Mining in china

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Gold mining practices at south western China mine

13 353 views | 30 Jul. 2015

(10 Jan 2012)


(10 Jan 2012)

AP Television

Guizhou Jinfeng mine, Guizhou Province - 21 October 2012

1. Close up of gold bars

2. Close up of worker's face

3. Worker building a pyramid from gold bars

4. Various of pyramid of gold bars

5. Wide of Guizhou Jinfeng open cut mine

6. Wide of terracing on rock face

7. Mid of terracing on rock face with mineral colouring

8. Various of machines working at mine

9. Office of mine manager Zhang Maosheng

10. Various of Zhang at his computer

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Zhang Maosheng, General Manager, Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Company:

"The gold, especially in the economic crisis, people use the gold as hard currency deposit - normally the gold remains of good value in a bad economy. At the same time, China and India - we call them the emerging economies - the people get rich and they want this decoration, jewellery and other things, and that's another part."

12. Underground in mine, worker removing security chain

13. Shot from cab of jumbo drill

14. Jumbo drill in operation

15. Jumbo drill operator working

16. Drill end drilling rock

17. Close of jumbo drill hand levers

18. SOUNDBITE (English) Zhang Maosheng, General Manager, Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Company:

"We continue to do the drilling. We're confident we'll get more resources and those resources transfer to reserves and so further extend the mine life. So at this stage we're confident to have a 15 to 20 year mine life."

19. Engineers walking across marked-out terrace

20. Wide of terracing

21. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Liao Xingen, Open Pit Mining Engineer, Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Company:

"We have many working opportunities because there are many gold mines in China and not many people study mining engineering, So the university graduate engineers have many working opportunities."

22. Dump truck entering underground mine

23. Sign above underground mine entrance reading (in English and Mandarin) "Jin Feng Underground Mine"

24. Sign with safety information

25. Control room at gold BIOX processing plant

26. Worker examining data

27. Various of graphics on computer showing processing stages

28. SOUNDBITE (English) Zhang Maosheng, General Manager, Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Company:

"We always want to be the best corporate citizens. And working in China, regardless in China or other countries, we want to make sure we have the best safety practice, environmental practice and at the same time we have social responsibility as well."

29. Wide of mine, ore feed and BIOX processing plant in the background

30. Ore on conveyor belt

31. Ore on stockpile

32. Wide of crushing plant

33. Close up of rotating crushing drums

34. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Yang Yan, Processing Manager Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Company:

"First we decide where to look for the gold. Then we take the gold ore to the BIOX plant. After filtering, the product is called gold alloy. Before the last step, because we used sodium cyanide - we have to get rid of the cyanide."

35. BIOX processing plant, tilt down

36. BIOX processing plant

37. Various of toxic chemicals in tank at processing plant

38. Processing plant

39. Wide of filled-in valley, new land for farming

40. Mountains, tilt down to vegetables growing on new farmland

41. Various of fruit trees growing on new farmland


China recently took over from South Africa as the world's leading gold producer.

With demand strong from both Chinese jewellery buyers and gold investors, production is increasing.

At one mine in Guizhou Province, in addition to producing a commodity for the rich, the operators are also doing their bit for some of China's poorest by creating level farmland for them to grow crops.


These gold bars each weigh 14 kilograms (30 pounds) and cost a small fortune.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7defd6f4a82e368ec0723e193eeecc83

Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

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Perrin Robinson

yeah waht a fucking jke! by world!!!!!


Where does gold come from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNJDT6ugbrU

Sherre Cooper

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Robert Merrill

Tungsten core i see it..not much gold left in china

ahmed mudassir

I have placer gold leas in pakista

Jonas Martha

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Wahyu Abdul Sidik

siapa orang indonesia ke sini
Jauh amat lu main sampai kesini


ibrahima bodian

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ahmed mudassir



S a y ti da pjk it u

Joseph Kelvin

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We are in Africa Tanzania ??

Mining in china

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China: 12 trapped workers alive after gold mine blast in Shandong province

58 908 views | 18 Jan. 2021

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At least 12 of 22 miners trapped by a blast at a gold mine in China are alive, Chinese state media report. It has been over a week since the blast occured at the site in the city of Qixia, Shandong province. Rescue efforts continued as holes were drilled to search for the remaining 10 workers trapped in the mine. They are believed to be at least 600m (1969ft) underground.

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Rio T

Chinese president Xi intentionally spread COVID-19 to the entire world

B Morris

My heart goes out.

Susanna Ding

My heart goes to all 22 people, hope 10 are still alive.

Crazy Videos!

Great work and great effort.


I hope they'll all be able to get out ?


2021.01.24 afternoon, there are 11 miners have vrescued.

Tom Lin

Note 1: "We have 22 people in the mine, 11 in floor 5, 1 in floor 6. The location and condition of the other 10 people are unknown. We are extremely exhausted, need medicine for cold, painkiller, medical tape, external use anti inflammatory drugs. 3 of us has hypertension."
Note 2: "Urgent need for antihypertensive drugs, I believe there are 2 kinds of them in my car, please sent the drugs down, the air circulation underground is bad, there is a lot of smoke and a significant amount of water. Please keep up the rescue effort as our hope relies on it. Thank you."

moment corner



Prays for those who are still trapped ? may u get up safe and sound ??


I seen this movie already


Prayers with these folks.

Tae's Angel

This reminds me of that korean movie "tunnel"

Hans Weissmann

Pray they all come out alive......

0 1


Anime watch

This is why China is developing 5G automatic mining machine for dangerous mining jobs.

Kevin Jenkins

this is real news


Hope they can locate the rest soon .

Samy Bouzaglo

If this was US, Trump is going to rebuke, “they were brave men, but I preffer miners who dont trapped themselves”


Bruh these people are so far down they can literally dig a couple more feet and be in America

satria amiluhur

I feel so lucky to not have to risk my life just to be able to live another day


Netflix here i come!!

Jordan Bronson


Pocholo Khan

Mine BTC in MT4 and Binance

Planes and Stuff

Honestly what's so special about gold or diamond or platinum apart from being shiny?

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Burak S

Nice they found the 12 workers ! Now the only person they need to find is Ma.

Rolando lumayag

What does the note means?

Yifu Wu

Local officials are gonna have huge troubles...they cover up the disaster for 30 hours. Unbelievable and unforgivable

Lilia Chan

Great news!!

That Man

O boy

Sino Filipinas

Nah, China doesn't care about its people. they work them to death. - Gullible American

KuMar Hiding A TimeBomb


Mohamad Anas

Suddenly remind me one of the episode in angel beat.. even tho it's not the same incident. If u all know what i'm talking about

Emmanuel Olumide

Imagine how scared they might be underground ?

M. M

I hope all of them are found and out of there soon. What a horrific disaster and a living nightmare they are suffering though.

cora yu

thats hella deep maybe deeper into ballas territory

Ajisen Ramen

Praying for a speedy and safe rescue. ??

True North Strong and Free

A common occurrence in China! Corruption is the main cause!

Henry Lo

TL, 11 found stable condition, 10 MIA

Jie Su

2000 feet under ground, and still alive

Justin Xie

The Note says "We have 22 miners trapped underneath, among whom 11 people are in the Fifth Section and 1 person in the Sixth Section, and among these 12 personnels 4 people have suffered injuries, the whereabouts of the rest 10 people are unknown. We have exhausted our physical strength, ....Please also bring the high-blood pressure drugs and medical tapes, I have the drugs in my car..... Due to the lack of airflow, smog are heavy and the underground water is particularly heavy-loaded. Please help, we are seeing hopes now. Thank you all!"

Yellow Lady

Chill.. a movie has already been made about this.

Modick Idiot

Lucky those miner born in China. If they born in india for sure see you next generation. India don’t even bother the poor farmer.

Azure Schröder

Im so glad they found them. My hearts goes to them and the families. I hope they find the other 10 men.

Erina Nagasawa

I hope they will be paid in gold ore

Rio T

Bring Chinese president Xi to justice.


Hope the rest will be found soon ?

Oslo Pedroza

Que Deus abençoe as equipes de resgate e os mineiros!


Where is the comment saying ccp dont care about them?

Chuyin W

600 meters, that's more than 100 floors, That's DEEP~ can't imagine what they have been through these days

Atala Keanu Monarshi

2015 : The 33 movie
2021 : The 22 movie :-P

Edit : what's next ? The 11 ? The 1 ?

Jun Teng

Praise You Abba! :)

Anderswan Lin

This is like something out of a movie

James V.

Don't give up on these men
no matter what.?

•Nightmare Alpha•

Some of them died

Sophie Z

Follow-up: On January 24, 11 miners were successfully upgraded to the well and were immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. Ten people died and one more was missing.

Evan Loper

Hope the other ten are found glad the others are safe.



Nigel L

there’s an event similar to this, in 2010 a mine in south america collapsed leaving trapping 33 inside, and they were all rescued i believe its in a movie called the 33

Robert Lavelle

So happy for the survivors that have been found so far. Best of wishes for those still unaccounted for. I hope for the best outcome for all.


Hollywood is making a movie about this but all the actors are white

Wendell C

they could just get them some obsidian so they could build a nether portal.


A week underground is heartbreaking. I hope they keep their faith because everyone is praying. What is going on this year. It’s too much and too much heartbreak ??

Ahmad Muhammad Mehboob

Stay Strong ....We stands with you......and ? ? ?..Pakistan ??

Calvin Ong

[;s bring them up as soon as possible and safely ?

RED Dragon

I found the most gold

Peace ??

Karens from USA be like: these miners are running away from Chinese government, but re arrested and put into concentration camps.


Free Hong Kong!

Thaweekun Janthakit

Wish they’re not hurt


Real version of geocentre rescue

Tùng Trần

Try your best. Pray to the Chinese comrades from Vietnam. ?


It's Chile all over again

nm sl

are any of them women?

Levyn KHS

Hats off tp those helping

Guesto Benito

They should use a diamond pickaxe to mine down to those workers

Peng zhang


Bright He

For a country which built a hospital in ten days. Wont be a problem taking those poor miners back home

Little Tinky

Let’s prey for them??

Ted Aspane

China industrial accidents are too often, caused many deaths.

w surfer

Thank you Buddha for them to come out alive.

Sara Pillot 21

Hope they all can come out safely

lily black

They can build hospitals, roads, bridges, buildings, train stations in days, but why does it take so long to rescue them?

Johnny Jiang

There are people missing still, not everyone is found alive

Cornelius Thompson


Tomi Connelly

The Communist Party is holding China hostage.
We will set the people free!
We will end the Communist Party!

RED Dragon

Is this whem we got trapped way back then

Jon Kino

China: We look after everyone.
USA: We look after the 1%.

Norway Countryball

reminds me of the Chile one


I hope they all survive! ?


YOOOOO! That's crazy. May they make it out and find the others too. WOW.

Joe wilven baluyot


Daniyal Alam

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Comrad Civil

China??'s Xi Jinping doesn't care about Chinese working class as long as
- he can hold on to the power, and
- his relatives keep getting rich.
Work related and industrial accidents are so common in China because of low safety standards.

Дмитрий Бурбовский



My heart goes out to everyone involved.

Destroyer of Worlds

Free Taiwan ??

Malik lxml


Андрей Пушкарь


jet black

Are those MaoTai elixir on the rope?

Ilyas Lee

Dear Allah, please bless and save all this 22 men so that they can go back home safely with their family,.. Please let us all pray for their safety. ???????From Malaysia ??

Mining in china

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Dangerous Mining Work in Indonesia & Underground Houses in China | Mystery Places | Free Documentary

553 072 views | 30 Sep. 2020

Mystery Places:

Mystery Places: Dangerous Mining Work in Indonesia, Underground Houses in China & Carnival in Rio | Lost Places Documentary

Mystery Places - World’s Most World’s Safest Airport, Devil’s Pool in Zambia & a Tesla Tower: https://youtu.be/dwvAgWE7v_U

In this episode of Mystery Places, we take a closer look at the working conditions of a miner in Indonesia, visit the Petrifying Well in England, a village where the houses are only holes in the ground, and the Carnival in Rio.


Subscribe Free Documentary Channel for free: https://bit.ly/2YJ4XzQ

Join the club and become a Free Documentary Patron: https://www.patreon.com/freedocumentary

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2QfRxbG

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#FreeDocumentary #Documentary #MysteryPlaces


Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer.

Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.


22:12 i think im falling inlove with her?


As I will watch every ad also, great video! ?

tadar enterprises

these companies so much greedy.. they cut down trees but didn't plant new ones! humans are self destructive

Jackk Reacherr

150 euros to build an 8room bunker.. Niiiiiice job bro

22cebu -ana

I feel so bad and sad for these miners in Indonesia. Working so hard with uncertainties in making money.

milk tea

I dont skip ads so that you earned a lot... And continue to make documentaries like this....two thumbs up?????

Pretty Boy



dip cups?


He's immediately seen as a failure if can't bring home any money to the wife........I thought I had it bad

Robert Evely

With regards to China, people are brainwashed by their leader and now they have arrested at least 1 million Muslims saying they are terrorists, when and where did they get all this information from??? If Biden gets in he and his second in command. The two of them will sell out the US to China. They are all in bed with China and they will fill their pockets full of taxpayer's money because Biden has been trying to be the President of the United States since Moses was a child and he will do any and I mean anything to get there. Here in Canada, Trudeau will sell out us to, Bullshitter like his father, Young punk wants trump out because he doesn't want to pay the US what Canada owes them. The Government of Canada will be putting that in their own pockets to just like Biden and his whic- if they get in, can anyone see what's going on, damn, all you peoples afraid of President Trump, why because you're afraid of the truth. Suck it up!!!!!!! Ya ( WIMPS )

PGT playz

How can you upload so many documentaries in a week? I barely do a video every month!

ilyn Payne

I am kind of worried about those underground houses what if there was a huge rainfall how will they manage the floods

Kyle Salt

I do hope you pay these miners for videoing them

Kamwai Chan

Wow , those underground houses are cool. Hopefully the Chinese authority will not destroy them and build high rise apartments.

Vinh nguyen

India want to stop people from spitting on the street ?? They should stop them from shitting on them first..

Joseph B

such an inefficient way to find tin

Shay Givenchy

Destroy the island and natives.
Companies like this need to be held responsible for the damage done to the environment and people

CF Win

Underground houses is a good idea if you don’t need to worry about radon gas and fire hazard.

Vinh nguyen

Theres no way that guy is 22 no matter what circumstances ..

Free Documentary

The theme I’ve chosen and I feels fits quite well is What the Earth ? Provides on our Mystery Places Wednesday

Belitung an island ? off the coast of Sumatra.
A Paradise. The cliched Paradise no one would say no to. Gilligan's Island without the Howells and the Captain. But life expectancy is not paradisiacal. The average male lives 43 years old. Why? The tin mines tell the tale. Mining the earth..

Knaresborough, England ???????
A magic spring, a witch statue - some fortune teller and visitors leaving hats and shoes and teddy bears strung up by a water fall. Magic? Spring of the earth...

Miaoshang China ??
Holes in the ground? Yes, this is the place of Earth Hole Houses. It has tradition. Feng Shui plays a big role and each underground home is measured, blessed, Feng shuied by a Feng Shui Master. As these types of homes do eventually crumble as earth does, there are actually some traditionalists interested in preserving these homes as hotels.
The earth shelters...

Mumbai, India ??
Paan. You ever been there, you’ll know. If you don’t, stay tuned for an in-depth look at why there’s red spit everywhere (ewww) it’s so addictive (cheap, stimulating, fresh breath so a 3 for 1 deal, costing around 10 cents) and why there’s a spitting patrol. Well, I can tell you why: it’s absolutely gross. What the earth gives, is spitten back..

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ??
Carnival. Need we say more? The biggest challenge is keeping your phone and money safe since 8000 thefts happen during one day carnival. Don’t worry. There’s booty and dancing too. Now if that ain’t earthy...


Available worldwide except GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Asia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Israel


3 years to build a house? Hmm... Primitive Building will do it in a week!

Tim R. handyman

So why not just spray , suck and clean a bunch... Every day would be a good day.

matt W

If you want to see what India is like just go and visit skidrow in LA same thing

Hunter Watkins

The silky ukraine disappointedly radiate because centimeter provisionally twist after a tidy venezuela. zealous, dramatic aunt


10:16 "Here, the man has to provide for his family. If he cannot do so, he is regarded as a failure" So how exactly is this different anywhere else in the world?

Elia DeLeon

he def does not look 22, it’s not just his hands


No wonder they love to bathe in Ganghes river.

Kuno Buje Østergaard

Some one need to tell the camera man, never to dring redbull right before shooting a documentary.
This dude is al over the place

Tyler —

I definitely watched this for the awesome Star Wars house.

Amor Vitae

Question? Is it safe to drink that water?


no way he's 22 years old???

urMommaBear • 5 months ago

He can buy a phone and motorcycle but not boots, gloves, and some sifting pans for the tin? Um, priorities


They need shea butter in their life lol.


Great start to the documentary saying the workers are "knee deep" in mud and show not even up to ankle, then say the guy's house is sheet metal when it's wood with a metal roof. Did the commenter even see the video as he commented?

Reginald Chase

22 wow dude look 40

Yan Lon

In our locality many youth engaged in mining and lot of money are extracted. Just work as it pays you. Don't frighten the workers as it will not get you any.??

Ella Scarbrough

Really it turns red. They need a spit Cup.

The Messenger

Then they wonder why there's earthquakes and tsunamis.

sneaker bot

The delightful novel gully listen because motorcycle maternally brake behind a fuzzy pigeon. groovy, perfect ikebana

Robert Brindley

That spit chick is going to get a reminder that she is in a "MANS" world

ilyn Payne

I have kind of an advice that next time when you're doing these documentaries it's better to have an English narrator instead of writing the English translation on the video

Hailee or Natalie kristyn Walker

Tin miners.... Ivan contact me. I'll sponsor your family... so sad.


I'm annoyed at how tedious this job is and wants to end the video but then I also want to see how it ends lol

Paulette Yearout

There must be a better way to mine for tin...

zing zing

its alot safer thn gold digging.....just saying

aldrin pagunuran

22..? I thought he was 40...

Empathy Mankind


5050 ODDZ

A bag of sunflower seeds with a ? paste on a leaf.....also a helluva problem. If they knew about sunflower seeds.

Xeev Laug

50:00 mucho caliente covid-19


Whole island cleared of trees, very painful not impressive at all

Colleen Brookes-Gain

Just loved this documentary.. Especially the earth houses..

Ricardo Junqueira

I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to even set my eyes anywhere in India.

Lal Thae

i do support always this channel and enjoy watching it whatever uploaded new episodes but now I felt a bit uncomfortable in watching this channel because the cameramen made me kind of feel dizzy, the movement of every single shooting is un condition and un proper for my sight. Just suggestions don't make me wrong.

mike tang

The petite crack progressively precede because supply respectively obey on a vulgar wrecker. silky, drab hubcap

Empathy Mankind



What they do if rain hits
How they manage flooding

Daniela Ferreira

It pisses me off how expensive things are here and how extremelly little people are compensated where they originated. The amount of greed between origin and consumer is unreal!!!


TIN ? Well, let me tell you something you guys do NOT know because your mass media do NOT want you to know. .
Kosovo became INDEPENDENT because it holds the richest ours of TIN and COPPER in Europe, except Russia.
Now, WHAT countries have the INTEREST to recognize its..."independence" ? ...and..."REBUILD" the new country ??
Today you have learnt the REAL reason of the WAR in Kosovo.


His name is Ivan ? What :D

Jody Ross

I love the man who showed us his underground home, family seems nice too!!, wow, I want to live there


Philippines is rich on TIN also but they will not allow mining.
Good things...

Sith gasa

I wonder how much soil erosion and contribution mining cause to the climate it seems so aggressive to the nature

Paulette Yearout

OMG..I can’t help but wonder how the spitting is effect the spread of COVID in India Thank you for these amazing videos. I’m disabled and your series makes my world so much larger.


Gollum but with tin. my precious

TOP 10 News

very nice place !!

10 Dan

As long as there is paan on street ,so is spitting and paan is just going nowhere


Yo Limey narrator, your prattling and mispronouncing words completely detracts from my watching the documentary.

Rocky Atlantis

It's only Men that spits, its like saying only Men like Sex but women dont!! Ask the country with Billion+ population!!

Nature by Dreygo

The spitters teeth & behavior shocking ??

Navneet Dhariwal

Watching the spitting thing when you are facing the threat of catching Corona. Uhhhh

Kyle Salt

Omg id love to live in a house like the Chinese under ground. That looks amazing to be fair. And did I hear right he lives with his parents children and grandchildren how old is his parents then he looks atleast 70+

Gacheru Mburu


zing zing

46:00 thats neymar junior the brazilian footballer??

Ogami Itto

I hate this show.

Davy Medina

It almost seems like they might be missing a lot of those pebbles with that much water


Big fan of u r documentaries. The way of presentation is fantastic... Keep IT up FD team. Love from India

Cecilie Hultmann

Do you know which companies buy this tin from the local Indonesian companies?

ohi gill

I got their words without subtitles with the help of their body language and their lovely feeling with their homes ☺ how nice

Leonel mc

The spiting problem is just a part of north its non existent in south

RBNZ 2018

They should have specific Bins where people can spit into kinda like in most cotries that have smokers bins to put cigarettes butts & ash into it so if everyone spat into the specific bins it would help heaps to contain the germs and then workers can empty them every so often

ciara respect

Another video of ruining the planet no wonder it's the end . And yes I do blame western countries

Regina Rassi

The spitters need to carry a cup with them and then they can throw their cups away.

just call me Jess z

Why not use that same method to collect tin everyday?

Alrick Henry

41:20. That so sweet to see Allena' s mom kissing her good by.☺ "make sure you keep that money and condoms safe baby, you just might need it!"

Danni Guo

Not sure the reporter had a language problem. The underground houses are a historical feature going back hundreds of years of not more, very famous in this area, with a very long history. Many are now tourist attractions.

Oliver Crosby

The wary birch impressively permit because capricorn peroperativly preserve among a massive thrill. parallel, waggish pediatrician

zing zing

that underground house looks quite expensive though...

Vic Chavez

Damn he's 22??

Kill Bill

They need to invest in better brooms ? then them bullshits

Sarah walshaw

it genuinely breaks my heart that people are treated like this daily so that WE can live in relative luxury! its all sooooo wrong! maybe if we had to pay more for the goods we use we would appreciate the work that goes into extracting it. it hurts my heart that i live in a world that is so unjust

ciara respect

40:55 condoms ? Is she a pro ?

S. K. Manuel

Tell this poor Chinese to come to Ghana. His brothers are into illegal mining in Ghana which is very lucrative job. He will be rich in six months

Josephine Neiberd

The and the questions is all up to God no one knows what are this all that everything in this world that are made that all we used are made by Heaven.. That is i myself studing also what are this all but i am not done yet from golds and everything ..maybe one day if God wants to istublish it in this world maybe it would be nice so the whole World will know what are this Are...??

La' Vy

The underground homes are nice but no thank you, I need 3 exits minimum!!

tardis mole

The "tourist attraction" in Knare'sborough is fake. We went there in the 1990's when it was owned by the late Paul Daniels. We saw the staff adding bags of minerals to the water, upstream, but were quickly herded away by the tourguide to avoid us seeing what they were doing. The "cave" is also fake. The tourguide told us it was created by the action of flood water, but the shape was all wrong and it was facing the wrong way to have been caused by the river several metres below. It was actually dug out in the 1970's for clay and the "legend" of the old woman was added afterwards. A shame that Free Documentary didn't do their research first before posting this.


I wish I was a peasant from a third world country.

w g

I want to take a s*** in one of those hole houses


I laughed on my own country india???

big boss

Every clip are interesting! I really love this channel ♥️ glad i found it

nino zaldarriaga

with a small amount they destroy the nature..