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Kohler Revival K-16102-4A

107 571 views | 27 Dec. 2013

Skirt Removal for Stem

Skirt Removal for Stem Replacement

Darren Franks

How do I take the cartridge out ? Please please help


I just did my parent revival has been on for 20 years I wrapped it a load of times with eltrical taped and used snap on pliers came right of zero damage my hot water is like welded shut so I’m waiting g for part to fix it

John Green

This is exactly my issue. Duct tape was a genius idea!??

Jim Ortlieb

Great to have found this!  I've been (not) dealing with the leak for over a year now.  I'll let you know how it goes...

Mark Vandendyke

The strap wrench broke because you shopped at harbor freight!

Jonathan Carr

Just found your video - I had to go underneath and take the whole pedestal sink off the wall to get remove it. Next time I will use your method.

D Les Alt

Thanks for your video.  Does the handle come off before you unscrew the bonnet/skirt?  There is no small alan wrench or slot to remove the handle.  When you turn the skirt, it seems like it turns the faucet valve as well and would break the faucet valve.  So not sure how to turn the bonnet and not break the faucet valve.  We have a small drip just like yours and have some time to address it. thanks!


The part that helped me the most was the duct tape build up to have the wrench get a grip. I'm having the same problem with a stuck stem.

Jennifer VR

Worked great! Thanks for the tip!

Robert Solarz

Nice simple video right to the point. I have to get a strap wrench but I might just try the duct tap first to take my chrome cap of my Delta kitchen sink faucet .....simple video, i like...

Eugene Edelstein

Thanks! The duct tape idea worked for me; I wrapped enough of it around to use a vise-grip pliers, without any damage.

Jonathan Kraft

Wow, this is the only thing that worked! Thanks for posting....what a pain!

Cinthia M.

Mine were on very tight. I wrapped them each with paper towels and soaked the towels with bottled lemon juice. I covered each with a small plastic bag for about 6 hours (I tried twisting the skirts every hour and a half or so.) Whenever I removed the paper towels, I would scrub a bit with a nylon dish brush, add more lemon juice (soaking wet). I wonder if lemon juice works better than vinegar?

Bill Belt

Thanks for this video it likely prevented me from breaking the faucet by trying to remove the handle.  I'll be using the duct tape trick when I attack my leaky faucet.  Thanks!

Dan Reams

This was the perfect video for me. As with Dale's question, I still wondered, after watching the video, if one needed to remove the handle first, but I re-watched the video, saw the pieces were still together, and just went for it. The duct tape trick worked great.

For me, one of the little black plastic pieces had fused to the inside of the handle, and no amount of prying it out, with various tools, would remove it. So I re-used that piece, on the new valve, and it worked great.

I wish I'd watched your video prior to crawling under the sink and loosening up the water lines' nuts, but it was no problem to tighten all that back up.

You made quick work of it, jvantri, so thanks much!

Paul Talley

I spoke w/a Kohler rep today regarding this and your video was/is very helpful! The rep suggested to soak a shop rag in white vinegar and let it sit overnight. She said that often times that this will loosen it up and that by using a rubber jar opener it may work by itself otherwise the strap wrench is the way to go. ALSO, the latest retro-kit requires that you work from the bottom of the sink anyway so that when the retaining nut is removed, (located underneath the sink), you then pull the entire hose handle assembly upward and it would probably be easier to remove the handle skirt that way. The Kohler rep told me that the 100% vinegar would not harm the finish.

I explained that I recently had elbow surgery and she is sending me a temporary fix kit that they used to use in this situation. It does not require going under the sink to replace the entire assembly but instead, contains just the parts necessary to take care of the leaky bonnet of the handle. All I need to do is remove the handle assembly as you did and then the handle itself followed by replacing the internal parts. This will be a temporary fix until I replace the entire valve assembly, (Kohler is also sending), when my elbow is completely healed. The retro kit(s) are on the way and I'll let you know how it works. BTW, the "temporary fix" is the way that Kohler used to handle this repair according to the rep. Apparently, the engineers found the old guts to be problematic and came up w/the modified retro kit.

Here's the video for replacing the entire assembly provided to me by Kohler. It's for their kitchen faucet but same exact procedure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9EUr98A59w&feature=youtu.be&list=PLd2TSsbDn0gDwFr4qm4LqbEW1WOV8i41r

Elizabeth Wilson

Thanks for this! I had the same problem, and your solution worked perfectly.

Jay Rowan

Great. Great.

Stephen Z

Great tip!!

Tim Layton

Worked perfectly. used gorilla tape and wrapped counterclockwise. used a web filter wrench, a lot stronger than that strap wrench.

Christy Mayhew

Amazing. Duck tape did the trick. Thank u!

Rylee Tkd

Great tip! Thanks!


Correction:  I wrapped it in a clockwise direction.

Nad Ragaw

maybe you could ta;k a little quieter so absolutely no on can hear you

Ghassan Boghosian

Genius. It worked for me. Thanks!




Thank you for the the video and this is exactly my faucet, and could not figure out how to fix a leaky hot faucet. If you are the original home owner the ceramic valve is guarnteeed for life.and if you call them they will send you one for free.

Levi Must

Very creative solution. Would make a nice duct tape dispenser when done. Thanks for posting.

Stephen Hayes

I replaced Revival valves years ago with some difficulty.
time to do it again... your approach should make it easier

Paul Isaacs

Great tip. Duct tape (counter-clockwise) and white vinegar + some elbow grease got the skirt off. Thx

Yung Beak

I have the same faucet. It took me a long time to get the exterior handle out. The next challenge is getting out the valve/cartridge....this is more challenging.

Steve Stuart

Thanks. I was trying to figure out how to attack mine. This reallyhelped.

Lynne Lee

Did you record the rest of the replacement?

David Anello

Great video, I wrapped several rubber bands around the skirt and turned it with a glove. It came off...

Mr Tom

I will never buy Kohler again. Good luck getting replacement parts- they discontinued and new parts don't fit. Never Kohler.

Justin Eltoft

So I tried this but then realized from this video that I needed to just take the whole thing off. https://youtu.be/t9EUr98A59w. I had the old style brass nut as in that video. I also had the original plumber use silicon. Ugh. So no go from the top side as you showed. And the leak made the nut sort of locked up. I had to use this to get the brass nut off. Williams SCF46 Crowfoot Wrench Flare Nut, 1-7/16-Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005VNLKRS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_kNhqEb6EQNKCX

Rodney Kahn

I just did one of these, and it was frozen tight. Removed the entire valve from the counter. Then you can put a big crescent wrench on the bottom of the valve. A 2 person job. One person keeps the valve immobile. The other other applies steady torque. Then it might move a couple millimeters. and you go back and forth to keep loosening it. With the valve off, might be easier to spray WD40 or vinegar under the skirt.

Mike K

Seven years later this method still works great. I used duct take on my Kohler Devonshire bath faucets that started leaking after 11 years of use. I just couldn't get the handle assembly off the unit until I tried this method. I had removed the whole faucet assembly and had it in my shop vice. Still could not get the handle loose until I used this duct tape method with a big strap wrench. Getting the ceramic cartridge out was another problem I solved with some heat and an impact wrench. Thanks goodness for YouTube!!

William Whelan

exactly what I needed to know; thanks

Rodger K

THANK YOU!! It took me a long while to finally a) figure out what kind of faucet I was dealing with; and b) then it took even longer to find THIS video -- someone who describes how to creatively solve the issue. Holy moly, not sure I want these faucets again :)

John Hall

I have one for a one of my clients. Same one but brass. 4 to do and know I have a good way of taking it off. Thanks

Philip Shade

Ugh. I am now REALLLY not looking forward to fixing this stupid sink. Thanks for the hints

Rob Jenkins

Thanks for sharing this. I have three of these faucets and Kohler is sending retrofit kits to replace the leaking vales. They've been on there for more than 10 years and I couldn't budge them with just the strap wrench. Used gorilla tape and removed all six handles with no damage. The extra diameter definitely helps.


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K 394 4 bn

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Repair a dripping Kohler bathroom faucet

20 427 views | 3 Sep. 2018

I replaced it with an Ace

I replaced it with an Ace Hardware brand product simply because the Ace Hardware store in my neighborhood didn't carry the specific Kohler part I needed. But it works.

Most Kohler faucets use K-GP77006-RP for Cold and K-GP77005-RP for Hot. You should double-check to make sure. My Ace Hardware replacement part is 4208765 and can be used for both Hot and Cold. It comes preset for Hot. I had to change the turn direction from counter-clockwise to clockwise since I was replacing the cold water valve.

Caution: Turn off the water underneath the sink before taking things apart.

Music: Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades

Equipment: Yi 4K action camera

Nika Mo

Thanks for posting!!! That helped a lot!!!! :)

John Smith Jr

Thanks for the vid. Do you recall the model of your faucet?

Levi Must

Good music track. Although surprised they don't make you remove it for copyright. Thanks for posting.

Regis Staudt

Any tips for getting that top cap off (first few seconds of vid)? Mine don't want to seem to come off