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So many cute kittens videos compilation 2019 #2

295 958 views | 8 Jan. 2019

So many cute kittens

So many cute kittens videos compilation 2019 #2

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Background Music:

Music by BENSOUND https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/ap4W4KqmAYc

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/owrhKIN3Y90

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/23yeyezjdJI

Music: Get Outside! - Jason Farnham:



COPYRIGHT ISSUES: Our purpose, when making COMPILATIONS, is NOT to steal other people's videos, but to share those in quality compilation with other people. If any owner of clips, used in our compilation, has a copyright issue, feel free to contact us by personal message and add title COPYRIGHT ISSUE. We will remove the video, Thank you. Gmail: [email protected]

#cat #kitten #cats #kittens #funnycat #pet #animals #cute #funny

Amine Amine

My ? cat give birth

Miranda Rajkumari

The most cutest kitten of 2019 is Xuni from conitv



the cat looked blue im sorry lol

Sarthak Srivastava

Sounds like the Neso Academy.

Manisha Basak

Love you love you so much ? ?

Christina Chee

Crzzy man

Misspretty Face

Y at 0:04 did that grey cat smack the other cat like that???


Oh My God ? So Cute !

tommy schuller

This help if you did reddit 50/50 alot

Cookii UvU

Me * Goes to roblox to play tower of hell*

Dies on second stage


Immediatly goes to this video

Djon Snou



me and my kitten watched this

Stuart Gacha

I can die in peace because of kitten videos they are cute and fuzzy the perfect pet

Amanda :o

Owwwwwww the r so cutte!!!
Cats r my favourite animal I love them so mutch.♡♡♡♡♡<3

Ali Kaid

I am girl and my dad gave me his phone so now it’s my phone


the people who disliked the video go to... heck

Cian Henri

My heart is melting ?

Mark Jun Cayabyab

Your next line is: THEY ALL SO CUTE!!?



Patty and Willie

I never get tired of happy cat and kitten videos! Please keep them coming because there are a lot of cat lovers in this world and you can bet I'm one of them!!!

Reka Pinter





Sooooo cuuuuuute ???

Dasha Youtube

911: whats your emergency?

Me: I am dying of adoreibleness

Kenyon Sandoval

Aghhhhhhhhh toooo cute about to explode into hearts


Wheres the freaking squeking kitten in the thumbnail

*Awesome_gacha_ Kitty*

im the crazzy cat ladey i want all the cats all of the kittens all the cats in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh sorry did i go too crazzy i just love cats soooooooooooooooooo much


Their kitten: CUTE,PERFECT

Quintin Jr. Paual

Quintin.EXE has stopped,

The dark Wolf

Kittens hahaahah it's working
Me faints
Kittens oooooooppppsss did not expect that
The kittens start jumping on me

Bubba james


Shaun McNeil

0:46 is the cutest! How can I find that clip and share it???

Gwen Mobbs



I love cats

Kash Alexander

If u like kittys so much than make

? that blow up in likes

David Murphy

Anyone: asking my favorite animal
Me: Kittens!
Them: so cats?
Me:no kittens

Elijah Sternberg

im crying bye

Anna Marfa

Why are these videos always in my suggested. Now I want to have some cutey kitty ?

Shreya rajput

They all r very sweet... I enjoyed this video

Duane Christofferson

Cats are awesome.


Cats or dogs? I prefer dogs but I love cats

First Class

The lady that was hitting the kitten in the other girl arm, that was weird...


7% battery

Its worth it

atif malik

Cuteness level 1000000%??

Bobby Richmond

This is so sad first the Japanese people win over America with Godzilla now it's cute kittens can we even think of competing with that these kittens are really cute

Gwen Mobbs


sharon bendtsen

A human hitting a tiny kitten is not at all cute why is it even in here

Mia Kitty

Aww, they are cute.


I have 3 cats


6:19 It's so sweet when cats do that.
They are all so cute!

Ross Peak


William Fitzpatrick

https://youtu.be/7Gp7sJxqZwk Funny videos of my savanna kitten mason. More views the better videos we can make. He’s something special ? https://youtu.be/7Gp7sJxqZwk

Anchari Chan

When I’m a grown adult I will get a cat

rick wallace


slam holo

If this makes you want one, p[ease rescue. Go there and sit down with many cats, young and old. One will approach you and take a liking to ya !  Adopt that one please. He/She picked you and you alone. Rescue or adopt before you try to impress your friends and/or fill some superficial hole. Maybe, just maybe, improve someone or some cat/dogs life. I'm drunk.


Cute ?

anthony noah


Kitty Queen

Kittay!!!I neeeeeed KITAY!!!oh sorry I just LOVE cats

Michael Peoples


Iyanah Martin

i just got a kitten and we named him dart. he runs super fast and he’s super playful. he’s 8 weeks old and super tiny and cuddly! i wanna make him a cute tik tok star. the tik tok will be called dartthecat if i make it.

Shaun McNeil

Why so many scottish fold??

Dawn Gayle

Omgoodness looked like kitty bowling!Roflmao.??Too cute.lol.

Misty Jeffress

They are so adorable

Agatha Derry


Mina M

To cute check out my Sylvester https://www.youtube.com/user/ww1246

nix family

Ahhhhhhgggggg!!!! Soooo super adorable ??

JE Privat

3:54 what kind of cat is it?

First Class

The girl that was poking at the kitten in the guys arm, dont do that to that kitten please... thats just awful....cats are precious...

Ali Kaid

Oh my gosh soooooooo cute My heart is melting lucky I have a cat at home

Tracey K

Who was that fuk stick slapping that kitten at 0:12 I will light you up dick....

Haadiyah Zeeshan

I have a kitten

Hoori Salh

ربي حافظك ي روحها ☺☺الي اللقاء❤ انتبهو ل نفسكم2ربي حافظك ي روحها ☺☺الي اللقاء❤ انتبهو ل نفسكم


my heart is melting




#?#kittens #cats

Variety FaiZa

My ? cat give birth

Anna Henderson

Cats are my favorite animal

Cats In Hollywood

A very adorable Maine Coon Kitty to check out. https://youtu.be/1hUeVeQBJwU

sefali jain


Илья Спехов

2:30 когти удалили, хозяину пальцы отрубить за, это.

Juliana Dukes


atif malik

Cuteness level 1000000%??


2:13 Pixel.exe has stopped working

Katina Windsor

So cute

Aimee Malagum

I love cats everyone is a cat person here 1 like if u are ??

Aruna Chauhan



I had to punch a hole in the drywall to feel manly again

Marshal Ouellette






Edie Robinson

1:47 why did u just stand and film that adorable kitty struggle I mean it's in danger ??

Alaa A


shai x

you fucking lied to me

Shey Cassidy

The white and grey cat be like: ?️??️ who tf is dis?

Cian Henri

They are very very Cute!!!! ?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?

Princess Season Ring

Cute ??????


I love turning this on for my cat so that she can wind down ? she watched the whole thing. Idk if it’s the music or just the videos, in general, but she loves to lay and watch every time I turn it on.

Petalss _

1:06 Why is he blue....

Musafir Creative Studio

I Love Cat and make my cute cat too

Tricia Sommers

Is there anything more precious than a CAT❤️❤️❤️

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10 Scary Ghost Videos - Too MANY? Too SCARY?

3 099 533 views | 23 Nov. 2019

Top 10 scary videos of

Top 10 scary videos of supposedly REAL ghosts caught on camera. Everything from haunted houses to poltergeists: all paranormal activity caught on tape by real people.

Thanks to Nuhtzac for permission to feature his scary Reddit post and story.

If you liked this Nuke's Top 5 list, or in this case a top 10 list, you should also check out our other scary stories and videos - 5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWk2RSfQ6I

Joseph Izzo

It actually looks like the priest in the band’s video is facing the wall.

The Green Teabagger

number 8 looks like a still image with effects added on top

Muhammad Shahid


Ghost kid : *happily cycling
Le ghost mom : people will see!
*le mom kick the kid

The Noob

Im indo to i know what pocong means too


Tell me why the lights went off when he said the preist took his own life

Lucka Bratzi



Bike moveing they was just doing a toy Story movie

Huishoiang i

7:27 nah hell no after that I’d just simply teleport out the building hell NO!!!

Sabito Xd

Nuke's top 5:top 10 ghost on camera
Me:wait that's nice

2:05 gentleman ghost

jeremiah tutson

okay tell me why the security guard look in the ben like the ghost in not in here he got me dead


There’s gotta be a Raccoon in the attic trying to open the door. They are very smart & good with their paws.

R1sky Is Trash

Brooo i dont know if i was the only one. But when the video with the light switch whatever, when he films the light switch and it switches u can hear like a "hehe" from a little girl?

Mark Lhorenz Morial

sino nagbukas?!

kaway kaway sa mga pinoy!????

Clark Smith

I Love DUKE! -- Looking for something more?

Before the global pandemic, Steven Clark is attending a business meeting in Italy while Carley Smith is setting up their new home in Florida.

These video calls between the two are the last of what remains of their presence. Currently investigators are trying to find their whereabouts.

Do you know where Steven Clark and Carly Smith are?

According to investigators the following footage may be their last...

Jermaine Brown

The one with the stairs sounded like they was spitting hot fire along with the beat

Nathaniel Prior

Are you still have the same page



it's the unicorn girl AKA ME!!!!:D



Tino Ms

that freezer door thing why has no one place a camera in the inside

Bratu Matei

I'm home alone rn

tom margarites

In the bands video, with the 'Priest' near the wall, if you look to the right there is a second figiure there with one leg raised like he's standing on a rock, is it a ghost, or one of the crew?

Lala Land

Why are ghosts and entities constantly peeking like that? ?


All this videos are bullshit anyone can use video editing with grayscale and make anyone passing by look like a ghost

Baby Tails

Lol like the the Roblox game 12:21


I'm brave I'm not scard

Dawson Welliver

What does he mean ma did his mom die or somthing In that house

Zahraa Nasser

Idk I feel like the Kroger one is fake cuz there is a lot of wind in there and so the door can open if there’s a lot of wind idkkkk


asian ghost videos are extra creepy

Gramey YT

Ghost kid fell off his bike ?

Lonely Rock

My training every night so I can manage to deal with scary things

abdul hasnath

Wun the girl was open but she's someone was hiding in the back round

Freelancer A021

dude my man called for his mom,

wanna know why? All moms have super powers duh xD

Jenny Hornett

Yo I got Goosebumps

Tim Schrunk

The small tricycle falling over was most like a drunk haunting, that spirit had way too much to operate that tricycle put it under tomb arrest

Ayvin aqdam

Oh noooooo

Layla Segura

Fake it's fake

Gelay Mangahas

The top 9 is seem something was behind her


That’s a sencer light

916KiNGS4LiFE xx

Ok time to watch spongebob before going to sleep

it's the unicorn girl AKA ME!!!!:D


Gelay Mangahas

That's true because he's calling his mom because he's scared

Gian Ryan S. Eupeña

Proud to be Philippines Philippines check attendance

Austin McAlonan

I am trying to find the Nuke's video where he features the Woh Kya Tha group and the longer haired guy keeps going into a door that keeps getting slammed on him. Anybody help me out?

Pierre Holguin Martinez

Sometimes I go too the comments to feel I am not watching this alone???

Rylee Roze

I went to that school when I was little, I never thought it was haunted, but I'm surprised that its the preschool I went to, there was a death right across the street. And its been up for ages. 6:00

Cherylyn Canono

Aubrey: Sino'ng nagbukas?
Me: ?... (pinoy nasama sa Nuke's top 5)
Kaway² sa mga pinoy na nanonood dyan ??


Wow soooooooo creepy!

wawa Elias

idk when bart told that dark stanley story he had a fishing line hooked up to the switch and a cafeteria full of people couldnt see it so i mean there that goes i guess

Dallas Reynolds

"A reddit user"... "Nuhtzac" smooth censorship there Nuke.

Earving J

The Indonesian dudette is hoax

Gavman's Workshop

So I grew up on the Glen Davis road and went to Glen alice public school. I can confirm the whole area is haunted and it's great for investigating.

Aaron P.

6:42 why he sound so scared? lmao

Here's Chica

If I come across a ghostly video, I will most likely send a link via an email to Top 5 Nuke's.
If I find a good one that is.


Search pocog no google and ur gonna get scared if ur from Czechia oh my that scaaaaaaaaaared me. Seriously dont search it

Kiran Mahesh

the sencoND one was bascially false the there is some youtube channel that i saw but i do not remeber it the girl only said that it is fake it might be some glitch but i do not knw but i kinda think it is true and false so i do not know.

Acey Nakahara

Imagine being new and you're standing in front of the freezer door, then suddenly its 9:02 am and the freezer door just slams on your body.


The guy inside the freezer ?


When nuke said - you decide it is hoax or something strange
That it's is a major decision

Jordan Al

3:39 I dono if you guys caught it but behind that actress someone passes


Maybe there’s a pressure buildup in the freezer causing the door to burst open?

Rhonda Anderson


Anthony Pena

If u believe in GOD and u believe in a spiritual heavenly being as GOD, AND AS FATHER AND CREATOR, then I have to believe the other side of it as well. And then theres the middle, or what u or other people have called Purgatory and thats basically where people are in a veil thats basically right on top of our realm and our reality, and sometimes things can come over and go between these realms or realities. And its mostly of people who have died an untimely death and ultimately dont accept the fact the they are dead and therefore cannot move on, or they are stuck with a very heavy energy they keeps their energy attached between these veils because they are either extremely mad, scared, or sad. And after a ghost or spirit is in this reality of high energy and emotion the longer it stays the more it manifests and starts to become uneasy and even manifest itself in negative ways. And then theres others who u are just scared of because i mean who wouldn't be scared if they seen a ghost or spirit but most of the time THEY are jus as shocked as u are tht they are able to manifest and interract with u and the more the see they can interract with u the more they'll try because they are seeking attention because they are scared or sad but mainly they are confused and ull take their attempts at trying to get ur attention as them trying to harm u. Dont get me wrong their are spirits and other beings from beyond the are evil and demonic. But most of the tjme these spirirs are as I said and explained. Ive been a researcher of the paranormal for years now because of a picqued interest and have also fone alot of research and findings of what is known as "DEMONOLOGY".... It all interested me for a long time

Strawberry_panda_sunset Yt

I love theses vids they are amazing! Plz do more my fav was the man was going to a Chinese school and the girl was killed and she loved playing the piano and it was moving on its own it’s dont from. This vid btw! ??

Ayush Choudhary

It's a hoax, if at first the girl knocked the door then why was she seen coming towards the door, who knocked the door if she was still making her way to the door!

Gina Perez

Ok the Actress Acting Dnt believe so much as well as the I admit to the, "some cuts &Zoom added" on the Attic clip Ehh,not so much. However the rest Umm Yes very Bizarre & believable!

Earving J

With robotics and IOT along with fishlines and pullies every vid can be replicated.
Then you can use various video editing tools and plugins. .

Shel Bolin

AT ABOUT 15:15 ...when the lights are switching on and off, it's a combo effect by a few things: on and off, it's a Morse code entities can speak with, completely binary: see here: The number 1 represents ON and number 0 represents OFF...hence, the rapid on and off of the LIGHTS is their way of speaking, also, this is how computers SPEAK with EACH OTHER...and US. also, the word (SPELL)ing...notice the ROOT WORD being the word SPELL...! Incantations, words put out there to hypnotize your FREE WILL to be bent and controlled. Beware!

Anisa Page

all of it is real

ain zubaidah

That's what you call toyol(the child silhouette)

ow shit a ghost

7:18 thats why i hate night shift

Cara Lama

Actually Emily said after they changed the freezer door they DIDNT know if it would open again, NOT that it did! CHECK YOUR OWN VIDEOS FOR FACTS DUDE! ????

Doge Kingdom Gaming

Me.*shows this video to the fam*
Fam. Omg what is this you need god
Me. Why I love creepy stuff
Dad.*grabs the shotgun*
Uncle.*garbs the cross*
Me. Why do you need a gun
Dad. To kill you if you try to kill me
Me. Hey do you need a cross
Uncle. To get the demon out of you

vivinn lee segador

i think his mom is angry.

Doge Kingdom Gaming


Khael Aureada

You Decide? ??


Good video but why can't no one ever catch a ghost in high-def? All these grainy, low-res clips make my scalp itch.

Maybel Falani

so i'm trying to film this but i can't but i ceep haering noise in up my fire plase when i come in my lifeing room and i'm scard but i don't live alone i live with my mom and dad and my sis and my 2 borther's and my grandma and i'm 8

Gabby Dee

Love how #4 looks in the garbage.

Jamie Julia Besana

i love the second film

John Byrnes


it's the unicorn girl AKA ME!!!!:D

2:38 a person?

The- potato-warrior

Ah yes... you know nutsac is a reliable source

Joseph Izzo

Dude at 9:50 obviously has a tweaker living in his attic.

Rizalyn Pavia890


Jackson Mathias

hes like mom mom mom nope

Harry Ijalo

Sino nag bukas? ?


As for the freezer door, it’s either a hoax or an automated safety feature to ensure no one is trapped inside. Maybe it’s timed to open at a certain time. Idk.

Amy Howard

It's real

Bethany Tatsey

The head start one is real because I’m from that town and my best friends mom sent this but she doesn’t work here she said. But my mom works there. And that’s real shit

Khael Aureada

2nd Video is Real
Sino nag Bukas?

Avokádovy Let's playe

13:31 thats Mick Thopson lol

Drake Quiño

The Filipino gurl trying to make fun a ghost thing but in the end she's the one who get scared.

She's kinda cute ?

Btw pilipino po ako?

Mavric's Gaming Channel

I saw a ghost in my room

Nathan Asper

First Filipina clip yaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Lights closing on there own is to strange


Ta for the great video. One slight issue I have is why didn't you read the first 'reddit user's' username out? Simply referred to him as 'a reddit user'.


12:18 Is that a second figure to the right of the middle of the screen?

Ashleigh Freda

I always hav no vol

NBI gov

Sino nag bukas

Ashleigh Freda

Saw the thing be hind her I turn off my phone and play fortnite then i get a random that says be hind u me:calls a hacker to ban them ? ?‍♂️

Many videos

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Satisfying videos ASMR | Floral Foam | Soap Carving vs Slime and many other things

519 229 views | 30 Apr. 2019

Satisfying videos ASMR |

Satisfying videos ASMR | Floral Foam | Soap Carving vs Slime and many other things

Satisfying ASMR


Thank you very much !

Relaxing Slime Videos

satisfying video

soap carving

bath bombs

crushing by car

#floralfoam #crushingsoaked #spongefloral #soapcubes #soapcarving #asmrsoapcarving

Satisfying ASMR, for all the slime, floral foam and soap carving videos we have a license from Pusic Entertainment.