Stock halts

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Why do Stocks get Halted? | FREE SCANNER

463 views | 19 Jan. 2020

Todays video takes a look

Todays video takes a look into why stocks get halted? I talk about how news effects stocks price and why stocks get halted because of volatility. Also include a free scanner to find halted stocks!


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Squirrel Trading

Wow, I didn't even notice SNCA later in the day. The same stock we look at for our gap up example has a gap down example at 2:05 the same day. Check that out as well on your own charts.

Rollon B

How does a new investor pick an investment company? Does a new investor need a company? How much should a new investor plan to spend? (I.E. $5, $50, $500, $1000?)

Piipe smoke

What is the best stock scanner in your opinion?


Didn't see any Scanner ? just a web site that said a Stock has been Halted where's the scanner my mate : (
Your not Click Baiting are you ?

Stock halts

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How To Day Trade Penny Stock Halts

3 864 views | 19 Oct. 2019

As promised here is the

As promised here is the video regarding penny stock BNGO getting halted many times, this video is packed with a ton of information so I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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This was one of the best teaching videos I have ever seen. Everything you covered was a GEM. You have so many videos that are the same quality. You are a Superb Teacher. I see other people teaching that are also very good. It just makes me wonder how you guys have gotten to your level of knowledge. It would be nice to see a bio some day on how you have gotten to the level you are. I had just woken up when I watched this video, they say a good breakfast is how you want to start your day. This was a breakfast on Steriods

Jim Brinkley

Excellent review. Learned a ton! Didn't know (an average) about how long +/- a single halt normally last each time. Thanks Boiler Room!

Bob Eres

Is there anyway that there is a scanner that shows halted stocks?

Robert P

Hmmmm where did I just see this video 6 hours before this one! ?

Swing Trader

Loved trading this that day

Jeff Harbaugh

Great video. I would like to comment that some platforms, DAS being one, has a LUDP halt indicator that tells you the price of where an upside and downside half will occur

Carlos Marques

Very good video. Thanks


Think or swim does tell you when a stock is halted in the Live News widget

Informed Tradez

BNGO more like BINGO lol

Ken Hall

And bingo was his namo lol


Why is there more volume between 10:03-11:45am than between 11:45-12:30PM if its going up?

Sodium Chloride

You could tell from the moment, like 300 green orders

simple beautiful

Connor is the man. hey i like that pizza charity video you did too. Truely a genuine person.



B 0067

Thanks for clearing up. I bailed after the first halt when it started going crazy.

Rob Stevenson

Great video to explain an important trading event. All new traders should watch this

dj berg

Yeah, I picked up on the day before's fall off and got in when I was sure it was off early @ 2.16, then sold at 2.75, wish I would have stuck around till about 4.50. But I was scared...


https://youtu.be/vYrFFpghHl4 conner can you do a vid about this and your opinion

Van Hoover

That replay on think or swim is free? Or do I have to buy some upgrade/premium or sth?

Bran Ortiz

Good video Conner. Once you see so many halts you'll have an eye for it, but tobad TOS doesn't have the LULD indicator on level 2. I think it's 10% within 5 mins for stocks above $3? I love TOS but it's disappointing they don't have it.

BTW I think I'm gonna buy a notebook as a mouse pad- just cause BRT haha.

whoami dotcom

Why are all the YouTube channels all of a sudden talking about penny stocks?


How long before trading resumes? Doesn't each successive halt last longer?

Richard Foyth

Please note that securities, broker-dealers cannot solicit investors to buy or sell previously-suspended securities until certain requirements are met, but unsolicited trading is permitted. I almost lost my way around.

tikki volta

15 mins after ross uploads a video "how to trade circuit breaker halts". additional value!


Could you have shorted the stock as it fell during the halt?

A Hsu

what a volatile stock on Friday and only for the truly brave BNGO!!!


Really great information as always brother ?


Conner doesn't TD Ameritrade show the LULD (Limit up-limit down) price in the level 2 price action? Many brokers do, I know Lightspeed does. When price hits the LULD and held there long enough the stock will halt, as you have shown. The LULD price is dynamic depending on the amount of change in a given time period. This is definitely a big advantage to know the LULD price before hand, but it is still risky as a stock may not always halt even if the price is reached, it must retain that level for 15sec. https://www.nasdaqtrader.com/content/MarketRegulation/LULD_FAQ.pdf

bill mills

Educational, entertaining, valuable - the Trifecta. Watch the whole thing if you haven't already.

Terry Eagen

You got two birds with one stone for me, Volatility Halts/On Demand Tutorial. Well Done.

John Ruppel

Why do my market orders keep getting filled like 80 cents lower on paper trading and then when I sell it sells at the same price or lower even if the stock went up

Nicolas Alayon

Great video Connor !
Thanks for sharing