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Build Your Own Widgets with iOS 14

20 901 views | 20 Sep. 2020

Whether you’re not

Whether you’re not finding what you need in stock widgets, or you want more control over the look and feel of your homescreen. The developers of Widgy rose to the challenge.

Learn how to build your own custom widget and see inspiration of others widgets.

Widgy TestFlight: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Jb214qSj

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases. You don’t pay more but it’s a great way to support the channel!

My Gear

Sony A7iii Camera: https://amzn.to/2SKXoaZ

Lighting: https://amzn.to/3lvHa1V

Microphone: https://amzn.to/2GCauFn

Tripod: https://amzn.to/3lAjvO2

0:00 - Intro

1:02 - How to Use Widgy

4:06 - Home Screen Preview

4:32 - Cast Your Vote - Widgets

#Widgets #iOS14 #Widgy


Updating of current song/album doesn’t work.


Como hago el de WhatsApp, alguien me lo manda?

YM TV World

التطبيق بطل يا الهي Gosh hero app

Jeff W

Is there an option for a transparent background?
If so how I haven’t found it.


I can’t use images from my photos on widgy, I click images from library and nothing happens!!


2 is super nice

J H.

Widgy always full ???

Tommi Waltzer

My Widgys there, the second option! Nice video!

Mysteryman 1004

This app is so good

Latanya Cayson

Finally, a real tutorial on how to use this, I was so lost. Thanks so much!



Russell Jennings

Where can I find more widgets ppl have made?

Nia chavez

Is there a widget for WhatsApp as your video photo shows?

Bobby Candia

6 ??

haekal usman

option 2


Si tuviera esta app me haría widget de WhatsApp, y otros así

חיים סניור

Can you upload the qr for the widget in video day and battery and steps?


when installing widgy, there is an agreement box that says: "Woodsign collects certain data through widgy that may be considered personally identifiable, such as your Unique Device Identifier." beside the UDI what other personal information does widgy take from our iphones?


Fulllll ?

Sriseshagiri G

Option 9

Jay Min

Where tf is the save button??? Its skips that part on here

Joe Pham

Vote for "2"

Bharath Kumar

Hi bro when I tried to install widgy beta it says, beta is full. PLS make a video how to install widgy with TestFlight app.


This is great!!!! So gooddddd!!!! ????

Ranjan Ghosh

Option 3 is amazing

Dean Moon

Good video ? just subscribed

Dion Smith

voting for option 1 bc it's my widget :p

Jaswinder Virdee

Ayooo this is dope

Red Hood

It won’t let me get the app

חיים סניור

In promo video there is widget with step and cal how can you share it plz?

J H.

Option 1 and 3 ??

Michael Gerard

So Widgy will be coming to the App Store? I’m voting for Option 1. I like the contrasting shades of grays and whites.

Lejna S

Option 2

Rafael Bezerra

It says the beta is full

Ben Hedberg

Where can we get the qr codes or urls for those widgets you showed?

Sriseshagiri G

That’s awesome I was waiting for this video. I saw your ping on Widgy community and found your channel. Nice work. Do you mind sharing your gear used for this video? And the software to merge your screen record and video editing platform as well. Very neat work again. Thanks.

Diluka Talagala

3 & 8

Diego Rapp

I’ve had Widgy for months and now the apps starts crashing out of no where

Stock market widgets

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iOS 14 WidgetKit | Building COVID-19 API Stats Widget | Static Configuration | SwiftUI

5 822 views | 7 Aug. 2020

In this tutorial video,

In this tutorial video, we'll learn all about WidgetKit by building the Widgets from scratch to complete.

#swiftui #iosdev #widgetkit

GitHub Project Repository:



00:00 Introduction

01:13 Widget Demo

02:30 Starter Project Download

04:10 Covid19api.com API demo

06:00 Create Widget Extension Target

07:05 Add Shared Files Between Targets

08:53 WidgetKit Architecture Diagram

09:35 Implement TimelineEntry

12:58 Implement TimelineProvider

25:00 Implement Small Size Widget Family

35:19 Implement Medium Size Widget Family

39:50 Implement Large Size Widget Family

45:07 Implement StatsEntryWidget

46:29 Configuring Widget with StaticConfiguration

48:38 Reload Widget Programmatically from App with WidgetCenter

WWDC 2020 Video Session - Meet WidgetKit


Social Media:

Website: https://alfianlosari.com

GitHub: https://github.com/alfianlosari

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alfianlosari

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfianlosari/

Thank you for watching!

Subscribe at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsi3HmkI4jeUC0e4ELuKKfA

Shourob Datta

Although to long but I enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks

Neha Sukhlecha

@Alfian great tutorial! Can you please help me with changing values on widget every sec.

Shubham Gupta

Nice tutorial !

max taunton

thanks for supporting the source code

Zeeshan Khan

Thanks, Alfian. It is a great tutorial.

Pradeep Ac

Thanks Alfian. Great tutorial.

One question i had is like we had in today view extension where we were able to show widget on the quick action menu on 3d touch on app icon is it possible to do same with widget extension?

Eager Money

Thanks dude!

Abhishek Biswas

Very good and informative tutorial. Thankyou !!

Zeev Dzialoshinsky

Hi, I watched your video and was impressed by your professionalism and excellent performance, I would love if you would join my group that specializes in iOS 14 and upload videos in everything related to iOS 14 and the new iPhones. my group "iOS 14 - Problems and Solutions group" https://www.facebook.com/groups/364791044897779.

Ashton Kutcher

Nice tutorial, really helped me out.
Can you just let me know what the program is called that you tested the APIs on? Thanks.

Also just as a feedback, I think you do very well to explain each part of the task and to organize the files in a clear and straightforward way. I really like the graphs you made of the lifecycle of of the timeline and the snapshot. But I do think that the video is a bit too long and some parts can get a bit boring, especially when reading the documentation. Overall it's a great tutorial though :)