S 10 long travel

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V8 S10 Prerunner build from the beginning!

4 161 views | 22 Jun. 2019

slde show from when I got

slde show from when I got the prerunner to now! Videos of it running and driving towards the end.

Colorado Wild

Where did u get control arms?

S 10 long travel

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Nicks Long traveled s-10 (testing)

8 559 views | 4 Oct. 2010

testing out nicks truck

testing out nicks truck out in valley center

Yuno the UZ

Can i ask where you got the fenders im building a 02 blazer and cant really find anything for the s10 really

Dillon Spencer

@kuunanikaye the beginning is "nuke 'um" by Datsik

amanda roberts

what song is this

Ricky Mathis

How much did it cost

Dillon Spencer

Not a lift, custom long travel kit done by Metal Munky

Dirty Details

Badasssss!!! Check out my cousin’s little prerunner!! S10 also ??


Buck Shot

Camera man sucks

S 10 long travel

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How to Install a Long Travel Kit on Your Prerunner Offroad Truck.

20 494 views | 17 Nov. 2019

Part 1 Installation of the

Part 1 Installation of the TT Motorsports Long Travel kit on the 1997 Toyota 4Runner Prerunner Build. Removal of front suspension, inner fenders, and getting the A-arms positioned on the frame.

Please hit that subscribe button for future videos on this series, will be showing every step of the process till it's in the Dirt.

Thanks for Watching !!!!





David B

Killer Video ....let’s see yr SAS kit bro,,,but with coils,,like this page

Firstewffd Lastdfdeff

How do I get my wife to help me in the shop?

bison group

Whats the great music in the vid?

Derek Andrew

are you in the west valley or east valley

Adventure Endeavor



Nicely done man nicely done

I can fix Anything. Can Fix Anything

Your wife can work on cars, that is way cool, your a lucky guy. Does she have a sister?


Sweet video, solid info

Melissa Azarva

Shop looks great! Can't wait to get back out there and see it in person!

Olie Hoffman

love the vids. keep it up!

cooper j

This is epic enjoyed every second


I want a shop that size!! ,

shawn thompson

Relationship Goals ! That's awesome, love the work !!

Erik Skaggs

Nice video. I take it you will not be running stock fenders when done?

Anthony Olsen

Never seen someone destroy a entire front end just for front suspension


You're a lucky man. If I gave my wife a grinder, I'd probably end up missing a couple fingers.

Martin Rodriguez

Wide AF!! ?

tyson Rojas

I need those nice arms on my rig ?


Well done. Explanations are spot on. What kind of cutoff and flap wheels are you using on the grinder?

Jason S

Such awesome videos!

John Heiss

Such a well done video and explanations. Keep 'em coming, learned a bunch and inspired.

Steven Dunnuck

awesome videos! you have yourself a keeper for sure!

Daniel D'Elia

Marriage goals

The Catalyst

What thickness and grade of metal do you use?


How much would it be for you guys to make a long travel kit for ram 1500

The Catalyst

How much you charge to build a long travel ifs for a s10 zr2 blazer with torsion bar key holes?