What is metrix

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What is Spivi MetriX

693 views | 9 Sep. 2020

What is metrix

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True Metrix Air Glucose Meter and Test Strips How to Use

15 999 views | 30 Sep. 2019

True Metrix Air Blood

True Metrix Air Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strips, how to use. Show how to test blood sugar using this easy to use blood sugar meter.

Chris hampson

Thank you,helped heaps.


Thanks for the detailed video ??


when I try to do it the second time I turned it on and there was still the result of the previous one
How Can reset?

Shirley Rowland

What do an E-0 reading means

Samuel Herrera

I can't get it to draw enough blood quick enough on the strip it errors out E-2 WT?

Evelyn Cassis

I tried to get the lancet out and couldn't. U don't show how to do t his as I couldn't get the needle out.

James Kantor

@pharmacist do you like the true metric air better as the regular metric?

Amaury Sanchez

Do the strips expire?

Benita Bryant

I try to use my true metric 60

Wahnetah Stamper

What does hi mean


My true metrix air turns off when I put my blood on the test strip after the drop is blinking... tried everything. Made sure test strip was not expired, out for too ling before testing, restarted the meter. Everything. HELP PLEASE

Charleen DeLoach

Wondering why an alcohol pad is not used on the finger before drawing the drop of blood, even after washing hands there can be germs?


This thing is worthless sometimes you get a reading of 17-20-25-30 points higher compared to my freestyle lite! I know freestyle lite is twice the price for test strips, but what good is it to fool yourself with the cheaper one? If you take medication your doctor will prescribed a higher dose! It could be good for someone who doesn't take medication just so you cut down on carbs! But if you're already on low numbers this thing can send you to hypoglycemia!!!!

Lydia GR

Thank you so much , you helped with EVERYTHING. I am pregnant and have to start checking my sugar levels but had NOOOO idea (seriously completely clueless) how to even start. Life saver! Once again TY! :)

Crunchy Birth Vibes

My box was missing the clear tip. ?

Melissa Horn

Good and thorough demo. I would like to see a demo of a CGM. And tell us, does the reading really lag up to 15 minutes because it measures fluid (interstitial??), vs blood?????

Wilma Scott

How can i program my true metrix air

Mario Palumbo

Thank you very informative I could not get it to work because they did not explain to me how to let the blood absorbed into the strip

What is metrix

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True Metrix 60 Glucose Meter How to Use | Including Set the date and time and change the battery

4 182 views | 18 Sep. 2020

How to use the True Metrix

How to use the True Metrix 60 blood glucose meter, including setting date and time, plus changing the battery. The meter is actually named True Metrix GO, however many people mistakenly assume the name is True Metrix 60.

Buy on Amazon https://amzn.to/3pEj8om

Jimmy Ponds

So compact and convenient! In my opinion, you give the best commentary, be it for medicines or now this a glucose meter.

Escultura Creativa Manolo Rubio

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Danny Mcfeely

Two strips wasted. Didn’t work. Both times it read E something. Waste of time.

Dan Magee

Mine won’t turn on unless I press the button also when I stick the strip in it just says 07-d and won’t do anything else

Maro-Mohamed Elkastawy

Mine only says E-3 and then turns off