Training debt bond farm

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Warframe: Best Ways To Max Your Solaris United Standing

162 510 views | 12 Nov. 2018

Please watch: "Beware

Please watch: "Beware Angry Mario - This Game Is Amazing - DRG With Shy, DK & Frozenballz"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OltWIjnoB4 --~--

Options to max out your Solaris United Rep are a lot better this time around!

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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world.

Lern tu Spel

How many days does it take to reach the highest standing level?


Use Equinox or Ivara and farm pubbers (I use equinox cause her sleep is easier since it's point and click). It's insanely easy and you get like 1300 standing or more per pubber pack and once you get used to the spawns you can get through a hunt in a couple minutes easily.


And here I was on Console just doing Bounties (they are very buggy atm). I do have some bounds but never thought of trading them... Thanks for the tip.

Crazy. Haha

What if i dont have a resource booster like you

Wendell Earnest

mining/hunting ftw

Ur Mom

Just fooking mine

Ken F

Find her. Ticker is supposed to be female


The new method is called "kill orb mama"


I hate anything to do with standing so Troublesome an a Pain

Preda Y.

Ticker uses female pronouns. So please use them too when you refer to her

Miyuji Shibakoya

I also recommend doing these standing when good vaults came in because you can get multiple vaulted relics per mission

This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-

This is sickening..


I cant even play the game anymore, after a minute in a mission i get disconnected


I just want my amp bro?


And for capturing animals with the second power of excalibur i'ts so op asf


Rn just run exploiter get the ore that gives 1k each and exchange that
It gives about 30 plus ish each run

Donut Dude

OMG dude thank you so much. I've only just started working through Fortuna content (I want Garuda) and I was dismaying at the thought of having to bounty farm for rep. This video saved my life. Gonna do it with mining!

Thank you thank you Mr. Spud!


Actually... how do you farm Bonds? I only seem to get them from Bounties but I feel like there are more ways to do it?

Jason McAlpin

Ivara seems like the best frame for exploring. Sleep animals you hunt. Wires to ores stuck up on the bands of metal in the crater. She seems like she has the most utility of the frames.

Timothy Munoz

We all lift together? Nah m8, we all dig together. LMAO!

dyan andie

at the corpus bases in orb valis usually spawned 1-3 resources barrel, i just farm that barrel by going base to base, or while farming toroid, then do the index for the credit, fastest standing evaaa, fck cetus for not having this kind of thing


save animals can give you 2k per animal and if you find good spot you will just keep switch between 2 animal point

bo knight

is the dayli max cap 26000 or can i farm more on 1 day?

matthew hurley

How rank up standings fast.

1.be high mastery rank.

Batın Nobody

Kubrodons with baits when you capture perfect one it gives you 8k Standing points.EZ (when you use a bait it will be always perfect capture)


Running the exploiter and trading the gems is fastest


in all honestly i think liked the traced line mining more its something that requires skill and finesse

Sad Starfish

actually tickers a girl

Justinian Wiuff

Step 1: use nef anyo's glorified bank, the Index.
Step 2: use nef anyo's debt system by talking to ticker
Step 3: profit.


Floof is the true end game.

My Turtle Diaries

I don’t look to play to min max. I play just to enjoy and get things as they come. The minute you start grinding it becomes a job not a game. This is just my point of view and experience. I take my time and switch to playing other games and come back to warframe from time to time. This way I am not starving for content later on. I think warframe is on a very wonderful path and I am looking forward to it’s future updates. Especially rail jack. Good luck Tenno! Thank you tactical potato for the tips!

darth J_der

Why would we kill a board with a stone?? U said "kill 2 boards with 1 stone"? Im confused.lol. love ya tater!

The_ IncredibleSkrub

Fuck me. I didn’t even realize you could trade in those other 3 gems to Smokefinger..


I just mined like crazy for a couple hours a day and all the gems I got, I maxed out the daily standing as soon as the daily refreshed. Mining has gotten buffed like crazy and I now enjoy it. When I went back to consoles, I forgot they haven't got the update yet and now I miss the new mining. I haven't really have done any hunting yet. As for ticker, I just built up bonds that I needed for the standing.

As for fishing, I only do that if I need the parts from them to make stuff or when I just want to chill out and relax.


"...mining in certain cave.." but which one?

Divinations of Leviathan's

How about raise the daily standing cap to more then a pitiful 12,000?

Seriously that is so annoying that at max rank it’ll take you at least 10 days to get to the max standing

James St. Fleur

I've just been for fishing non stop for two days straight. I have max standing for the rest of the week


Is there any way to get more standings a day than a day limit? :-)


I earned my rep by selling my soul to Nef .. what?

Nostalgia Drive

I think bounty is still the best for gaining standing. Though it's slow, at least you won't lose anything (I want to stockpile new resources first before spending them for standing)


more grind meh am sorry but it feels like more of the same


Hunting is best for me, even if it's being scummy and using an infinite capture glitch.

adam gleeson-prata

what palette do those synth/retro/cyberpunk colors come from?


As to be seen at 3:23 it seems when making this vid you didn't know yet how to properly mine for additional gems?


Im just trying to get Garuda lmao... what else is there with Solaris Standing?

YaBoi Yaz

2 bords wit won stoon


I've been purchasing the debts and selling the bonds, while capturing the floofs here and there. I kinda wish we could get the virminks and stuff as actual pets to roam around in our liset.

Tiziana Catto

oh god, you are the first youtuber that i heard saying to not put a like if someone hasn't enjoyed the video!

Kuya Gab Plays

Hunting animals is the easiest for me. In Cetus I can hit my daily standing in less than an hour. My current daily limit is 11k.

A Frog

"we have loads of these resources"
Me: MR22, legit can`t even rank up because I don`t really like Fortuna or Cetus all that much
Big F


Once you get the bolarola lures it’s basically 1.7k - 2k per bolarola capture, you pair that with ivara and it’s fast as hell, only need to catch it 13 times to max

Chris Perrault

Despite being a vet, I actually don't have a ludicrous amount of credits (dont enjoy grinding for creds unless I get a booster from logins). So mining and earning debt bonds and rep from bounties is how I'm going about ranking up.

Mikhail Casimir

pls make a video on how to catch a brikie. : (

Lark Alfen

Do exploiter orbs its the fastest now

Da Arkus

Do bounties because getting medical bonds from ticker is impossible

with my luck

RAIGA 5-6-4

[Edit : for those at mid-game]
Or Cheezing spam exploitter orb , you got s**tloads of rare mining gem from it, plus lazulite toroids for Vox solaris or for Hildryn crafting


Conservation is by far the fastest (except ticker of course) comes with investment for kubrodon pheromones, but you get 8000 standing in 2min and it's extremely easy once you know how to do it. No need for ivara or any stealth frame (at least for kubrodons and those are the only ones you should hunt for standing)

George NoX

i just do all of the caves once per day for mining and even after turning in some gems im still left with a lot of them for the crafts i will need later on which is a great way of killing two birds with one stone IMO, with fishing you get nothing if you sell the fish except for rep and with bonds you are wasting those resources that you will need to level up your standing to next rank so it seems kinda counterproductive to me. There are total of 30 caves, and while i only managed to discover 27 of them so far its more then enough for my needs


So, i got banned on warframe and i dont know what for? Maybe for afking while doing the twitch drop while playing another game while warframe is open? or playing glitchy ass fortuna where the lobby was glitched where you cant see the objective? Anyways i need help the support is taking to long to answer :U anyone got a faster way to get in touch with them?


I'm a new player, and love this game- just wish I had more time in life to play for real.. but I want to make the best decisions- what rewards should I pick from the "chose-one" Eudico rank up rewards?

Wreaked Havoc

Tactical Potato hunting can be good... unless you shoot the animal with the FLOOFER...

Carson Henderson

Youd think this would be obvious, right?


yeah i've been doing all that fishing and mining only for me 2 hours only doing that and i got enough materials for max standing 3 days

whensthefight 22

Kubrodon incardain is 15k standing

Jericho Gold

Nowadays, just do exploiter 5 times then you can trade gems for SU, and the lazulite toroid for VS


nice video man... but my problem is the damn "debt bonds" yestarday sunday the 11th, i spent nearly 9hrs trying to farm just 8 damn "medical debt bonds" and now im on 19 bounties done and i just got 2 damn "debt bonds"... i was loving the venus open map... but now im realy hating it... does any1 have the same problem??? btw... i already try with "TICKER" the vendor i bought from him the only 5 he had... take care

ACR Legends

They really need to increase the daily cap or have it reset more often. I end up waiting ages for another reset.

andrew the anime nerd

Conservation hunting is viable if you use ivara's sleep arrow or any other ability that has an area sleep effect on a group of creatures, should be able to max out your daily standing in about an hour.

toofpayst ö

I would never do this but DE decided that Doer Rank was necessary for gilding Kitguns so fuck them I guess

Bobby Boshoff

Thanks for the vid helped get standing quicker than bouties

Love ToPlay

In what cave was he?

job casenas

I'am doing the bounty because it gives a good amount of endo

Ariel Alexandre

Just a thing...Ticker is a female


Ticketer became my BFF

AlbertoRonald Gonzales

Do you use boosters when you mine?

Jerell Tan

I max my standing mining with a 1hr mining session each day to get both resourses and standing needed

Mark T

Love your videos always very helpful


Best Ways To Max Your Standing: Literally just play the update.

Zulkifli Sham

For me, i would do exploiter orb.
1st, its a good way to get resources especially when you get gem for SU standings.
2nd, get lazulite toroid for VS standing.
3rd, you can farm hildryn parts and others drops like ephemera.
Lastly because its fun to see when you get to climb the exploiter ?

Omar Rodríguez

sadfsdfhgfjhgkjlhkj ticker would have saved me a lot of time ;-;


doing Ivara pobbers till I get to rank 4. 3X800= 2400 rep each point (with those things that give you rare spawn, so I guess its 2300)

Subtle Truth

I would recommend investing in a x2 booster if you can. It really makes mining/fishing/torid farming a whole lot fun and faster.

John Passmore

Cheers boss, I was a dumbass and didnt realise I could scroll the mining ores hand in menu XD


i need them medical bonds


really helpful thank you

Stroke The Forge

I bet I can stand faster ;) hehe I made a shit joke

Goons Capelo

Still do fishing i just love the damn spear fishing! lol

Jahred Harrison

Conservation is a pretty popular way of doing it, and the best conservation targets (kubrodons) can get you a lot of standing, the only problem is that I absolutely hate conservation and I never have any success with it.
Seriously I swear half the time those animals don't even spawn

Poe Stis

I'd say run the bounties till you got all the Synth, Tek and Mecha mod sets... why not!? Then take dem shortcuts.

Gerald Gabriel Colon Capo

How do u donate donate the debt

Liquid Pixels

wait.....how is your interface purple (fortuna-style) and not the default black-yellow? Is there an option to change it? :O

Wyatt Parker

Are you going to make a video with Chroma Prime with the new adaptation mod?




i hunt floofs its super easy and chilling while watching Po*n i mean Stream^^

Jeffery Thunder

Best spot for mining?

Graeme Potgieter

I don’t mean to be that guy but tickers a she

Jesus Ibarra

By waiting for ps4 release :P

Dumont daridis

How do you get the outworlder

17 Ghaith Abuhawash


M.J. T.

hey man, I doubt you will see this at all, but hey, it's worth trying. I am trying to learn how to speak with an Irish accent, do you have any tips on how to properly do so?

Training debt bond farm

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How Get Debt Bonds Easy | Warframe Guide 2018

1 819 views | 13 Dec. 2018

Debt bonds are the new

Debt bonds are the new items needed to level up your Syndicate rank with The Solaris peoples in Fortuna. I've been running bounties for them. And I've been doing things wrong. this is the easiest and best way to obtain your Debt Bonds in Warframe.

Wanna contact me on twatter??


how about facebook?

JK who uses facebook anymore...

Discord. https://discord.gg/qNUKJ2R

Its open season come tell me how you feel.

Warframe is an online action game that includes elements of shooters and stealth games. The player creates their Tenno character, which includes a basic armor unit called a "Warframe" which provides the player with special abilities, basic weapons (a melee weapon, guns, and sidearms), and a ship. Through the ship's console, they can select any of the available missions to them. A main storyline set of missions requires players to complete certain missions across planets and moons in the solar system, to be able to access relays that they can progress to other planets or locations. Other missions rotate over time as part of the game's living universe; these can include missions with special rewards and community challenges to allow all players to reap benefits if they are successfully met. Aboard the ship, the player can also manage all other functions for their Tenno, including managing their arsenal of equipment, customizing their Warframe and weapons, crafting new equipment, and access the in-game store. Donate directly to Paypal here.


Knju1 MonsterHunt

Thanks a bunch! This saved me a lot of time!


thank dude

Tahm Ulted Atlantis

Oh my god thank you

Training debt bond farm

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825 views | 11 Nov. 2018

literally the color purple

Bounty isnt giving me anything, ive been trying for days