Nyse mcclellan oscillator

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Episode 60: The McClellan Oscillator

7 617 views | 28 Sep. 2010

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Nyse mcclellan oscillator

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Identify Market & Index Direction in Advance | Market Breadth Analysis | McClellan Oscillator |Hindi

727 views | 19 Jul. 2020

Predicting Stock Market

Predicting Stock Market Movement is a very crucial step for intraday, swing and positional trading. Trading in the direction of market is always more profitable.

The McClellan oscillator is a powerful market breadth indicator to identifty the market direction. In this video I have explained "How to use McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index in your trading" and shared a Modified McClellan Oscillator Indicator for BANKNIFTY devloped in tradingview.

Link for Modified McClellan Oscillator Indicator for BankNifty


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bonagam sai chand

nice work bro

pawan Kumar

Sir pls is indicator ko live market main use karke video banayen to hamko samjhne me jayada help hogi

Govind Pawar

Thanks for Indicators

santosh prusty

Really great indicator sir.

prasad bhat

Very good sir.may have to read 10 times but I will. thanks


Another very good video and oscillator work!


Great . Rare indicators available for Banknifty. Thankyou bro

Girani Bharish

please provide this indicator for stocks, it will be very helpful for cash segment trade

Nyse mcclellan oscillator

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Jun 23 Review $SPX $AAPL $CAT $VIX #McClellanOscillator trend lines rule, NASDAQ 138.2%

65 views | 23 Jun. 2020

Zack Szigeti

keeping all my positions tight. based on your trend lines i’m hoping aapl falls. thanks for the analysis.

i’m keeping a watch on nvda, made some money shorting today and will try again tomorrow