Logitech gaming framework startup

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Optimize Windows PC for Music Recording & Mixing DAWs Production part 1/2

9 947 views | 26 Aug. 2018

Adam shows you how to get

Adam shows you how to get your PC set up for its best performance. Topics covered include which DAW is best for recording, hardware updates, disabling services, power options, processor throttling, hard drive maintenance, BSOD, User Account Control, Windows Programs/Features uninstall, the Temp folder, visual effects performance settings, background services, sound card audio interface exclusive modes, Intel Speedstep EIST, AMD Cool 'n' Quiet and how to disable Windows services.

Important Links:

Windows 10 Optimizations - https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/pc-optimization-guide-for-windows-10/

Black Viper's Tweaks - http://www.blackviper.com/service-configurations/black-vipers-windows-7-service-configurations/ and http://www.blackviper.com/service-configurations/black-vipers-windows-7-service-pack-1-service-configurations/







Obsidian s

Reaper is working on a Linux beta. I'm going to switch over as soon as it is proven. [email protected]% windows and mac!


That's a .txt file. Have you ever tried to read that 7GB file? That's weird.

Peepin YoWindow

Reaper is definitly gotten more popular in the last few years, i see it becoming top dog it keeps going. To me its just easier to use. Guess thats once spend the time with it

StringStorm ‌

Not really a performance upgrade but an absolute necessity: A NAS and a UPS.

I say this because no matter how much performance optimization you apply to your PC, it will all be for naught if your data poofs out of existence, or worse, your PC gets bricked.

You don't have to buy an actual NAS. A simple DELL PC from eons ago coupled it with a bunch of HDDs meant for NAS should be more than sufficient. Here's the thing though, that PC will never be shut off unless absolutely necessary like the twice-a-year clean up. So if you're worried about power consumption, or potentially an even cheaper solution, you could always opt for a Pi and a WD MyBook (Though you could do away with all of these and grab a WD MyBook Live and hook it up to your modem. I just found a PC configured to be a NAS to be more flexible and cost effective). The transfer speed when using a Pi and a MyBook would be slow. But I'll take slow transfer rates as long as my data is securely stored over lost data anyday.

If you can't get a NAS, then atleast have a UPS. The bigger the battery capacity, the better. That way, if there are any power outages, fluctuations, and the like, your PC will remain safe from power-related damages. Plus, since in the name, whenever power goes out, you still have enough time to save everything and shut your PC off properly, keeping you safe from corrupted save filed as a result from interrupted saves during power outages. You should have a UPS for both your workstation and your NAS.


Why this guy sound like he's a voice actor for a movie trailer

juan rogel rodriguez

excellent and very practical video, thanks Adam


Where can I get a legit copy of windows 7 nowadays?


Good video.
I like playing around with this stuff. except when I make a mistake....ouch.
Sweetwater and other suppliers of specially built audio/video machines always say they optimize the bios and Windows settings but I've never been able to find out what settings they are tweaking.

I remember checking the Black Viper stuff about 10 - 12 years ago. The machine I had was so obsolete, almost nothing applied to me.


If you turn off the media features it may cause problems with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets you connect to the PC, because those Media features come with a certain driver, and there's no other way to get that driver.

Thomas Radar

I used the following to "optimize" my windows 7 laptop for audio and it started overheating. I had a Restore Point before I started optimizing, and when went back to that point the laptop immediately was running cool again. Any ideas on why this happened? https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/pc-optimization-guide-for-windows-7/

tgle tgle

screw the PC: Treat that room.

Ally Wilke

Wondows 10 is a piece of shit.So is Reaper.

Boi Mesa

is it possible to automatically have winDefender be deactivated (and flight mode activated) whenever i open a DAW?


Brown out??? ??? did you mean black out??? Thanks for the good video tho!


This morning I found another 18 GB of garbage in the C:\Temp folder! That's close to 50 GB of wasted hard drive space thanks to inconsiderate programs.


Reaper SUCKS. Beware. spent $60 on their software....got ripped off. Had to buy a totally new recording program......one that worked.

Boi Mesa

19:58 why background services?? dongwe want die processor to prioritise programs??

Music Dreams

Bandlab Cakewalk WAY more intuitive than Reaper, also free. Cakewalk is the true original of daws.

Brad Peterson

Has anyone tried to use The VMware OS Optimization Tool for their DAW? I'd be curious what the community here has to say and share -as it can use templates that we could share with each other...
https: / / flings.vmware.com/vmware-os-optimization-tool

Logitech gaming framework startup

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Startup Company - How to Make a Profit or Money - gameplay tutorial

2 015 views | 29 May. 2020

This is how to make money

This is how to make money on Startup company, I've tired to look online for tutorials but i can hardly find one with a good explanation so i decided to put some effort to it and somehow was able to make a tutorial out of it.

Deepti Khanna


Louis Reacts


Bob Mccreegee


Soviet Guy


Moz MWhite

I want a tutorial, not some dodgy way of fucking cheating the game.


zero comments... hmm



Bob Mccreegee


Logitech gaming framework startup

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Things You Need to Disable in Windows 10 Right Now

664 380 views | 4 May. 2020

Things You Need to

Things You Need to Disable in Windows 10 Right Now

►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/Britec09?sub_confirmation=1

If you are a user of Windows 10, you will know there are loads of features that you might not need. So in this video, I will be showing you loads of unwanted features that most people will be able to disable. Example: Privacy Security, Cortana, Registry Tweaks, Group Policy, Services, and more.

For Ultimate Performance Plan, copy and paste the following command and then hit Enter:

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Disable Unnecessary Features In Windows 10 with Shutup 10


——————— My Social Links:

? View My Channel - http://youtube.com/Britec09

? View My Playlists -https://www.youtube.com/user/Britec09/playlists

? Follow on Twitter - http://twitter.com/Britec09

? Follow on Facebook: http://facebook.com/BritecComputers

? View my Website: http://BritecComputers.co.uk

? My Official Email: [email protected]

? My Discord: https://discord.gg/YAuGm5j

✅ Britec Merchandise https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/britec-store

#Windows10 #Privacy #Windows10Features #Windows10Settings


how do you restore the settings if you want in the O&O program of what u had before just incase ?


I've followed this guide but after disabling those features, i wasn't able to launch a game that i was playing previously. I reversed everything and the problem was fixed. I don't know which was the setting exactly that caused the problem, but definitely this should not be followed by everybody.

Asad Bukhari

very good and wise idea


There's a thing you have to do, to have a better experience with Windows10 :
"format c:\" and type in your Windows admin password for a last time...
after that: Install Linux.


Damn fine video. Covered everything and more that I’d do myself. Subbed.


just wanted to say Thankyou.


Thanks for that, it was really helpful and diggs a bit deeper than the standard stuff, great content!

ITHD Videos

its all important settings that you should do

hit likes for me

Random Cat

do one thing... move to macOS

Ana Machado

Can't thank you enough Brian. Clear, easy to follow, by hitting pause button, cause I'm a little on the older side. But you got me through it. Thanks so very much. Yes, Following and subscribed.

Duologic Software

Athena Lite speeds up workflow on PC, MacOS and Linux. Be one of the first to try it.
Check out Facebook group Duologic Software

panagos kakatosis

beter unistall windows 10 i take virus agho

Stug Power

Which wallpaper do you use?

Proven PC Tips

Well explained, thanks for expanding our perspectives! I am new creator, so please take a look at my channel, and your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated!!! Thanks from Milo!

Ben Miller

edge 87.0.664.75 can't find advanced settings to disable edge.


No "windowssearch" folder in my regedit lol - and I was so excited about removing cortana :S


WARNING!!! Gamers especially ignore this idiotic video. Why the hell aren't you testing and researching the things you tell people to disable ? And why the hell is this video still up ? Are you that hungry for money that you'd ruin people PC's ? PEOPLE DO NOT DISSABLE INTERNET EXPLORER AND ESPECIALLY NOT MEDIA FEATURES! It can break games in some cases even if you reactivate them, certain titles require this two options to work properly. Its not even worth it honestly to mess with windows features, it free's up so little space and memory that it doesn't matter at all.

Dave Blankestijn

So i have this problem of steam icons showing up blank on the desktop.
Do you know how to get em back because it happend after i did the things in your recommended video above????

Terry Brooks

Tyvm m8 really enjoyed this video.



Chuck Chow

Many of us feel Microsoft has shot itself in the foot with Windows 10...!!

I know many people who would love "A Simple Light Weight Platform" that does the basic stuff with speed and efficiency. Instead of loading our PC's with so much stuff we don't want.

Or alternatively. Why not have a simple switch so you have the choice of all the extra features, or non at all....!!

I find myself using Linux more & more now as a result of this over loaded Win 10 from Microsoft which results in a staggeringly slow slow boot up and operation on all my PC's, Including a Brand New HP Pavilion.
UNBELIEVABLE in my opinion... Come on Microsoft...... Its time to cater for those who don't want it as well..!!

Ian Iyamu

Amazing video

Carlos Correa

How can I delete a hidden account that uses my Wi-Fi in Windows 10, it takes more than half the speed of my internet service.

3P303 YT

I did not skip the only one add in this video. Thank you

Sam Moss

M$ phone home

adeela afzal

can this all free some space in local disk c


Thank you so much.

Brian Campbell

Thank you Brian. Really informative video. I learned a lot about Windows that I was pretty ignorant of. I'm going to go through your other videos then I'll see what other content I'd like to see.

Chuck Chow

A well Presented Video with a good clear Well Timed English Speaking Voice with Pauses in the right places giving the listener time to digest what you are saying. Something that's dear to my heart because I am highly Dyslexic with difficulties in taking things in. However it does become too deep for me to take in towards the end...... Anything to do with The Registry is a definitely a No No for me. Otherwise VERY WELL DONE....!!! Thank You...!!

Being Crust In a Can Is hard

I disabled Windows 10 itself and enabled Zorin OS


media player removal. mine stuck on searching for files.

Mi Dixie Wrecked

He needs to disable his mush mouth.


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The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. - Proverbs 10:22


you need Enterprise edition to work 17:50

Mr Dev

Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Dave Roberts

Thanks, Brian. A useful, easy to understand tutorial.

Evan Devries

I love how many people still click "Apply" before "Okay" :)


Great tips thank you! Performance is better and a calmer pc-fan. (hp core2duo)


How to get rid of all telemetry or anything used for tracking.

G 7226

fantastic..as always.thank you!

Ionuț Bosie

Don't use ultimate performance, you have 0 performance boost, only your hdd's will not stop damaging them

Craig B. Franklin

Thank you for the informative video. I got started with you but got lost and did not finish. Can you slow down for some of us beginners? Thanks.


Some of my game icons that are .url's no longer execute. I believe one of the items I have disabled is no longer allowing the program to launch from the .url thumbnail on my desktop, but I cannot figure out which one it was. Can you guide me?


thanks for sharing Bri'

Troy Blackwell

In windows 10 home edition I don't have the search menu listed under the windows heading. How do I add it? Thank you for your help.

Blue Monarch

Thank you so much...

itooth itooth

It would be nice to know the reasons for your decisions you make rather then just say you "don't need it". Just blind following your recommendations is not learning anything.


Run Linux.....easy peasy!


hey m8, thanks for your good vids. I have a weird big. when I watch a tv stream my pc reboot's it's only happing with that not with gaming or something else you have any clue?


VLC is garbage... use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema MPC-HC player.

Jomiman 12

This guy sounds like lokendo

2 5

It needs to be RIGHT NOW! That's why he made it just 22 minutes long !

Richard Haynes

Brilliant video once again. Can you tell me how I could make soon safe on my desktop? I have got Kaspersky antivirus installed.

Clouds Rain

great Stuff! Please do more of the extended stuff on Tasks, thx.

j p

NICE. THANK YOU. exactly what is hard to find - someone showing how ot actually REMOVE or DISABLE a bunch of windows 10 SHIT. thank yoU!

Carol Eidmann

What does re-Image computer mean

Stefanie Fuller

on window home I followed you up to the point you said look for windows search. I do not have that listed. I would REALLY REALLY like to get rid of cortana. Any way to do this if you cannot find the windows search in the regedit?

Dave Berntson

You could learn linux in half the time it takes to streamline win10.

Matthew Taylor

hello i need your advice about my windows 10 as its doing a ground hog every day since its had a update to the new edge .what can i do.

Zachary Willison

thanks for this video. I would be Linux full time... but... Fl studios and Unreal Engine really keeps me tied to Windows.
At least this video makes me feel better about using windows.


I went into reg edit and went to localmachine/software/polices/microsoft/windows/.... and this is where I had to stop. I have no windows search nor do I have anything resembling it. I opened all the folders looking for it and can't find it. I do have Cortana disabled through the taskmanager window. But how do I permanently disable it? Win10, updated to the most recent version (excepting the one I have currently today on hold for 2/15).

I backed up and did it 2 more times to make sure I'm not missing anything, perhaps there is an updated version of this vid?

Carol Eidmann

I would like to understand what Re-image your computer means


Let me know what videos you want to see.

Seeing TAO

Now I have Black screen with mouse cursor no desktop! What do I do


Thank you very much for helpful great job :)

Ben Rai

22 minuts of step by step for windows dummy!!! thanks

abc def

How do we get administrative rights back and be allowed to decline services restricting the administrative rights?


Thank you do you have how to update acer 5750g ram cards and hhd to solid state driv please

Johnny Autoseed

pot player, hands down best media player out there

TeK Nik

Is that netframework 4 really need it, I know some software and games use it but on a media laptop is that really need it?

Kit. J. Benn

Tried desperately to remove Skype. Four times in fact!!

It's refusing to part company with me!!

Why? Anybody please help?

Anne Summers

My windows 10 doesn't look like this

Kenneth Green

I want to thank you for taking the time to share you knowledge with us and for making these videos. Speaking personally I love the indepth videos and I refered to the ones you have made several times while setting up two recent computers. If you make them I'll certainly watch them, with gratitude.


jajaja this guy work for apple

Prince Ayaz

Video is blur not clear

Robert Fitzgerald

Man you go too fast and explain too little.


put it on 1.5x speed
you're welcome

Zoch Buppet

Click, this, click that, disable this, disable that.
I dont want this, I dont need that.
With no real explanation of why. ....Poor video

Antara Ada Namun Tiada

The Registry Editor cannot rename New value , the value name already eist.

Mojie N

Absolutely Amazing! Thank you so much! Just purchased HP En, Win 10 home, AMD 7, with too many unneeded apps and services. Would very much appreciate a video on how to delete them. Again, Thank YOU!

Brian D

Hallow Bri, it's Bri D. Again. As some said one of the best videos Eva. We need an update pal. Could you do a problems with .msi open the application as I had 4 days of not getting any further..PITA. Take care pal. Brian D.

James Laing

Hi Britec09, I seem to have lost the ability to open a lot of my jpg photos, (it looks like we don't support this file format)

I have looked all over and I can't find a solution - frustrating as hell as I have the file and the size is similar to the rest of the photos I have taken.
Some were even taken on the same day and I can open those. The ones I can't open have no thumbnail either, If you suggest anyway to get back into the file it would be appreciated as these were my
wedding pics.

Donnie Robertson

Great job and video like always

Nitmate Man

Alot of ads about linux in the comment section. Seriously people, this is a windows video, go enjoy your os while I enjoy mine.

Drew CI

No, you do not need to disable & optimally should not be disabling, what is suggested herein.

Michael Maharlika

I really enjoyed this. I try my best on my own to research things to take off, but so far only your site has what i feel comfortable in turning off, disabling, etc. Every new rendition of these operating systems add more and more bloatware, like the government adds debt. Thanks so much

Darnell jackson

Great video and keep emailing coming. You got my old computer running like a new Cadillac.. thanks for your great insight.


It's Aitch, not Haitch!

Trefor Lewis

Hi I disabled something from my computer and now my computer cant find my region when I play games even though my i.p is correct please help

ShadowOps Airman1

To fix 10, throw in trash,install W7 or Linux, ReactOS

James Schuster

How does one know what to keep and what to disable? You went through this so fast that I couldn't write down what they were.


Absolutely rubbish


Video title: Things you need to turn off in Windows 10 right now

Video content, every single item mentioned: "You can turn this off if you want."

Too much lying in this world, don't need/want it in my 'entertainement' videos.

Guy Despatie

Excellent presentation... much much better than some of the other garbage out there ( No names - No pack drills)


there are some nice things in here. some of the more advanced items (services, he mentions there are lists online) you need to read about before clicking around. also don't forget to creat a recovery point. i dislike the data mining on my PERSONAL COMPUTER. thank you.

roy Yung

I disabled windoze altogether!! Shareware at best

Alexis Anderson

Oy Windows 10 is such a pain! Thanks much

Invasion Animation

I want to see more videos like this one. Also thanks for making the video!

James Shevnin

Sir... thank you very much! You reached "Kyle Reese" status!

Nemesis adam

How to disable windows Auditing? My pc lags when windows audit happens. Please help me :(