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Recruitment of Policy Leaders: (1) What is the RPL?

751 views | 16 Oct. 2020

Alumni of the RPL are

Alumni of the RPL are presenting an overview of the program.

The 2020-2021 RPL campaign will be open for applications from October 27 to November 9, 2020.

For more details and the link to apply once the campaign opens, visit the official website: https://www.canada.ca/recruitment-policy-leaders

To follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RPL_RLP

To register for our webinars and live Q&As: https://wiki.gccollab.ca/RPL_RLP

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Looking at Axion Network AXN Token Hex2T Hex RocketPool RPL Ethereum ETH Defi Staking Platforms

18 views | 14 Jan. 2021

Massive price action

Massive price action happening now.

Free Axion airdrop if you held HEX on 28 May 2020,

and 10% Auction Bonus for new participants,

via Metamask at http://AxionNetwork.org

Earn a 20% interest bonus yearly by staking.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PreferredCrypto

Telegram: https://t.me/preferredcurrencynews

YouTube Featured Channels:







Check this video today: https://youtu.be/9rVpf90XIXQ

Another great project: https://ETHTC.com

ETHTC is another way to be ready for the future. Learn and use it now, so that you always have another alternate way to do business, in case your bank or the government restricts you. ETHTC is the peoples' money. It is transferred without any bank or government involvement. It helps you conserve your dollars and pesos so you CAN pay your taxes, rent, utilities, bills more promptly. ETHTC does not replace dollars or pesos, it just allows another choice. Be prepared with a second choice, an alternate way to conduct business, another way to earn and spend. Learn and use ETHTC now to be prepared. It does not require any permission to do business. Be an evangelist, a supporter, a teacher, in order to help others to be ready. Use it now to be ready with a second choice, a way to earn and spend without a bank. It does not replace your bank, it is another useful choice to learn to use now, in order to be prepared with another option that is easier to earn. Please join this Facebook group then read and study the website and white paper described below. We are starting an alternative economy. You are invited to list your services and products that you can offer in this new helpful economy.



For entertainment and education only, not financial advice.

#HEX #Axion #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #ETHTC

#PreferredCrypto #Crypto #TC #AXN

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Распаковка Remax Lip-Max RPL-12 / Unboxing Remax Lip-Max RPL-12

1 717 views | 19 Mar. 2018

Remax Lip-Max

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