Russian nuclear power plant

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Tour of Russia's largest nuclear power plant

334 views | 15 Dec. 2020

Leningrad NPP is Russia's

Leningrad NPP is Russia's largest nuclear power plant. Watch this video to find out how fresh fuel looks like, why does an NPP need a pond and how tall the tallest cooling tower is.

Emmanuel Ubaha

Is this project 100% Russian built? No technological support from the west? Then Russia is a great technologically advanced country.

Russian nuclear power plant

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World’s first floating nuclear power plant heads to Siberia, environmentalists alarmed | ABC News

40 574 views | 24 Aug. 2019

Akademik Lomonosov, the

Akademik Lomonosov, the world's first floating nuclear power plant, has begun its 5,000 kilometre voyage to north-eastern Siberia.

However, environmentalists are sounding the alarm on the project, pointing to recent Russian, as well as Soviet era accidents, with this latest venture dubbed 'the nuclear Titanic'.

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Russian nuclear power plant

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Turkey: Russian-made nuclear reactor vessel arrives at Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Mersin

15 776 views | 11 Nov. 2020

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Mandatory Credit: Rosatom

The body of a Russian-made reactor was delivered to the construction site of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in the Turkish province of Mersin on Tuesday.

The reactor pressure vessel was transported for 20 days and travelled more than 3,000 km (1,900 miles) from the Rosatom factory in the Russian city of Volgodonsk to the 'Vostochnyy' cargo terminal, said plant director Sergei Butskikh.

"After customs clearance and incoming controls, the reactor will be delivered for subsequent installation, " Butskikh said.

Standing 12 metres (39 feet) tall and weighing 330 tonnes, the reactor was manufactured in less than three years and passed more than 300 tests.

The nuclear power plant's construction began in the spring of 2018, with the first power unit expected to be operative in 2023. The plant will cover up to 10 percent of Turkey's electricity needs.


SOT, Sergei Butskikh, head of 'Akkuyu' nuclear power plant (Russian): "Today after a long 3,000 km journey the ship arrived at the ‘Vostochnyy’ cargo terminal and delivered a nuclear reactor vessel for the first power unit. This is a very important and exciting moment for us, we have been waiting for it for a long time, this is a key moment in the construction of a nuclear power plant. After customs clearance and incoming controls, the reactor will be delivered for subsequent installation."

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Can Özhan

thanks russia

Tevfik Sarıoğlu

This comment section is toxic as hell.

rom tom

один а один напоминает 1939 год- тогда сталин тоже пытался отянуть войну заклчая коммерческие сделки с фашистами
сейчас путен делает тоже самое

Cengiz Söğütlü

0:43 russian with running shoes its lighter than the socks if something tiny falls into hes feet baam finito working for 1 month

Tim of free thought

I hope I'm wrong but it seems the count down to nuclear holicost just keeps ticking along !

Vladimir Gury

Может быть ее можно дистанционно порушить? Тогда понятно было б.

hanne hooh

Nuclear truly reliable and safe carbon free energy. Congratulations Turkey & Russia!

ashley styles

Yup. Let's give the ottomans some plutonium. What could go wrong?

President Joe Bıden

Thank you russia from turkey ????

Azmi Caseer

Some people are fearing ??????? Go forward Turkey ?❤

Sami Kent

As a Turk, I trust Russia a lot more than the US.
Thank you President Putin for your honest and fair partnership with Turkey, and the people of Russia for their valuable alliance and friendship.
Our economic, cultural, political and military relationships keep getting better and better and I think we can do great things together in the future.
Спасибо и ура!

BrotherMohd Hanif

Turkey know who is real Friend and enemy. Bye bye EU ????

Zarin Zamani

Одно слово: дебилы. Может проще сразу начать дань выплачивать и баб в гаремы в таких судах отправлять?

Milan Jovanovic


Гарри Гесс

Турки сбивают русские самолёты и захватывают Кавказ, а Россия строит ядерную энергетику Турции. Это маразм путлера или предательство?????????


Putin Is putana

Azmi Caseer

Turkey should become a Nuclear powered country


Lets hope it ll be "China Russia Turkey" vs Europe at next world war

Virginia Britton

They have earthquakes
Bad place , no nukes !!

Antonio Vélez

Russia is giving so much to a country that shows no loyalty for anyone.

samoyed samoyed

Russia digging his own grave with his hand

Денис Ч

Это национальное предательство интересов России! Турция это враг!

Va Cti

The turkish opposition says the quality of the construction would be horrible. I hope thats not true...

unfortunately it's me

Biggest mistake made by russia



Tanju Tunç





Thanks Russia .. From Turkey

asif shekhsanadi

Masha allah

Feroz Sayyad

I want Russia and Turkey to be Allies