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What Is Futures And Options Trading? F&O Explained By CA Rachana Ranade

1 071 048 views | 21 Mar. 2020

Learn What are futures

Learn What are futures and options? How and why the F&O trading is done?

In this video learn the Basics of the F&O market from #CARachanaRanade. F&O trading is a very interesting subject in #StockMarkets and one must have knowledge about the F&O segment.

You can get full Stock Market lectures from my website https://www.rachanaranade.com It’s an opportunity to learn 65+ concepts relating to Basics of Stock Market in 11 sessions! Feel free to WhatsApp on +91 9022196678 if you have course-related queries.

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Prithviraj Awatade

please make a complete series on F&O


mam u forgot to add new similar topics videos to the playlists.



Divyay Agrawal

Please explain more about it.... little I could understand by this video...want to understand fully

Karan Kartik

You are truly a great teacher, way to go!!

adarsh jaiswal

Mam please make detailed seeies of F and O derivatives

Rahul Roy

Plz share some input in put and call options

Nitin Tom

Thanks mam For your Amazing Lecturer. ???

u foodie2

Such a amazing teacher...Glad i m learning from you. Thankyou.

Ramit DAS

Can there be a derivative based on other derivatives?

Kishor B Nale

Waiting for next Video..?

Vinay Dandavate

I like your videos. You have a very nice and friendly way of explaining.

Dillip Mohapatra

Very clear

rajesh k

awesome ... very simplified...thanks

Hiren Punj

Please do make a Lecture Series on F & O. It will be really helpful.

priyank singhai

Fan of yours , please guide me ?

Commerce Ka Gyan

Excellent way of explanation

David Yumnam

....understood nothing???....
..... Got me

Ravish Shukla

Having visited your lecture, I compelled to comment. You are very very good teacher.

Rohit Kumar

I love you mam

Naresh Kakumanu

Madam....you are a great Teacher


Please do a lecture series on future and options mam??

dushyant bhatt

Went through this video thrice, to get my basic understanding / base clear about Derivatives / Future & Options. Simply ❤️ this clip

Ashwin Topkar

Wonderful! Would definitely like to see more content on this!

Iqtidar Hussain

Love the humor you infuse in your seemingly technical posts.

Vigneshwar reddy Manda

Yes we get a full series!!!! ??

2620 Aniket Agarwal

mam, please do make more videos on future n options..

Shailesh Kamble

Mam F and O Ka ek aur lecture

akshit verma

Great lecture!!!...... please make a lecture on strategy on futures and options as well. Thank you ?

Sachin Dilliwala

Please make more on this topic because it's interesting and useful topic for us mam

Al Mohammed

I'm baffled by your explaining skills! ? I'm an IT major but looks like I can complete my half finances from you?

Gaurav Jha

Yourr lecture is very good and easy language ..but could you do lecture in hindi

Vipul Dhamecha

I never felt so easy in understanding something, thanks to you mam really appreciate your hard work ?


Mam your English is very simple..and nice ?

Suraj Jain

Who else is watching after 'gamestop' fiasco. M here to learn F&O basics.

Rajarshi Vajpai

Mam please one vdo about.. What is F&O ban??

Priya Ladi

How do we understand the market is going up or down

Thapar rasoi

Please give a lecture on put option as it was pending in this video.

Ris Var

Hello Rachana ma'am, I am very happy with you lecture with easy examples, thank you!

swati bhalerao

wowwwwwww very nice explaination,,,,

Anuj Jangra

Madam please ? make separate series of f&o it is in huge demand in market and we didn't found any best teacher in this segment. I have seen your all series (BOSM, technical analysis, Fundamental analysis). In last please mam make a special series of this course.

Appasaheb Chavan

EX-If value of milk increases, value of curd, butter milk, ghee(derivatives) etc increases.

Varun Prasad

Love your video. You're a very good teacher ?. Thank you ?.

onkar aundhakar

Very nice explanation..??

vishu kumar

First 5 minute is jackass ???

nicks edits

Yes..mam please upload new f&o lectures..??

Anil D

You explained it very clearly....tq

siva nagi reddy

Please continue series


You are simply awesome friend-teacher

rohit gaikwad

Need tutorials for FNO

Avinash Narayan

Thanks for simplifying the concepts.

Ranjit Taware

got smile on my face from the way she explaining 'the derivatives'... superb quality coaching

Vikas Jha

Superb explanation!! One question how concept of derivatives came into existence?

Nishant Jain

Ek bilkul dehati example
Zameen banjar sun saan thi
Kisi ne humare gaon ka naam tak nahi suna tha.

India ka nahi...Asia ka sabse bada airport hamare yahan ban raha hai.
Jee haan
Jewar Airport near Noida / Delhi NCR.

Woh airport ho gaya " Underlying asset "
Aur zameen ke bhaav uppar chadh gaye. Derivative.
Zameen ne apni value derive kari airport ke banne se

Dandage Sir

Great ?

Nikhil Vasanth

I would like to know more about F and O.. so please do make a series!!

Raghavendra Char

superb madam.....explain very well...thank you mam

Jahnavi Donaparthi

Mam, really awesome explanation. Understood much better now. Thank you so much.???

Vishal Sanwariya

Hedging samjh nhi aya iska koi example de skto ho to ache se samjh aa jayega

Naidu Bandaru

Really the way you explaining was superb, I just share with my friends also waiting for more Session's.

Myrl Lewis

Simply put. Love how simple you make it sound. More please

Thapar rasoi

Please give a lecture on put option. As it was pending in this video

Leonard Joel

Play this video in 0.75x speed. Thank me later.

Gurjit Singh

You are too good Rachna

Kuncharam Nikhil Reddy

Well said.

Abhinav godha

Ma'am please more videos on derivatives

Mullica Saluja

yes ma'am make series on F&O and different strategies


Anyone from Athishaktam community?

Sudev vs

Tommoroow I have Financial Markets examinations.that's the reason why I go via those stuffs.
Thanks MAdam

divyanshu jindal

Yes please make a lecture

Sunita Thapa

More about f& O

Debajyoti Chatterjee

We need more derivatives lectures ma'am ..


Great learnings in a simplest methods...

Darshit Relevance broking

You should also speak a little too much Hindi

Kunnu Dev

U r awesome plz include explainations in hindi for complex topics with English great job

Sadanand Prasadi

Wonderfully explained. This is the best lecture heard amongst your videos I have heard. Your concepts are clear. You talk upto the point. No faltu badbad like on other similar videos. Congratulations

Vikash Singh


Steffen Fink

Option trading might seem a bit difficult as a beginner so it always a good idea to do your own research,learn a trading strategy to help acquire profit with and take your decision to ensure proper trade outcomes

Youtube star Simha

? liked it.
Loved it

Satish Ghonmode

Series on FnO

pankaj joshi

hatsoff mam.....ur way of explaining things is great.


love your explanations, please keep going.

vishwanath kolakar

Fell in love with your way of explaining... Kudos to you Rachana ji... India needs such people


Very good explanation thank you so much

srinivas bhaskar

Very good content and amazingly explained.

navneet yadav

Bravo... Excellent...

Vinay Kothari

We need more video's mam

All The best

Rachana ji ...
Share market intraday delivery future options trading sab ko maro goli.. hindi main baaten koro ji.

Pranim vaidya

She is real scammer

Kumar mekap

hedging please maam

Abhishek Sinha

Thank you ma'am... You're awesome at giving perfect examples ????

nicks edits

Yes..mam please upload new f&o lectures..??

Abhijit Naik


Cyber Injector

Beautiful ? explanation.. Ma'am ❤️.

Varsha Rawal

Yes please do more lectures on F& O

Swarnendu Maiti

Ma'am I just arrived at your channel and you've blown my mind. But I'm angry you didn't explain Futures & Options. Please make a video.

Shubham Patidar

Please make a complete series on F &O. I do not know that how my stock broker is extending my F&O shares even after expiry of 3 months.

Kunal Nadkarni

That last example of derivative ?? please continue expanding your knowledge for your derivatives value ?

Harved katariya

Mam f&O Ka strategy bataiya ..thanks for giving this type of knowledge

amit waikar

rachna mam , i am a newcomer and seriously didnt had any idea of what stock market is all about. And one day it just happened that i started taking interest in this segment and fortunately came across your tutorials, since then i have collected so much info from the simple but to the core teaching of yours, that it has helped me understand the basics in the most easiest way it could ever be.


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Nifty Future Intraday Strategy | Using VWAP on Day Trading [LIVE]

11 869 views | 10 Apr. 2020

During this highly

During this highly volatile market, futures options trading is much more profitable. Earlier also, I came with many futures-options strategies. In today's video too, I explained a strategy but with a live trading example. The video is taken during the live market trading hour. And there I showed how easily by using only two indicators, you can come out with a huge profit. Between these two indicators, one is main that is VWAP and the other one is Moving Average. So the video is all about Nifty Future Intraday Strategy Using VWAP on Day Trading, that too LIVE.

Even If you are not a professional or experienced technical analyst, still you can easily follow the simple yet effective profit-making strategy. There I explained how you can take buy and sell order at the crossover bar of the VWAP and Moving Average. There, I not only explained the entry-exit points but also the target stop loss level too. At the end of the video, you will see how much profit you could have gained from the market with this Nifty Future Intraday Strategy. And if you follow the strategy in detail, I guarantee you will learn using VWAP on Day Trading.

For more such videos do not forget to subscribe to my channel. Traders trading under me can also be a part of my trading team by opening a Trading and Demat account under me. Whatsapp your name, mobile number and email to +91-9674321856.


Read more about VWAP indicator here: https://www.stockmaniacs.net/volume-weighted-average-price-vwap-indicator/


Know more about another good Nifty Future intraday strategy: https://www.stockmaniacs.net/rs-7500-profit-nifty-future-trading/


To open Zerodha Trading and Demat account under me click here: http://bit.ly/joinzerodha


Join my trading team and get my special guidance: https://www.stockmaniacs.net/join-us-learn-stock-market/


Download my Hot Tips App from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hottips


And Follow Us At:


Website: http://www.stockmaniacs.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stockmaniacs

Facebook: https://facebook.com/stockmaniacs

Debanjan Kundu

options means is it worked on particular call ya put chart ? or I have to watch out spot price of nifty and bank nifty chart as per your webinar strategy and enter the in which strike price i.e ATM,ITM,OTM? pls explain this sir

Jeetender Prashad


nitin shah

pls explian in hindi

Rajesh Naik

Sir that’s we know about 50 but I have seen in last live trade additional EMA look like 8 I don’t know ?

Abhishek Srivastava

Yeah in trending market, everything will work.

How do you filter choppy range at 5 mins on intraday ?

Nama Sivaya

Nice video
Request to add few more backtesting to make it more attractive. thanks

k k


Ganesh S

As usual very unique strategy...
But the question arises that of , after 31st march , you must have surely tried this strategy , and you have NOT mentioned it......
Not to complain, BUT Just a thought.....

i m learnee

How much money is required to you for 750 q?

Rajesh Naik

If 750 quantity means Risk is around 37500 is it right sir ? And if based on that I believe profit is around 75000 so if it is correct what should total capital require and how much percentage of risk involve ? ?Thanks

Arif Merchant

Hi Sir, Very Good Explanation, To trade in options, we need to observe the Index chart or we should add indicators to Options chart.



Amol Udavant

Sir can we take Hiken Aashi candle for this

chandan singh

You are giving a exact idea about target..thank you sirt

kumaran 's

Is the candles is normal or heiken ashi candles ? And wt time frames can be used ?

Tech Desk

Where is your trend blaster


thanks a lot sir.

J. Ramachandra Pai

The second MA you have used is VWAP Exponenial one. I am not able to find on my kite platform that MA indicator which allows adding another field like VWAP. How do I get it.

Raj Sir's Coaching classes Nanded

Shall we use 5 minutes chart?


Sir, what to do if the crossing happens during gap-downs or gap-ups? should we take the trade or wait for the crossing to happen only during the day?

Rozer Fernando

Nice trading advisory & training

k k

Sir will this strategy works only 5 mins bar or at all time frame



can i use this for crude oil

if yes

1 ) what is the time frame


2 ) what is the parameter for ema


Ramakrishna K V

Sir... Can we use this for crudeoil trading in mcx

Adabala hanumantha rao

Why you are using 50 EMA

Enoch Prabhu

Sir I opened demat with zerodha but no one guide to trade .. please arrange

Vivek Nirody

very nicely explained... Thanks.

Dilip Deshpande

Kindly explain what is VWAP

Uday Bajare

Hello sir
Can u tell me the time frame of the candle is it 5 min or 15 min

Avinash J R

Please teach 1/2 strategies which can consistently make money.You have posted many strategies which can confuse traders.

deekonda rajesh

Hi sir am seen recently in ur video desription link (AMIBRIKERS) related ALF link r u given. Am dont getting that link now. If possible give me that link.

Aravind Kumar

I am not getting EMA with VWAP on Zerodha, what to do.. pls let me know..

Kiran Mr

Nice Strategy... I will try

Venkatesh Shanbhag

Sir, Thanks for this simple strategy and is well explained. I will try by doing paper trading on Nifty as well as volatile stocks. Regards.

Hari Haran

sir nice concept..superb.,,one doubt.. at the end of this video the RSI Is available .What is the setting of that rsi.

Harbendra Yadav

Superb video, plz always made a new video. Thank you for your video. God bless you

Niharika Ostwal

In moving average not showing option of vwapvwap in field

Jigar Shah

Is it works only in index ? Can it works in stocks ?

Ratheesh Vijayan

Sir this strategy can we try in equity

Harish Madireddi

Sir,can we try in bank nifty options this one.

riyaz shaikh

how to add VWAP in trading view

Hari Prasad

First time I saw " Vwap with MA".. Superb sir..??



arpit gershom

Sir can we use in stocks too?

Madhu Sp

I searched the video 2 times. Where is the trade you did?
No placing order. Nothing.
Is this only theory trading?
Remove the word live trading.

Puneet Khandelwal

Why you didn't show your trade on terminal ??

Envy You

It is not working in Nifty Future for the last one month. 50 EMA not crossed VWAP on 5 M chart for the last month. Only VWAP is crossing 50 EMA on Intraday.

Arhan Arya

Good ?stuff
Thank you ?
11th April 2020✔️

Chandan Kumar

What of during entire day it does not cross the vwap and ema. What to do

Sridharan S

Sir, Today, 05-05-2020, I used your VWAP strategy on Nifty May 9300 call options. Though there was a 70 points drop at 2.00 pm, the two indicators did not cut anywhere. Pl check the chart and kindly let me know.

Pradeep Kumar

in upward crossover if the signal bar is red then what to do?

rohit raj

Sir super ??

Ratheesh Vijayan

Good evening sir

Rajan Sankaran

Really Great.. ??

J. Has

Bht dekh liya bhai bht dekh liya...

Sunil Kumar

Superb sir

mandar kanade

Sir really good one. Will definitely try for options and let you know sir.

Raj Sir's Coaching classes Nanded

Suppppeerbb Sir

Rajesh Naik

Sir what another EMA u use?

Bhau Kharde

Thank you sir

Hari Prasad

Target also well defined..??

Kaushik Panchal

it not working on the chart ,date19-3-20, 5 minute time frame, time 2/05 o clock,2nd on 24-3-20 , 5min. time frame, time 1/30 o clock.

Mansimran Singh

In case the VWAP tries to go under 50 EMA before the predicted target is it a signal to exit the trade? Also what is margin required in this trade.

Nagamanickam Ramasamy

Hi Sir
In my zerodha set up when applying a 50 D moving average i could not find in field vwap ,vwap which i saw in ur demo??? not ustdg why this not coming on my kite chart

sandeep Meshram

Indrajeet plz maks loss of ur video this will help people to learn more then the profit video

Hari Haran

VWAP is availaible in upstox pro .i appplied it in nifty..but it is not visible..Kindly tell me how to make it visible.

ArvinD Bhandare

बहुत अच्छा स्ट्रॅटेजी है सर, thank या lot,,??

Raj Sir's Coaching classes Nanded



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Fyers Automation Trading// Nifty Future Live Trade

8 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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