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Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

3 501 350 views | 29 Jan. 2016

Martin Shkreli is a

Martin Shkreli is a 32-year-old entrepreneur and company builder. A modern day Horatio Alger story, Shkreli grew up the son of two janitors in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, hustled his way into the hedge fund game, and is now worth at least $45 million. Although he made his money betting against the pharmaceutical industry, Shkreli switched to running a drug company in 2012.

In August of last year, one of his companies acquired the rights to a drug that treats an infection that effects in people with AIDS and other immunodeficiencies.

Over night, the price per pill rose by more than 5000 percent and Shkreli became the poster child for capitalistic greed.

Shkreli ran with the bad-boy image, flaunting his trollish behaviour in the media, He's not your typical pharma tycoon anyways. Over the past year he's also funded an indie record label, claimed he would bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail, and purchased the singular copy of a legendary Wu-Tang Clan album … with no immediate plans to even play it.

In December, Shkreli was indicted on securities fraud charges and is now under investigation by Congress and the Federal Trade Commission for price gouging… so his time in the spotlight is not over yet.

VICE caught up with him at his midtown apartment to meet the man behind the headlines.

READ MORE: Everything I Know About the Wu-Tang Album from Hanging Out with Martin Shkreli - http://bit.ly/1NFBt8p

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Mike Fu

"WORLD'S MOST EVIL VILLAIN"........lives in an apartment........


Is this the same reporter who left her husband for schkreli while he was in jail?

yousef alshammari

sherlock doesn't look that bad although he is the most hated man

Carlos Perez

“Don’t know what wine we’re drinking” lol a casual 7-8 thousand dollar bottle.

Martin Marietta

She has to be Kylo Ren Sister about to join the dark side.

Nicholas Cage

You deserve it SOb..hope u rot in prison


This guys is a loser.

Jay Bee

He has serial killer tendencies

Anthony R

What he did is disgusting and y'alls comments aren't gonna change that. You obviously don't know anyone who's suffered from HIV or you wouldn't sound this ignorant. Attacking the female reporter instead of the man who did this evil.


I feel like 90% of her questions are just her opinion followed with "how do you sleep at night when you don't agree"

Pete Shockley

why was she sent

Comprehension Password

I2j tiny


Good dude right here...We talked everyday and He gave me a lot of game while we did time together in MDC Brooklyn.. #FreeShkreli #FuckTheFeds

Anonymous Suomynona

Are people f'real defending him right now. Are people f'real retarded enough to believe his argument. Yes, he is smart. No, he is not a good person.

People do have to pay these drug prices in the end. He invested everything in R&D so he can patent everything around these future drugs and keep the monopoly going and keep gouging the prices. Eventually he doesn't have to put anything into R&D anymore, and he'll keep the gouged prices while making billions upon billions.

Minjae Cho

The media, gov't, and big pharma really brainwashed people into hating him. I remember being made fun of for liking this.

Zebra Greif

That female is a joke. Get another job and btw props to Shkreli for being so talkative.

Lazy Daisy's Journals

This was 4 years ago but new to me. This whole thing was awkward.


I'm not feeling this interview. I kinda wanted something more serious and structured and the interviewer didn't help.


God bless the USA and the Pharma Lobby. You gotta love a system that spins this guy as a villain and throws him in jail.

Jordan T

He's like that awkward kid in highschool who wants to show you all his toys and make you think he knows big secrets that you don't know.

Rebeka Bernetic

2005 Petrus Magnum and ikea rug.

Rigged System

The same Media lied about Trump, careful who the Media wants you to Hate, always be suspicious when they attack someone.

Asteroidal Assassin

He talks about the good he wants to do. If he wanted to do good he would have given out the drug for free, or not even buy it, just spend that money on research for dying children. All of that rhetoric is just a shoddy justification for an immoral business decision.

M 3

Free Shkreli 2021

clazzy Danoob

Now Pfizer has the vaccine for covid soo

Blithe Dream

Imagine being so friendly with someone contributing to the (potential?) deaths of gravely sick people.

Olympia LeNeigh

This man needed to be pardoned wtf

Leo No

"Are you evil"? What a childish question

Kito Kito

He is just a kid who has his own right or wrong , especially all other Pharmaceutical companies r raising price ALL THE FKING TIME...

Nicola Tinner

but good vine taste

Max Marsden-Price


Captain Kirk

Christie Smythe is going to be his bunny boiler when he gets out. I see a murder of passion in his future..


Damn that must’ve been such a awkward interview


What a legend


I’d joke that she has a future career with Fox News, but I don’t even think Fox News would lower their standards this low. How the hell did they decide to send this woman?? “Sooo. What do u wanna talk about?”?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Charles Hart

wow, if mainsplaining was a person, he would be it. what a fucking cock. the interviewer isn't great either but his arrogance is so distracting and infuriating.

Elliott Gonzalez



jfc this interviewer is SO below this dude. Should have sent someone with a bit more enthusiasm and experience, could have got some great info about drugs in the US and the business of drug making.

When do you get to sit in a legal drugmakers apartment and talk about the business, or anything.

Jarenson Tillman

13:24 jeebus. went to interview him... fell in love.

Emily Allstot

My boyfriend in San Francisco decided not to dump me a normal way, and just got meaner and meaner. Somewhere between the illy and the Castro, he hurt my feelings when he just started screaming at me "YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT CANCER! YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT CANCER!" because he had some experience with the disease. I was hurt and confused. I was his girlfriend, and nice to him, I cared about cancer obviously. He wrote mean messages to Martin Shkreli on Facebook before Shkreli went to prison, because of raising the price of the cost of a so-called life-saving drug. Sometimes, if you care about healthy people, you need people NOT to have a drug.
Biden was warned about dire consequences and not being prepared for a pandemic before it happened. The Affordable Care Act and unqualified medical staff connected to military were giving out antiobiotics such as Doxycycline like candy to sick people at the same time as they were giving them to people who weren't sick for many years. That is called antiobiotics abuse. What is MRSA and why is that a thing at jails? They care about cancer, because they want jobs treating cancer. They caused coronavirus. Martin Shkreli went to prison so they could cause coronavirus and more cancer.

Leslie VP

He’s intelligently manipulative. He’s not exposing big pharma, he’s saying if they can do it why can’t I lol

Tom Langton

I think the direction of this video is a bit awry unfortunately. I don’t think this guy deserves a chance to humanise himself. I don’t understand the need to give him a platform to be able to show his funny side. Judging from the comments it seems that public opinion of him is shifting towards one of a more likeable and real guy. Vice seems to be helping this. I think a direct effect of that is to lessen his inexcusable actions and therefore make price gouging and healthcare industry empowerment more acceptable. Pretty bad stuff guys.

Comprehension Password



What a total douche. He does not come across nearly as intelligent or well-spoken as he thinks he is. He seems incredibly lonely, and projects to overcompensate for his shortcomings. Not sure if it's narcissistic personality disorder or if he's a sociopath. But something is seriously broken.

Comprehension Password



Martin Shkreli is a Skrull.?

Theo Glass

10:03 chad posture


I'm glad you got it. Now, release it. It's bigger than you, bro. It needs to be heard. If you love the WU like we love the WU, you'd want to....no, NEED TO...share it.

I respect your decisions more after hearing you talk. Now. Be the bigger man. Do what you need to do.

Be you, bro. Be Big. Be the you you dreamed about when you were a little buddy.

I believe in you.

もやし beansprout

Third eye wide

The Paul Garcia Show

Pfizer you say...

Comprehension Password

,jej rut

Minjae Cho

He was ahead of our time. The truth is finally coming out ! I feel so bad for him because he was so isolated in an industry with so many corrupt people so he definitely had no one to turn too and at that time, people weren't waking up or had the access to information but it's all changed now in 2021.


"i love drugs" hahahaa


Who is the dumb girl???


3:11 The hotelier, Google Chemtrails

Mitch G

He’s very immature & socially inept for a man in his 30’s.

He should have talked like this to congress instead of making dumb faces.
Most people don’t understand what he actually did & he cant explain it properly without smirking & as he said “playing the Bond villain.
It’s the case of a smart person with no sense.


Is this an interview? Who is the chick supposed to be?

anzu chan !

What really happened is that Martin shkreli pissed off the REAL capitalists. So they attack him with fake news


Man wasted a bottle of petrus magnum and she didnt even know what it was

Enjoy The Decline.

I find they had good energy together even if it was awkward. I feel like Martin was really turned on to her for whatever reason.

double AA

They all greedy fuckers ! Martin is a pure evil capitalists who has no moral standards.

Shachar Lavi

This stupid kid is all about marketing. No content. No message. Just endless greed.

Dr. Merlot

I really like this guy as a person, even though he does illegal financial business practice.

Phillip Strenger

Dude is a Pharma CEO worth millions but lives his life like most of us trolls do, playing chess, trolling on the internet, and drinking wine.

Robert Berardi

The $2M WuTang album is a CD?! I always assumed it was some kind of special vinyl.

Angel Salcedo

I like how he had to ask what are we gonna talk about to break the awkwardness in the room.

Murias Negoito

this dude is a massmurderer and you just chilln with him.

Emily Allstot

When you're a kid, pick out an antibiotic to be allergic to, and never take it.

Comprehension Password

I1j rut


Free this lunatic

Tyler on mars

I love this dude


13:29 How you going to have expensive wine but slosh it into the glass like that lol.

RUSE - Official

"I walk by here every morning before I go to work. I walk by Pfizer's 'world headquarters' and they don't have one lab in there. They don't have, you know, any research going on. This company's cut billions of dollars of research and they raise price all the time. In fact, they raised price on a hundred drugs just last week and nobody wrote anything about it. So, it's fun to walk by here and simultaneously see what I love and what I hate. I love drugs and how they can help people but I also hate companies that are kind of hypocritical and full of s*** and Pfizer is a good example of a company like that."

Mecca Miles

I love this interview because it quintessentially captures the total absence of journalism in vice.


Shkreli is beyond based, love this guy


An exclusive interview with the new poster child of capitalistic greed.

READ MORE: Everything I Know About the Wu-Tang Album from Hanging Out with Martin Shkreli - http://bit.ly/1NFBt8p

Mike P

She had a chance to really interview this guy and did nothing. Horrible interviewer.

SkyBlue 1988

It's like an awkward first date

Odin Ponzi

6ix9ine stole this mans whole vibe

Anthony R

He's literally talking about profiting off the backs of people who are dying like its honorable or something. This is exactly the problem with unregulated capitalism.

Gaff Shotz

I get anxiety just watching this girl talk... so cringy.

Néstor Abreu Jiménez

If he dares to get into Brooklyn we'll put his head in a spike

Néstor Abreu Jiménez

I like the job the interviewer did, but everyone just cares about her looks...man, you guys are shallow

Michael Ehlerman

"He bought a collectible Wu Tang Clan record and HAS NO PLANS TO PLAY IT!!"

You really convinced me, Vice. Great journalism as always

Comprehension Password

Jwj tut

Crystal Vo

Honestly, I didn't expect the interview to humanize him the way it did! Also, I really don't get why everyone is so upset about the interviewer. There are so many comments nitpicking how she looks and making assumptions about how she feels. Hyperfocusing on these factors make it difficult to focus on that the purpose of the content is about. She isn't good at chess. So what? She still was willing to play with someone who was clearly better than her! It has to count for something right?

Nichole LocStar Bennett

Juno and Paulie Bleeker adulting ?


??Martin shkreli??

Chronicles of a Warrior TV

He is right though on many points ?‍♀️


Who's the journalist ? Everyone's really hating on her

Brett P.

When he mentioned Sicilian defense, she couldn’t at least ASSUME by the way he was looking and his joking tone that he was referencing a chess defense strategy? I didn’t even know about that but his demeanor gave it away. This woman is a journalist?

Ethan Garbe

Free shkrelli. Bro’s a genius.

Daniel King

Wow, never though this dude would ever make sense to me

charalampos wawas

Cash Rules Everything Around Me.


the bro has been portrayed by media as "the most hated man", funny enough the big companies writing these articles claiming such with little actual knowledge on the issue are just written for more viewership therefore more profit, Vice must've recognised this and sent their best reporter's... cousin, check and mate

North-Shore Gcs

She looks like the type of girl that would cry about forgetting to do a homework assignment in high school.

Zoo York

hes a good dude

Dylan Lanham-Cook

Did they smoke a huge doobie before this? she looks sent! staring off into the distance ,good interview none the less just terrible journalist... even for vice standards, luckily he's well articulated.

Plural Entropy

Shkreli did nothing wrong

yousef alshammari

why is he hated

Maid prices

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Every Minute Maid Container Hits Different

81 619 views | 4 May. 2020

If you taste no difference

If you taste no difference between Minute Maid containers, something might be wrong with your buds.


Follow Us For More:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hashbrotatoes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashbrotatoes


The jug tastes worse because it's bigger and lasts longer so it may be old or even spoiled. lolll


You damn peasant ??? love the rdc shirt

John Fields

One say premium the other don’t


The cart always

snaggy 2x

it taste the same


The can don’t never be hittin, and the bottle hit sometimes. The carton tho, especially straight out the refrigerator ?

Amari Parris

“ole peon ass nigga” ?

Justin Perez

I confirmed with myself that I like the carton only sometimes fuck with the jug if I want quantity and have literally never had the can in my life. I’m so glad I was right.


Its the same with orange juice unless its recent fresh squeeze in plastic, its the best but yea carton always will taste better. But maybe because we drank carton milk, thats why we love carton. Who knows.

Joseph Gonzalez

I love that they aren't afraid of showing their true feelings. Cuss words and everything. It's just so realistic.

Edwin Short Jr.

This man don’t miss?‼️‼️‼️

Eboni McCain

The 20oz bottles are my favorite.

Dominique Williams

Carton seasoning ??

Marquise Thomas

The carton taste better idk why

Jeremiah Holland-Hagan

That RDC shirt HEAT ? ?

Joshua Martinez

Lmao who drinks this out of a can ?


You look like you drink straight outta jugs??? for the record I drink out of cans


He said they all taste the same ?

Straw Hat

they put minute maid in cans???????????

Wolf Star

Cartoon gang assemble


Carton taste better. Everybody knows but if you drink out of the jug you something else

Za'Quan Simpson

Tropical smack in the jug


I didn't know they had a can


Y'all niggas wildin! It's jug all day! That's that premium shit! Berry Punch or Peach Punch!

Jonathan Morales

Hahahaha I'm fkn dying ?


That RDC shirt ?✊??


I prefer my maid frozen with some squeeze

Ariel Mcneil

Give that nigga the jug since he wanna say stupid shit

saint deezy

Ole peon ole peon ass nigga??Some shit we say in TN.. lol


"Mutha fuckin carton all day! l

Gaming with Joshua Pena

I love jug or can

Josiah Garland

Man these niggaz have me geeked everyday ?????❤️

Mythic Wolf

he drinks out of the can

Joseph Kyle

No cap. I ain’t even know Minute Maid came out with a jug or can. It was carton 24/7 in my house

jungleboy tae

He said u damn peasant

Madman Badman

Never stop being yourself this shit too jokes

T.E.D. tech

The clear bottles are nothing but damn sugar lol

Aj Dominguez


Axel Kilik

Man yall and RDC need to get together and break the internet 1 time for us ?

Drei Drei

Jesus Loves all of you <3

Alex Barajas

Friend: You're a very considerate person
Michael: Bitch. No I'm Not!


I'm so glad youtube finally brought me a channel I can love. Binging everything.

jungleboy tae

Oh peon ass nigga

KaineTheProphet TV

Watched 3 videos and i done subbed Yah’ll nighaz funny bro

Farai Musengi

... Well damn..


if you drink minute maid outta a can, you might as well just drink hawaiian punch...

Kyle Sharp

I swear to god the can ,bottle,carton ,jug definitely taste different ??


“Everyday I like you less and less” ? that’s what I be telling my friends

Zanyah 17

Lmao they do taste different???


Soon as I saw the carton I swear to god I said Thas my baby ?

daishaun Holmes




Coon #73

Bottles the best


0:23 I almost punched you in your face right now


I guess I’m the only one who likes the jug ?both slap regardless but they DO NOT taste the same

uncle grandpa

That clear plastic bottle is ?

aqua man

Aye I see the rcd drip y'all gotta colab



Crossfyre smith

Bitch....no I'm not ????


Ok Cartons and Jugs are da best but god damn cans that is prison time for you

Diante Lowe

Idk what y’all be drinking but the jug hit the best from my experience

Chicago Rc

its the same for Florida's natural orange juice my guy, the carton is fire but the jug not so much lol

Trollface Killa

I always buy the carton


Tropical punch hits right from a carton as well

Erica Ussery



This is for all beverages! I dare you to to convince someone that Canned Sprite and Bottled Sprite are the same flavor! Might as well be made by two different companies. #changemymind

TheOne 38737

"Well damn"???

Armand Azhari

Everyday i like you less and less



And glass is the best option

Dedrona Turner

The fact he has a rcdworld shirt on is lit


Bitch no I’m not ?????

D Jenkins

The crazy part is is that i was thinking carton too for some strange reason it really taste like fruit punch but jug taste weird ???


finally, someone acknowledges it

Josh 134

mane the cans are only used at the family reunion cookouts

Ryan White

Why do they taste different though? I came here looking for answers


I just bought some of this fruit punch in the 1/2 gal carton for the first time and it tastes like a really bad red (cherry- I think) sucker from when I was a kid in the 50's . . . but way worse. Vodka doesn't even help it.

Frank Yousif

The can hit the best

Black Girl In Iran !

It was the Carton at home but the plastic bottle at school. The jug... well that was just a no go!

Logos pathos

Honestly fuck the clear plastic ones. They never taste right

DT Gang

That nigga gross

Derrick Green



That shit is true carton hit better than jug, I ain’t know other ppl thought that too


Carton all day ?

Mark Mata

1:15 takes me out every time ?

360kou Vlogs

Y’all repent from y’all sins before it’s too late

Ethan Augur

Nigga I go to someone’s house and they got cans of Minute Maid that’s immediate retreat.

Ant Banks Jenkins

This wasn't a joke. Drink regular lemonade in the 2 liter. Then drink it from the carton. The carton has lemon bits and taste fresh squeezed. The 2 liter is sweeter with no tangy taste. That's why the 2 liter is sold for 1 dollar at multiple grocery stores.

Steezin Breezin

"Mother fucking carton all day" felt that in my soul

Lt_ Weird

Love the rdc merch

Pharoh Johnson

that rdc merch ?


2 liter taste better


I'm new here as of today & I've watched at least 10 of these sketches. Talk about consistency! These boys are hilarious!

Hope this channel blows up.

Those she's too young sketches are fire!

Numb Wtf

The RDC merch


"Why do they taste different?"

Simple. Dyes. Minute maid's see through bottles have dyes in the beverage to make them seem more enticing. Thats why if you were to pour 2 of the same flavor, from different containers, into different cups, the one from the jugg would be more clear and taste better, because It has no dyes. Its not see through.
Minute maid: why make the contents look tasty if you cant even look into the contents before buying it?

Jdm Flash

Same way I can’t drink Snapple after the dropped the glass bottles

connor rooney

dead ass drinkin minutemaid out of a fuckin mcdonalds cup.

Edwin Short Jr.

Broooo your channel really full of bangers?‼️

Spencer Krupa

"I only got large McDonals cups" best line ever


They be putting cocaine in them cartons ong?

Walin Turner

At least you ain’t got that government juice rubber tire tasting shit

Maid prices

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La Silveira

Either their price shopping or a house cleaner trying to find out what you charge?

Eunice Victoria on Healthcare

Thank you Angela

Caroline B

Angela ur awesome!!