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The BEST PC GAMING MEMES EVER ? The Verge PC Build in 2020 | mrkwd tech

2 284 views | 4 Oct. 2020

Are these the WORST PC

Are these the WORST PC gaming memes, ever? (aka the best dank memes) Get your tweezers ready and let's find out... WARNING: May contain Verge PC build memes. Subscribe to mrkwd tech for more videos: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMRKWD ??

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Angkor Sports

Can you review Earfun air, please

Lesandu Perera

If you like this comment I will build a pc

ryan storkson

The pc you built for your Nephew I’m building it but I’m going to have slightly better parts?

X9 Burrito

Early gang


you deserve more, thanks to you I have my first gaming PC.

Al Mohammed Hussain

Hi mrkwd Could you do a £600 build , would mean a lot

thong minh

Please review the sony H910N

X9 Burrito

Holly crud the Swiss army knife that's in the vid is the same one I have

Anthony Fox

Congrats on 30k I got great headphones thanks to you


Haha, great video, proper funny ?

ivar eriksson

Love your vids

cylo clapz

Congrats! Oh and how much fps does the 400$ gaming pc on high settings?

Justin Leong

I still don't understand why he left 1 screw for the AIO.

Ionic Strix

Ok on your 400 dollar gaming pc build, can it run fortnite? And at what FPS? Thanks I’m a big fan ?

Zeid Hammuri

Congrats man, hopefully you get to 1mil soon

Athina Kouninioti

Can you make pc build for 500$? Also i saw your 400$ so i now you are going to do a good job ?


Hey dude, I found your channel from the 400$ Gaming PC, but now I'm a frequent watcher, thanks! Keep up the good work!

Haydn Daly

2:44 Beautiful ??love u??

End Scene

at 3:00... was... that... her... hand? One sizable thumb she's got there...

ivar eriksson

Gg 1

Savey Ψ


Verge explorer

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Can these smart glasses do what Google couldn’t?

1 735 960 views | 14 Feb. 2019

Focals smart glasses by

Focals smart glasses by North use some of the tech previously seen in Intel’s Vaunt glasses. They project a laser onto your eye and show notifications, map directions, and text messages. Unlike Google Glass though, the Focals do not have any cameras. We reviewed the new smart glasses and found that while the technology might be the best yet, it’s far from perfect.

Host: Ashley Carman

Director: Christian Mazza

Camera: Alix Diaconis

Sound Recording: Andrew Marino

Motion Graphics: Grayson Blackmon

Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori

Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth

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Are you from smosh if not u look like the person there lol.


Why is this video getting so much negativity? what did I miss??

Lets get to 1mill without vids

The only thing I'd use this for it to take pictures of what I'm seeing in the moment or real time Google maps with arrows on the street showing you where to go

Lou-is An Asshole

This is worst then google glass. Yah it might look like better frames. But the things you can do it so limited. I plus the only place I can get them is in New York. That’s a lose lose..


like i said ussles


Don't judge me what?

Greta Thu'umberg

I can't afford this.


wait... human eye can only see an image is the object or the thing is 25 cm far away from the eye how does this work then ????? this isn't 25 cm away from the eye


where can i buy this thing if im from Philippines?

jam cam ram

Can you read documents through it?

Ernest Dane Pongos

Why are people so negative? This is so sad

Boncom Mere

علموا أولادكم علوم التكنولوجيا. زمان التقنية

Gabriel T

Bought by Google so no second gen comming

Derek Bender

the iMessage bit is a deal breaker.


I lost my s*** when I visited their page, and saw they were bought out by google.

augustine sung

this company's been closed, now it refunds....

Play Tutors

os ocolos tem gps

Ricko jay

How much are these ill were them for my exams ??

That Man

Price needs to be al least 500

Josh Bronson

What are they called

Hurain Fatima

I will buy them if they help me to cheat in exams

Erwan Eskandar

Where to buy it?

Maigurs Stalidzans

Good, informative video! Thanks a lot!

DiVyAm Claw Fan


Adelina Tumamak

I love that

Musse Mulugeta

I'm asking if there is software that help eye glass and hearing aids can see and lissen sound of Jesus and devils or a video camera software that both make appeared or Microsoft company ask software

I'm a good person

I need to travel to the U.S. to get these


whats next smart eye lenses?

mohamed mtm

Amazing ??


Since Google acquired this company I’m going to say no.

Jjakaksms Jzjxjxj

Imagine talking to alexa in public and everyone thinks your talkingto yourself

Kavita Sonawane



Damn these would make work so much easier


Imagine using this for exams, NEXT THING YOU KNOW IS THAT you might find yourself in Harvard university



Obito Uchiha

Where can i buy this?
i will use it in my exam test.


Real life cyberpunk lol

Lily Stark

So...E.D.I.T.H 2.0

Complex Carbivorous

Is there some sort of eyewear/goggles that plays videos? That receives streamed videos from a dumbphone of computer? I want to practice Yoga at home, but don't want to twist my neck towards the TV screen during difficult poses. Just wondering.

Ubair Mustafa

Imagine smiling while you're reading messages but unconsciously looking at a 14 y/o in a Subway. This will need a lot of explaining...

KgB $_*

تفيد للغش

Kyle Smith

Water resistance is not SOAP resistance. Genius will ruin it faster.

The Verge

Would you use these smart glasses or a smartwatch?

Brandon Hu

Well I guess this is why Google bought them ?

Oscar Diggs

An honest review. I liked that.

_Fried_Gacha _

Can you watch tv?

Aman Chauhan

Probably the wrong place to post it but still......can anybody kindly post the HP US support contact number please. I can't find it on Google....... thanks ?

random thought

Intel comes up with great product, is stupid and scraps it, gives it to North, and Google buys North. So Google now owns the rights to this tech because Intel are idiots.

Benno Reuter

Call me again when it's full view and augmented reality


yeah but where can i buy them?

Nava Juni

Eye Power remove any lenses

Jacob Jenks

Can you call with it?


get ready to see people getting run over or hitting a pole more frequently

【 S h i i T a K e 椎茸くん】

Tony stark is getting the popcorn lol


Ah shi, I was thinking about inventing this


When did I say I like them


new way to record movies withour permission

That Guy

It'll be great if you can link it up with ABB robotic arm and you can pin- point (using the navigation ring) where you want it to work or hold on to.

CTRL_ Audio

Hmm, i here your deleting negative comments, how interesting ???

Keldrine Wade

So on iOS it won’t txt iMessage messages?

Huzefa Tariq

But can it end Coronavirus?


This is bad

Chander Pal Rãjvåñßh


Christopher Bristow

What kind of batteries do they have in them

Hynek Borůvka

"Useful for displaying time" - new revolutionary gadget allows us to see time for the first time.

Sifferi Music

Can this correct color blind?

dinesh singh

I want to buy it

taha Shaikh

I like it very much please ma'am give me it I live in India please mam


Can you cheat on an exam with these? Asking for a friend


You need better shoes

Anissa Mercado

No .02 cents

Aaron Boysen

Lol Google just bought them ???

Ken 3D Creative

This is not what people are after. I can make much better one.

Joseph Salim

Great idea to cheat on my exams.

Ahmed Sanni

Aow can I get it

Peachtea Tea

Can I cheat in my exams with this?

Indrajith K A

Its awesome

Henry S

laser is a no no

Alex Torres

The Ai future is here people

Jason Marr

thats all it can do, you cant reply, make a call and the uber is the only other app

Derek G

I don't like them


You do understand google owns focals right..?

Q Tech HD

love it


Can you watch videos with these?


Buy link plz.

Diego Rubio

Google just bought North

ahmed samy

How to get one???

Indrajith K A

Where can we buy these

Mustafa Shahzad


Naveed Slote

Can I make it at home ?

Death By Demon's

These would be great when you're being pulled over by the police I so want the police officer think I'm a psychopath

David Nunes

You're good at speaking ?️..


Dating app notification ? What

Vandhana Kasani

What is the price?

Σάββα GT-R

Downvote the dictatorship


"I didn't look at instagram for 6 hours. Don't judge me!" Maybe you should try to never get on the app again, might save the braincells you have left.

Unknown Gamer

0:05 What the heck i didn't even answer??

Nilu Gajjar

can i do video calling

Free Bird

This will be good for recording being harassed by nasty people.



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Let's Play X Rebirth - Part 1 Verge Explorer

8 049 views | 27 Feb. 2016

The playlist for this

The playlist for this Let's Play can be found here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaJ0AmLizZY69D394vidW35bmXj43DbGr

Welcome to Let's Play X Rebirth featuring the Home of Light expansion and eventually Teladi Outpost.

We begin with one of the two new starts provided by Home of Light, Verge Explorer which starts in Toride, Koroni.

During this Lets Play I start with two Mods. According to the Authors both are compatible with version 4.0 and I think it's worth the risk. If you want to see a list of Mods with their compatibility it is available at the Egosoft Forums http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=370788

"Show Skills" which will allow you to see the skills of any hireable NPCs without the small-talk mini game. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265986059

"TAF!" (Trade Agents Forever) which places an NPC ready to offer to act as a Trade Agent at all Stations, for a price without having to play the smalltalk mini game. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=262382979

There is a complete rundown on what is offered by both Home of Light and version 4.0 at the Egosoft Channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hySENB0kQzw

X-Rebirth is available on Steam. The original game is here with links to the two expansions http://store.steampowered.com/app/2870

Dogbone TV

seems kinda ridiculous it uses both spanish and english languages at the same time. whats the deal with that.


nice video, Hope you keep this series up. Most people start this game and then stop after only a few episodes.


around this area, i found a Strange Transmission, im not sure what to do with it. It has a blue invisibility field around it


the khaak is on the opposite side of the toride system from sol gate :)


how do you open the right panel computer?


I am subscribing in the hopes this continues!

pedro sanchez

nicuuu hahaha waiting for the next cap hope to learn with you on this series