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Reddit vs Wall Street: GameStop short squeeze explained

347 views | 28 Jan. 2021

What on earth has been

What on earth has been going on the financial markets in the recent days? What is r/wallstreetbets up to and why is the GameStop stock (among others) behaving so wildly? Today we are figuring all of this out, and learning about short selling, short squeezes, margining, institutional investment, and some stock screening techniques in the process.

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Disclaimer: The following video is not an investment advise and is created in the educational purposes.

Rich Beyond Our Means

Thanks for sharing. Totally agree with everything you said in this video. It's crazy what's going on in the market recently. Really appreciate your insight and updates about this. Keep this content coming! I'm following!


Please consider supporting NEDL on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NEDLeducation

You can find the spreadsheets for this video and some additional materials here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sP40IW0p0w5IETCgo464uhDFfdyR6rh7


Great video! it's been a crazy couple of days - GME to the moon?

Joe Phillips

Great video as always Savva

Daniil Takabaev

Really great work, thanks for the video, it’s very useful) but where did u get the data ?

Steve Vai

Again wonderful tut. What's your data source for this tutorial?

Reddit research markets

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Dawn of the Reddit Trader

3 372 views | 29 Jan. 2021

The big boys in the

The big boys in the market are now under threat from retail traders.

Have you seen what’s happened to the stock of GameStop in America?

Have you heard of these names called Wall Street Bets? Reddit? Robinhood traders?

Wall Street bets a reddit social media group has come into the limelight. Members of this group are responsible for the stock of GameStop rising from US$ 2 to US$ 500.

That’s a massive rise…but how did it happen and what does it mean for you?

Find out in this video…

#RedditTraders #RobinhoodTrading #Gamestop

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Manish Deshmukh

This is unbelievable. Indeed as you said it is like dawn of new era

Biswajit Gupta

Very informative. I like your updates on financial markets.

Prakash Sastry

Trade what u see not what you think or anayze

Drakpal trader

Very informative

Karanjit Singh

So when are you starting Dalalstreetbets

Babbar S

Will silver be next to take similar moon shot like gamestop?

santhanam kalyanasundaram

Very lucid video explaining from the genesis of the new and revolutionary Robinhood Traders. It's scarry to know that they can target India before long.

Vijayabasker Arumugam

sir this is 2021 harshad mehta story

Itztamr Warrior

Why PSU Bank stocks are so down sir

Kavishwar Mokal

Concept of trading is changing, open challenge of speculative trading is taking place through the group formed by retail traders on social media .... be ready for it ... either join them or avoid them , don't dare to challenge them individually.


Best analysis

Vijay Shekar

Dear VIJAY bambwani,
You are a learned, respected, and well educated and well experienced in stock market.
I didn't like you to take a neutral stand on this matter.
Please recall what happened in harshad Mehta scam. Because of this unscrupulous short sellers Many bulls were ruined, many retail investors committed suicide, many have gone bankrupt.
I am with the retail investors. I hail their decision to punish this hedge funds.
Vijay shekar

Charles Martel

Biggest mistake of financial institutions was that they gamified finance . And now a generation has come up who lives, eats and sleeps games. And they play to win. Combined with power of social media the retail guys are now turning the tide on greedy wall Street hedge funds.
Thanks for sharing the story. This was breaking news in West.


Good info. Its about TIME to teach the SUITS A LESSON!!!

Qn Mark


Kyle M


Ashutosh Tripathi

Don't you think Sir that the Big players always have something up their sleeves?? I mean they can easily punish the stupid money flowing into the markets according to their will. I frankly guess that they will soon punish these "Gen Z Traders".

Most of them are really young with nearly 0 market experience. Ez destruction ?

Mayank Bindra

Is there by any chance we are on the verge of Sliver Short Squeez ?
Pls share your valuable insights and oblige.
Mayank Bindra
New Delhi

Ameeruddin Syed

Excellent video sir , truly lots of gems? experience can be heard in your videos

Shahi Kalam

Thanks for update Sir.

siva raman

Very very useful information..thank you sir.

Sankar G.L.

You are absolutely true about American.
Thanks for the knowledge ?

vijay sarode

You are an honest man. Hindi is jealous with english

Navin Shetty

Good Evening Sir. Thank you for the cautious update. Difficult times are ahead indeed. ?

Mohsinkhan Chauhan



So whats your take on silver and gold now??


How long will it take for FII money to come back to India?

Benedict Chin

Vijay, thanks for the words of wisdom.

Ravi Venkatesvaran

Thanks for explaining in simple words. I'm first viewer

Neelesh Shah

????? Thanks Vijay Bhai for sharing

Rakesh Agrawal

You don’t think now big investors / hedge funds may be manipulating same way any equity which is shorted in huge amounts?

SK v

I followed this story fully thru various mediums and agree with you... Its not going to be a one time phenomenon and one needs to adjust to this

sunil wagh

Very nice explanation...as rightly said with flow of information happening easily and freely there will be more awareness...also promotor and fund houses should not take retail investors granted...and most importantly retailers should avoid running behind quick money which may not be guaranteed every time


That's the power of comman man. This is the new dawn really

Amit savara

Dear sir, gold and silver can be digged out of ground but there is a time lag between price movements and physically mining metals and bring into bullion form.
IMHO Silver is most manipulated asset class.
JPM, Goldman Sachs and other hedge funds use to short years worth of silver supply in a minute.
Now having WSB to balance the big hedge funds shorts would be interesting to see.

Shailender Arora

Even today 29th Jan Silver and Gold Hittting upper circuits!!

rhiyans Impex

The best I ever heard?

Jm P

Excellent explained Vijayji !!! ?


A lighter view ....Are the concentration of 5 planets in capricorn started playing ?? LOL

SHANKAR Subramanian


Vijayabasker Arumugam

sir this topic is talk of trading town today

Ishwar Thawani

Hello Sir,

i was advised that 28.3 % of SLV volume ( 28.3 % of the annual volume ) was done on Friday 29 January,2021.Is there a way that you could confirm 28. % of the annual volume in " 1 " day. The market bought 28.3 % of the annual SLV shares in 1 day ! If this is true SLV potentially can go up huge next week. Monday 01 February,2021 SLV rise could be very very high !

Kindly advise your thoughts please. Thanks kindly.

Parakh Singhal

Thank you for making this video. I have a few observations of my own.

The economic activism happening to Wall Street is occurring due to a confluence of factors:
1. Gamification of the stock markets by apps such as Robinhood,
2. Media influencers fanning the taking down of hedge funds, especially by a prominent one whose car stock was shorted heavily in the past, and
3. A virtual platform which allows free speech and assembly of people spanning different time zones

What would be interesting, if hacktivists (e.g. anonymous group) also join the pandemonium, and a concerted efforts start among all the aforementioned.

BTW, we in India have all the right ingredients in the making...a young technically savvy workforce, which has started to learn the ropes of the capital markets coupled with discount and even zero brokerage houses with apps that are at par with their global peers.

Suresh Polali

Thanks a lot. Brilliant explanation. I personally did not know with such detail. It was an eye opener for me. Now I am googling all those events like occupy wall street, etc.. You are educating us. Thanks a ton. I saw one beautiful statement " IF RETAIL TRADER LOSE MONEY THEY ARE IRRESPONSIBLE , IF HEDGE FUND LOSE MONEY RETAIL TRADERS ARE RESPOSBIBLE - This is an unequal world "


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Shwet Agarwal

Fan of your clarity of thoughts sir, awesome view of future presented in the simplest manner!! High quality content.

Ashish Sharma

Brilliant Sir

Himanshu Redkar

Nice Analysis

anujeet jadhav

Hi sir I have regularly followed you.
As you have addressed in the vedio bot the Reddit n Robinhood traders.....today we are getting it to see on WION newsfeed. Thanks for your lovely guidance ????????????

Mallika Datt

Brilliant explanation ?

Connor Monnery

❤️ your channel!! ???

Sridhar Rao

Excellent analysis and presentation, Sir! Your usual!

Deepak Patel

Vijaybhai please bring Pre budget video in weekend

vinayak hegde

Thank you Sir

K Patel

Very realistic view
Good educational video

umesh pohani

Sir apne to dara diya

Rich Clarke

Excellent report.

Vinayak Kamat

Thanks. Change.. Power...reality..interesting.

Prashant Desai

Good one Sir but i was looking fwd to the math of how this raid happen on Game stop. Ofcourse the history of why it happened is facinating but also want to know how it happened as well. And what potential it has in future.

Sunil Soni

Excellent in-depth explanation about the recent hullabaloo going on Wall Street and its effect on the global stock markets.
Thanks for airing your views. Looking forward to more such knowledgable videos from you.

Abhay Aggarwal

Aren't trading cartels the oldest trick in the book?

Prakash Sastry

Good Video.. However a close observer will take advantage of any move after the jolt or Jhatka.... In any case jhatka is seen when FIi does unexpected things under garb

Pradeep Inani

The hedge funds can take along side positions with Robinhood groups, do you think next time or on perpetual basis hedge funds would continue to follow past patterns in the market. This move would certainly reduce the market control or influence on stocks by large funds and provide rather some share of the movement to robinhood traders.

Connor Monnery

Great video!! ???

Reddit research markets

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UBS Trending for February 1, 2021: The Reddit trade, market impact and risks

94 views | 1 Feb. 2021

The Reddit trade: We

The Reddit trade: We provide an update on what’s happening and its impact on the markets (0:39). The UBS Evidence Lab looks at reshoring data (9:46). Short interest is making headlines, but what risks are you taking with your investment portfolio (19:35)? Watch more UBS Trending: http://from.ubs/6001pxzzZ