still listening to this!!! They don't make music like this anymore !

Rodney Wyatt

Rah Digga blacked out!!!!????

Kyle Titterton

Midnight after dark I'm the Raider of the Lost Ark.

Patrick Oakley

This is what New York used to be. Powerful.

Flippi trippi

Childhood !

Shankly Paisly

Most hype track to go f..k people up too

LUIS luis

1999 a 2020 desde chile .

Trinidad Kingston

I can't find the instrumental of this anymore! Anyone with a link to it?



Eric Ryan

Better than all the shit out there now

Danilo Olivares Olivares

Serious songs pls????

MaThuliza Goba

BUSTA, RAH...LORD. A Bow to the East ?

cristian gonzalez

Tema CTM bueno ...loko wun?desde stgo Chile



Nicky Owen

Been one of them days

Junie B EATS

Rah Digga snapped on this shit she had the best verse to me???

Presto Ernesto

Fresh squeezed milk.....from the titties of llamas!

H.P. Lovecraft

El flow de Lord Have Mercy es inigualable e incomparable. Dando clase hasta los días de hoy. Saludos a mi pueblo chileno desde el New York.

Rantjie Kakker

dope sh't

Léo Turbide

I am in total admiration after earing such fire

Tony Molatto

Rah is so underrated. The industry dropped the ball on this one.


QB sham killed it!!

Brentson Digital

This My Song!

Lady Taz

Classic hot shit, fuck stepping on toes, I crush the whole shoe, rah digga!!! Flip mode Lord have mercy ??????????

Tracy way moore

Good memories with this song back in my 20’s, real hip hop now with 30 I got to say that this kind of hip hop never die!!! So strong