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Hear Dogecoin’s Co-Founder Open Letter ??? #billymarkus #dogecoin #elonmusk #reddit

33 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hear the heartfelt open

Hear the heartfelt open letter from Dogecoin’s co-Founder Billy Markus. Direct from his mouth, we hear about the early stages of Dogecoin and ha experience.

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Tesla China Interview Recap + Audi’s New EV, Tesla Model Home, Singapore, Starlink IPO

62 497 views | 10 Feb. 2021

➤ President of Tesla

➤ President of Tesla China, Tom Zhu, speaks with Xinhua Net about Tesla’s progress at Giga Shanghai, production, China R&D plans, and more

➤ TSLA volume nearly hits 3-year low

➤ Tesla launches in Singapore, assessing the market and Tesla’s positioning

➤ Audi launches new flagship EV, the Audi e-tron GT

➤ Apple and Hyundai-Kia reportedly pause partnership conversations

➤ Kia announces EV roadmap through 2030

➤ Did Tesla’s Bitcoin purchase leak on Reddit before it was announced?

➤ @greentheonly shares an interesting new addition to Tesla’s firmware

➤ Elon Musk comments on possible Starlink IPO

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tesladailypodcast

Tesla Referral: https://ts.la/robert47283

#Tesla #TSLA #Investing

Plaid producer Who Why

Plaid producer Ice Lakes Investments

Ludicrous producer Fred Hassen

Executive producer Jeremy Cooke

Executive producer Troy Cherasaro

Executive producer Bradford Ferguson

Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent

Executive producer Jeff Sheets

Executive producer Jessie Chimni

Editing assistance by Jasem Ashkanani

Music by Evan Schaeffer

Image(s) and/or Footage used under license from Shutterstock.com

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

Andrey G

Audi looks great, just needs to fix the range.

Talentless Golfer

I'd be taking the bus/train if I lived in Singapore that is for sure

John Page

With all the index funds buying and holding, along other large purchasers buying large positions, I am wondering how much stock is left in the float. Example: today Vanguard bought 57 million shares. Wondering if that accounts for the lower volume.


The E-Tron exists only because Model S exists.
E-tron isnt selling because it is a poor attempt by Audi.

Patrick N. Booker

I was a little uncertain when my friend talked about bitcoinsamurai. I guess somehow were so used to things being difficult to come by. Who says good things cant come easily once in a while? Keep up the good work and continue helping us to make more money!

Buntha Sam

We know TSLA for good and I believe in NIO NNDM are going forward and also my penny BLSP $15 in 2016. Thanks for good entertainment.

Graham Brown

If you plan to make 22% of your vehicles BEV in 2030, then you will only sell 22% of your output. I am serious, if you consider how much better and cheaper a BEV will be in 2030 then......

Rasmus Fjellström


Linda Sante

Love Tesla Daily and too funny about the acid tripper in Germany..thank you.?

Bengt Björck

Audi makes fantastic cars, if it wasn't for Tesla we would swoon.

Damian Ng

Nice to see Singapore being featured in your YouTube! Stay awesome Rob! =) Great videos as always. Our cars are really expensive because we all need to get that COE before we can drive a car on the road. =)


Giga Berlin delay?? What are your thoughts on this Rob, please: https://youtu.be/p0qobztOQXo


Public service message... “Don’t trip and type”

Peter Helander

Great as always Rob. Being from Sweden where gasoline is about $7.00/gallon, it would be fun to see a video where you do TCO of Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Camry to see how much cheaper it is to own a Tesla in such a country.

John Macri

Tesla stock is building the diving board to the next jump. Its a pattern that is repeated often


Elon promised to offer Starlink IPO stock to TESLA Retail Investors First.
Is this still on the table.
It would be based on the number of Tesla shares owned.

Samuel Flores Sanchez

Thank you, Rob, have a great day!

Dhruv Kumar

Audis look good, everything else is subpar.

hsm_ epic_return

Most people need an APPLE CAR like they need genital warts. It will have a charging socket unique to APPLE that will not work in either form or electrical current standard on any of the world's charging stations. If you plug it into a wall socket for some low end overnight AC juice at a desert Motel a message will appear saying "the electricity does not conform to Apple's designer protocol on energy styling."

Andrew Saint

Great post. Covered a lot of ground thank you. Imo Audi will cannibalise their own sales first, ice second, other electrics third and Tesla fourth. However, some folk in the dealership seeing ICE and BEV together might go home, check some stats and go Tesla. I generally buy 4 year old second hand and did exactly that after buying a Toyota yaris hybrid. I am now in the invidious position of knowing what I want but will not sell the shares for one.
Apple will struggle to play a meaningful role in the BEV market for over half a decade by their own reckoning. It's a shame about the Hyundai/Kia idea because they make cracking Ev's. I've only test driven a few and the Kia E-Niro is a phenomenally good car with great range.
@Green the only's revelations are interesting and I think that the generator inclusion is a bonus, especially for folk off grid and cybertrucking tradesmen already using them in the course of their work.

Alexander Dukes

Today was a hodl day for Tesla it seems.


That may be the last launch of falcon heavy. By then Starship will be certified by NASA. Or not...we shall see

Iván Chocrón

Hey Rob! How can normal mortals be able to buy shares of a company doing an IPO before the first day of trading? With Airbnb for example the IPO was at 68 and as soon as the first day of trading started it was at 120 or so. Is it possible to buy shares of starlink before it goes to the market or is it only for institutions?

James Allen

The Audi looks soooooo much nicer than the Tesla. Different league on the design.

Anthony Holland

Just as I thought, the only way to get reliable Tesla information even earlier than from Tesla Daily is to drop acid.

John Aiv

Rob can you address this in your next video?
Massive OTM puts purchased on TSLA.


hsm_ epic_return


Kalle Mäkelä

But damn that Audi looks good!

Rohit Amwan

The BMW pricing of SGD 208,888 is inclusive of COE. https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=12406 Pricing here includes the prevailing COE prices. Tesla, interestingly, mentioned an ex-COE price which is uncommon. Still an attractive price point. Charging seems to be an issue as most people live in apartments/condos.

Today’s Topics News

Hi rob
Great information, my question is do you think anytime soon Tesla will do another stock split
I am a investor with Tesla and hopefully they do.

Slick Salmon

Apple has nothing. I am not tripping on acid.

Stefan Grabe

4:50 hahaha


As I thought. There is no Apple car.

Kevin J

The question for E-tron is: FSD or will not FSD?

Lone Wolf

Romania is also getting its own tesla dealership and service... its a franchise but it is something... romanians had to import them from germany up till now... tesla ownership in romania numbers in the hundreds


Got a 65 minute long ad for the new e-tron

Eric Beckson

Edmunds recently tested all the Tesla models and found that they collectively failed to meet advertised mileage by -9% And the three top competitors trounced their advertised goals by 19%. More devastating news for a company puffed up by a showman CEO who you can never entirely believe. No wonder @garyblack00 sold his Tesla stock. This sucker is going down. Even after going down 5% today, the stock price of $800 still valued the company more than Toyota VW Ford GM and the next 10 biggest auto companies combined!!

Morten Rye Olsen

Love it!


If you are going to belittle NY post, you may as well belittle the entire mainstream news network platform.

John Gordon

Hi Rob does the worldwide chip shortage affect Tesla?

Giovanni Foulmouth

What the hell is going on in Singapore?


The camry prices includes COE


The Audi E-tron GT reveal played as an ad before this video. OMFG what a painful watch. Two awkward sales and marketing suits talking about how "progress" is at the heart of everything they do and they love creating things the world has not seen before ???

Nata H

If Apple were to partner with anyone, a VW and Apple joint venture seems the most compatible and likely to me.

Ben Dixon

Goodonyah Rob

jae lee

Ny post is much more truthful and reliable than the ny slimes, oops times. Remember the hunter biden corruption that the slimes didnt report


Bravo, as usual!

Chris Huys

a younger jim cramer, on market manipulation by hedge funds. youtube vid from america uncovered youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTwt0KtaKR0&feature=youtu.be

Banane lPB

Awesome video as always Rob. You da best ?

Joe English

I placed my order for Starlink in UK yesterday. Order confirmed with an anticipated coverage in my area by mid to end of 2021.

Benjamin Tsui

Am i hearing this correct? US$120k for a standard RANGE PLUS. US$158k for a BMW 3 SERIES WUHHHHHHTTTTTT

Bernard Chan

Your figures on Singapore cars quite accurate!

Darren lewis

elrond gold stake and earn 20 to 30 % interest its a no brainer .. bitcoin on steroids buy 1.5 billion of them elon
get your investment back in 5 years

William Thomas

Magma is partnered with Apple to build the car

Christoph Leitl

Rob, please consider converting units from gallon,miles to l/km for your European viewers. Thank you

Yiani Zhang

The City with 16,000 Electric Buses & 22,000 Electric Taxis | 100% Independent, 100% Electric @https://youtu.be/0P7fTPLSMeI

Oscar Eriksson

Man, all these automakers setting "goals" for 2030 or even 2035 with something like 40-60% EV production by that time... It's sad, because they won't survive that long without transitioning completely before 2026-2028 I'd say. The only ICE manufacturers who will survive through the 2030's, unless killed by regulations, are the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren. People will always pay big money for the sound and feeling of a big ICE.

Deon Hamilton

Rob did you read then delete my comment ? all good if you did as i don't know if anyone else knows about this info

James C

Hi Rob, Thanks for your update as always. Any impact to Tesla from worldwide semiconductor shortage?

Gavin Broughton

@5:00 EV Top trumps

Roland Borbély

@Rob that comparison image tells everything. No more questions left unanswered. This is killing. Customers will empty Tesla for Plaid+ version in March.


FYI the listed prices you found (e.g. BMW) for Singapore prices do already have COE included. Except Tesla's price.


IP theft is going to become a major problem for Tesla’s operations in China. I really hope that Elon isn’t blind to this. When he calls it out the government apparatus will suddenly find bureaucratic ways of interfering in Tesla’s operations. Doing business in China can be a double edged sword.


Who’s watching this from Singapore ????

Rasmus Rasmussen

I got an hour long add from Audi in this video. Not a very good use of advertisement

Faze_ _StaLin

Bro was trippin on acid and decided to go viral ?


When Audi and porche up the range on those cars and keep them at the same price Tesla is going to be in a but of trouble

Joakim E

The Audio looks like it actually IS a Porsche Taycan, but with a different set of front and rear panels. I guess this is the case.


My son is a total Audi fan, which I can appreciate (at least before I got my Model Y). About my Model Y, he liked that I got the gray color. (He's on the other side of the country so he hasn't ridden in it, or driven it yet. I'm hoping for the Beta FSD when he does visit so I can blow his mind.) I can see him get excited about these Audi Es... but if he saw this video: not much range, not much performance for the price, and where might he find the 270 kWh charger?... and he'll just keep his current Audi a few more years. So the first effect of EVs is not (I think) immediately go out and buy an EV, and of course buy the best EV which would be a Tesla; but to not do anything. I think the first Big Year for EVs won't be the year 'everyone' buys one, but the year almost no one buys an ICE car.
(And that Bill Gates fellow. No dummy he, and yet.... Will he buy a Model S Plaid+ to replace or supplement his weak Taycan ? I'll bet he doesn't.)
I want to make the stretch and buy one just because it's such an amazing moment in auto history. It would be like buying a Duesenberg (super cars of the 30s) back in the day. - it will never lose it's value, it will always be amazing. And unlike ICE super cars you'll be able to drive it without degrading its collectible value. And you won't have to spend $7000 every six months for a tune-up. These collectors should be embarrassed they're spending millions of dollars on 30 year old cars with less than 100 miles on the odometer. Maybe artists/designers should start making airplanes that are cool but which can't fly.

Bengt Björck

Isn't it necessary to IPO Starlink, considering the enormous investment required to get it complete?


Why does Tesla release the numbers of s and x together instead of just giving us individual numbers?

isika A

Could you give us some insight on any regulatory issues Tesla may be facing?

Reclining Buddha

Hyundai have upset the apple-cart.

Nic Gardin

Rob, you missed the most important news of all, Gordan Johnson's new TSLA price target of $67. Oh Gordan...

Marco Polo

Elon Musk goes on twitter and says bitcoin is a scam then the price drops and he buys bitcoin then he goes on twitter and pumps it up, how could that possibly be legal ???? But besides all that I don't like the move because that can drive down the price of Tesla and that's not going to be good for the company. Why buy bitcoin? I don't get it bitcoin is just a digital coin that's eventually going to crash, makes no sense. Tesla stock is more valuable the bitcoin!


If we dont see an apple car. lol. he has jokes!

Florencio Vela

i wish i could move back to Texas & work for the Terafactory to help or watch my tri motor cybertruck get built

Sajed Hussain

Tesla will beat all vehicles by 2040 if the range goes over 800 miles per charge...


Those Singapore prices are madness, the benefit of manufacturing in China at lower cost is wiped out from benefiting the end user. Government needs to lift or reduce the extra tax.


His face looks intense lol

R Singh

Rob the taycan starts at $80k But they charge you for buying the charger and al that crap so it’s like 100k. That’s if you don’t spec it.

Winston L

Waiting for Tesla model Y in Singapore. No idea when?


Given limited resources, i.e., not enough batteries, Apple will not find a willing partner among car makers who make good EVs. However, VW may be conceived to sell its failing Id. cars under the Apple moniker, given that they can't sell them now at any price.

Arnoud van Houwelingen

haha i did get the presentation of the new Audi E-tron as a commercial watching this episode .. you must love Youtube algoritms :)


Great episode!! Thanks for sharing ??


That eTron is so sexy ?

Lg Hammer

Really cool graphic by Philipenberg. I'd go w/ the Model 3 & then with the price difference invest in Solar PV + Energy storage to fully fuel my vehicle for it's entire Life ? & really cool to see Nasa's contract w/ SpaceX as a part of their Lunar Gateway - Artemis mission ❤️?

Shoikot Mahmood

Realistically. Tesla will bankrupt rest of the competitors. Obvious.

Carlo de Guzman

about the industrial generator.. im confused cause isn't that the PVs? i mean u pair that with the megapacks.. thas it thas 20-25 years of sustained and constant power.

Brandon Fouts

higher volumes => lower costs - can be lower MSRP (lower buyer cost) => more sales => more profits
Tesla certainly understands the above, others??

Know Art

I mean... Sure, that Audi probably has nice leather, but damn that's a pretty horrendous stat/price in comparison to the plaid+.

richard pay

"The competition is coming" lol. Audi can't match the Model 3 at twice the price.

Tom Mckinney

i don't know that you mean by "that assumes you can even find a 270kW charger for the Audi"(@time 6:04). Electrify America stations have multiple 350kW plugs at their locations. There are about 500 EA stations across the US, enough to easily do coast to coast trips. In fact, Kyle Connor (Out of Spec Motoring) holds the EV cannonball run record driving a Porsche Taycan and charging at 270 kW at EA stations (charge rate limited by the car, similar to Audi I presume).

Jack Křivánek

From a technical point of view, the RSI looks promising in favor of the bulls, as the daily RSI is at the bullish territory above 50 (after reversing earlier today). At the same time, the Stochastic RSI oscillator is about to make a bullish crossover at the oversold area. In case this happens, it might assist the market in reaching higher highs. Lots of folks will do so well in the next bull market but you shouldn't be of the mindset to only hodl, can be very dangerous. As hard as it is ƚradıภg Crypto, it sure is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just learn & pay attention to what's going on, I’m not a pro ƚгadēг but I was lucky enough to make 120k usd ethereum worth since late last year following the instruct|ons and sιǫnals from results, Ewan Cormac. He runs program for Wealthy Elites to how ƚradıภg crypto works, helping them utilize the volatility of the crypto market and also stacking up more bitcoin. You can easily get to them onTel-qram(@cormac_signal ) /?нαтαѕαρρ((+12093963195).

Michel Bruns

You should mention that us companies never really do 0-60 mph because of the 2 feet roll out, which the other car manufacturers don’t do, because 2 feet rollout is stupid, it’s just not 0-60, more like 5-60

YouTube Life

Waiting for the compact Tesla

Paul F

Any new on the issue with China regulators? It might be significantly more important than anything discussed in this video IMO.

Brandon Fouts

A7 killer ?????????????????

Mike Counsell

You'd have to be stupid AND have too much money if you buy the Audi or Porsche vs the Tesla.... The range and performance comparison doesn't even consider the value of FSD being an option on the Tesla... IE if you want to, you just put the tesla on the robotaxi network and it's making you money too.


8:24 I got a KIA E-Niro Ad right at that moment lol

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Studentcoin Review

5 051 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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Peter Benchley

Nice video Good review

8D Best Music

That is awesome

Hakan Dursun

Nice video

Biobelinda Gülcan

Good video review


That is very good review

martı jonathan

Hayırsever bir yatırım. Umarım istedigi seviyelere gelir.

Mahmut Nedim Arslanhan

Great video

Mehmet Kaparlı

This is good project

deluxe xy

woow goog proje Congratulations. wen lambo

Nünü Tv

Nice project


Sounds good in the future. continue follow-up attempt. number one studentcoin