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James Currier (NFX): Marketplace Growth Tactics

549 views | 4 Jan. 2021

Marketplace Growth

Marketplace Growth Tactics

- James Currier, General Partner, NFX

The Marketplace Conference Online December 2020

The Marketplace Conference is an event focused on all things marketplaces & network effects, uniting marketplace entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. It provides a platform for exchanging knowhow and best practices and attracts entrepreneurs and investors of all stages.

Website: https://www.marketplaceconf.com/

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Mark Paulson

Absolutely blown away by the wisdom and experience shared here. Thank you so much, James. You've given me more resolve by just acknowledging how hard it is and calling out that it's going to involve lots and lots of failure is just gold. So good...

Let's go World

really good content!


priceless content, soo grateful that such info is available to anyone who seeks. thank you James

Morgan beller

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Morgan, MN, Acuron Trial

725 views | 3 Nov. 2017

Watch how Acuron corn

Watch how Acuron corn herbicide performs against competitive products in Morgan, MN. Visit http://ow.ly/wnS930pM6Pg to learn more about how Acuron defeats tough weeds.

Morgan beller

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IGF-USA 2012: Morgan Beller on personal data

12 803 views | 26 Jul. 2012

Morgan Beller, a rising

Morgan Beller, a rising junior at Cornell University, at IGF-USA 2012, a multistakeholder discussion of Internet issues and the future of communications that took place July 26, 2012, at Georgetown Law Center in Washington, DC. Recorded Imagining the Internet, an initiative of Elon University, North Carolina, USA. For complete coverage, go to: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/predictions/igf_usa/default.xhtml