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Twister T-ZERO

335 088 views | 14 Nov. 2018

We've been working on

We've been working on something BIG. It's designed for those who are doing big things. Definitely not for everyone. Here's some test footage from a few months ago. 500lb / hr feed rate.

john snow

product hardly looks trimmed though lol all just gonna have to be touched up by hand no?


GoodBye THC crystalls machine

Joshua Connor

That's amazing but I want people family... To trim my buds

Lucifer Black

About time.
The FDA will be happy they hold the patent on medicinal cannabis.


What a waist of weed man wtf

Tavon Williams

Sheesh That Just Blew Me

Marcel Poitras

Stainless and a doggie, Dinner and a Stainless,,,no one ever says Dinner and a Doggie: To a Turtle

Ronald A Sharp

Damm a lot of stoners are out of a gig!

tim ruth

If my herb looked like that i would have to cut them a deal just to look the other way and keep from laughing. PATHETIC GREED MOVE,....Please do no harm to the herb.

Ordem Taguatinga norte Brasília

Excellent condition of the most important things to consider the following

Самалбек Курманбаев

Вам грузчики не требуются))?

foofoo blenda

what waste of power really is the sound make someone hard or what
is this where tghe monster truck owner go next

Mr. WhiteBear

How many hippy’s lots there jobs to automation ???

คนดี ที่เสียแล้ว


Shaka's closet

That would have taken me 4 hours or more by hand.

Cameron Seiter

Dude should be wearing a hairnet.

Koffi monk


Danny Reyes

Lazy fucks

Yo Bro

No wonder weed is shit now RIP 215

Trey Rawley

No¡ bad pothead.

HENK pipo

guys this is mainly used for CBD strains or very low cost thc strains not worry about your 2-4% trichomes loses compared to paying humans and letting others know where you are doing your stuff


Yea, fuck trichomes

Vincent Darsch

This is why I won't buy dispensary weed. Takes all the potency away

Daniel Kuru


hypaactive R

This is genius ??'s to the creator of this machine?

Kyle Macpherson

And why isn't weed getting any cheaper??

Mr. Favors

404 632 3150 Yo I'm in Atlanta I have plenty of clients here with cash but I need to send stuff upfront to me let's network

Андрей Раков

заебись шишачки


wow this is stupid

Paul Arlukiewicz

I love that machine bros

Олим Давлатов

Херня получается



Steve Sirak

Can you get any more lazier. and what a waste of money

The farang Family

From 28% THC to 8% THC


Al crystals gone!!

Серк Серк


Frank Bandz

Looks good to me but does it smoke good ?

Добрый вечер

Накурите кто нибудь этой штукой люди!!!


Looks like broccoli

Dustin Mckay

Losing all the thc doing it this way what a rip off

Theron Jump

LMAO, tip of the hat you ruined perfectly good marijuana through sloth and spent 100 times what that weed was worth on a machine to do it. Go back to playing video games and waste your own money.

soulless one

This is the commercial weed everyone wants well not me


Hand trim is best... those machines are bud beaters....

OneGo Mas Mora


Crispy Sandwich

How much money and time did it take to figure how to remove the crystals from the buds . Feel sorry for the person that spends top dollar for 5% thc.

Антон Миллер

Русские есть?


Does it loose any trichomes?

Tony Kaye

Are they trimming it while it’s wet?

ap chay

good weed bad trim

danny Vandagriff


Big Thunder

There go's all your trichomes what a way to make shake look like nugs card carryers beware


This is wayyy too much force used on that job .. you would never be allowed to do this with any plant i have grown

Joe Hanshaw

Bet the guy that cleans up loves this machine

BHO Master

‏this catastrophe


Fail - it still needs hand trimmed.

Nicolas Fazio Bairach

si esto fuera una serie norteamericana de netflix seria "cultivar es cool" si fuese sudamericana seria ..."Narcos"...que ironía

Shawn Kuo

Bunk ass commercial mid shelf.

Ryan Flaherty

Yeah that's cool and all but if you think about how many jobs you just stole that's messed up Tremors got to eat

John Moore

Someone needs to call CPS, they are abusing those girls.

Tina Fazlia


HuGGyBeaR tim

Trycome buster

Green Eyes

Who's farm is this... Marlboro? Monsanto? ??
?? ?that's what y'all look like. Just chopping the shit outta it, might as well just throw ten pounds into the blades of an apache.
Sooo glad I'm not one of the masses who are oblivious.
Random people: you'll pay $60 an 8th?
Me: ? how's that pack of ciggaweed? I noticed you started a cough, you good?"
also me: takes huge pull from blunt, exhales calmly.


Fucking AWESOME !!!!! Man we can only Dream of such plants who do the best work for the planet !! Is it possible to have a tour inside ? Not tourist related just ourselfs me and my wife . If you choose for blind transport no problem what so ever ! We really want to make a kind of documentairie about the real deal legal states and its medical dispensiaries and extraction plants . In that matter we want to hand this over to the state minister here .. Its in small lines the meaning of our visit but we hope you may find time to answer .


Excellent for removing all those pesky unwanted trichomes while still leaving all your favorite crows feet and delicious leaf stems.

Josh Ray

Had a twister it sucked dry trim is way better for your product!!!!

Timothy Gann

Just roll up the conveyor belt lmaoo

Luciano Fazer1000

Muy buena esa máquina! Envían a Argentina jajaj ?


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T-ZERO | 38.4M/126' Burger Yacht for Sale - Superyacht Tour

6 797 views | 16 Oct. 2020

Motor yacht T-ZERO

Motor yacht T-ZERO represents a highly detailed vessel by Burger Boat Company. Originally built as ARETI II, she has been well cared for by two Owners. With a classic exterior design and traditionally designed interior, she is distinctively styled with a simple, uncluttered elegance.

Featuring an on-deck master stateroom and 4 staterooms below, her layout makes for an excellent charter platform or long-range cruising with transatlantic range.

T-ZERO is packed with amenities such as a Sun Deck Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, gym/exercise equipment, and stabilizers at Anchor.

Having been continuously and meticulously updated assures that T-ZERO is found in excellent condition and ready to meet her next Owner.

Enquire with Fraser to find out more about this yacht for sale: https://www.fraseryachts.com/en/yacht-for-sale/t-zero/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=referral

Built/ Refit: 2007/2019

Builder: Burger

Length: 38.4m/126'

Beam: 8.2m/26'11"

Draft: 2.1m/6'11"

Gross Tonnage: 334

Hull: Aluminum

Stabilisers: At anchor and Underway

Engines: 2 X CATERPILLAR (1,300HP)

Cruising/Max speed: 14.5/15.5 Knots

Cruise Range: 3,300 NM

Economical Range: 3,600 NM

Exterior Design: Burger Boat Company

Interior Designer: Burger Design Team

Classification: ABS

Staterooms: 5

Guests: 10

Crew: 7

Dude on a computer

Granted a recent refit, but $11M!!??


Nice boat ad great facilities. A boat to live on and travel the world.


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Tzero Pan Selection: Improving DSC Data

8 077 views | 28 Aug. 2014

In this TA TechTip, we

In this TA TechTip, we overview Tzero pans and how selecting the proper pan can further improve data collection with your DSC!

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