Uphold crypto

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Uphold Wallet, Crypto to Fiat Exchange!

188 views | 5 Oct. 2020

I give a overview of the

I give a overview of the Uphold Wallet

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Uphold crypto

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Uphold Review & Tutorial 2021: Trade Crypto, Metals, Equities & Currencies

5 861 views | 18 Nov. 2020

In this video, I take you

In this video, I take you through the newly updated Uphold web app. Showing you how to buy Bitcoin with a bank account, trade crypto to precious metals, how to withdraw crypto from the site to an external wallet, and finally a walkthrough of the mobile app.

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Don’t use the integrations, after what went down with Cred... other than that I like Uphold and never had a problem with it ?

Ana M Siva

Be careful with UPhold they holding your money for a long time. I transfer mine to UPhold 2/1/2021 as of today still processing. I missed my trading opportunity and no one bothers to respond back after several inquiries. They will steal your money, buyer's beware.


Your videos are supremely helpful! Much appreciated.

Elvin Rodriguez

Is there any way to purchase more than $2500 daily on Uphold?

Joe G

So there is zero trading fees like robinhood?

Michael Coughlan

I thought these guys exit scammed.

iAi i

uphold scam


e possibile a tradurrere in italiano?


At the moment, Uphold is pulling a Robinhood with the cryptocurrency, XRP. When XRP starts to move up, you can’t even log in. It unlocks and the tech difficulties go away as the price is going down. This has happened with perfect timing since last night. Amazing.


So sweet, thanks i look almost every video from you ! Great easy understanding content

Jared Burt

Informative video. Thank you. Can we still expect a video regarding your experience with the Uphold debit card? Subscribed have a great day.?

kyle smith

I love the uphold card it is really cool to be able to pretty much pay for anything from any of the assets. They even have my country I was born from so if I ever go there and visit I can just use that currency. It's extremely clever. Especially being able to use stable coins to buy stuff as well.

Ty Shantz

Found your channel recently, keep up the great work! Watching from Toronto, Canada ??

Danny Parker

This is a piece of shit platform. Uphold allows a new user to buy crypto but not sell their crypto for the first 65 days. WHAT A FUCK HOLE PLATFORM!!!

Pencer DeSpencer

You da bomb! Thank you!

Every Bit Helps

► For more information on UniSwap check out; https://everybithelps.co.uk/uphold-review-tutorial/

brian garcia

Damn I should’ve made my research before putting money into this


The fees are way too high. To sell 30 thousand worth of crypto, im charged over a thousand dollars.

Crypto Cliff notes

Oh kyc out!! Good review though

Another Critic

I got a little trade happy last night and woke up to a 300 dollar fee wtf? I'm only talking about moving 2k around a few times.