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How to mine QRL with your CPU!

73 views | 31 Jan. 2021

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In this video I discuss how to mine Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) with your CPU!


QRL - https://www.theqrl.org/

XMRig - https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/tag/v6.8.0

QRL Web Wallet - https://wallet.theqrl.org/

Mining Ocean - https://qrl.miningocean.org/

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? Buy Ledger Hardware Wallets: ledger.cryptorocket.xyz

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angelica walker

the best all over the universe will always be best hackercena on telegram??

angelica walker

the best all over the universe will always be best hackercena on telegram??

angelica walker

the best all over the universe will always be best hackercena on telegram??


So should I mine Monero or QRL at this moment?

angelica walker

the best all over the universe will always be best hackercena on telegram??


It’s inefficient don’t use a gpu. Use a cpu much more efficient.

Qrl wallet

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QRL - How to Mine QRL Quanta - E06

2 648 views | 13 Apr. 2020

Step-By-Step guide on how

Step-By-Step guide on how to start mining QRL Quanta using the RandomX PoW protocol.

Steps covered in the video:

Antivirus Software [1:05]

Firewall Whitelisting and Exceptions [2:06]

Create a new wallet [2:30]

Download XMRIG [3:07]

Extract XMRIG [4:55]

Edit XMRIG config.json file [5:00]

Here are the links needed for this video:

https://passwordsgenerator.net/ Generates Secure Passwords

https://wallet.theqrl.org/create Create a QRL wallet here.

https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases Download XMRIG here.

https://docs.theqrl.org/mining/pools/ Official QRL Pool List

http://onlinemd5.com/ Helps double-check XMRIG hash file signature.

To learn more, check out the following links:

Website - https://theqrl.org/

Join our Discord server - https://discord.gg/BheKAZb

Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/qrledger

Check out our Subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/QRL/


GitHub - https://github.com/theQRL

Email [email protected] - we have support waiting to help

Sean Dillard

I'm using Norton Lifelock as well. I can't seem to force the command to exclude the IP, i.e. Ocean 15.51.214.... When I go back into configure, its not showing a Blue X to the right of the IP. I'll proceed to click Apply, and then OK to close the window. It hangs quite a bit, like I suspect it doesn't like the command. Behold, I'm right. I go back into configure, and it doesn't seem to stick. I essentially have to stop all exclusions in order to get it to work. I should mention, I'm only having issues with this computer. I haven't had this problem come up with any of my other devices. I have 10 devices activated in Lifelock. Anyways, any ideas?

user name

Be good if that page that created json file had solo mining option.

Mark Augustsson

I believe I'm mining however it says "no active pools, stop mining." Any suggestions, not sure what this is saying. I'm sure it's obvious, however please spell it out. I am a total beginner with very limited experience and knowledge. Thanks

Andrea Roach

can,t wait for your next more

Steven S.

I was looking to get into this, thanks for the easy to follow technical video!

Scott Woldridge

How long should it take for tokens to be sent to my QRL address in my wallet? I've run for days, and nothing has been received.

Qrl wallet

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mine QRL - The next Monero!! | windows | cpu mining | 2020

240 views | 12 May. 2020

how to mine qrl using your

how to mine qrl using your CPU power in windows 10.

All you need is a qrl wallet, miner and pool.

download your miner here:https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/tag/v5.11.1

qrl mining pool:https://qrl.herominers.com/#getting-started

run the miner as administrator

you can view your worker statics in the pool

happy mining??

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Sean Dillard

Can you possibly create and share a video on how to set up a QRL node? Thanks man

Sean Dillard

What song is this? I dig the midi solos

Ravi Das

I can mine with my cpu with 1.4hz processor rate