Litecoin halving date

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Bitcoin & Litecoin Four Year Halving Super Cycle

22 346 views | 1 Feb. 2019

Bitcoin & Litecoin Four

Bitcoin & Litecoin Four Year Halving Super Cycle

Today we look at the four year halving cycle of Bitcoin & Litecoin. Both coins have halving dates coming up soon. We look at the effect previous halving cycles had on the Bitcoin & Litecoin price. Will this lead to price increases over the next 4 years for Bitcoin & Litecoin?

#Bitcoin #Litecoin #Cycles

Can Bitcoin Reach $1 Million:

Part 1: https://youtu.be/xNocNjbLxW0

Part 2: https://youtu.be/4-RXbfOo-F0

Part 3: https://youtu.be/-hewoG_jFNg

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M Morse

Never underestimate litecoin #1 bitcoin #2

Alex Morgan

This is pretty much my belief. We may see another drop to around 2500 but it would be short lived. I drip feed my wages into Btc each month but will use leverage if I see us down to 2500 because it will recover fast.

Steve Hubbs

It's not a 4 year super cycle. The cycles are getting progressively longer due to the logarithmically regressed price pattern both coins are tracing out. Bitcoin's first cycle was July 2010-Oct 2011, 15 months as it went from 5 cents to $31.91 and then back down to $2.04. The second cycle was 39 months long from Oct 2011 to Jan 2015, as Bitcoin went from $2.04 to $1241.92 and then back down to $157.29 (Yahoo Finance prices). The third cycle is now 49 months long as Bitcoin went from $157.29 to $19870.62 to $3169 in December, but it's likely there will be one more move down since there has been no capitulation on high volume yet. The fourth cycle will be even longer. It will probably be from around May 2019 to Aug 25, more than 6 years. I suspect Bitcoin will go from around $2400 (although it may wick down to $1800) then go up to about $200,000 in Aug 2023, then make another 85-90% correction from Aug 2023 to Aug 2025.

isaac trueman

LTC is about to moon


If you use the Bravenewcoin index you'll have more data. Ticker: BLX

George McKenzie

Ltc is the digital currency I will gladly work for
Btc , I love as store of value, but ltc
It does it all medium of exchange smart contracts
let the others chew each other up and clear the field

Ronald Jefferson

Do you think algorithmic stablecoins will be a thing?

Stacy Dale Barendse

Market always trade fear before fact bud. ;)

Blue Sky

Bottom is in, 3k is big support since 2017 bull run and institutions already bought in December. They don't get in to lose.

Sam Fransisco

Are you talking in USd or Aud


Litecoin is the best investment in our lifetime ?????????????????

Trotters Independent Crypto Trading

There are so many people looking at these longer term cycles waiting for them to play out it’s really concerning ?


Great video nice content, 2K LTC man we are gonna be loaded. I wait no worries.

Justin Manchester

Why didn’t the previous bear market retrace to the top before that? How come it only retraced to the top of the third wave of the previous bull market the same as we have done in this bear market? Oh that’s because our bear cycles tend to land on the 3rd wave of the previous bull market? Amazing

Yogurt Instructor

2k LTC sounds so good

Mario Pironti

Thank You, im going to go buy a Lamborghini now.

Alex P


Braddon Buckley

Thanks Nugget very good and timely video, if you want to know what’s going to happen in any market you only have to look left and see, history always repeats as it’s based on human psychology not the news of the day.
Keep up the fantastic work I’m loving it

Trance Ending

Everything moves in cycles, some excellent content on this by a guy named Bob Loukas on YouTube. What we’re experiencing is completely normal. A new 3 year bull run is right around the corner apparently. Here’s hoping!

Wally Morad

Informative video..
If the past is repeated for BTC then the price will easily go around 20 folds from the top of the previous bull cycle meaning a single Bitcoin will reach around $400K at the top of the next run.


Jubilee cycle

Robert Tomkinson

90% correction from $20k is $2k not $1300.

Christopher House

Sir do you see this cycle for ZEC also? What are your thoughts on ZEC?

Matthew Bennett

Definitely agree with you that we should be using the logathirmic regression charts and thinking in terms of 4 year cycles. Chances are the next run might be longer than previous and potentially even, this bear could go into 2020.

Adam Stewart

Great vid Alex

Andrew Evans

Symmetry and cycles do play out, seen many times on charts, but i i read in many great books soon as the cycle becomes apparent the cycles change personality. I have also found this to be true


When in doubt, look left!!!!

Tim Younkin

i like the pattern but $1,300 seems too low. with adoption i think you will see lower highs and higher lows when it comes to corrections until we have enough adoption that bitcoin becomes stable. Long way until then. i am not sure if we will significantly drop below the 200 weekly moving average but it we do then i am looking at $2,300 for my next buy for BTC.

Colzc blah

Hey nugget For Ltc is that 2k aud or usd?

Adam Walkerden

Did you say your waiting for a $20 buy on LTC?

Nugget's News

Today we look at the four year cycle of Bitcoin & Litecoin. Both coins have halving dates soon. We look at the effect previous halving cycles had on Bitcoin & Litecoin price.

Can Bitcoin Reach $1 Million:
Part 1: https://youtu.be/xNocNjbLxW0
Part 2: https://youtu.be/4-RXbfOo-F0
Part 3: https://youtu.be/-hewoG_jFNg

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Alan Tan

The 'bull' effect for halving will get weaker and weaker. Looks like someone is right about cryptos going to zero...

Brian King


Is it possible you could provide a JPEG if the cycles for LTC and BTC so I can put up here on the wall in the « war room «  ????
Is this possible or can I do myself


So I herd an interview with wolf of wall st the other day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKMpLFCbLz4 while I don't agree he did make some fair points on why Bitcion won't go up or never be worth the sort of money I'm hoping. How would you answer those points Alex

Rei G

It doesn't matter which coins you bought because all of them will moon in a bull market. If you hold ltc now and it reaches $2K, that's about a 58x. Or u could buy some good low cap coins and see at least a 100x on it.

Chef Se

Everyone believes that the Halvening will be a game changer in terms of prices..doesn't mean that it will most likely not be as great as everyone expecting it?

Shawn C

if "4 years cycle" apply to bitcoin, bitcoin should never jump to 1024, and 22000 in the first two places. 4 years or not, the game change the day bitcoin spoiled by future exchange (ellot wave's pre condition is if no other factor to affect, this theory work best in blue chip market, worst for nasdaqe, not to mention .com and bitcoin LOL)

Aura Wright Media

I like your info a lot and it makes a ton of sense. However, you did mention exponential growth and I think we will see that in some of these coins as they go beyond the waves you see now on BTC. I'm pretty sure you are right on the BTC numbers, but I think we will see other coins that make steeper and larger 'tsunami' waves than even BTC will do. This will all probably happen this fall after the BTC halving as the BTC money moves into other coins seeking greater and greater growth.

Anthony Gasmin

he didnt curve the line enough. Im sure the price would be much lower. around $1500 for litecoin


wait, 2k ltc? why do you have a computer and a home when you say 2k ltc? i would put everything inside if i were you.. okay now the truth: you done belive it. so stfu and youtube please stop offer me this shit.. for a nice algorythm i disliked this video and reported for child pornography with 10 accounts. maybe now it dont offer me this shit beliving 2k ltc.. please!


Dont like ltc anymore.


$1300 BTC would be brutal.. I see so many negative news and comments saying it's going much lower so I am starting to think we are really close to the bottom, especially since the majority of people are expecting it to go lower.

Only time will tell though..

Larry Rose

Do u like Cardano ??

Cryptocoin Kiwi

How relevant do you think Litecoin and other "Transactional" currencies will be when BTC lightning network is fully implemented?

Will the "Me too" coins die out?

Long Field

What about ethereum


Correct me if I'm wrong, he said LTC will have a low of $20 and a high of $2k with BTC at $100,00?


Use “BLX” on TradingView for BTC price-charts since 2009


$50,000 BITCOINS!!!!

Leonard Benn

you are spot on with your trend report . Exciting stuff indeed ,2019 is the year of the Dapps one thinks.

Glenn Nolan

Thanks Alex! Let’s hope it all plays out as you suggest! ☮️


Great video mate

Ron Leeper

Greetings from Lower South Dakota USA & thanks for more solid content! You provide great analysis of very interesting aspects of the crypto-sphere!

Only Fool Riding

$1300 BTC would see huge buying pressure. I, myself, would scoop at least a few up. That's a hellva deal, even on a speculative investment.

Lhasa Thailand

LTC is looking very strong compared to BTC lately.

Soundman 1950s

Cycles do exist, but they are not uniform. Markets evolve, fundamentals change. It took the Nasdaq 18 years to reach it's year 2000 high. It took many years for the DJIA to reach it's year 1929 high. Go back and look at the Aden sisters' projections for the early 1980s gold market. Once a market enters the public's fascination it can take a long time for enthusiasm to fade and a new up cycle to begin. Whether we reached that point in December 2017 or we have another up cycle ahead remains to be seen.

Suzy Q

Interesting, thanks

Andy Alford

I just watched this today and surprised how accurate it still looks (for Bitcoin)

Tim Kuefer

Patience will pay off for sure. We might have to wait another year though


the 4 y EQUAL green circles is wrong.. it takes more time for the next cycle to start..


I feel like it should go more down. But much more people are waiting and wstching now then last bullrun. So i think it get much harder to catch the bottom. I will start buying when a new low come. Then every week i buy some.

Anthony Bennett

Going to be so big if this holds true. I just can’t see it working out this way based on too many people’s expectations being the same. Can’t wait to see how it develops over the coming years

Raguel Lutz

Although the crypto space is still very much in the grips of a bear market, with smart trades and a well thought out strategy and subtle exploitations of market loopholes, you can always turn a considerable profit as have been proven by some traders, me inclusive. The technicality involved is knowing your entry point and also your exit point not a second later and this is where most traders fail including experts. I had this same problem and lost most trades while winning a few and I had to go back to the drawing board and do my research which led me to several online forums and youtube comment sections where I got to know about **Allan Shaw. I would urge you guys to contact him if you have any issues relating to trading crypto as his signals and strategies are off the chart. I trade better now and have turned out a very impressive profit margin ever since. You can reach him by [email protected]

Jacky T

Isnt the biggest factor for Litecoin that fact previously the speculation may have been on.it's usage but now as it's mainly a.redundant test net with no leadership promise, well why would the.cycle begin again?
Folks.are more educated now due to last cycle going mainstream that speculation is so outta line with reality n hence.critical mass is harder to achieve.as folks are receptive to criticism now as they see.it can 'save them losses' rather than just 'oh that's just unhelpful FUD'


Looking to be spot on mate


Where was this chart 6 months ago? The body of work you have out together in the trading aspect of this bear market suggest you may want to partner with a professional trader going into this next bulk cycle. To bring better value to your subs.

Питер Ли

This market cycles for crypto is very easy to recognize and predicting real scenario of BTCUSD macro price action. And that's why Bitcoin ETF will never been approved, never ever. But maybe in +2030 year, when crypto market will start showing the real usecases in real life, maybe then we will see 1st official Bitcoin ETF's. So yeah, absolute bottom in 2019 is aroung 1300-1500$ and if you trading XBTUSD you just can't miss this opportunity for opening big long position on BitMEX and sitting on this position until we reach price around 4600-4900$ by the end of 2019. Also, thank bruh for this macroanalysis, which most of people are deserved it (especially after painful for bulls 2018 year).

Ercan A

good video.. I believe in market cycles and especially in commodity sector with mining activity, they can deliver beautiful returns... The good thing with bitcoin compared to real mining industry is that you even do not bear operational or solvency risk... People do not understand that...(but that being said, you should move to cold wallet of course, in hot wallet you bear operational and solvency risk of the wallet operator ! which is the most stupid thing to do)

Super Cycles describe bitcoin price very well, the logic behind it is simply supply-demand mismatch, which again results from constant increasing demand for crypto. This demand was even that huge that some other 2000 coins were required to absorb the demand. This is actually the best investment opportunity I have seen in my lifetime..Even without institutional money, this thing has a lot potential..

Recently a guy from Brazil told me he is accumulating btc, there are millions around the world, they do not hold foreign currencies but btc... And more users will come since there is huge demand..

Tim Graham

Good to see you focusing on the macro cycles! Agree 100%


True Story

Brian King

Just to be clear Alex , the price corrected on exact day of halving ? So very much a case of selling the news again ?

Kieron McKay

Oh i've absolutely thought the exact same thing. Throw in the non-linear regression line for metcalfe's law and you have a template for each boom and bust cycle...assuming it generally continues to follow that cycle.


Cycles are definitely a real tool to use to determine probabilities. People haven't changed their emotional responses so we consistently repeat our price action moves.

Why Ask

DON'T jinx both currencies with that stupid term "Super Cycle" that's the crap they used to describe a one time event that happened to iPhones and it never happened again, in fact the opposite has happened.


Agree with the cycle analysis. Btw, do use the BLX chart if you want to go back further.


Thanks for the update cycles Alex.

Clayton York

Great info thank you. I do believe it will complete this market cycle. Just might be a very quick bounce this time. When ever this plays out..?


all the TA and recent bear market experience summarized in few minutes. great content bro!


The past is history and the future a mystery, but its hard to dispute these trends. I feel with the exposure crypto and btc has had in 2018, crypto's next bull run will be gigantic compared to previous.


cool video bro! :) Ur tshirt is now out of date tho! with the new logo and all :)

Litecoin halving date

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IMPORTANT: Litecoin Halving Coming - Everything you NEED to Know... Bull Run Coming?

1 728 views | 26 Oct. 2018

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2fer one

Fair effort, try to focus more on the tech. Basic explination of block height, for example. Difficulty adjustment,block time etc, are fairly easy to understand on a basic level /.02

No Name

what the hell do I do, I have been buying since December 2017 and keep on loosing. So tired, feel like a degenerate gambler. I look at my coinbase account and other exchanges and just get sick to my stomach. Feel like I was robbed by a bunch of nerds


Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

SohilDeep Singh

I think it will increase the price of litecoin as total market supply will decline because now less people will be interesting in mining litecoin but demand in short term will remain same which will bump the price of litecoin, there are many other reasons too which can increase the price of litecoin like 50$ is a very strong resistance and there are several other factors too

Deplorable Patriot In Christ

I just wanted to say thank you for being consistent with your videos, good or bad I can atleast count on you doing a quick T&A on the main cryptos! A lot of the other guys, when the market is down just disappear and that pisses me off, lol


Thank you for the nice explanation of litecoin halfing lots of ur subs dont understand much about ltc...


LITECOIN ??✈️????


No Bull Run... not for a year or two...

Color All

What about litecoin private


regarding actual market, I'd be more stressed not having a position than seing my position going negative. Too much pressure, I don't want to miss the next move!

R James

Top show! Good to have video on 2019 Litecoin mining reward halving! Thanks!

Uhh! Just noticed scammer/hacker ‘Alexander Paul’ in comments! Delete?

Ariel Oros

LTC 52 yesterday, 51 today... leading to 0.

Litecoin halving date

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