Lightning network coins

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5 Things I Learned Getting Rekt on Lightning Network

2 752 views | 23 Feb. 2019



Casa Website


Github for LND


Slack for LND


IRC Channel #lnd

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Lightning is not a solution, try again.

Tao Jones



Don’t use LN if you don’t want to loose, simple use things that already work with instant transactions like BCH/BSV !

Mathieu G.

don't get rekt trying LN kids,
BCH for the win

Felix Herrmann


Beyond Batcoif

Ouch, just use Nano.


Really still is in beta. People need to stop pushing it as a finished project.


Dude! You look smart to me and you probably know more about severak crypto's inner workings than me atm. Though I am probably wiser in user experience (and economics - call me blunt). This is key to mass adoption and where the money will go. Do you expect ma and pa can handle LN? So an honest rhetorical question -LN fanboys will certainly do this for you: Why ffs flogging a dead horse when there are other already working alternatives? Concluding: LN fanboys help this guy out, prove me wrong, or you and your product suck!


Just use Nano.


Your pain will be others gain :)

Hong Kun Yan

Why use Lightning Network?  Use Decentralized exchange to send BTC is better


I like Bitcoin but Nano is superior :)

I wear a hoodie

When fees hit $50 per tx in 2017 I had to give up on BTC for my business. But I was told by Back and heaps of others to stop complaining as these high fees were good for bitcoin and I should just wait for lightning. Well, I waited. And lightning finally arrived and it’s a mess. Not only do you need a computer science degree to be able to operate it safely but it doesn’t function the way people actually use money, especially for unidirectional payments. I realised BTC simply can’t be used for commerce, and I moved on.

Jon Southurst

All I want is to use bitcoin, on-chain and in any amount, just like I was supposed to. Payment channels (even when we finally get a working one) are useful in some cases but not all.

Tronz Flowwi

Lightning network is so bad it's insane that anyone believe that it's a scaling solution. Sad. Meanwhile i'm enjoying fast and secure transactions using BITCOIN CASH. Awesome UX.

John Eakin

Where'd you buy the t-shirt?


See? It's too complicated for adoption. Great. so big blocks wins. Make bitcoin cash again. We only lost 5 years because of this shit.

clive mossmoon

You never say what you did wrong to have your money stolen other than "tried to use the Lightning Network." You didn't backup your channel state? Oy vey, what a nightmare.

Lightning network coins

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Pomp Podcast #370: Jack Mallers on the Future of Strike, Zap, & Lightning Network

8 378 views | 27 Aug. 2020

This is an episode of The

This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano and guest, Jack Mallers, the founder of Zap, which has created Strike, an application that allows anyone to send money instantly, with no fees, anywhere in the world.

In this conversation, we discuss the Lightning Network, Strike's recent progress, tiered KYC, and Ethereum's misleading marketing.

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at https://pomp.substack.com/

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Website: https://anthonypompliano.com/

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In my own experience, I have come to know it’s risky and not profitable to hold your coins while waiting for the eventual Bull Run. I advise all to accumulate as much as you can thereby increasing your portfolio. There are two ways to go about it, firstly either by dollar-cost averaging and secondly trading bitcoin which is very efficient and very profitable if done the right way. I trade daily though I am not an expert trader a smart one because I created a strategy that works for me, I trade under the guidance of Mr Ryan Brooks he provides trading signals for me daily. He is one of the best signal providers and within my first 2 weeks of using his system, I had increased my portfolio from 2 BTC to 6 BTC. After meeting Ryan it’s been a wining and profit streak for me and you can reach him through Whatsapp; ‬+447476090146, tele-gram: @TradeConnect1

Simon Turner

Can we talk about the fricken MASSIVE empty mansion that Jack is beaming in from.

Mohamad Khalil

@anthonypompliano please please please get another CO-HOST that actually understands what are you talking about :/

Doctor Fomo


Dr Kaustubh Wagh

They just controlled the bitcoin money flow there..


Excuse me, did anyone understand how the company Strike, covers its cost, to offer its service free? ... and how it makes profit?


I’m pretty sure Western Union is thrilled about this whole idea.

Anthony Pompliano

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at https://www.pompletter.com :)


Jack, I just bought $200 using Strike (via Fold) for an Amazon gift card. Not only did I not get cash back, I was charged $200.47 for using Lightning. What gives?

ben hieroo

Heavy head and sensitive ear, i like this guy !


Holy crap with the ads man come on


Strike downloaded
Keep it up big dawg - Lakers in 5 over the Bucks ?

Slawh Dawg

This guy I awesome ?

Daily Spur

IPO the next few years...

Jesse Jones

These two guys ARE FKN AWESOME.

Rob Groove

When Greece?


The man.. the legend.. the JACK Mallers

Topper Rob

Man pomp, that yt advertisings broke my heart

Kurt Jensen

Hm, can't find Strike in the App Store.. I am currently in Denmark, it's definitely not here.

Natoshi Sakamoto

What about just sending Bitcoin?

Daniel Dynak

Great video. Just don't like people calling out Vitalik on false marketing to pump price........He was the only one in 2017 that clearly said that the market cap was not earned. That the price was getting past the technology at the time. I am a guy that help bags and never sold for years. Vitalik was the only person that said prices were over valued. Respect! Yes, ETH is all over the place still, but excited in coming years.

Roy Wessbecher

Can Strike take an automatic SSA payment and covert %-wise to Bitcoin?
How to? Maybe Swan can do it? Differences?


the number if ads on this video is insane.

Steve M.

great interview ... more more more! cool to hear Jack's humility.

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

Who decided to clone Pauly Shore? This guy is SUCH a leftist simp .... "they're just human beings, they mean you no harm". Ha ha ha you mean like NAZIs or Trotskyites or the member of an other country's armed forces or a sociopath? I hate to break the psychological science news to this schlub but there are "human beings" in this world who measure their self-worth by how much harm they can cause to others AND the highest concentration of those individuals can be found in politics or the finance/banking sector!


Like this guy. Humble, smart. Cool hat, too. Thanks Pomp!


Awesome interview Pomp.

Chris Chilcoat

XRP is done.

crypto future

POLKADOT GEMS... dor ankr ring akro ..1..OAX (open x) 10 million market cap....2..POA 11 million market cap. 3.. MIX ....4 million m cap......4..XAYA 5 MILLION MARKET CAP.....5 YEE 6 MILLION MARKET CAP.. 6 POLYMATH...7..DBC ONLY 300K CAP...8..QBAO ONLY 300K CAP.. 9,,PROCHAIN (PRA) 1 MILLION CAP.. 10..IPSE ,,,pls do ur RESEARCH ON @t


How do we invest in what this guy is doing? Is there a “lightning” coin or something?

C Groff

Jack really raises the bar, a truly inspiring and motivational human


like the guys get up and go. surely it makes a margin on the spread of bitcoin to fina. fina to bitcoin, send overseas, convert back to fina. Still dont see how this will pass KYC and AML requirements. In my country, if a bank account is opened by a US Citizen, I basically have to know if they scrunch or folds when taking a shit. Can ses this getting crushed by regulators if it grows. the fact is has 'no tax implications' sounds like if it becomes any of size, it will be crushed.

Lexi White

The amount of ads on this is crazy

Lightning network coins

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Mastering the Lightning Network with Andreas and René - Bonus Livestream Event

10 185 views | 17 Oct. 2020

They're literally writing

They're literally writing the book about the Lightning Network and in this video, they answer your questions and you have the opportunity to test your knowledge! Andreas and René, 2 of the 3 authors of the upcoming book, Mastering the Lightning Network which will be published by one of the most trusted and respected publishers in the tech industry, O'Reilly media.

0:00 Mastering Lightning with Andreas and René

2:57 Introduction

7:07 Mastering The Lightning Network Book

12:48 Can you please describe for a newbie in a few words what lightning is and how it functions on top of bitcoin?

21:39 Early stages of the lightning network

22:37 Is lightning a solution to the scaling debate?

33:41Why should exchanges implement the lightning network?

49:30 Why do you think exchanges are not doing lightning withdrawals?

55:28 What is your take on the lightning network adoption? Now that the various implementation have matured, do you feel there is traction?

1:01:19 I am amidst assembling a lightning node. Do you recommend any best practices for newbie nodies, particularly concerning data backup?

1:09:56 Will you please explain just in time (JIT) routing.

1:13:50 What if my channel is empty because I feed so much chikens at pollofeed.com. Hoc can I top up my channel?

1:15:23 How is lightning network better for privacy?

1:15:56 Could you use JIT routing inside the JIT routing payment to re-balance itself?

1:17:45 Running a lightning node is easy and a great way of minimizing trust. But it's hard to get inbound liquidity. Are there any common practices for that?

1:32:03 KAHOOT

Learn more about Mastering the Lightning Network book, watch it being developed in real time, and contribute: https://github.com/lnbook

Mastering the Lightning Network is being written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Olaoluwa Osuntokun, and René Pickhardt. In this event, Andreas and René explained the basics of the Lightning Network, just-in-time (JIT) routing, and much much more. They also played a game of Kahoot with the audience, where they could test their knowledge of the Lightning Network. You can play along too!

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Book Announcement Video With All 3 Authors: https://youtu.be/julWo8IJX_8

Opening Lightning Channels to Random People, is it safe? https://youtu.be/NMgNsAdaNm8

A Technical Introduction to the Lightning Network: https://youtu.be/E1n3sKKPD_k

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From Andreas: You may already know that my mission is to educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Participating in these Livestream sessions is one way to do that. Thank you for being part of this mission.

About aantonop: Andreas isn't promoting a company or an organization; he's paid by the community (people who support this work on Patreon and YouTube) and provides an unbiased look at open blockchain technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Learn more at https://aantonop.com

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Steven Heynderickx

Are there plans to translate the book? Could that be a contribution?

Miguel Ramos

We from the front for the liberation of chicken hate the chicken liberation front. Much much more than you. We just do.

Owain Edwards

Definitely need to do this again



trapped cat

A wrapped BTC smart contract seems like a better solution than the complexity of running a Lightning Network node.

emlortnoc tonod

Could you equalise both audio when you have guests? That will improve our experience for sure.

emlortnoc tonod

Question 11 seems a vulnerability

Darryl Giors

Rene if he doesn't get a mic upgrade would benefit from some EQ. Particularly high pass at 200Hz or so to cut some of the boominess. Boost around 1kHz as well.

Pablo Magister

Is there a future for Bitcoin Cash?

C Groff

Kahoots rule! The day I found out about Kahoots was like a 6 on the day I found out about Bitcoin scale lol

Myles Watson

Bro I love your content but you gotta let your guests finish speaking!!

Jess Harley


Jess Harley


Tech savvy

What lighting wallet do you recommend? I use wallet of satoshi

emlortnoc tonod

I do love this game! kahoot.... What a fantastic music and great way to learn!!!