Shark trading

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Shark Trade- Crypto Investment Platform(Earn Upto 3% daily)Working Since 2years (Review)

2 648 views | 23 Oct. 2020

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Shark Trade- Crypto Investment Platform(Earn Upto 3% daily)Working Since 2years (Review)

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So WhatsUp Guys It's Geoid Back With another Video So In This Video I'm Gonna Be Reviewing Shark Trade.

official site: https://sharktrade.net/?ref=Geoid

Their Social media:

Telegram - https://t.me/sharktradeofficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_7FbMXe87Bet2lsTn6f4w?view_as=subscriber

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharkTradecom

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sharktrade


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pizzaz hutt

Liked for you

Sherley Erline

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Technical Gaming

I have joined 2% plan

Anouar M

100% legit guys i am invested from more than year

Arwansya ancha

Whats problem sharktrade??
I can't withdraw


I want to see withdraw proof before investing


Can we withdraw instantly?


Make more videos on this

Gibier Gaming

Working from 2years


Please please next video on withdraw proof

Somali social media123

Can you please reply over tg

Roosh Mehar

Enjoyed the video

bibash rijal

I am investing with sharktrade since launch

Bhola Singh Vidhayak

Please do giveaways

Gaming World

Any more passive income source

Dhika Nugraha

Cool video


Nice video, As usual, a smart person should have a very keen eye on the bitcoin right now as every pullback should be seen as another fresh chance to buy some more and also to increase that substantially by trading as the market dynamics right now if tapped in by an expert could make life (or almost life) changing difference. A perfect guide as I have come to see from experience Mr Frank Hagan with whose daily signals I have been able to grow a portfolio as little as 0.7BTC to almost 6 BTC in just 2 weeks. Hagan is a trader others should strive to be like because I am sure as much as he has been resourceful for me, he has been for other traders as well. For inquiries, Hagan can be reached For a professional tutoring kindly reach him on WhatsApp +46700263583 and Telegram @ Hagansignals*


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Kennedy Jude

My life have elevated by the help of this man here Mr Young on Instagram who made me achieve my dreams in life through my investment in cryptocurrency bitcoin. he promised to give me profits and after a weeks time he finally gave my profits I'm sharing this testimony because this is the only way to show appreciation for what he did for me so if you are out there looking for amother steam of income find him at you_ngli on Instagram and ask for assistance


Keep up the good work

smpl bkgd

Good profits for daily income

Black hacker Gaming



How much withdraw time it takes?


I love passive income source

Shark trading

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Shark Trade - Company History

3 357 views | 15 Feb. 2019


SHARK TRADE LLC is the leading automated earnings platform in the global cryptocurrency and stock exchange markets.

Our company was founded in 2016. It is a division of the group of companies “CDG Limited”, which is involved directly in investment activities and attracting private investors` assets.

SHARK TRADE LLC specialists have developed an unique trading strategy for the stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to it we can pay a guaranteed profit to our investors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

SHARK TRADE LLC generates profits on the financial markets even during “bearish” trend periods due to the extensive experience of financial analysts and traders of our company, as well as our own automated trading tools.

Shark trading

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Shark Trade Scam Warning | Another Bitconnect Clone HYIP Ponzi!!!

448 views | 1 Jul. 2019

#sharktrade #sharkcoin

#sharktrade #sharkcoin #cryptoscam

Another ICO/IEO scam has surfaced from the deeps. This Bitconnect clone has so many inconsistencies, issues and connections to failed/scam ICOs that there is no doubt in my mind that Shark Trade is a scam.







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***I use my own funds to test out scams and I often lose out to protect my subscribers from being ripped off. I also don’t earn a living from the channel. To cover expenses, I do use affiliate links. If you wish to support the channel, then please use them. Also if you appreciate my content, why not send me a tip in Bitcoin as a thank you. All donations are appreciated.

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***This video is for information purposes only and should not be treated as financial advice. All content is purely based on my personal opinion. If you are thinking of investing, please seek financial advice from a professional.***



i remember Control Finance had a legit company set up in the UK too and it fooled me i gotta admit. Lost about 500 quid on that one, ouch.

Omega Pro arabic

This is a scam
They are only planning to raise money
There is no proof of withdrawal from the site
shark trade scam

Edward Johnson

Is gonna go down as a big SCAM It is a scam

Zzz Ppp

Bobek disliked :(