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FEMA To Reimburse COVID Funeral Costs For Low-Income Families

1 022 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Sen. Chuck Schumer and

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are spreading the word to help families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus.

mary busch

this is ONE VERY BAD JOKE... We don't have Medicare For All, we don't have a living wage, we don't have free higher education or decent mass transportation... BUT WE WANT TO PROVIDE FREE FUNERALS?????


this makes no sense

Steven Rodriguez

???Fake Pandemic???

joe Cas

Black and brown are low income families based on what she just finish saying.... For those who voted for this clown, pat yourself on your back

Aldrin Solco



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How Reimbursed Expenses Work in QuickBooks Online

21 710 views | 5 Feb. 2016

Need to set up a new

Need to set up a new company in QuickBooks Online?

I will have your company up within 24 hours.

I can get you 50% off for the first year. Just fill out this form → https://airtable.com/shr7UzZ3PQSjJMe7K. Visit the new NerdEnterprises.com

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Do you have this for the desktop version?

Barbara Rossi

HOw do you link the Reimbursable Expenses account to what shows up on the P&L?

Lourdes Alvarez

Is this the way to pay me back expenses I paid with my personal credit card?

Nicole Kaufman

You should do an updated video

Mariko Hayashi-Hall

Love your videos Seth! See you soon at Connect

Nonya Non

Excellent music intro!! Thanks for the info.


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Man Gets 'Rude' Woman to Reimburse Him for Movie Ticket After Bad Date

1 277 320 views | 18 May. 2017

The man who claimed he was

The man who claimed he was going to sue a woman for texting during their first date has opted to call it off. Brandon Vezmar met Crystal Cruz on the dating app Bumble. He took her to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' at a movie theater in Austin, Texas. He claimed she was texting through the movie and he got fed up. "Maybe you can take it outside," he said he told her. "She was behaving as if it was normal," he told Inside Edition. "So much so, that I thought to myself, 'who does this?'"

Amir Abdulhussain

That dude looks crazy

Renee Baptiste

Who sues someone for a few text and a bad date lol


He is like a male Keren.......... ?

Snowy Squad

What a controlling cheapskate.

Dale Strnad

Guy is a dweeb, but happy to put that girl in her place.

Lady Plumeria

and before people say I would side with him! what he did was overboard! but I could see why? If you were that busy then one she should never accept this date! 2nd if this was out of no where, she could had said to him, I have to leave boyfriend then say something like something to make him understand but she didn't... she just left and never came back!

Junior Torres

Weirdo... ?????????

Sebastian Cedillo

that guy's a Kyle,but she did walk out of the movie.


“Don’t bet on a second date for these two”
I don’t think the man will ever get a date again.

Grace M

This is ridiculous. Its 17 bucks

Lord Knight

???? I got it!!! He spits $17.31 And the same on His self.. Now if we add in the $10 Haircut and a $20 that he had to put in his Truck to pick up the Allege victum This poor man Spit $64.62? Now your local strip club usually have a $10 cover feet With a 2 drink minimum Which still leaves you with about $43.37.. ? You're welcome

Reptis 74656

Their both idiots...

Artie VanDelayo

What a d!ck.


What a weak man. Typical modern man

Kaylin Snyder

What did I just watch??

Danae Lanum

Literally all bc he's a control freak and is embarrassed bc she ditched his creepy self so his ego was hurt. The only way he could possibly do anything to her was file a childish lawsuit. And bc he did so and crazier thing's have happened, he probably would've won and in the end, he got what he wanted.. a way to control her either from winning in court or, like she did, cave in and pay him. So disgusting how this pathetic man child has such a huge need to have control over her and probably anyone else he possibly can bc he needs to fill a void he has from lacking all manhood he clearly doesn't have! ?


It makes sense, she took out a phone DURING a movie.

Sebastian Cedillo

I think I'm on the woman's side.

Alex _

My boy ain’t no simp GOATED AF




Congratulations man you've now made you face public have fun getting a date now?

Noneya Noneya

control freak and overreacts

OxyCat Bubbles

I am baffled..??? how pathetic is he?

Lady Plumeria

I honestly think they both handle this wrong lol


If a man used a female like this it would be outrage and all the females in these comments would be hiding but since a man does it he is bashed

First Name Last Name

pure capitalism

Kaleo Hayes

The male version of Karen.


Cheapest boy ever

Loca J.Biggs

Petty on a whole new level ???creeeeeeep

Bilbo BT

Look I totally know he’s insane and I’m the wrong, but on a first date you should both just pay for yourselves.

KenSMS 1209

Dumbass brandon.

Bloated Fish Bowl

No wonder why he is single.? Seriously, he is doing that to get the attention of the girl.. But in the wrong way.

V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7

This is the type of guy who expects his date to put out, cuz he bought her dinner. So petty. ??? As for her, the movie theatres tells you to put away cells as to not disturb people, don't be rude.

DollarDiego HD

Weird people

Lola Noe

The dude is literally a male Karen ? XD

matthew anderson

They both obviously have issues

Gissel esp

This guy is such a Loser lmao.

deborah hernandez

Freaking awesome.

matthew anderson

It’s the principle

Mwila Chola

Is this something that a creep would do? This is so stupid and time consuming?

Jesse Rivas

What woman would want to date this cheapskate now?

Cloudy Boy

I’m not mad at him , he’s just being as weird and rude as he thought she was being lol


He’s a nut... tbh he scares me


Who does that ?

Zphyr Morgov

Women like this have and always be a poor investment.

Exploration Gmer13

Lol wow

Jacob Joey Lozada

He's gay

Michael D

He should of sued for getting some


Who wants to put money on him never getting into a longer than 1 date relationship. Makes me never wanna waste my time on a dating site. Poor girl... he needs to pay her for her kindness of not punching him in the throat


Imagine suing someone over something so petty lmao

Johanna Dayy

Wow! 17.31?? She should marry this big spender! NOT

Sands of Time

I'll give him 17 dollars and 31 cents in pennies.

Grand Imperius

sour cause he realized date wasn't interested.

One Grain A Rice

First it's 17$ then your car then your house. He's not being cheap. She's a thief. Stealing his precious time and money. Texting isn't so bad , but leaving. Smh that's rude


I'm a woman but im on his side... she expected him to pay which he did and then she left him there with no respect whatsoever made him watch a movie alone?? Glad she paid him

TF4D 150

I bet you $17.31 that this guy is now gay

Trap Therapy

This must be her first ever date

Raging Zim

He says he accepts her apology, but she didn’t apologize, she told him to take his money and roll on lol

Happy Meal

The Karen Of Men

Isaac De León

Now we know why he is single


And that's why your single dude...

Bob Win

Why not because she was rude for texting. He has every right to get his his money back. He will get another date with a right manner.


Right on I remember before I met my wife I went on a horrific date, I picked her up payed for dinner and a movie but she was texting other people the whole time. I wouldn't had sued her but I never talked to her again. I'm married now so I don't have to put up with this anymore.

Blair Warner

He is a pussy !!!!!


Just don’t disrespect a MARVEL movie???


Is this guy serious ????????

Jandae Matthews

They make such a cute couple.....

Daniel Russell

I wonder why he's STILL single? Lol.

Inkling Toons

I never heard of that website XD

Shelley Mourer

She was wrong and disrespectful

DisneyGirl 4life

????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ This is absolutely immature. It’s understandable that he was upset she was texting during the movie but demanding the pocket change back for the cost of the ticket is absolutely ridiculous. All she had to do was wait until the movie was over or step out to text her friend


He even counts the money? What a loser

Debbie V

Oh my God he should pay her


l couldn't imagine a man like this exists ?


guardians vol 2 was awesome, i don't blame him, if she ain't entertained by guardians than nuttin gotta entertain her

Pacifique Husseni


First Name Last Name



His bald head scared her away lol.


He was definitely was at the capitol riot

Ariana Johnson

Wow ..what a loser. Y’all literally met over text ??




That’s so petty ?




Wow your kidding, he even counted the money! What an extra.


Sad. He will never get a date.

Steven Leal



Is this secretly the onion??

Steven Ortiz

Bruh you’re really gay

That one gurl who eats and watches Netflix all day

Lol I hope u find another girl my guy

walter alvarez

What about the interest payments ?

Jorge Ayala

If sheldon cooper and lex luthor had a illegitimate child, this dude would be.

Nelly Abundis

Pndejasooooo pero se salvó de ese tipo.

Jason Hartman

This man is a bloody legend mate.

Jose Valentine Bico

wow hilarious


Never seen a Talking egg before

Guess Who

Surprised the court would even filed $17.31 claim lol. This guy must be jobless having time to go to court for that amount of money ?


Court dismissed

t phillips

She should have split it. They BOTH made a decision to go on the date so they BOTH should be responsible for that initial choice. NOT condoning his behavior because it was disgusting. But he is a spoiled brat and needs to learn that HE is not the center of the universe who always gets to be made "whole" if something makes him the slightest bit "unhappy". Splitting it instead of HER now paying in full would have "taught" him to take responsibility for himself/the intial deciscion. (Don't want to "pay" for a "bad" date...then don't go on ANY dates). I also think SHE would have felt empowered as well for making him acknowledge his part/half/participation in a consentual activity. Again, I think he is a bully and sadly she was bullied into making him "go away" so he thinks he "won". He feels vindicated and she feels victimized. Yuck!


First of all, bad movie choice.

Future Studios

This is the dumbest shut I’ve ever heard
The girl is just rude by leaving without telling the guy
And the dude shouldn’t be suing over a movie ticket.
(Edit: autocorrect fix)