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Lil Loaded Feat. Pooh Shiesty "Link Up" (Official Video)

4 559 526 views | 11 Dec. 2020

"CRIPTAPE" available at:

"CRIPTAPE" available at: https://LilLoaded.lnk.to/CRIPTAPE

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Directed By: @Shotbyjolo

(C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music

#LilLoaded #PoohShiesty #LinkUp

Jefferson alfaro

Lil loaded es una bestia en estos ritmoa

David Rae

The subscriber count tho ?


Loaded need to drop a song w choppa, this shit slaps

Antonio Glenn

true go hard nigga ight

piano pizza_yt


ryan purdy

And to think he’s only 2 years older than me


Remix try this bitch H Town a real chick patty cake tall my brothers I do proud interviews on live on location make movement street chick soild but yall make em believe im 33 well 34 notice real in movement and way of being an dope type reflects off what side of town u on real htown different bread on no head on your peace only fill me live media screen Tete Host m.c too

Joesiah Arballo

When it's time to slide grab my revolver ??

Dj Hemp2o

I keep coming back to this song to hype me up

Devion Brown

I don’t normally don’t listen to music like this but this too????


A crip around a klood damn u not our cousin no mo✡️?

vibe and ride

Sub at 666k , finna turn up

Twitch Txpics

He tweaking

It’s Jjj

U a nba young boy guy mix with king von

Corey Anderson

No lil loaded pippin in The Mia to the No the Nola Atl no shoestring shiesty catch up

Real Camelot

1:56 Pooh Shiesty part ?

Richard Wheeler

Bro this is the best song if you dont subscribe your gay

Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

Here, Boss 07/02/2021 Choose me, i am illuminati of Colombia, make me your Mason, please, help me o/

djuck __001

lil loaded go hard as always???

brendon cooke

glad he beat that charge no cap

Terry Trent

Still hard month later ???

Bump Baty

My Nephew Loaded??????! Nep an animal wit it#Louisianimal♿?????

Thff Ggggjgfhsg

Free him ❤️?


I guess everything is about pooh now...


357 in his pocket?

OvO Wilkins

am I the only one who noticed loaded completely jacked ddg's flow LMAOOOO




Living legend

Kayden Andrews

This song wants me to tell my mom she’s adopted this makes me want to tell my gang to beat the teacher this sing makes me wanna kill someone this song wants me to make my gang have a war and kill them all and go solo no cap


Pooh goated

Cloudy Drip

I'mma just give everyone comments a ?

Jay Bug


Mrs Steichen

This is my theme songs

Wendy Campos

This straight ? heat ?

Rellgot Fanz

This song in a donk Straight bass ?

T t

This song so fire it make me wanna bring my glock 40 to school

Nathan Aguirre


braxton n

666K rn real demon time

Metro Amazon

Cup Chipsass

Najee Williams



666k subs ? demons in the cut

Daniel Mason


Bobby Bellavia

666 subs ?

Steve McBride

bruh said "we slime shit like nickelodeon"

Bradley Howard

My mans look like he on crack

Matthew Galvan

His name sound like poo shity to me

halo master chief

Lol my name is chase ?

CXT1E Bradley 999


Tyree Nation

Lil loaded bringing crip music bacc

OGC Callum

4 millll dammmm

Richie Rich

2021 Anyone?

Sandlot Legends

Since Everybody say they Like This Song N Since Poohshiesty on the song with him i want as many ppl as possible to like comment what u think about this and share it to poohshiesty on any plateform yuh can and lil loaded this comment

I made A song to this beat And i Honestly No hating feel like its better then this and for poohshiesty to be in this video aint making no sense for poohshiesty to sign me as a rapper i uploading my song February 16 get this message around and if the public feel its better then this song i fell poohshiesty should sign me add me on facebook noneedtotalk add my channel n wait for the drop

Bradley Howard

Dis song make me hyped up as fuck

Dawanye Demons

les go loaded

SEP0 2


Tough Life Entertainment

This song lit my blunt ????


G coded


Loaded will never release a bad song sheesh

Josh Callahan

This song makes me want to tell pooh shiesty he pussy

Sonny Caudill

Yo yo yo this bangn

Balenciaga Fetish

We all really thought this man Lil Loaded was gonna be locked up for life now he out here dropping videos with Pooh

Tony Tanner

Search up el plaga and tell me these folks ain't cousins

10K Novideos


Troy Hampton

This shit hard as a bih. ? ⛽️ ?

Korena's Life

I wanted to destroy my house to dis song

Anny Mae

Who made that beat tho


This song is so fire

I Know You’re Soft

Gotta be one of the hardest beats of 2020



Bradley Howard

Big Cs

Jacob Terry

Bro this song is so hard lil loaded and cash kidd should make a song together


shiesty look like wide neck if his neck was normal size

Jimmy da Juice

Keep your head up bro..!! I know you still fighting that Murder case.. I hope everything works out for you..
#018 ??? SLG GaNG

Lewislife Lewis

The opps got a party I just got the low

Cold _Schoollunch

This song was so fire that my phone went from 20% to 26%?



Marquise Dennis

We sliming shiii like Nickelodeon

Marco Barragan

Ain’t he a gd?


You didnt shoot your blanket

Lucian Shawtty

Too fkn hardd


This song too gansta that I stabbed my pillow because it was too soft

raekwon barkley

this shit hard asf

Alex Barrajas

He. Cant make a bad song

Brandon Zxl

Ik y’all can hear the adlibs???

Kehbavdb Vdb

Why did they do lil loaded like that in the thumbnail ??

SiLentGhøSt 23

lil loaded has 666k subscribers as i’m posting this

a1 loud


Cutlaz Tv

Lawyer go dumb wen he spit that shit

Landon Kimble

shi hard

Bobby Bellavia

I’m likin dah new stiles tho

Holly Freeman



You should feature Big Mali

Travis Jacobs

bruh he literally on demon time 666k really lil loaded

Jela Shu'Aib

I got pulled over while listening to this song!!! Almost thought about bussin at the cops lol this song is ????

Parks Jordan


Drippy Pipes

This was the first Pooh Shiesty I ever heard now he every where

MK SlimeHimOut

Real life warzone I’m wit dat shit??????



Lonnie Payne

Shit is tight, nice ? job!!


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Blue & Link Up You and me bubblin

264 091 views | 25 Nov. 2010

Mariepokorette Tota

j adore cette chanson

agnes erika

2019.venez pointer.

Oscar Ignacio Robles Cholico

Quelqu'un parmi vous peut-il partager les paroles françaises de cette chanson?

Bibi Lenfant

Rythmé ! C'est sensuel et ça bouge. J'ai ce rythme

Camelia Parmentier

quelqun peut me dire si dans les linkup C'est m pokora ou Matthieu tota


Il a le cul bordé de nouilles le kotora car il a strictement rien de plus que les autres

Cécile Guitton

moi je l écoute en.ce moment

Samantha Coubard

qui l'écoute encore en 2016!!????

Dene Rys

Duncan ?

Camille De Moraes

Qui se ré écoute ça en 2020 .moi j'adore ??

Bebe Ayompe

wow look at a younger Matt Pokora so sexy


C'est moi ou on voit peu Lionel et Othis ?

X3_ DorianTongo

2018 ??

Julientotaandre Brigittehakim

J adore

laly fine

DUNCAN ?????

Marylène Pierrot

Mpokora ?????

Ciki Mac

Okay, I know why Blue kept this hidden from their U.K. fans ?

Tiar Salah Eddine

Avec du recul, ce son c'était et ça restera de la merde en boite.

Cora N

DESOLE mais link up a tout fait capoter tout gacher BLUE est un group classe

A.A Archive

Link Up : M. Pokora, Blue : Duncan

the simple life

j'adore ce featuring

Deborah THOMAS

Toujours aussi fan de leur collaboration. Du côté linkup c Lionel blonde favori et j'aurais aimer qu'il fasse carrière solo. Et blues j'adorais Lee et Duncan

remilia enorce

Wouaw Matt pokora est trop sexy


Bonjour m mais pokora

Sevinc Sevinc


Caroline Zivkovic

Toujours aussi beau M.Pokora

Deborah THOMAS

Deux groupe dont j'étais très fan : Lionel mon favori et Lee et Duncan

Duke George

Ça groove de ouf ! Mais Linkup gâche un peu le truc?


Blue est invité à la fête, link up reste dans l’ascenseur !? ?

laly fine

Duncan james!!!! Ça fait 13 ans que je craque pour lui????????? par contre le titre original est mieux ☺

La Parisienne

Le flow des blue ??

sarah pfaadt

j'aime bcp cette musique c'est ma prefere

Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota

Duo la belle epoque franchise ca va il n ya pire respect ciao peace goodbye

romain bonna


La fée Clochette

Y'a pas c'est bien Lionel Tim qui aurait du faire carrière, écoutez sa voix. Il a tout la voix et même le physique ça aurait très bien passé il est mignon

Dominique Teca

Link up they were Blue wannabes ???


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#LinkupTuesdays Unknown.8k vs sadiical

4 237 views | 8 Feb. 2021


we need mcvertt vs kas, that’s gonna be a good ass battle on my mother

Jaden Prince


Kyle frmmid

Sadical got that wtffff????

Clazzclown TYTY

that "Who sent you nigga" sample aint never gon get old is it ???

naz thomas

What’s the name of the song in the beginning



William Anderson


Kevion Lesane

Tough battle ????

KMK 22

sadiical was wildin?


Sadiical definitely ??

Kevin Spriggs



Sadiical got that ?

MaStA00 SaVaGe

What’s the last song?

Zy Craftyyy

Hard to judge dey both snapped ⏰??



terrence bake yew up

peep leek and wiz looking at sadiical creasing his 1s ???

Darren Ford

??what’s that first song need dat nfs


Sadiical is different ??


what is the name of the song sadiical dance to in round one?
He def bodied buddy

/ 悲しいTotallySadicalOfficial


Caleb Pierre

Crowd was sleep??‍♂️




sadiical got that one