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VertCoin Explained In 8 Minutes: The ASIC Resistant Coin For The People!

2 537 views | 17 Nov. 2017

Watch my video explaining

Watch my video explaining ASICs in depth here: https://youtu.be/QOCGWyxHUTY

In this video we cover some of the frequently asked questions about Vertcoin, one of the most promising cryptos out there!



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ijay718 Boomerang

Love the info, thank you


Cool intro, bro. I like vertcoin too


BiblePay (BBP)
- 10% mined coins always go to Charity (already sponsoring 180+ Orphans monthly)
- ASIC-Resistant like Vertcoin/Groestlcoin (CPU Mining Only)
- fork of DASH (Masternode Governance, Proposals & Voting), 10% Monthly Budget for IT/PR/P2P Live
- Proof of BibleHash (POBh) algorithm, All Nodes are Full Nodes

Launched July 23rd 2017, Market Cap below 1 million, $0.0018 per BBP

IN DEVELOPMENT: Partnering with [email protected] to cure cancer with mining cycles


Well done Video ! Subscribed....please keep em coming in that quality!


Great work, keep it up. Vert all the way!! I'm spreading the word on twitter every chance.

Benjamin Alexander

Great Vid

Sascha Wendels

my question would be, why did you not invest in vertcoin, giving its stand.

coltmerg 420

My last pool told me ," it is unfare to mine my-gro xvg -on gpu ,this is a asic coin and asic pool "Mining-dutch"I was mining on 10 1080 tis that was hitting 1 th/s and not the 500 mh/s that the pool wonted my gpu to mine at .now they have a lyra2v2 and they have that for asic also ???? 1:52 ,i agree they set the dif on the pool like my-gro xvg md stays at 1350 max i had it to 16545854 gpu can take it ( on that algo and like 20 more can get speed up by %3000 .....his reason was asic miners spend $$ to mine and to get that speed of 1 th they need to by 40 bakels to hit that =$80000.00 i hit on 10 1080 ti,s for 15k =) roi in 4 days they got mad and stopped all gpu mining by cutting speed to %3000 no i get 200 mh/s woot, i had 40 different gpu miners miners leave that pool after he did that ,some got there first $100 a day pay and they liked it ....... some dev pool mod says it is my miner that tells what diff to mine and not the pool ,so i tell my miner to mine at d=1000000 with -f 300? and instead of 200 mh/s i get 1th/s very big difference i think" do not use my config please it will mess you up each coin has different setting ,that is bull in the config to start a pool it ask,s what diff to max out on .I cam to understand that pool,s cater to asic over gpu and set gpu speed low so it can even out over asic .and that is bull.How many coins died from pools doing this and how many can grow large with faster blockchain .......This has to stop if crypto is ever going to get big .the %15 that can go out a get $1000000.0000 in asic or gpus and mine $7000 a day ,and the pore miner that spend $1000 gets $4.00 with a $5 power bill has to stop .

Sascha Wendels

damn, this is good content, your channel is going to be hugh! glad I am an early sub! keep it up

Oli ver

Hey, do you have twitter?

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Vertcoin Corps: Parting ways with Nicehash

253 views | 5 Jan. 2021

Vertcoin's message to

Vertcoin's message to Nicehash requesting they end support


Kick rocks nice hash

Vertcoin buy

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Vertcoin To $7! Why You Should Buy NXT Coin? [Crypto Market Update 12/2/17] | AHFRICKIN

4 513 views | 2 Dec. 2017

Vertcoin To $7! Why You

Vertcoin To $7! Why You Should Buy NXT Coin?-- Vertcoin has been holding my portfolio up for a while, how are you doing with vertcoin? Do you have any NXT token, imo you should!

My Site: http://www.ahfrickin.com

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Snapchat: ahfrickin


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Nathan G.B. Smith

what do you think about nxt as of 12/28/17?? i have some as well.


which exchange you buy nxt coin?

Ig Os

The music is good


Keep a eye on NAV coin

Some big developments going on + no ICO as NXT, they are the real deal.

Marvin Scott

DEF like the beat...ummm 'touching cousins"


cool analysis, nice voice