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AUDIO: Robert Bonomo - The Money Game: UBI, MMT, & The Corona Crash (Pt. 1 of 2)

2 219 views | 8 Feb. 2021

We're now in a new

We're now in a new depression (NOT recession): Middle class eradicated, small business obliterated, multinational corporations bolts everything! So let's understand economy & reveal what MSM won't report, as in Pt. 1: What's debt? What's currency? Who create & destroy money? Why bubbles? Why a new financial crisis? Why did the stock market crash just prior to the pandemic? MMT, Crypto, Fiat, or Gold standard? Why's taxation needless? Hayek or Keynes? What's microloans? Why ought populists join across wings? Is Culture War & ID politics helping the elite? How's Divide & Conquer crushing Class Struggle? + We discuss UHC & 2020 US politics...

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The Money Game: UBI, MMT, & The Corona Crash (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with Robert Bonomo

© Forum Borealis. May not be reproduced in any commercial way.

Guest: Producer Robert Bonomo (https://www.forumborealis.net/guests)

Recorded: 19 March 2020

Bumper music used with cordial permission from © Loopus.net

Walter Wachs

/"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke 1770 a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer / 501 Deaths & 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show. The numbers reflect the latest data available as of Jan 29/2021 from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 501 reported deaths, 453 were from the U.S. The average of those who died was 77, the youngest was 23. / A new report out Tuesday from the U.K. government framing the natural environment as "our most precious asset" says the world's destruction of biodiversity has put economies at risk and that a fundamental restructuring of global consumption & production patterns is needed for humanity's survival. The 600 page review was commissioned by Britain's Treasury and authored by Partha Dasgupta, professor emeritus of economics at the University of Cambridge, who wrote that a gross domestic product (GDP) is a faulty measure of sustainable economic growth. / Cardiothoracic Surgeon Warns FDA, Pfizer on Immunological Danger of COVID Vaccines. Dr. Hooman Noorchashm says FDA, Pfizer & Moderna must consider the danger COVID vaccines pose to the recently convalescent, frail or anyone with significant cardiovascular risk factors. / Amazon, Facebook, Other Tech Giants Spent $65 Million to Lobby Washington Last Year. / Facing sluggish demand especially among healthcare workers, for Pfizer's and Moderna's experimental COVID vaccines, employers float a variety of incentives that some say border on coercion. / Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Baum Hedland Law Firm from Los Angeles, California have field their fifth lawsuit against Merck, taking on the drug company's dangerous & deceptive Gardasil vaccine and standing up for innocent young people who have been disabled by the vaccine. / The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released thousands of previous classified documents on unidentified flying objects (UFO). The documents were made available to the public on the Black Vault, an online archive of declassified government documents. Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida who leads the senate intelligence committee, suggested that lawmakers are more concerned about technological advancement from U.S. adversaries than signs of extraterrestrial life. "Frankly, if it's something from outside this planet, that might actually be better than the fact that we've seen some sort of technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary." he said. / Why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America? The fourth richest person in the world & top financier of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, has silently become the biggest farmland owner in the United States. Bill Gate's Sardonic influence is part of a greater INFLUENCE that seeks to use Americans & their resources for international control and exploitation. NewsPunch.com Agriculture.com Reuters.com /Home Run King Hank Aaron (86) Dies of 'Undisclosed Cause' 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine. / WHO finally admits problems with PCR Tests. / Leak footage of Chinese medics in Wuhan discussing among themselves deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has reached the press, revealing once again that China's "pandemic" narrative has been nothing but lies this entire time. The Chinese virus was known as early as December 2019. / Brainwashing Process https://youtu.be/_GadX2sJNHw / Truth, Liberty & Freedom / https://thehighwire.com / & https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/ / & https://www.naturalnews.com / & https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org / & https://darkjournalist.com / Heros: Tribut to Dr. Scott Jenson https://youtu.be/sVmNFoEjv90 ,,,..


Any store of value is always backed by the confidence that it has value. This guy starts of with Marx LToV. It is a problem that banks and markets trade on the confidence, and not the value itself.

Flavia Vicente

AI bring someone who can talk about Nasa and their fake operations, please.. someone who can even talk about the format of the Earth!

Grey Alien 2

Billion plus investment from musk in bit coin today I'm here debating whether to invest a tenner on Tombola cheers FB

M & M Matthews

We want the hess mess,we want the hess mess,we want the hess mess.

Thoth Al Khem

Al...The Private Federal Reserve Bank NEVER prints enough money to ever PAY the deficit off......A MILLION seconds of time is 11.5 days...A TRILLION seconds of time is 32,000 years.

Andrew fricker

Biden is now in the big chair when was this recording


Inflation never occurs because all the money printed goes to the crony capitalists who buy everything up and doesn't really trickle down to the middle class which gets eviscerated. That's why money velocity is at record lows. The covid scam also shutting down the economy is part of their ploy. This guest sounds like an MMT charlatan. MMT is oligarchic neo-feudalism.

Roger Mellie

March 2020. Political predictions are way off!

Daniel Hamilton


Thoth Al Khem

I am shivering with re-Anticipation.-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlwnbcxBuzI THANK YOU FOR THE EARLY RELEASE for us Poor Serfs......I live off LESS than $980 a month. CHF sucks as does being 65.

Atlanta Bill

The Republicans hate the working people and say so, as they push policies that enrich the already superrich at the expense of the workers and poor. The Democrats say they are the friends of the working people but do the same.
The domestic and foreign capitalists in China have no influence in the Chinese Communist Party. The Party has the final say in trade and commerce.
Synopsis of a 2017 radio program about Steve Bannon and his idol Julius Evola, for whom Mussolini was too weak so he jointed the Nazi SS (incl audio link): https://tinyurl.com/y6rt8jjo

DJ Aiwas

UBI is just a cleverly repackaged and rebranded tool of the ruling class enslaving us.

Far Star

So good to see these uploads coming in. Best show on youtube!

Steven Allen

Forum Boriarlis is without doubt my favourite YouTube channel. I can't believe that anyone is more in tune with my own interests! With regards to this show, I can't help but think of the "City" of London and all of it's idiosyncrasies and illusions!

Pooper dooperPatrick Raftery


Benjamin Smith

Thank you for the return of content.. it means a lot in such dark times

Thoth Al Khem

The TRUTH now is like Gold...You will NEVER find a chunk of Gold just sitting there......YOU have to dig for it.

Michael James

This bloke can do more heroin than Keith Richards

Christopher Insalaco

Craig Freeman , "The Bozo Show" has been off the air for 20 years and you're still trying to lead The Grand Prize March !


Quote "there's no way Trump will lose the election". I am not an economic expert, but I sense that Robert's understanding of money is also a bit flawed. I am inclined to think that money follows the electric circuit theory.

Steve Rickmon

This show is real medicine for the mind and soul.


The paradigm of expansion vs contraction being qualitative is primitive. Breath requires in & out but we don't say one is better than the other. The flow, or current of money is what matters. And the question of how to structure our time needs to be addressed in light of basic needs being met adequately in our civilization.
Trickle down is weak current flow.


Finally, someone who is articulating the same thing I've been saying about money. It is just a store of your value/time/energy/work for future use. Currency has no store of value/time/energy/work because it is printed with little to no energy. That is the key difference between money and currency. Money stores value/time/energy and is a medium of exchange/transfer of value while Currency is ONLY a medium of exchange. Guess what Bitcoin brings back into society and it is now able to trade that value over the internet? It brings back money and helps remove people from paper IOU currency. I call Bitcoin Money over IP (MoiP) or Money 2.0. It truly revolutionized money. Bitcoin requires machines to labor, verify transactions and secure its network to find Bitcoin. The fancy word for labor is proof of work. Gold does the same thing except they use human labor and machines to find Gold and put it into whatever form needed. Both Gold and Bitcoin follow the same natural law principle. They are just different methods of the same principle. Principles are few, methods are many.

Greasy Belcher

Interview request. HI Al, please listen to this short clip. The author of the book The Skorzeny Papers is a US Military man. He purchased Otto Skorzeny’s diaries as he wished to write about about Hitler’s favourite commando. What he discovered was irrefutable evidence that Otto Skorzeny ran a crew in Dallas that killed JFK. This is earth shattering and needs exposure. https://youtube.com/watch?v=u9e_-FnrKr0&feature=share


Dear god let the guest talk. The man starts to make a point and every time you cut him off and he has to start again and again...please let the guest complete a thought. We know you too are well versed no need to constantly interject.

Thoth Al Khem

No mention yet of FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING.....Where a Bank can LEGALLY loan out 10 times more money that their deposits. In other words. IF you had 1 million dollars and loaned me 500,000....your books NOW say 1,800,000 dollars. As you can account for the 1 million + the 500k you loaned me and then add the 300K in interest...NOW you can legally loan out 10 times more than that much.....talk about a legal Pyramid Scheme......CHASE Bank loans out 55 times more than what they have in deposits.....Unfucking believable.

Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez

So much content recently, thank you!

Ubi stock

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27 011 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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Question 1: 0:55

Gary Huffman: What's this Great Reset gonna do to my government retirement, my military retirement, my VA disability, and my social security? As you can see I'm government dependent

Question 2: 4:58

JFitt​: Hello & Happy New Year. I am curious where can I find your suggestion of how much % of one's assets should be in metals. I believe you gave a % of your assets. 

Question 3: 6:11

Darren MooreJr: If the IMF bails out the world with SDRs and within the basket they include gold, what type of disruption would that cause to global economy?

Question 4: 8:21

Fabrice​: Assumed gold is again going to be the world reserve currency, what would the role of silver be??

Question 5: 10:07

Obed Perez​: When do you think UBI is coming?

Blog: https://www.itmtrading.com/blog/ubi-silver-government-dependence-qa-with-lynette-zang/


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Ronald Miller

Like the amethyst geo rock
Like gold better

Robert Zelasko

Where the hell is the supreme court?

Kenneth Roth

Lynette, I believe in crypto currency’s but I am concerned about the because since I have been involved they have went from about 1400 to now thousands of coins/tokens and many do absolutely nothing. My question is, do you think the Fed is printing so much money that this is another place to put it because it has to go somewhere/many places including stock market. What’s your thought. Can you talk about this. I believe we have so much fake growth everywhere with no jobs.
Thank you.

MissUnicorn Tv!

What about gems? I think they are valuable in the long run.

Jack Emerson

From a technical point of view, the RSI looks promising in favor
of the bulls, as the daily RSI is at the bullish territory above 50
(after reversing earlier today). At the same time, the Stochastic
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bull market but you shouldn't be of the mindset to only hodl, can
be very dangerous. As hard as it is trading Crypto, it sure is way
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PD Morrill

How old is this? She promo'd the 'up coming Gold Summit, Friday Feb 4th'....

Don Desnoo

We couldn't sell gramps house for 15k$ in 1965. Today the town says it's 440k assessment he built it for 8k $. 1912 taxes more than 13k $today .there's a trend here .?

Jeff 702

Jamie "Dirtbag "Dimon

Gianni Luca

I tried emailing Lynette but I never get an answer. Am sure she gets tons of emails. However I do enjoy her videos, very informative. I have a question, hopefully someone here knows the answer. If the ounce of gold ever goes to $20,000 (hypothetically), how do I cash that into dollars if I need to. Would the deference be capital gain? Also the amount is greater than 10,000. Than what we are allowed to have, would that raise red flags to the IRS, does it need to be reported? I ask that because when someone tries to withdraw more than 10,000$ from the bank, they have a cow.
Thank you in advance.


I’m buying organic heirloom open pollinated survival seeds on eBay and Etsy and silver too!

Marc Graham

I am going to enjoy eating squirrels on a stick by the fire with all my friends that survived the Biden administration

Obed Perez

Thank you Mrs Lynnette for answering my question..God bless you ?

guy azbell

Consultants cost munny everything cost munny your corp costs munny here's a little free advice cost zero munnys, get food water energy and stuff your going to need in a grid down situation have 3-6 months in storage also get some lead and real money see this cost you zero munnys

Escape the Matrix

Government - "We're meeeeeeelting." This had to happen eventually. We may as well get on with it. They've been inflating this everything bubble for decades, this day was inevitable.


"Victory Gardens"


Lynette, Why can't one kilowatt of electricity be counted in a basket of 'currencies', or a humans' 1-hour labor? Is it because WE can produce it ourselves and would be transferring wealth from 'them' to 'us'?

Mark Estes

Does anyone have any experience in using seeds from your last crop? I've heard that you can get better yields and that the seeds from your plants quickly evolve to your current soil and growing conditions. Thanks in Advance (TIA)

Lisa 1734

Grew up in Cali, stick it in the ground, add soil and water and that's it! It grows....now in Northern AZ hardly zny th hung grows, plus the freeze.. Blah!

Jon Electronics

Don't worry, Tesla has now bought Bitcoin! A company which has over $14billion in debt now spends it's cash on crypto.....

Mohd Lubis Khan

The fed owe who? Nobody


Meanwhile Tesla....

patt er

there are stealth laws that make it illegal to grow your own food , which are not fully being applied yet . ( so far only used to target organic growers ) especially effecting plant seeds regulation . as well as copyrighting life forms .

datrelle g

economy been complete shit, collapsed for well over a decade and change, and unless you've been sucking on the Fed's money printing spigot ie WS, banksters, DC.......be prepared to fight to survive!

Matthew Brown

Just watched your interview with George Gammon. You were at your very best Lynette! Perfect trio! Two smart people with great chemistry and on the same page.


So what happens to silver, gold mining stocks or SLV, GLD, PSLV, First Majestic, et. al.? And how much physical metal can one really carry?

Chris Brownfield

I saw something that said in order for Gold to come back or be the reserve currency that its actually a long process to bring it back and apparently they have already started the process. its something like 30 months, which is 2 years and 6 months of a wait but the good news is that the 2 years and 6 months would be done by this December 2021. I also heard though the president could go in a back room and make it so now.. so not really sure if he can do that, but according to the things I read... December 15th 2021 its wait period is up

Debby S-AbqNM

It seems somehow that the Fed found enough $$$ practically overnight (or so it seemed) to help out Wall Street, the Stock Market, Big Banks, Big Businesses, bond holders, hedge funds, etc. But, look at that! There is trouble finding $$$ to help out regular "little" people... why am I not surprised that it's taking a lot longer? Which set of people does it seem politicians, at least up until Jan 20, 2021 (maybe) liked a whole lot more...?

Jed W

Darren Moore Jr sneaks in a cheeky question! His channel is by FAR the best crypto channel on YouTube. Just a heads up...

lars brannstrom

Same questions and answers over and over and over again.

The good old Days

total crash is coming. Get in cash now

Arturo Vidal

Lynette, I have $800000 in my 401k. I will turn 59 in March. I'm thinking about cashing out $270000 to do two things : pay off my house ($145000) and pay off a loan I have with my 401k ($35000). This will leave me with about $2800/month to invest, probably in gold/silver. is this a good move? BTW, I know I have to pay 20% in fed tax, 10% because of my age and also state tax (NJ).


Universal Basic Income (UBI) by 2023. Holy crap! The U.S. government would be creating the Mother of all Welfare Programs so every deadbeat, lazy bum and drug addict could go on the dole for the rest of their lives. What the hell would THAT cost? If UBI becomes a reality our entire financial system is doomed because it will create universal government dependence forever. That is also known as slavery because if you step out of line they cut you off. And, none could buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

Sir Wm

The US Treasury can also print digital currency...that’s what the Stimulus is all about...none of that currency hits the National Debt?

Joseph Miller

Alaska have had UBI for year's on its oil of $2000 a month to the Citizens of the State. Now since AI is going take over jobs for companies leaving the employees out in the cold so UBI can be tax on its Profit and stop paying CEO's Millions when it's the employees that's the products Successful. So yes every Company who made Millions and even Billions.

Caligula Pontifex

Gold is for kings, silver for gentlemen, fiat for peasants and debt for slaves. Which one are you?

Joyce Koch

Working on my Victory Garden - War is coming in the Pacific starting with Taiwan which will rapidly expand
like it did in 1941. We are in for a long struggle - a much bigger struggle than with Japan in 1941 though the world
will universally condemn China for the most part.


Is it time to trade silver for gold?

Dave Todd

Stay well ❤️??
“Gardening with Leon” friends is a remarkable source. Really value Lynnette cheering for it’s importance .

Jesse Patrick

Hey does anyone know any good brands/websites to buy plastic capsules that would fit 1oz coins like Silver Maple Leaf or American Silver Eagles?

Pilotus Aero

there needs to be colored lites inside the geode.....................


@4:00 is all you need to know, I'll do a little play with words here, it's ????? ????!

Tate Scharnberg

Your The Best! Thank you. Unfortunately Most will never believe or see this coming and those who are told of this don’t do anything about it because their Ego doesn’t allow it. Such a bummer. Keep stacking.


Thank you Lynette. Your thorough immersion into macro finance means your constantly sparking revelation when you share. I truely don’t take it for granted to have access to your knowledge. While your still free to speak, thank you, thank you for your time and tremendous input.


Wow Lynette read a question from a Darren Moore Jr...wonder was that the same one with the Crypto Channel on YouTube?! Cool if so??

Adrian Cimpan

I would like to ask how the stocks of gold &silver miners would behave during the future crash/economic crisis/ reset? Would they go up multiple times, as a reaction to the increase in the prices of the metals, or they would collapse together with stock market? Thank you very much! Best regards, Adrian.

patt er

platinum , uranium and SCANDIUM would be worth looking at . as they are price suppressed , have a low total physical metal availability compared to other products so they can not add much more physical metal to the stock to raise prices

Accuracy Marked

I like Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Biden and I really like UBI. We need this money. Not everyone can work anymore...we're too efficient....UBI bridges the gap in full employment. I say let the workers that like to work...work and let the people that like UBI have it.


Hi Lynette! I just watched Alisdair Macleod on another channel and he is saying the same thing you are. Whatever the next world reserve currency is it will have to be gold backed as gold will be put into the SDR basket to instill faith in that currency.

Dean Miller

Powell is not the head. It is Yellin..

Matthew Brown

My regret is that I haven't acquired more precious metals. But I will continue to aquire - even if my fiat paper buys less of the metals due to scarcity and high premiums!.

Daniel A

Wow I love her info. Thank you ITM


Biggest transference of wealth ! What can we say ?

Antonia Galicia

Can you talk about this Dogecoin ??

We never wanted Tyranny

I’m waiting for the day Lynette is in CNBC or Fox Business ??

J Halla

Silver will be the first element to be extinct on the elements table

Jesse Develasco

The amount of stupidity and ignorance in our society is amazing


Omg look at that geode crystal!

Kimber 1911 Kimber

Love your knitted too Lynette you look stunning & the Amethyst is amazing. God Bless from Oz Down Under & thank you for helping us common folk

Anthony Verzi

Thank you Lynette!?

Prophetic Insights

Do you think anyone with savings in their bank account could wake up and all their money is gone when they do the changeover or would they not want to cause an uprising and allow you to convert that into crypto on their new system?

Here we grow

Thanks a million

Pj Pj

Lynne, you are one of the very few truth tellers. In June 2019, I watched your show and sort of panicked and bough 20 Silver Maple Leaves. Paid $325. Still have them. Now these would be $680. I'm small potatoes, just a little here and there, but this has been great for my overall peace of mind, so thanks for that.

tom liu

I feel very sad that bank of international settlement control the price of gold, despite the fact trillions for stimulus. I guess the bank can borrow all gold in Vatican’s gold underground forever. Just let all know no inflation

Victor Ilustrato

What the hell is a tomato or two we’re gonna do how much do you think people are going to grow. How much land you think people have a flower box are you kidding me.. LOL lol

Anca Marcu

Hello ? from Canada ??

Steve V

Nice Nice Geode Lynette.

Nathan E

Use a small percentage of crypto profits on the metals.

Crypto and metals for preserving your purchasing power and also growing your net worth if you invest in the right crypto

Linda B

Thanks Lynette.


Great question from Darren Moore Jr., he has an excellent channel on the incoming cryptosphere

Gregarious Accountant

What is UBI? This is a new term to me. Thanks

Created by Divine Design Masfaith3

Max Kaiser is giving advice that Crypto is equal to the birth of Jesus Christ as a Savior. He has a monetary interest in Bitcoin, so he would has to discredit his own advice on crypto. Crypto: the word means death and demonic stronghold over a human beings mind because a human being has to believe in something that isn't real. It's all in your imagination.

James Hafford

QUESTION: If a person owns gold bullion, should they try to exchange them for pre-33? Is the reason you do pre-33 because the motivation that the US govt won't confiscate pre-33?

Gordon Bone

I have Soc Security, VA Disablility, and army retirement. I also have three acres a small orchard I am expanding and will put in a 1000 square foot garden expansion. With the $1,400 stimulis it will go towards a $2,000 manufactured greenhouse. My goal is to grow as much as possible this spring through fall then store it for the winter. These next several to ten years will be a challenging time.

Palmer Palmer

what reset?

Susan Jordan

Thank you very much.

Michael B

Darren Moore Jr has a pretty good channel


Hi Lynette, what is good part of Arizona to live in? I'm thinking of moving there or Texas? Thanks

Dean F

Gov't debts will be inflated away so they will purchase less. Fix your debt in low rate fixed rate so you can pay back debts with inflated dollars. Have Gold, a 2 month food supply, weapons and ammo. Have you ever used an AR15? if not learn!
Great job Lynette trying to warn others but most people don't pay attention until too late.
Thoughts on crypto? I think it's a tulip bulb bubble and will be shut down by the elites. Flat out! Yes people may scramble into it AND THEN they will scramble out! Bitcoiners make me vomit! It's fiat! They have lost the ability to identify what is real and what isn't!


I know you can’t divulge where your bug out location is, but maybe you can share the set up? House, garden? Or just land plan to take RV’s? I’m looking at possible solutions as well.

Gregory Cumming

any comments on cash value life insurance?


Its interesting that silver was actually the metal that the dollar was based on. Gold had the eagle name. Gold coins back then were called eagles half eagles double eagles etc.

Alfredo Ramirez

Show us your garden

Retard Commontater

Thanks for telling it like it is Lynette . The central banks are making there bid on cryptocurrency with freshly minted fiat charged too our side of there balance sheet . Game Gold

Edwin Rivera

Great info Lynette. Your interview with Patrick was awesome. You both bring great points. Thanks!

patt er

bankster want only digital money with negative interest rates, so need to spend universal basic income before it disappears, so average person can not save any money . they will know every penny you earn and every penny you spend, in lot of places already illegal to barter. . you can even get arrested for giving food or money to the homeless ...


IMF sdr in, nothing else as value

pow hana

Loved her as Jo in The Office

Lili Robin

I think the digital dollar will run on the EOS blockchain. EOS is one of the few cryptos on Coinbase. Block One has offices in Arlington, Blacksburg, and Hong Kong (close to China). It is fast, free, and is presently the most used blockchain in the world.
I have been following it since the beginning and USA citizens were banned from buying the ICO but could buy on the secondary exchanges. It is my feeling this will be the blockchain for the digital dollar.

Antwan Durham

In regards to UBI and the digital dollars wallets, this new child tax credit legislation is allegedly to pay out $3000 to $3600 over the course of the year with monthly installments. If agreed upon, it will start in July 2021. Will that be the way they roll out the digital wallets? Something to think about.

Julian Lewis

Thank you Mrs. Zane as always you are a weather of information.

Robert Rulon

Government dependents?


Beverley Smith

Universal Basic Income is already operating in the UK but they call Universal Basic Credit.


Look up a fintech called Circle, they specialize in ubi, and the fed is allowing them to test the fednow system....also Circle co created the stable coin USDC which the U.S gov is backing.

troy baldwin

so with Nesara , quantum system, do u have any info ?

fairylight baby

Thank you for such a wonderful video

Alfonso Alfonso

If they can make diamonds soon they will be able to make gold why not silver

Jorge Fruit

Thanks for sharing as usual. Love the Q&A’s


Remember when the PM of England said they were selling all their gold? It was the final low of about $260.

M.E.D. De

Thank you Lynette. I never would have been able to understand what has been happening economically if it was for this and several other channels. I am now trying to cover all my ASSets!

Chris Chong

Can you trust IMF. They are the same bankers. Back by this and that??? You have to trust them to really provide the backing. What is the point of having SDR to include Yuan, Yen, Swiss Franc, Rubles, etc when you cannot trust the US$. Out of all the currencies, the most trusted one is US$. Reserve currency should be a mixture of gold, silver and bitcoin. No bank can print them.

Ubi stock

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The Problem With Universal Basic Income

84 935 views | 16 Nov. 2020

Here's exactly what would

Here's exactly what would happen if everyone in the world got a million dollars

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Today I wanted to talk about what would happen if everyone in the world got one million dollars and suddenly everyone became millionaires. Because as of right now, millionaires make up roughly 0.9% of the our world and yet, they own about half of the world’s entire wealth at $361 trillion dollars in approximate value, while the bottom 56% or roughly 1 out of 2 own only 1.8% of the global wealth according to the annual Global Wealth Report: https://bit.ly/3nuuBVx

The idea of giving people money is becoming really popular lately especially when it comes to what’s been going on in the world with talks of more stimulus for the economy and even other universal basic income plans like Andrew Yang’s plan which comes in the form dividend payments of $1,000 a month. But let's go on the extreme end of things for argument sake and assume that everyone all of the sudden got a million dollars over night. For most people, if they got one million dollars they’d probably be very happy about that and they’d have lots of ideas on how to spend that money.

For example, the Charles Schwab Modern Wealth Survey asked people what they’d do if they got one million dollars and they found that 21% of people or a 1/5th said they would save it for a rainy day which is smart because one of the keystone principles of personal finance is to have an emergency fund that covers at least 3 to 6 months of expenses, that’s one of the first rules of basic financial literacy.

Another 23% of people said they would invest that money which is smart. If you can invest one million dollars the right way, you can actually live your entire life withdrawing $40,000 a year and theoretically never run out of money because your money would grow faster than you can spend it. All you have to do is buy something like VTI which is an index ETF that tracks the total US stock market and hold on to it for the long term and it should return around 7% per year (over the long term)

Another 28% said they would pay down debt which is also extremely smart because the worst form of debt is credit card debt where the interest that people pay on credit cards can be upwards of 23% so getting rid of bad debt is smart and should always be a priority. Lastly, over half of the people polled or 54% said they would spend it on a house, a car, or leisurely expenses like traveling. But what if people actually got that million dollars?

If that were to happen for real, the first thing people would do is go out and start buying stuff in mass so you’d get massive amounts of traffic, accidents, and problems not unlike the Black Friday shopping deals we see every year. That’s because as the announcement of this million dollars hits, it’s going to take into effect piece by piece but not all at once because businesses have to adjust their prices just to make sure they have enough supply to meet this insane spike in demand from all these newly minted millionaires.

Businesses would not be able to supply everyone with enough stuff so grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and basically every business that sells a product or service will be forced to shut down in order to re price everything to reflect this new demand. As a result, the dollar menu in McDonalds now becomes the $100 menu. A Toyota Corolla would increase from $15,000 to $150,000, and digital currencies like BTC almost literally go to the moon. This is also true for rents and home prices because they would skyrocket 100% or more almost overnight just because landlords know they can increase rent prices across the board and people would be able to afford to pay them.

Overall the cost of living across the board would go up and most people would go broke again over the span of six months to one year. There's a few more interesting things that would happen and actually are happening in the world right now due to hyperinflation which the video discusses.

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it's for entertainment purposes only. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I'm part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

Will Tribley

Giving off B I G XRP vibes lol


You mean Bitcoin?


Andrei take this political propaganda down man. This is literally fake news giving a one off million dollars is not the same as UBI.

Bryan Nelson, EA

The money will always trickle up to the rich


I love your content and this is honestly your worst video. It would take 83 years of giving a yang UBI to give out 1 million dollars to one person. The video idea and the title are so misleading, I don’t get what your angle is besides click bait to increase view count. Kinda disappointed tbh.


Andrei Jikh you are a very smart man!! Love your content!

Jason Miller

Thank you for the amazing knowledgeable videos

Sasha Gordon

But what would I do? Get rid of all my debt, I would still have plenty left to save half and then FOR SURE invest the rest.


What is Google's Gil? I couldn't find anything about it Googling it! LOL

Raheem Yaseen

If I had 1 million pound I would invest in a business

Austin Zaback

Great video!!

Yannik Morin

The Fed could very well write off the USD bonds and other debt assets purchased (which is now mostly how it prints money ). US government debt held at the Fed is not "real debt" in the sense that it can be written off whenever as the Fed is not obligated to collect the principal and interest of the debt (which effectively lowers the money supply) if there's no threat of inflation. This is of course much different then US govt debt held by investors or other countries which very much want to have payment. Also, there is value in being able to control the money supply as it helps cushion recessions and cool down over heated expansions. We can't do that with decentralized money unless it is coded in to increase supply in recessions and decrease in expansions..a good exemple of the need to control its own currency: Greece debt crisis. Anyways, a good book to read about this: Debt crises by ray dalio

Amanda Woolner

I love your channel

William John

Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

YZ's Travel Adventures

Andrew Yang has entered the chat.


Conflating two separate topics here buddy.. Enjoyed the video though, great as always!

Brick Martin

The only reason I clicked was to see triggered commies in the comments.

Toronto Time Machine


Xavier Mendez

I think that things will get back to the way it is now with the exception of owning more expensive property. The opportunity to rise will be there, but most people won't know what to do with it.

Brainz Music

It would take time to readjust rent controlled laws, price gouging laws, and any other consumer regulations that are currently in play to protect consumers. By nature most people who have never had a million dollars would blow it within the first year and the market would have to readjust for that. It’s kind of like when they show examples of people who won the lottery that end up broke and in some cases that’s tens of millions of dollars. I believe the vast majority of people would fall under that category. For some this would be a short lived dream lol Prices would go up and then they would drop dramatically when people go broke. Nonetheless this is definitely an interesting topic ??

Brendan Fitness and Money

I stimulate the like button here regularly. If we got $1MM tomorrow: buy 2 new cars, pay of mortgage, invest the other $800k in index funds.

mitchell oliver

That’s why I’m moving to animal crossing

Rick De La Garza

The real solution would be to get rid of money instead of your bullshit solution.


get 1099 jobs. become independent. Stop being dissatisfied with 15 years of college to get a boss telling you what to do and your job can be gone in 1 day. Salary jobs are terrible. i havent worked a salary job in 5 years. i make over 100k and travel whenever i want. College is a cancer that even millionaires bad mouth.

Kurt Felix Wong

Thanks for this video!!

Zenas Starchild

Q) What would happen if everyone got one million dollars?
A) The currency would be debased and everyone with one million dollars would be the new poor. Everyone with less than a million dollars would be the new destitute. It would be like the collapse of the Weimar republic on a global stage. Duck Tails has an episode about easy money.

Q) What would you do with a million?
A) Buy into Vanguard high divined yield ETF, then put it on a drip for ten years. Once it does start paying out, have it automatically deposit into a Secure Savings Account to hedge against inflation.

Deborah Tom

Just last week, over 724,000 US citizens filed for second phase of stimulus as unemployment soars higher just few weeks after decline. You do not need to be told that if you have any savings, this is the best time to invest either in the stock market, telsa, crypto,etc. I have done this months ago and now my interest keeps increasing and I know you can achieve same.


Your content deals with many financial subjects and you have taught me a great deal. But, now I worry. UI is a subject I have an interest in and my concern is that I am now aware how inaccurate you can be and how poor the content of this video truly is, yet you were still happy to put it out there. This action therefore sadly leads me to question all the content on your channel. Why this is sad is because I like a lot of your work. What makes it even worse is that many have placed comments asking you to replace this video with a more informed one, for we know you are capable of doing more. By failing to respond to valid criticism one is left to wonder if you even take the time to read the comments. The body of people telling you that this video is inaccurate would suggest that this is not just my opinion.

First I suggest you research the subject of 'Universal Income' - I recommend you start by looking at the TED lectures. No further arguments from myself can be listed here until you produce a video that has some accuracy and worthy of debate. We know you can do better and I think that is what makes this video so bad.


Civilized people acknowledge the need for the separation of church and state. The next level of progress of human civilization is to accept the separation of money and state.

Dakota Mashak

A) Clickbait title
B) Everybody getting a million dollars is not the same as a ubi
C) UBI isn't about just printing money
D) Don't try to drag Andrew Yang's name and ideas through the mud for your videos
E) get factual.


5 seconds in and this video is already disingenuous. UBI isn't about people getting rich. It's about helping those who can't afford basic things. The US government gives out billions to companies but can't give 1k a month to poor familes? Fuck off.

Daniel Hamiel

This has absolutely nothing to do with universal basic income....

Ricky Ng

Please change your title. I normally really respect your well researched and detailed videos and simple explanation. Not only does this fail to explain or even mention what UBI is. Its purposely misleading and throwing an unintentional straw man to the idea of UBI. I would love to see what your actual thought on UBI is instead of throwing this fake title talking about a thought experiment.

On your point with capitalistic currencies... thats totally insane. Imagine running a business in the modern age that have to accept the usd, rmb, hkd, euro, pounds, asd, cad at the same time. It would be a complete nightmare. Yes credit/debit cards do this automatically but you have to pay an insane amount of fees. Creating a non national currency would create much more chaos than the million dollar thought experiment


$1 mil is worthless when everyone has it. So will UBI.


Used to love Andrei when he started. Then his titles got clickbaity and repeating videos. Now this click bait title doesn’t even talk about UBI. Unsubscribed.

Daniel Rosenthal



Bitcoin! ;-p

Give me $3000 a month on my bitcoin, because the dollar will eventually be worthless.

Francisco Farias

Wtf Andrei?
Your financial/investment videos are dope but this shit is misleading.
It really doesn’t make sense to start at one million for the argument sake you trying to make.

Read “The War On Normal People” by Andrew Yang. He gives a very good factual points on why is important to start discussing about UBI.
They’re other economists that talks about the important of this.
You can talk to Scott Santens on Twitter who has been researching of this idea for a very long time.

Edit: At least you can talk to someone who has a better understanding of this than you.

Green Samurai

Hay another video against a ubi. Will they use any test ever conducted on the subject to support their claims?

(14 minutes later.) Nope.


Good video brother! Can you do a video spelling out, for the simple minded like myself, where you get the VTI at 7% and how that sinario would work. I checked VTI and it looked like it is growing at 14.9% following along with the S&P. I would love to see the break down!!!! Thx.

Roohit Lal

Regardless of what you think about UBI, I think it is obviously the case that wealth inequality is a major global problem.

Vlogs With Jerry

Please don’t ever delete your videos the world needs to see this

Tanner stull

Nerds like me??? How dare you be accurate!

Gorge Piment

oh so that's what COVID is !
i thought it was a disease but in fact its just a market crash ...
feel so dumb right now with my mask on :o


Buy a nice house.

BarimaBa Kyei Lifestyle

Lol...the price of water might probly be 50000$...??

Matt Stroger

There are many great points for and against UBI in my opinion. I actually do favor some sort of UBI with regulations. The million dollar example is an extreme example of UBI. Most of the UBI situations I've looked into is giving back about $1k per month or so or just enough for people to get by. I listened to Andrew Yang on his theories on UBI and his concerns are legitimate since technology and automation is taking over millions of jobs.

Sasha Gordon

Did you just say... the empire did nothing wrong? Lmao I still haven’t watched an episode ?


The value of money will decrease and the price of commodities will increase


Getting real tired of Gandalf the Grey telling me about Bill Gates investing millions in a new industry. But happy to skip that ad to get to your entertaining videos.

Yavan B

But Money cannot be limited like bitcoin... can it? ? that’s why your typical worker is not paid in gold. (Limited amount)


I think a lot of people would prematurely quit working and things like that, just cuz you give someone a bunch of money doesn't mean you give them the intelligence to use it as intended.

IYBL Cinemadness

6:16 STAR WARS I LOVE STAR WARS and I’m a huge fan, the Mandalorian is awesome “this is the way”


Nerds like us

Roohit Lal

Why do we care about the consequences of everyone receiving $1m. That’s not a serious piece legislation that any politician is a proponent of, and it’s certainly not UBI.

Mr John P

On a side note, Ethereum is heading to $10,000 and beyond. Invest in it now, while it’s this cheap. Last chance.
It’s the next world computer.
Everything is built on it.


Put it all into VOOG

Steven Rivera

What does this have to do with UBI? If everyone got a million dollars is A LOT different than everyone getting $1,200/month

Andrei Jikh

what would you do with a million?


If everyone would get a million dollars then what makes you think a waiter will serve you? He got the million just like you. Society would completely break down

Jason Miller

Would you be willing to be a financial advisor

keanumaikekai s

I think Andrei is suggesting we end the federal reserve. Without saying so directly (see JKF) lol

Valeria Ramirez

Everyone are such smarty pants in the comments

With Wilk

This analogy is exactly why the poorest people in North America feel impoverished, despite being in the top 1% of richest people on the planet. Everything is relative.


How is buying a house included in the “Leisurely Expenses” when it is an asset/investment?

Paul McDonagh

There would be some effect from giving people $1 million each, but I don;'t think a universal basic income of $1 million is necessary. You know, someone who is civically minded would probably use their universal basic income to set up youth clubs, scholarships and even a charity or two to solve some of societies problems, especially if they had a job and didn't need the money. Someone else with a love for their family might use the money to pay off their kids' mortgages. Meanwhile, someone else might decide to blow the whole lot on hookers and cocaine and then die of a drug overdose. Of course, the reality is given that millions of people right now that are living on the minimum wage probably won't earn a million dollars in their entire working life you could argue that you don't need to give people a universal basic income of $1 million to radically improve their life. A modest universal basic income of around $5000 a year could alleviate most of their financial stress and even lead to them to open their mind to stock market investing etc. I mean, as someone that has spent over 20 years living on the minimum wage, I can speak from experience that paying off my mortgage early freed up so much headspace that it drew me towards investing in the stock market because I know that even if I was to lose all the money I invested I'd still have a roof over my head and food in my belly from my monthly paycheque and as Franz Kafa said If you have food in your belly all problems are solved for the day.

Yep, bitcoin and blockchain technology freedom for the people.

Elian Music

Title is very misleading. Shame

Benjamin Turton

I would pay my house off then start stock piling square body trucks

Jacob Rohr

Hey, Andrei! If I decided to back on Patreon when would I be charged?


Andrei, I love most of your content; however, this was a very weak argument full of logical fallacies. Further study and corrections are needed...

Mark Euringer

You need to change this title, Andrei. This is not UBI, and studies show UBI encourages work, health, and consumer satisfaction. What you’re talking about here is everybody on Earth winning a million dollar lottery.

Gavin Nash

Such dumb take on universal basic income comparing with millions. Yang never proposed your crazy theory.That's why $1000 make sense, it's below poverty line. Focus on the positive It will have positive impact on economy and society, better education outcomes, end homelessness, decrease crimes rates, recognising the work of stay home mom's and caregivers.

kar leung

Deep down he’s promoting Bitcoin

Jojo Ferrari

robinhood ? hahahaha !!
newbie only !

Within The Infinite

This isn't even close to what universal basic income is about

ddanny daniel

lol, all the triggered Andrew yang fans trying to explain how printing 1k/month isn't the same with what he described in the video


UBI Andrew Yang!

Luis Vivas

Venezuela ?

Blissful Distraction

Very misleading title...

simon white

I make lots of profit trading with the help of Mrs Alice Watts. She’s the best and I have learnt a lot from her.


1million on the way I’m so proud of you

Bob Pruss

Are you going to talk about the latest crypto bull market?


Change the title. This is making UBI look bad even though it had nothing to do with UBI. People who don't understand that it's a scummy clickbait title will get it twisted.

Aaron Fong

$150k toyota c; how do u know Singapore's price?!?!


Fan of your videos. But this video makes it pretty evident that you have have limited knowledge of economy, social&political sciences and psychology. Try sticking to simple fincance videos

Greyzone E

i would save 20% for cash flow, pay off mortgage, and invest a government account which gives 4%


Inflation bro, $1M would buy you 6 eggs and 1 bread when that would happen?

Dashiell Garvin

I’m 15 and wanting to invest under a parents name, any advice for a good long term stock, willing to put in $200

kenji moa

Invest it into xrp

Druwaah Badu

Can you make a video about bitcoin

Juan Pablo Grajales Canseco

I was gonna come in here and mention that UBI is something extremely different to giving everyone a million dollars... But it seems like everyone else has already pointed that out. Good job, people, I'm proud.


And when everyone's super... No one will be.
-Syndrome form the incredibles

John Rexroad

Anyone else notice there hasn't been a vid from Andrei, Jeremy, or Graham in a while? Is it just me?

Dustin Rhodes

Everyone gets a million no one shows up for work instant disaster


I quit drinking in December and put the money I would turn into peepee into my WeBull account ...50 bucks every Monday . I'm up to $200 bucks right now. Its a slow grind but much better than filling the toilet. , I wish I had done this years ago...

Jesus Salazar

Love your videos like up this comment everybody so he see this

Jason Miller

You are amazingly knowledgeable

Nathan Ahadu

If anybody follows Andrei's cardistry as well as his finance tips, do you mind telling me how the Octa Change is performed? It was supposed to be released to theory 11 a couple of years ago.


Baby yoda nuf said

foolish coyote.

I will let the Govt know not to send you a federal Debit Card.